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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Man vs. Beast

Hey folks! Today's entry is about the two most relevant sexual relationships I am in right now. One (unfortunately) is on its way out, and one (lawd help me!) is just beginning. The newer relationship was the subject of my last post, Mr. Mellow. We'll talk more about him later. The relationship that is coming to an end is one that I have been having with a married dude, for the purposes of this story, I'll call him Married Dude. Besides the fact that he's married and the whole illicitness of our affair has given way to my conscience and the fact that he has started getting lazy in the sack, Married Dude is getting his Pink Slip.

The Man

Married Dude and I met and kicked it back when we were in college, and neither one of us was married. Years passed, we both lost touch with each other and then, my marriage started to disintegrate. Once this happened, it is almost like I let off a silent alarm that only dogs and ex-lovers can hear. In this case, Married Dude is a little bit of both. We had begun with a little sexy email communication, sex-texting and phone sex...and then he asked me to come visit.

My first trip to see him was absolutely satisfying. He's a Southern gentleman and knows how to pay close attention to a lady and what it takes to get her off. In the past few trips to see him, we would fuck like animals...from the second he got there. I would meet him at the hotel room door wearing something sexy (he prefers sexy to skanky..i can rock them both). I would kneel and blow his mind...heh, literally. My husband wasn't crazy about getting or giving head, and being that I enjoy it so much, I would really work him over. I like to begin with "shock and awe," so I'd start him off by deepthroating and gripping my throat muscles around his dick, using it to massage him from the base to the tip, then I would ease up and lick up and down the sides, using my hands to better control his reaction. When he gets weak in the knees and can't take it anymore, he leads me over to the bed where he would instruct me to sit on his face. He always likes to oralize me while I sit over him, something about my juices dripping onto him turning him on.. but I always end up firmly planted over his mouth, grinding out my orgasm, so I don't know how much room I leave for dripping... I think he just likes to be smothered by pussy, which is fine by me!

Anyhow, besides the head game, his fucking skills were B+. He was good about switching up positions, multi-tasking and utilizing my toys during play, but there was something missing. I actually didn't notice what was missing until I met Mr. Mellow and had some USDA Grade A dick to compare him to, but his skills did suffice until recently. This past weekend, I went to visit Married Dude for what I call our last "hurrah". Well, it ended up being our last "hell nah!" Ladies, I don't know if my expectations were too high from getting my shit split by Mellow or what, but Dude was NOT getting it!! First, when he got there, I was sleepy, so I assumed he would do something to get me up and at 'em. He grabbed the remote, clicked on ESPN and patted his crotch, like "here baby, come suck it." HELL NAH! Was this Dude trying to lazy-bang me as if I was his wife? wtf? So I turn the tv off, and try to find the fake-ass smile within me and say "you didn't come over here to watch tv, did you?" (as I'm typing this shit, I can't believe I even had to say that mess!) So we commenced to sex so boring and fake-orgasm-filled that I won't even bore you with the details. But clearly something has changed. I don't know if this is what naturally happens when he gets comfortable with someone, but this was not the sex I was used to getting from him. Wack! Thank the goddess I had packed three of my favorite toys! So after the night of slit-my-wrist-boring sex, I texted Sheba to complain. We discussed the fact that Mr. Mellow lived in the same city as Married Dude, and I should blow that fool off and get served proper. So since I was staying in a hotel provided by the Dude, I stayed and faked it until the next day...

The Beast

So Saturday night, I had made up my mind that before I left town, I was going to be fucked proper. I called Mr. Mellow and ran some bullshit game to him about wanting him so bad I was going to surprise him and come up for a day trip (well, it wasn't all bullshit... I did want that dick bad!) So Sunday around noon, I headed over to his house. I know how much he likes to "punish" me, so I stopped at the porn store before I went to his house and bought some nipple suction bulbs, to go along with the paddle I knew he already had waiting for me. The closer I got to his house, the wetter I got between my legs and it didn't help that he was teasing me on the phone the whole way over. He had requested that I wear a skirt, I'm guessing because he knew I'd be touching myself the whole ride there. When I got there, I wanted to freshen up pre-play, but as soon as he opened the door, he said, "So show me how wet that pussy is, Baby." I tried to push my way in to show him, but he said, "Nah, right here." I said, you want me to show you my pussy while standing at your front door?" I half-laughed because I could tell this fool was serious! He said, put your fingers in your pussy. Now. And don't stop until I tell you." So I stood at his door, and reached under my skirt. The coast was clear, and he watched me stand there and give him a show for what must have been two long assed minutes before he said, "Now come on in here and let me fuck the shit out of you. That's what you came, for, right baby?"

I didn't say shit. I picked up my bag off the floor (yes, ya boy had me dropping my Michael Kors on the floor and I don't do that) and followed him in the house like a Robot Bitch in a serious sex trance! We got to the sofa and he asked me if I wanted anything to drink, yadda, yadda. Then he turned on a porno and told me it was his favorite, wanted me to watch. It was a video called something Squirters, and featured mostly bisexual women fucking eachother to female ejaculation. One scene in particular got things started. It included two chicks and a guy, the scenario Mellow is just dying to get me into. One of the women was sucking the guy off and Mellow made a comment about how good of a job she was doing. Then he told me he bet I couldn't do it better. Now, usually, this type of reverse-psychology-to-get-head technique doesn't work on me, but I knew he wasn't convincing me to give him head, he was going to get it anyways. He was beginning to play our game. So I leaned into his lap and he grabbed a fistful of my locks and guided me onto his dick. I knew what to do, but I let him lead. It was better that way. He started pushing my head down lower and told me to stick my tongue out, I did, knowing I was about to get roughed up. And I did. He stroked inside my mouth as if to let me know what the rest of me was in store for. I kept going, he loosened his grib on my hair and let me do my thing, then he stopped me and told me to turn and face the back of the couch. I stroked and sucked a few more strokes and he pulled away from me and grabbed my face, squishing my cheeks in and half growled, half whispered for me to "Do what the fuck I said and let me get at that pussy" So I turned around on the sofa and let him get at it. He started on his knees behind me...stopping long enough to tell me what a whore I was for getting so wet sucking him off. After bringing me to one orgasm that way, he straightened up and pushed his thicknwide up in me all in one stroke. He is very skilled at finding and staying at the g-spot, and that he did, until the neighbors, the cops and the gods heard me coming.

His roommate was on the way home, so we moved into the bedroom. When we did, I pulled out the nipple suction thingies and handed them to him. He asked me where my pocket rocket was (he knows I don't travel without it) and I handed him that too. Then he told me to get on top. I sat on top of him and he squeezed the suction cups onto my nipples. That shit felt CRAZY! Immediately, every nerve in my breast was feeling a cross between intense pain and pleasure, causing me to buck away. Then, I heard the humming of the rocket being turned on and he pushed it into my clit, which made me buck harder and he started to whisper/growl again, "Come." I was close, and bounced harder, he said, louder, "Come" and reached up and flicked at each of the nipple cups, and that was it. I came and damn near dug holes into Mellow's chest with an intense ass orgasm. Before I could gather myself, Mellow lifted me off him and said, "Good girl. Now stand up." I was like What the fuck? This fool wants me to stand up, use my legs to do anything, after that?? Helll Nahhh..

So then after I stood up, right. (Ya'll knew I was going to do whatever the hell this fool asked me to do. Shit, At this point, I'm about ready to buy myself a collar and lead and present myself to him as his bitch. Word) Anyhow, I stood my wobbly ass up and he got behind me. He pushed my face and upper body down into the bed and just as I could hear someone moving around in the kitchen, I felt a hard WHACK! on my ass. I turned around and he was already recoiling for the second hit, fraternity paddle gripped tight..WHACK, in the same spot. My ass was burning. He did the same thing a couple more times on each side and when my ass was thoroughly burning and probably red as hell, he parted my cheeks and licked me from my clit to my 2nd hole. Damn, see why I listen to this guy?? He never leads me wrong. Damn. He keeps on with the oralizing until I'm about to blow another one and he stops and tells me to come again. I hold back because I want him to keep going a little longer and he tells me to "" then he plants his lips around my lower lips and a finger in the 2nd hole....and I obliged.

Okay, so after orgasm #I-don't-even-know-at-this-point, he says, okay, so now I can come. And he lays me on my back, puls one leg up, and man handles me like we were in a dark alley somewhere. He didn't stop until he was done. And so the hell was I.

Fucking beast.

Have you got someone in your life who makes you want to submit?

All of Pink Vixxxen's sexual exploits include the usage of condoms and safe sex practices. However, for the Kink Chronicles, I have chosen to omit those details from my writing unless the topic is directly related to using condoms, buying them, etc. Peace


Pink Vixxxen said...

FYI. The nipple suction thingies I spoke about in the story are called "Advanced Nipple Suckers" and can be found at any adult shop.

Mistress Bliss said...

First off I'm jealous. you sound so sexual uninhibited and I wanna be like you when I grow up..lmao. My favorite line has to be "Was this Dude trying to lazy-bang me as if I was his wife? wtf?" I have been there and done that and it truly pisses you the hell off. I read this like could this truly be her life, if so sprinkle me with fairy dust so we can switch I've only met 1 person that I could potentially go there with but the moment has come and gone. P.S. I need those nipple things in my life ASAP!!!

ErikaStarr said...

Okay I'm sooo buying those damn suctions. My boobs are way sensitive and I usually stray away from too much friction BUT after reading your post - I'm on board. Nipple suction here I come! LOL. Nice paddle pic!