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Saturday, May 22, 2010

HNT: Caught Sleeping..Belated Edition Part III

We all know how this ended up. I was SUPPOSED to be studying and getting work done. I was supposed to post my HNT pics before midnight. I fell asleep. I woke up on my belly with my legs spread open with dick deep in my pussy. There's nothing like being awakened just to get put right back to sleep....

How often do you wake up in the act?

Happy happy BELATED HNT! Better late than never :-)
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tangy...then sweet

"The sheets are cool. I'm hot.
Wet. Wanting.
My mouth is watering. Again.
Tell me what you want me to do right now."
I want you to get in your car and come to me again....
I want you to come through the door and not say a word to me.
Gently slip your the index and middle fingers of your right hand into your mouth. Gently. Imagine that it is mine.
Imagine I'm kissing your neck....and you're breathing me in while your tongue rolls around the fingers. Moving very slowly in and out of your mouth...
When they are slippery and wet....bring them to your all around first....teasing.....
Then taking the whole breast in your hand...full and warm. If i were there i would have to taste it....
But you will have to imagine that while you pinch and tug and my mouth is on you sucking .... Biting...just a little...
Your hips are starting to rock...legs opening slightly...
Fingers back in mouth......but this time more hungry
"I want to FEEL it. HEAR it.
Me. Cumming. On your hands.....In your mouth.
Your fingers inside me. Rubbing against that little raised area.
My back arching. Me clenching around your fingers, inside.
My hips flexing up...down
My mouth open. My lip between my teeth, bruising.
Slowly in and out
you...moving, teasing, focused. guiding you.....showing you where I like it.
Me moaning deep. My head moving fitfully against the pillow.
With each stroke a sound escaping my lips. A wimper.
I want.
I want to hear it. In my ear. Lips touching my face.
I want your nipple, the left one. Hard. Tight and aching. In my mouth, between my teeth, my tongue dancing around it, my lips tugging, sucking slow and urgent. I want my hand on your other breast kneading softly teasing the dark nipple between my fingertips, squeezing a little less than gentle. I want my naked thigh, between your naked legs, your hips rubbing into me. I want your heat against me, wet, dripping, afire.
Are you....breathing?
Laying on the bed....imagining you here."
If I ask you to touch yourself right now. Can you? Will you?
"Yes. Are you asking?"
You are soft and wet I imagine. Trembling maybe. Wanting?
Your hands sliding between the folds. Wet now?
A tingle perhaps as the tips of your fingers brush over.
Cum for me. Please.
With the tip of your index finger. Find her. Touch her softly.
Circling around slowly at first. Softly.
The sensation is teasing your toes as you circle calling you close.
"Chest hot
Your hips are leaning into your hand. Arching upward.
Increasing the pressure. Making you urgent.
Move your fingertips back and forth. Deeply.
Faster. So that with each stroke it is as if you are nearing the edge.
"Sooooooo wet
I'm soaked
not yet, please."
And then back...breathe...forward...
Until perhaps you want more than you are giving yourself.
And the desire, pushes the anticipation pushes your body closer...your fingers tingling a bit...your legs flex... your hand wet and want it....need it
imagine me there watching.
Taking your nipple into my mouth. Laving it with my tongue. Calling you. Bringing you over.
I'm here. There. Don't wait.
You're probably quite hot Right now. Everywhere. And full and swollen. There.
Tangy....then sweet.
....Like me.

How do you like yours?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

HNT: Before the BackShot Part II

Dayum!...There's nothing like a great Sex Therapy session in the morning before work...muscles relaxed, body stretched out, juices flowing, blood circulating. I guess that's what I get for thinking I could sneak out of bed, take a shower and get dressed before he noticed I was gone. My pheromones were already in the air and legs still damp from last night's rumble.

This morning was payback for sucking dick like a porn star and making him cum down my throat when he really wanted me to stop so he could fuck me silly. Mmmmmm. It was Sooo worth the wait...see you after work baby.

What do you have first thing? A bit of coffee for your morning milk?

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

HNT: What Thong? Part I

Sometimes all I want to do is find the perfect pair of panties for my perfect (in my opinion) pair of ass cheeks. Most of the time cotton briefs just won't cut it, boy shorts don't feel too great under my clothing, g-strings dig into the crack of my ass like a piece of dental floss and wearing no underwear at all is just NOT the most appropriate decision (at least not everyday). This is why on most mornings as I reach into my drawer to find the bra and panty set to match my mood half of the set is usually a pretty thong of some sort. I love the way the triangle of material sits right beneath my tail bone and peaks out at the top of my lovely buns.

I love the way the thin band wraps around my waist and holds me like fingertips ready to bend me over and slip in the back door. I love the way the material cuffs my pussy lips and rubs against my clit as I move through my day. I love the way that he--or she--can grab them and pull them to the side rather than take them off when he--or she--wants to taste my juicy clit, or finger my wet pussy, or fuck my brains out. How convenient. I love my thongs...

What's your favorite type of undies??

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Monday, May 3, 2010


I think maybe i want you to lay in bed with me talking....and drinking.....
I will stand you some point and undress you....gently. Slowly.
When you are completely naked in front of me i will cover you with kisses.......beginning with your face......your mouth......neck.....collarbones....
Each delicious breast....ribs....your soft belly......thighs......shins.....feet......Slow. Deliberate.
Kissing your calves.....the softness behind each knee....the backs of your thighs........that place i love so much: The small of your back.........mmmmmmm
Tracing your spine slowly with my tongue....
Kissing each shoulder blade....the back of your neck....languishing.....relishing.
Only my mouth ever touching you.
Then maybe a nice hot shower....another drink.....your hands sliding over your own body....imagining mine. There.
after....laying you out on your belly on the are warm and open and at ease.
Almost drowsy....
Using only my hands now....starting at your shoulders.....and working my way all the way down to your feet....sometimes with feather light strokes....sometimes with a stronger firm touch.....removing any remaining tension in your are tingling but nearly asleep.
Kissing you again....beginning at your ankles....working my way up....getting feel my breath hot between your thighs....exhaling.....and breathing you sighing....sleepily
Hard kisses where your legs end....softer ones on your tongue wide and soft greeting you. There.
Slow. Savoring.
You wanting more....lifting your hips off the bed pushing yourself against my hungry......eating.....smiling.
My hands under you....palms on your belly....bringing you closer....not letting you get away.
Turning you over on you back.....breast in my sucking....nipples in my mouth one ....then the other tasting and biting..... I'm ravenous.
My hand between your legs.....searching....finding you soft....wet.....eager for my fingers inside you.
My palm hard on your pubic bone......fingers brushing your lips. Soft teasing. You writhing. Pushing hard against me wanting. Sighing.
My mouth finding yours again moaning....tasting....your bottom lip in my mouth. Breath on faces. My voice soft...murmuring...whispering....asking you to
tell me what you want.
My fingers slipping inside you....only a little...following your directions....your hips rocking....muscles clenching around me.
My fingers reaching. my mouth on you. There. Again. teaching me how......panting......cumming.....sighing deep....laughing.

Ever wanted more...more of something that wasn't yours to have?