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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finger...Lickin..mmm Good.

Perhaps it was the movies of the 1980's that fully indoctrinated us members of the fairer sex on the perils of fingering. For some the mere thought conjures up images of brutish male hands jabbing into soft pink flesh. We've all likely been victim of the innocent inexperienced attempts of adolescent boys/girls and perhaps the even more pathetic attempts of 20 and 30 somethings who should long ago have learned or been taught better. I'm all for skipping the foreplay and moving on the main course when the moment dictates. But I fear that far too many females decline and avoid what can be a sublimely satisfying entree all it's own.

My partner almost always includes an appetizer of finger fucking in our sex play, and on Sunday morning I awoke, wet and ready to discover his mouth suckling my nipple and his forefinger gently sliding in and out of my pussy. I felt the building pressure of arousal low in my belly as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. "Morning" he mumbled into my breast. "Good morning" I offered in reply, a sleepy smile plastered on my face! While he focused his mouth on my ever tightening nipples, his fingers teased the opening of my pussy, outlining its oblong shape with ample lubrication from my dripping juices. He slowly eased one finger inside and my body hungrily responded by clenching around it. The agonizing tension of his teeth and lips nibbling and sucking at my nipple in combination with the slow dance of his fingers at my entrance was enough to take me to the low peak of my first orgasm. He turned his forearm, so that his finger could better reach it's intended target. He began gently to stroke my g-spot, eliciting moans with every lazy thrust. The finger fuck was everything at once: the heady tease of repeated re-entry, the pussy clenching pressure of g-spot massage, the force of juice drenched knuckles grazing clit and finally that tiny thread of panic (when you are forced to decide between staying the course, or fleeing) which preceded my tumble over the edge of the high peak of my second cum. Laying, legs splayed and shaking in its aftermath I had to marvel - SHIT! I'd almost forgotten just how good a finger fuck could be.

For those like who'd like to put their fingers to good use here are some tips, for beginners and veterans alike:
  • Keeping your hands clean and your nails trimmed is essential. I've heard more than enough horror stories from girl friends and guy friends alike. Snags/dirt and vagina don't go well together.
  • The second most important aspect of a successful finger fuck is lubrication. Whether its saliva, pussy juice or lube, everything needs to be nice and wet for maximum pleasure.
  • Don't go straight for the pussy...that's the main course, start with the appetizers, kissing, licking, touching and tasting all the body parts attached to her vagina/anus, all the places she likes and in the ways she prefers to be handled. Touch her there only when she is begging for it, literally or with her body language.
  • Fingers are sometimes even more effective than penises/dildos because of their maneuverability. You can always hit the g-spot with your fingers. And once you've found that, for the dedicated - making her squirt could be achieved in time for dessert.
  • Don't underestimate the point of entry. Dipping your fingers gently into either orifice at the peak of her arousal might be all it takes. The first two inches of either entry hole are highly sensitive.
  • All women are not created equal. Don't use the same exact "technique" you've been perfecting since 1989. Preferences for variations in speed and force should be specific to your chick. Be focused, attentive and passionate. Be receptive and responsive to critique verbal or demonstrated. It's partly about the way you do what you do, not just how you do it.

What do you enjoy most when given the finger?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What the Fuckety Fuck?

Okay, so apparently, Mellow is the jumpoff of the season right now, as all of my most recent posts seem to be co-starring him. (mental note: acquire new dick) Anywho, he and I have talked about my desire to venture deeper into the bisexual realm by participating in a 2-girl threesome..which he was all too happy to help me out with. I'd done the 2-guy thing (ended up being a WACK ass situation, will tell in future blog) and I was feeling like I needed to have my cherry popped on the other front. I had kinda messed around with another girl before, but I still had never tasted any pussy other than the juices of my own. Not sure I was dying to do it, but I was game to try some new shit.

So I met this FreakHoe on line, she replied to a personal ad I placed for a couple looking for a 3rd...She sent a picture, she was cute enough. the picture wasn't the best quality, but she has locs, too, big tits and an okay smile. Her eyebrows were kinda bushy, though, but I could work around that. She said she was into everything except "fisting and animals" which left a helluva lot to be explored. After a few get-to-kinda-know-you phone calls between she and I, another weekend visit from Mellow was coming up and I invited her to join us. She was down. Then on Friday afternoon, she cancelled. Mother nature called and she was out of commission and wanted to rest that night. We told her it was fine, and also let her know that she was welcome to just come and watch if she wanted to. Let her get to know us before we got to know her. She said she would come over the following night. Mellow fucked the shit out of me as usual that night, sans the third set of eyes.

Saturday night, Mellow came over and we had dinner and got ready for our company. I had a little bit of assistance to loosen me up, though Mellow was high on the just idea of what was to come. I texted her directions and she called when she was at the gate. I went outside to guide er from the parking lot. And then that's when shit got interesting...

What the fuckety fuck?!?

I looked down into the car to tell her where to park and the first thing I thought was that I was feeling like Smokey in Friday,"She said she looked like Janet Jackson, bitch got out the car looking more like Freddie Jackson!" DAAAYUUMMM!

Okay, she wasn't that bad, but she definitely sent us an old ass picture that was at least 5 years and 20 lbs ago. As I half smiled and pointed to guest parking, I quickly texted Mellow, "Hmmmm???!!" Hoping he would get the heads up. He didn't. I walked into the door, grateful for the mood lighting and introduced FreakHoe to Mellow. He was polite, didn't miss a beat, he poured me the drink he knew I needed and offered her one. She didn't drink, she said. We all went and sat on the couch. I looked at Mellow. We communicated with our eyes that since she was there, we may as well carry on and further more, she was unable to join in past a certain level, so neither of us had to go...there.

I focused on my drink and "Super High Me" which just so happened to be on the channel we randomly selected. Mellow asked her what type of shit she was into.. blah blah blah. Somewhere in between him asking her if she liked anal sex and me putting down my drink, I turned to Mellow and pulled his dick out. I wasn't big into talking when fucking is the plan, and truthfully, if I didn't start sucking dick soon, I was going to start being rude to this not-so-cute chick because I was still annoyed at the false advertisement online. Unlike a man, it is hard for me to ignore the face for the sake of the ass. If the face looks like ass, I can't fuck with ya...but I digress.

So, I'm sucking Mellow's dick and he tells the FreakHoe to come sit on the other side of him so he could see better. He tells her how much he enjoys my skill and tells her to watch how I take it deep and choke on it...he loves those spit bubbles. So I work him over, and then he pushes me back and gets on his knees in front of me. I pull my dress over my head and open my legs while he settles in. He holds my pussy open and tongue fucks me, using a finger on my clit until FreakHoe helps him out. She flicks my clit while he sucks on my pussy and they do so until I've had multiple orgasms. After about the 5th orally induced nut, he excuses himself to go upstairs and get my collar. He has me kneel on the sofa, then he hands her the collar and tells her to put it on me. She fastens it around my neck and hands him the leash. he pulls me up where my butt is on my heels and kisses me, then pushes my face back into the sofa and slaps my ass before he pushes up in me. Hes banging the shit out of me and she's watching at first, then she reaches over and plays with my clit while he hits it. he hands her the leash and tells her to spank me with it while he fucks me. She does. Lightly at first, then harder as he speeds up his pace. As long as I don't think about her non-cuteness, the sensation of all those hands on my ass and him banging the shit out of me brought me to several more eye-rolling orgasms. Whew. And this was only the beginning. He pulled out and told me to lay on my back. I did, and with my eyes closed, I was readjusting, waiting for Mellow to mount me when I heard him tell her to "go on". I opened one eye and saw her look up at me from between my legs...What the fuckety WHOA fuck?!?

I reached over and re-lit my blunt, laid back and inhaled as this chick sucked the fuckety fuck out of my pussy. WOW. Now I know why Mellow went first, this broad was a Beast! He would not have been able to follow this shit. Did I mention, WOW?! Okay, so what she lacked in looks, she definitely made up in FreakHoe-ness. WOW. Anyway. She tore my pussy up. I had to put the ganja out for fear I may black the fuck out and set the couch on fire. I looked over at Mellow, who was sitting back and stroking his dick. He winked at me and I just closed my eyes again and let her munch. After about 20 or so very skilled minutes, she stopped and I leaned into Mellow's lap again. He told her to come over and suck it for a while. I handed it to her and she went at it like she was Superhead or something. I mean moving her hands around like she was making pottery and shit, looking all focused...Shit, I just knew she had put me to shame. Then he said, "Mmm.. now make it wet and take it deep like Pink did." She spit on it, but then went back to sucking feverishly and twisting her hand on it. I could tell he wasn't feeling it and he told her to come up to him and let him suck her tits. He guided my head back down to is dick as he put one of her breasts in his mouth. She sat back and I looked up as she popped one huge tit out and as he started to suck she said, "Oh yeah, I got milk. See." She leaned back out of his mouth and squeezed her nipple, squirting breastmilk all over his chest...What the fuckety fuck??!

Did this chick just squirt titty milk all over my Mellow? Um, Ewww. He looked taken aback and was like.. "Oh, wow" I put his dick back in my mouth to keep from saying "gross..." Really, that shit can't be sanitary. Anywho. by now, there's a porn playing on the big screen and I'm sucking Mellow while he's playing with her tits. After a while, he suggests we go upstairs. He leads the way and hands her my leash. She walks behind me and as he makes his way into bed, she stops me at the top of the stairs and motions for me to sit on them. I sit on the stairs and she puts her face in my puss and starts to suck. She works her tongue in and out and as I let out a moan, Mellow comes out of the bedroom to see what happened to us. He looks down at me with my back on the ground, ass hanging over the top of the stairs and my legs up against either side of the door frame and smiled and grabbed my ankles to help keep me in position. She tongue fucks me deeper then moves her work down to my asshole. FreakHoe is working it and is alternating between sucking and spitting on my pussy and licking my asshole. I'm cumming back to back to back and at some point, Mellow let one of my legs go and started stroking his dick again. I so happy to be able to look up and see him doing that, rather than look down and possibly catch sight of her in the moonlight, that would kill it. Really, ya'll, she wasn't that cute.

So after another loong ass time, my back was numb, my legs were shaking and I was sure there a huge wet spot beneath my ass. We moved the party into the bedroom. We got into the bed and I got on top of him backwards and started to ride him. He pulled my leash towards him, bringing my back to his chest. I was grinding my pussy on him as she came around in front of us and started to lick us both. She planted her lips around my clit and skillfully sucked and kept her mouth on it as I moved on him. Then she would alternate and lick and suck his balls and ass. Completely unapologetic freak, she was. I got off of him and bent over and he got behind me. He pushed into my pussy and guided her fingers to play with my ass. I backed up into him ad he fucked me harder, she followed suit, moving her fingers in and out of my ass. He pulled my hair and started to hump harder, I knew he would cum soon. He pulled out and sprayed my ass and the back of my thighs then stepped back...the FreakHoe cleaned up every drop. What the fuckety fuck?

This was one hell of a night! Definitely not what I expected, but thankfully, not a disappointment. FreakHoe is not the type of chick you take out in public, more like the kind of chick you keep locked in a cage in the basement with a ballgag in her mouth...LOL. If you ever have friends in town who need a good licking...she's your gal!

Ever had to squint your eyes really, really hard in order to get down with a not-so-cute freak?

Monday, April 27, 2009

So about this 'Pain as Pleasure' thing!

I've found that over the years I have come into and grown out of various 'addictions'. Nothing hard like cocaine or heroin (though there was that stint with opium), but things like cigarettes, cheeba and public sex just to name a few! But as they have come and gone there have been two that have been more or less steadfast- piercings and tattoos. OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhh! I love me some INK!! On me, on him, on her- I love them!

I love looking at them but even more than that I love getting them! Something about that burn that makes your gut flip, and makes you feel so close to screaming out "Fuck it stop, stop! Please!" that you literally tear up! But you know they can't stop, not until its done, not until the artwork is complete. So you sit there, squirming, biting back you tears and breathing a series of Lamaze patterns that simultaneously remind you of Tantric sex, the meditative nature of it all. I don't know but again it reminds me of being a little empowered, mastering the pain.

When I get tattooed, I can feel it in my womb, in my pussy, in my clit! The burn it creeps around down there like a pleasure troll, carving away for diamonds in a cave! I know it sounds crazy but it's true! I get a rush that I can't really explain! It's a sweet, sexy burn, that makes me sweat in an exasperated fury of pleasure and pain. I've always thought of myself as a masochist but it wasn't until I started getting tattooed that I realized,how much this really was the case!

My passion for self-mutilation as my father would call it began with piercings. Ears, cartilage, nose, tongue, face- if it could be pierced it would be attempted! I remember having piercing parties in the dorms with my girlfriends with nothing but ice, needles, Isopropyl Alcohol and liquid courage! We would sit sweaty palmed being held down by each other squeezing each other's thighs, arms whatever; biting down on the handles of a hairbrush just to brace for the pain. Now that I think about it that kind of seems like a scene out of a porn flick, but I digress. The point is that since a very young age, 14 to be exact, I realized the connection between pleasure and pain, and I embraced it.

Once I graduated to tattoos there was no turning back! I love the experience of going through the pain and having something beautiful after it was all done. People always say that tattoos are a form of self-expression; and expression of who we are, and I couldn't agree more! For me it's an expression of who I am, and my pleasure for pain!!

What gets you there? What's your pleasure/pain principal?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please Stop Frontin’

During the post break-up conversation where you former significant other encourages you to state your concerns I mentioned she wasn’t adventurous and that I perceived her as being a prude. Maybe it was a tinge of transference but that was the picture I painted of my old head. Since neither of us can let go I found myself at club Lust Saturday night with her. Together but apart trying to groove in a Latin lesbian club. Three drinks in and salsaed out I was ready for a change of scenery.

The problem with being honest but not clear is that people never understand the true meaning of your words. Like any red blooded American I say prude she thinks sex. I say unadventurous she thinks sex club. It had been an entire week with no sex and a club full of JLos didn’t help. Against my better judgment I agreed. Scratch that I’m a freak nasty whore who wanted to be fucked in front of others so I agreed.

The parking lot was pretty empty but I'd already committed so we pressed on. Your typical oversized black man in the too tight suit was guarding the front door. And after reading all the DANGER, PROCEED WITH CAUTION, SEX AT YOUR OWN RISK signs we walked into the main area.

I will admit to having an over active imagination. I envisioned so much more happening when I turned the corner. I thought I would have to crawl over bodies and beat some greedy man off with a stick. It was Ladies Night and the joint was empty. Aside from a couple bartenders and the cleaning crew who were wearing plastic gloves (that made it all so real for me) the clientele was few and far between.

But this was still my first time and I was still very excited. Maybe it’s the kid in me but I felt naughty and sneaky. I was whispering to her and giggling the whole time. We held hands and tiptoed around the club peeking into the closed doors looking for fun and a lot of trouble. As we left the nightclub portion and entered the "love den", ceremoniously the lights lowered. Party dresses were replaced by bare chests and over used towels covering hard dicks. Although it was only a few feet away I could no longer hear the dance music and soft flirty voices. The energy felt like I was in hell’s kitchen. The hunger in everyone’s eyes was unsettling.

Now I like to embellish this fact slightly. I usually say zero when asked but I’ve seen three dicks in my lifetime, many many moons ago. When I leaned into the first room I didn’t see the 50-inch TV with the porn tape rolling on mute, or the Cuban cougar getting her nipples massaged by some old white man, I saw a BIG, LONG, ROUND, FAT JUICY Latin dick and I instantly wanted to suck it…lol…

I know I’m embarrassed. But if y'all would’ve seen it you would have wanted some too. It was just so big and I’ve never seen a guy jerk off before and the way he was stroking it and his rhythm was so steady and I think it was getting bigger with each stroke. He was in the zone playing with his shit and I wanted to stare but she was with me. I knew some “girl you know you really straight” joke would’ve came up and I would’ve popped off. Unwillingly I pulled my eyes away and continued my exploration. We pressed on deeper into the abyss passing plenty of empty rooms where we could’ve did the do but she declined. As we continued to explore the club I realized she was on a mission to prove a point and I had just become an unwilling participant.

When in Rome… So we got our towels and headed into the XXX area of a sex club. The crowd seemed to be awaiting the arrival of the lesbians and even the staff seemed excited for us to disrobe and join the party. Although I was reluctant to be anyone’s sideshow, I could’ve been swayed. My issue was that she wanted to perform in the big room and I couldn’t decide if it was for them or for me. As she became more boorish and aggressive the feeling of my words coming back to haunt me was more and more apparent. I wanted to be in the club and experience all it had to offer but I couldn't get into the act cause she was killing my mood. One, we were having too many relationship issues to be having sex let alone in a sex club. Two, I wasn’t feeling her deeply right at that moment so I didn’t feel safe and respected and three, I’m gay not a novelty sideshow and her pressing me to go into the fish bowl with the big ass looking glass was not the business.

Me being the pushover I am I went laid down my towels and disrobed. So I was feeling sexual but I wasn't horny. I didn’t feel comfortable watching the other people so I wasn’t getting turned on but if we going to lay down to do it in this setting please don’t whisper “baby I want to make love to you” Bitch is you stupid, FUCK ME! No sooner had I propped my head up on the pillow than some middle-aged Hispanic dude plops his ass on the bed next to us talking about “oh ok ok parti timeah.” I was fine with that and perhaps even turned on a little but now she wants to get over protective and starts talking shit. I’m thinking what did you think was going to happen in the orgy room at the sex club!? We commence to “love making” when I felt an awkward tugging on my right nipple. I almost flipped until I realized it was middle-aged Hispanic dude's wife but she put an end to that too. Our audience quickly got bored with the tease and left. To make a long story short I couldn’t cum but I gave her some good head we went home.

Lessons learned: #1 Don’t bring sand to the beach. #2 Everyone deserves a day to step outside of themselves (I should have at least touched the dick).

Have you ever had a shoulda coulda woulda moment?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pillow Talk


Last night I found myself in your arms
Your charm encompassed me mysteriously
as you promised to be all I'll ever need
Your fingers caressed my soul
took control as I fell deeply into the passion our spirits created
In a fashion that drove me to pure bliss
With your delicate lips you kissed my heart
Moving every inch of me
We made love
You played violins in my ears with the gentleness of your moans
I wanted nothing less than to spend eternity
Wrapped in the reality that I thought to be
Then I awoke this morning and reached to my right
Hoping to relive that we shared last night
Suddenly I realized what I feared to be true
Last night I was alone
While only dreaming of you...

Go Right Ahead

Sitting here in the solitude of my room, my mood tells me that it would be more than okay
if today...

You and I skipped the dinner and the candlelight
No long walks on the beach tonight
Don't leave me a love note on the refrigerator
Don't even tell me you love me
You can do that later
No jewelry boxes from Tiffany's
No need for manners
Like Thank You or Please
No soft gentle kisses on my neck and ears
No long conversation sharing our dreams and our fears
When you come home tonight
Don't even say Hi
Don't ask me how my day went
Cause I won't reply
Just put down your things and remove all your clothes
Leave the blinds open
So everyone knows
Don't waste any time on foreplay tonight
Don't give it to me softly
That wouldn't be right
Make me scream loud enough for the whole block to hear
And go even deeper
When your orgasm's near
And when we're all finished
And dripping with sweat
Don't say anything to me
Just hand me a cigarette...


My dreams tell me I need to be made love to, but my pussy tells me I want to be it normal to be so torn???

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pussy Poppin, Ass Jiggling and Tweets

Pink: the possibility of sitting amongst jiggling asses tonight has put my nap on hold 7:53 PM Apr 18th from txt

I woke up this morning to go to work at 6 a.m. Though I believed I was determined to go home and nap, a detour to Sheba's crib made me start to think,"Why waste a perfectly good Saturday night sleeping?" I knew my jumpoff was in town, but not 100% available for sex. Nevertheless, I wanted to see some ass tonight...Sheba happily agreed to the plan. After a quick trip home to shower and gather an overnight bag, I headed back to her crib. We started getting ready, loooong assed Long Island Iced Teas in our cups and the Doc dropped off some meds, which like all sisters, we shared...

P: Strip club observation #1: strippers fight when they get angry. Asses in combat. I love it! 1:39 AM Apr 19th from txt

Okay, point of clarification. I tweeted too soon! Strippers did not actually throw blows. They were ice-grillin and taking off shoes and earrings and shit, but, the bouncer calmed things down before the weaves went to flying!

P: Strip club observation #2: we're in so much trouble. Channeling The Fury's gangsta. I'm about to lose it 2:02 AM Apr 19th from txt

Sheba's girl is dancing on her and I just noticed how gorgeous her tits are. Great Day! Maybe because they're eye-level at the moment. Okay, let me focus on some titties of my own. Oooh... over there...coming my way beckoned by a bill in my homegirl's hand. Is it my birthday?

Sheba: OMFG such a mess in the strip club2:03 AM Apr 19th from mobile web

P: Sheba just bought me a dance. Never seen a round of applause that fine. Shit!2:18 AM Apr 19th from txt

Not really sure if I want a wet nap or a straw! *Licking Lips* Damn, girl... I always wanted to go to India...

S: Um Pink! Um dance! Ummmmmm2:19 AM Apr 19th from mobile web

Fury: @ShebaofKink @PinkVixxxen Living vicariously through the strip club antics...2:21 AM Apr 19th from twhirl in reply to ShebaofKink

S: Girlfriend won't even let me talk to dudes! Or them talk to me rather!2:22 AM Apr 19th from mobile web

P: @ thedirtydetails wish you were here. There's certainly enough to share. And Florida is a hands-on state!2:23 AM Apr 19th from txt

Fury: @PinkVixxxen Yes that's what I LOVE about Florida strip clubs. Solid Gold had me caught up2:28 AM Apr 19th from twhirl in reply to PinkVixxxen

P: @ thedirtydetails next time you cum down, holla at a real strip club. Solid gold is for timid tourists...2:37 AM Apr 19th from txt

The Naked Hustle is so serious down here.

Fury: @PinkVixxxen yeah y'all gotta send me to one. knew the hostess at solid gold so my crew got LOTS of special attention2:39 AM Apr 19th from twhirl in reply to PinkVixxxen

P: Okay. This bitch i can't Fuck with. Bottles in asses. No effort. Lord help me i'm a sinner..2:40 AM Apr 19th from txt

Okay, so we got a Lip Bitin' Animal on stage right with a bottle between her asscheeks and she is hopping her ass around and not spilling a drop. WOW. This chick got a tattoo of i-don't-know-what-the-fuck all up her thigh and ass but i'm gonna starte at this bitch til it all makes sense.

See, I could totally see how a fool could come up in here and spend his car note on these broads...

S: OMFG a bitch is holding a bottle with her ass! WTF!2:41 AM Apr 19th from mobile web

P: Strip club observation #3: i'm horny2:57 AM Apr 19th from txt

Nuff Said.

S: 151 in rum and coke? Seriously? Shit!3:04 AM Apr 19th from mobile web

P: This shit is a serious skill. I mean, i have two degrees and i can't make my ass move like that!3:13 AM Apr 19th from txt

S: I've got 3 degrees working on a 4th and I can't make my ass shake like this! Fuck!3:14 AM Apr 19th from mobile web

P: Making it rain one drop at a time. Lol. Work bitch, work!3:20 AM Apr 19th from txt

Yeah, I'm a frugal She gonna work for these ones!!

S: Whew! Ass! Ass! Ass! Heaven!3:23 AM Apr 19th from mobile web

P: Wow. Alicia got a skill that one just feels obligated to pay to see. Great googly moogly!3:23 AM Apr 19th from txt

This dancer named Alicia is my second crush of the night (i guess because if you squint your eyes really tight she kinda looks like Ms. Keyes...but not really). She is doing things on a pole that make me wish I had a dick...Word.

S: This bitch gotta be from thailand...3:37 AM Apr 19th from txt

Fury: Apparently needs to be at the strip club with @PinkVixxxen & @ShebaofKink cuz they got ass in the face and Thai bitches bouncing3:46 AM Apr 19th from twhirl

**Thinking how The Fury would've gotten gang raped had he been anywhere near our horny asses that night***

P: @ thedirtydetails you just don't know. Sheba's face was just in ass just is right at the moment!3:49 AM Apr 19th from txt

S: There was no ass jiggling 101 in college! Alas!4:40 AM Apr 19th from mobile web

P: I have officially been up for 24 hours. Such a shameful sight when the sun catches you WIDE AWAKE!6:29 AM Apr 19th from txt

It's even more shameful when it catches you masturbating on your friend's couch while the pitbull watches and the Good Morning America is about to come on.

P: @ thedirtydetails still no sleep yet!10:57 AM Apr 19th from txt

I've given up hope on sleep...not dick, though.

Fury: @PinkVixxxen Wow y'all are on it today for real!! Breakfast/Brunch?11:55 AM Apr 19th from twhirl in reply to PinkVixxxen

P: @ thedirtydetails well, Sheba isn't back yet... I imagine she's eaten already, though;-)12:20 PM Apr 19th from txt

Fury: @PinkVixxxen oh @ShebaofKink such a bad girl12:59 PM Apr 19th from twhirl in reply to PinkVixxxen

Sheba's back. Dick called and is in reach. Bout to shower. Now going out into the 90 degree heat is gonna kill me... but Mellow's on the other end of this drive..

S: Attempting to recover from last night. Struggling!4:34 PM Apr 19th from mobile web

P: Made my dick connection. Maybe now i can sleep..ah, the great equalizer4:37 PM Apr 19th from txt

Eventually made it to bed by 8:30 p.m. Oh, what a night!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It was the sexually free and innovative Samantha Jones (Sex and the City) who uttered the words, "Honey, I'm a TRY-SEXUAL! I'll TRY anything SEXUAL!" And for me no truer words have ever been uttered!! Mind you I do have my limitations, NO BESTIALITY for me thank you very much! But other than that there is very little that I wouldn't TRY!

Since a very young age I knew that my sexuality was far more advanced than the average girl my age! And it wasn't for being promiscuous, in fact though I lost my virginity at 16, I didn't have sex again for almost two years! But it was things that happened along the way that really brought out my true sexuality!

Around the age of 16 I developed an insatiable appetite for giving head. I remember the exact moment at which this happened. Looking up into the eyes of a beautiful man whose body trembled beneath my touch, whose loins shivered as I slid him deeper and deeper into my mouth. The way the change in pressure around his cock in my mouth and his balls in my hands made him curl his toes and squirm like a little girl. Every spiral stroked hand movement up and down his shaft with my mouth suckling on his throbbing head brought him closer and closer to sheer Ecstasy and it was all my doing! The first time I made a man cum by just using my hands I was in awe, but when I made him cum even harder using my mouth and hands it was a wrap... I was hooked!!

Now for most women who claim not to give head it's usually because of some notion of feeling degraded or slutty! But for me it was the complete opposite, I felt in control, I felt empowered! That I could do this to someone !!! That I could make someone feel so out of control and be in control of how he cums and when he cums all at the same time. This was my high, my WET!! I became a perfectionist! Trying different techniques exploring different areas around the cock and balls and playing with everything learning how to give and how to take, and I wanted to make every man that crossed my past know that I was the best! And to this day, I still got it!

Because, I love it! I like to give head, you can't really be great at anything that you don't enjoy doing! I love the softness of the skin against my tongue, the firmness of the shaft filling the warm wetness of my mouth. The slightly sweet that is eventually followed by the salty, sexy pungency! The pulses that run down the cock as he gets closer to his nut. The way his toes curl, the way he holds my face and hair, the way his eyes water as I look into his eyes all while sucking him soft and slow then hard and fast. The sound of his voice as he releases in my mouth, grunting, panting, screaming out, out of breath, out of control, out of his mind! I'm wet as I write this!

Sexual control is addictive, it creeps up inside you and sits low in your groin like a spark waiting for just the right accelerant! I grew addicted to the power, so naturally, I wanted more! How else could I get this feeling, what else....who ....else? So now, my curiosity leads me to other outlets, towards more delicate and difficult territories. The softer sex if you will. But am I ready for that step? Am I ready to take on the 'Feminine Mystique'! Well, we'll save that for next time . . . right now I feel inspired, I'm going headhunting!

Do you crave sexual control? What makes you feel empowered?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Punanny Poet

Little boi blue can I have your attention

I have a need to talk to you and show you some affection

I like that you’re strong and you offer protection

But sometimes I want you soft, venerable and open to suggestions

I like your pipe game and how you put it down in bed

But sometimes I wish you would let me lay you down instead

I know you strap up with your thick fake dick

But sometimes I think you forget about your thick pink clit

Skin soft and sweet skin oozing of fragrance

Baby be my bitch, lay down and let me get you naked

Hips that sway, ass so round, its ok to release no one is around

You cover all your goodness behind biggy clothes

I hate no one knows the secret your Sean John holds

With the body of him and mind of her

I understand how your mere existence can be such a blur

Little boi blue I write to tell you I love you regardless if you feel like a bitch or a dude

Don’t you hate a sheep in wolf clothing?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

HNT: The AWR Department

So...It's HNT (Half Naked Thursday) and how lucky am I that I get to post our very first one today. I was just admiring my AWR (Ass to Waist Ratio) and decided to snap a pic so that I could get a better look at my progress. I must say things are going well in my AWR department. :-) I am truly about to go fuck MYSELF...You?
Happy HNT and happy orgasms!

And don't forget

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TMI Tuesday. #1 Our First Time

This is our first foray into TMI Tuesday. In the spirit of full disclosure these questions are randomly borrowed from other naughty guys and gals in the sex blogosphere. I have no idea how mundane or revealing our explorations of TMI will ultimately be, so please be gentle with us as we learn the ropes. Experience will improve our ingenuity.

1. At what age did you have your first consensual sexual experience?

I was 13. I was at my "boyfriend's" job. He was a parking attendant in a supermarket parking lot. There was a little ramshackle building in the darkest corner of the lot. It couldn't have been more than 3 feet by 3 feet. I had my pants down near my ankles and was bent over bracing myself against one wall. It sounds potentially hot and steamy, but it really wasn't. In spite of our age difference, neither of us knew what the HELL we were doing. Looking back, I have to give him credit for trying.

2. Do you prefer masturbation over real sex?
I absolutely do NOT! It takes way more work for me to cum all by my lonesome!

3. Do you want sex more times a day than your partner?
Over the years this has gone back and forth between us. I'd say twice a day is a comfortable amount for me if my mood is balanced. At the moment my partner's sexual appetite is voracious. I'm not sure whether its the abundance of free time or a sudden spell of "I love you truly madly deeply" that is causing it. Whatever the cause all three of my orifices are doing their best to keep up!

4. Do you get offended when you partner openly flirts with others or are you okay with it?
Not at all offended. I find it fascinating to watch him work on other women. It reminds me exactly what attracted me to him in the first place. It's even better when we are both flirting in tandem. Different technique, same prey. Tons of fun.

5. Do you think you're flirty by nature?
I don't think I am personally, but sometimes my eyes have an entirely different agenda.

Bonus (optional): Why do you blog?

I love sex, and I've always enjoyed writing. I'm enamored with the idea that I can combine the two, and have voyeurs all in the same forum. It's glorious.

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Anything you want to share that's not any of our damn business?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"The first rule of Fight Club don't talk about fight club."

Now writing about it, on the other hand...well, that's different.

A friend of mine asked me to house-sit for her on the weekends for the next month or so. Of course, I jumped at the chance, considering the unfortunate circumstance of still having my ex as a roommate. When I agreed, she threw in the kicker, "By the way, you should invite Mr. Mellow over... I'm sure you're dying to get your freak on!" Um, hell-to-the-yeah! She didn't have to say more! LOL, I was wondering if her ass had rigged up some cameras or some shit to record what she knew was going to be a smackdown of epic proportions!

"The second rule of Fight Club is -- you DO NOT talk about Fight Club"

Mellow and I had been speaking on the phone about kicking my submission to him up a notch, as well as pushing the rough play a little further. The last time we had been together, I told him to slap my face when we were getting down and he cautiously tapped my cheek. I teased him, letting him know that if I could take him choking me with his dick and hazing my ass with paddles and whatnot, he could hit me harder than that. Yeah..I talk to damn much.

He was more than happy to keep me company at my friend's empty townhouse and had arranged to fly in late Friday evening, giving me enough time to finish up at work and get it all primped and pretty by 10 p.m. to pick him up. Before he left home to go to the airport, he called me and said, "You ready, baby?" I told him I couldn't wait. I was on my way home, after getting my nails and toes done and filling my kinky shopping list. Time to shower, and get ready to make a run to the airport...I still ended up late. He called me just as I was taking one last look in the mirror and asked, "Where you at, girl?" I told him I was sorry I was running late. I was leaving the house now. He hung up. Ohhh, he was a bit pissed. LOL. So I took one last puff of my kush, checked my ta-tas in the mirror and rode out.

I picked him up. The original plan was for him to drive so I could give him head while we were on the way. He was a bit miffed that I was late, so he threw his shit into the backseat and got in the passenger side. I tried to make small talk, but he wasn't having it. He was upset, and told me that I would "pay for that bullshit". So here's where I talk too much again, "Ooh, what, you gonna beat it up now? That's what you said last time, and you barely tapped me." I was so full of shit, cuz I knew he had some tricks up his sleeve, I must be a masochist for real. He mumbled, kinda under his breath, " that shit now."

At the house, we barely got in the door before he pushed me to my knees and around my neck, he placed the black leather collar and leash (strategically placed just inside the front door). If he hadn't pulled his dick out, it would have bust his zipper open. I think the sight of me on my knees in front of him with my dress falling open and in straight-up slave mode got him more than ready. I could barely get my gag reflex in check before he was mercilessly fucking my throat.

Just as I thought I would choke to death, he pulled out of my mouth and lead me to the bedroom. Bending me in front of the bed, I was instructed to grab my ankles as I was spanked with the other end of the leash. More like lashings, he alternated between the leash and his hand, at some point, he pushed me over onto the bed. Roughly, he flipped me onto my back and wrapped the leash around his fist as he pushed into me and pulled me up into his chest. He commenced to fuck the shit out of me, while lamenting about how I was late picking him up, and how I had talked all that shit. He said, "Yeah, I could smack the shit out of you right now." I said, "Smack the shit out of me then." He said, "What the fuck did you say? Did I ask you to say something to me?" He pushed up in me hard and deep and just as I almost let an "Ahh" slip out...WHAP! He slapped the living shit out of me!

So there I was, laying there and silently moving my tongue around in my mouth, making sure all my teeth were still in tact, when WHAP! Another slap. Ok, see... now this was NOT what I was expecting! I was trying to decide if I should tell him that shit really hurt, or just concentrate on the fucking I was getting. Pain. Dick. Pain. Dick. WHAP! Before I could come to a conclusion, this muhfugga slapped me a 3rd time. I had to tap out, I was scared I may have to make an emergency trip to the dentist in the morning. Surely, my jaw was dislocated...Surely.

"The third rule fo Fight Club -- someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over."

I put my hand up to my face to block any further abuse and told him he had to stop. "Don't stop fucking me," I said. "Just please don't slap me again!" He smirked and said, I told you not to talk shit. He pulled out and flipped me over and pulled me up onto my knees, letting go of the leash, he grabbed a handful of my locs and banged me crazy. I was clenching my jaw, feeling like I had been in a bar brawl. I needed to take a break. I started to work my muscles around his dick, trying to milk out the ending of this thrashing. I bucked back onto him and he pushed in deep and grabbed my ass with both hands as he let go.

Afterward, we lay there, sweaty, dry-mouthed and spent. (Me, with an ice pack pressed against my jaw...) I had no idea what just happened. My jaw was hurting, I have bruises all over my ass and back. What the fuck just happened?

He looked at me, and with his eyes, he said, "I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge."

To Be Continued...
Have you ever had knock-down, drag-out sex?

Friday, April 10, 2009

I Love Movie Night

I just had an awakening; I loved to be watched. So it was movie night with my sister, girlfriend and I. Everything was normal, we ate, had dessert and were readying ourselves for the second movie. My girl and me were in the bed and my sister was a few feet away on the couch. We were laying on each other just enjoying the movie and I got that tinkling feeling in my pussy and I knew I wasn’t going to make it through the night without my pussy getting some attention.

So being the freak that I am I spread the blanket over us and turned up the volume on the movie. I lifted up my shirt and popped a juicy nipple in her mouth. When her warm breathe soaked my on button my pussy started to juice up. The panties were getting in the way so she started to slowly eased them down as my sister seemed to be unaware of what was happening. With three of her slender fingers jammed in my slippery hot pussy and my nipple in her mouth I was in heaven. Thank god I don’t have a squeaky bed cause I was riding her fingers like a prized jockey.

I’m so nasty. My legs were spread eagle, FOUR fingers in my pussy, sister on the couch, pillow in my mouth and I loved the excitement. I looked over at my girl and through the haze of my ecstasy all I could see was calmness on her face. Beads of sweat were forming on her brow and I was heading to the home stretch. Just as I was ready to burst she made a slurping noise. She quickly pulled her fingers out making more sex sounds and I thought the jug was but thank god it was a great movie cause my sister didn’t seem to notice.

Do you know I had the nerve to turn around and arch my back and let my favorite friends get deeper into their home. I’m a vocal fuck and the pressure of not being able to yell out prevented my cum but the foreplay was great. I think it time to venture to the swingers club so I can be in an environment with a willing viewing audience.

Do you like to watch or be watched like me?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

But She Says She's Just A Friend...

Technically, I guess I’m LABELED as “bisexual” (whatever that means these days) and I’ve been heavily involved in the LGBTA community since high school. I’m the girl with the gay boyfriend(s) and a self-proclaimed “Fag Hag”. I’m also the girl that loves to be surrounded by beautiful people, specifically beautiful female friends. As such, it’s no surprise that I’ve been sleeping with my female friends since I was sexually active. Not all of them. I usually can tell right away if a friend would be my type or if she’s even remotely interested in swinging that way. I have a habit of usually being “the first encounter” which can be a great thing if the sex is poppin’. Sadly, there’s always the risk of the experience being wack for me because she’s clueless. I guess it’s a risk I have always been willing to take especially in my youth when I was more of a hoelet. In recent years, being into girls has become a lot less taboo and I think that has allowed me to be more open with my friends (old and new) about my sexual interests. It seems to me, I now have a lot more friends that openly like the occasional tussle in the bed with a female companion. Lucky me--talk about friends with benefits :-D. I’ve never had a girlfriend but of course I have my FEW favorites and I’m not shy about letting them know who they are. I also love getting my favorites together for play-dates and try to do so every chance I can. Not necessarily with the intention of having an orgy (though I wouldn't be too upset if it went down)--but all of us chilling always gives me nice, vivid images for my fantasies.

The last few months I’ve been having a recurring dream involving two of my favorites. ----Favorite #1, I like to refer to her as Oshun. She’s the Goddess of Rivers, representing feminine beauty and fertility. In other words, she’s Miss Sex in Heels—always wet and perhaps a bit too fertile for her own liking LMAO. She’s my typical type—chocolate, totally diva-fied minus the diva attitude and every time she enters the room, I swear she’s got her own theme music playing…Usually something Beyonce (at least in my mind lol). Every guy wants to fuck her and most girls are hating on her. She’s the “I could be a video girl but I’m too grown and sexy for that” type of chick. While her body is ridiculousness in my book, her face is angelic. Every time she smiles, I can feel my clit tingle. And we’ve sexed before but my favorite thing about her is whether we are sexin’ or not, it’s always going to be a great time. We have a lot in common –in the bedroom and in the real world and that has translated to a more enhanced friendship that I have come to enjoy and cherish. ------Favorite #2 , I refer to her as Yemanja. She’s the Divine Mother Goddess aka Miss Hot Momma. Aesthetically, she’s also my type – gorgeous, thick in the thighs and chocolate. She’s not really a diva or overtly sexy but I’ve known her long enough to know she’s a freak and a half. She’s the “Fuck you until you pass out and then make you a sammich WITH CHEESE” type chick. Until recently, she would have been put in the category of friends that may not be remotely interested in swinging that way. However, as I look back at our numerous conversations over the years, I keep wondering how we were NOT sleeping together all those years. (According to outside parties that know us both, we act like we are an old married couple.) We haven’t sexed yet, but similar to Miss Sex, we have a lot of things in common. My favorite thing about her is that she knows me better than most and is constantly challenging me to be the best version of myself. Recently, she’s stepped up her bisexy game and I’ve been hollering trying to see what’s up. But she says she’s just a friend...but she says she's just a friend (Oh baby YOU!) Sigh. In reality, I guess I’m ok with that…for now. But seriously, my subconscious is on some whole other shit.

We’ve been hanging out all day shopping for the club and the bedroom. Finally, we get an opportunity to rest our feet and enjoy a few drinks at a local hot spot. Our conversation is filled with numerous topics, from our kids, to educational woes, to our sexual desires. As we head back to the crib, all of us a bit buzzed but not too scudded, I can feel my sexual senses are heightened. Miss Sex and Hot Momma are engaged in light flirting with each other and with me as usual—a slight touch here, giggles all around at the jokes and cute flicks of our hair. Now I can’t help myself—I’m picturing them both naked and getting a tad too excited for a simple car ride. (yes that’s really all it takes lol). Back at the crib, I decide to make us all drinks and we chill in front of the tv chatting it up about things I can’t remember. I’m too busy watching Miss Sex play with her phone and make faces at the dumb shit some nigga is saying. She smiles and rolls her eyes before picking up her drink for a sip. Just the way she is crossing and uncrossing her legs, I can tell her pussy is getting ripe. Hot Momma is pacing and playing with a strand of her hair while checking in with her beau. He’s obviously saying something hilarious because she’s chuckling it up. I find myself focusing on her lips, tongue and teeth. Every time she giggles, she touches her tongue to her teeth and now I am imagining her tongue on Miss Sex’s clit. Hmmm.

I’m such an instigator, so I suggest we try on the clothes we bought and have a mini fashion show. Drinks are flowing and we’re half naked showcasing our goodies for each other. When we first started the fashion show, changes were happening backstage in the bathroom---now we’re just stripping down in front of each other. Miss Sex needs some help with a zipper and I’m happy to oblige. Standing behind her I know she can feel my erect nipples on her back. She slides her hand down my thigh. I softly kiss her neck and give a sly look at Hot Momma, who can only giggle and say “You guys are too much.” I whisper to Miss Sex that I would love to see her kiss Hot Momma. Without a moment’s thought, Miss Sex has joined Hot Momma on the couch teasing her with soft, wet kisses on her neck and finally on her full lips. I’m itching to join but enjoying myself just watching their interaction. It’s playful and sexy; soft and sensual. They are sitting adjacently--kissing and exploring each other with their hands. I inch slowly towards them, entranced by the fluidity of their mocha bodies and the soft moans coming from both of them. Now I’m at the other end of the couch, watching and playing gently with my clit. Miss Sex has maneuvered Hot Momma’s shirt off of her and begins to softly caress Hot Momma’s beautiful full breasts. Miss Sex smiles with delight. Hot Momma runs her hands through Miss Sex’s long black hair and directs Miss Sex’s lips to her nipples. Miss Sex licks her lips in anticipation and slowly works her tongue around the base of Hot Momma’s nipples. Hot Momma leans her head back in enjoyment and slides further down the seat of the couch. While Miss Sex is suckling, she gets up on her knees placing her chocolate, round ass in my direction. From my view, I can see the lips of her pussy peaking around her thong. I use my hand to explore the smoothness of her ass and thighs, making my way to her swollen clit. She immediately moans at my slight touch. As I slide my fingers down past the limited cloth of the thong, I am pleasantly surprised at how wet and warm her pussy feels on my fingers. I lick my fingers to tease myself with a sample of her sweetness. I don’t want to go there just yet. Instead I am just content with us slowly undressing each other.

We’re all standing naked in the bedroom. Hot Momma gets the fortunate spot of being in between me and Miss Sex. I love my position because I can feel Hot Momma’s ass against my clit which is poking out the lips of my pussy. I can also see Miss Sex’s face as she kisses and teases Hot Momma from the front. I run my hands through Hot Momma’s locs, gripping them with authority but not too aggressively. I gently bite and lick her exposed neck, ear and collarbone. I love the way she smells and how soft her skin is against mine. I use my other hand to slide down her back towards her bootyliciousness down below. My hands move over the front of her thighs and onto Miss Sex’s thighs. I pull Miss Sex closer as I grab her brown round. I can feel that Miss Sex is exploring Hot Momma’s pussy with her fingers---Hot Momma spreads her legs slightly so Miss Sex can explore further. Finally, I get the chance to kiss Hot Momma---she twists her head in my direction and her tongue is soft on my lips. I want to devour her but I am practicing restraint so I can truly enjoy the moment. I run my hand up towards Hot Momma’s breasts and I alternate between gently squeezing Hot Momma’s nipples and Miss Sex’s nipples. Miss Sex takes my fingers into her mouth one by one and I feel like I am on the brink of squirting on the floor. I use the wetness now on my fingers and swirl it around Miss Sex’s nipples. Hot Momma leans down to lick Miss Sex’s nipples. Miss Sex and I share a warm, wet kiss over Hot Momma’s shoulder, as I slide my fingers down the crack of Hot Momma’s ass. I slowly penetrate her juicy pussy with my index finger. She bites her lip and looks back at me in excitement. Her face looks so perfect--I need to get a closer look.

I move around Hot Momma so we all form a tight triangle. I want to watch Miss Sex and Hot Momma kiss. I can barely tell where one face ends and the other one starts—smooth Chocolate velvet skin in motion. Eventually, I add my lips and tongue to the mix---our individual scents are intermingling together adding to the sensuality of the moment. I can smell wet pussy and I'm dying to taste. I make my way down to their touching nipples and begin sucking on both at the same time. I look up to see their beautiful faces looking down at me. I am enjoying watching them skillfully finger each other—the moans are getting louder all around. Soft giggles echo throughout the room as we exchange dirty lines with each other. Licking and playing. Kissing and moaning. Erect nipples and dripping pussies. Too bad the cameras aren't rolling---yet. We decide to take it to the bed....

Stay tuned for part II from my naughty subconscious...

Have you ever fantasized about fucking someone who was "just a friend"?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ode to Fellatio

I love it.
There's actually no other phrase more fitting to describe my feelings about sucking a big, fat, long, hard Dick. It begins with the anticipation. Staring at its impression before it becomes undone. Salivating. Nothing else happens, until I've tasted it. I may not even say hello.

So I touch it. Skilled with all kinds of zippers and buttons and time to fumble.
Pull it out and look at it. Sigh. It's like anticipating that first high of the day. Inhale. Pussy is dripping at this point...
And it hasn't even touched my lips yet.

Eye contact. There's something about locking eyes before feasting. Telling him, with my eyes, that he should brace himself. I'm hungry. But my pleasure is in starting off slow. Unless otherwise instructed, I like to suck and snake my tongue around it, tasting and savoring as it hardens to its fullness. Depending on his breath, I decide when to take him in to the hilt.

The first time I take him deep in my throat, I do it in one fell swoop. I like to hear his breath draw in as he thinks to himself, "Did she really just take all of it?" While he's still figuring it out, I pull up, flick my long tongue around its head and then suck on the tip. Press my tongue against the bottom of it, take a breath, and then push down again.

I love to hold it in the back of my throat and pulse my throat muscles around its head, massaging. Meanwhile, lets not forget the accompanying sounds and movements. Often, I find men enjoy when I use my hands simultaneously with my lips, masturbating him with friction and suction. I like to slurp and choke on it, making disgusting sounds..spitting on it and letting the bubbles form around my lips ad I suck, squeeze and pull on it with my lips, tongue and hands.

By now, the kitty is soaking and I don't even need to touch her to make her cum. The act alone is enough to bring it out. Love to have my locs grabbed up in a handful, my head being forced down onto the Dick. I love to gasp for air as my sucking gets more intense and his hips start to buck harder, fucking my face. I'm completely consumed by lust by now and in a trance...all I want to do now is make it cum.

On my knees, praying to the Dick, I rock back and forth and suck and moan around it. If he's laying down, I may kneel over him, push the Dick between my DDDs and tit fuck him while i lick the head each time it pops up. Moving down, i make sure not to neglect the neighbors below, licking and sucking the balls into my mouth, moaning around them. Reaching up to stroke the Dick while I flick my tongue around his asshole...getting it all done.

Back to the task at hand, I revisit the Dick. I start to suck ferociously as the hips start to buck again. I grab his hips and hold him still while I take the dick deep and begin to deepthroat the cum out. Moaning on it. Spit making sloppy squishy sounds. My pussy starts to cum as I feel the Dick pulsate and the first spurts start to make their way into my greedy mouth. I release my orgasm as the Dick empties into my mouth. Gulp. His hands in my hair and his breathing expressing his disbelief. But I believed it. You tend to be good at the things you love.

And I love sucking Dick.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Play on the Edge III - In the Lifestyle

Continued from Play on the Edge II

In my conversations with people in the “lifestyle” as it is called, I discovered that there is a lot regarding BDSM that we vanilla folks have no idea about. As with any kind of ignorance there are also a lot of lies we tell ourselves about so called “deviant” sexual practices that allow us to place ourselves in the church steeple and they the “other” into a dungeon. Little do we know that most of the time, they like it there. BSDM is more about trust respect and yes safety, than I ever could have known looking in from the outside. There is a kind of communion between top and bottom, master and slave, dominant and submissive that speaks to a level of honesty and shared commitment to the experience that I doubt most couples reach. During play there is a sense of security achieved between submissive and dominant, borne out of chivalry dictated by strict codes of behavior. According to Easton & Hardy “All these structures are there to help you get as big as you can, and your bottom as small as he can, while ensuring your safe return to your normal size when you need to go back. Like Alice’s looking glass, they enable you to wander safely through the topsy-turvy dreamscapes of fantasy, where pain is pleasure and cruelty is love “(p. 20). For the submissive there is honor in giving over control and pride in the discipline submission requires. For the dominant nothing can happen without the permission of the submissive. Theirs is often a stressful experience with release and exhilaration only possible through the pleasure and release of their bottom. Within their shared experience exists a place where the person who assumes the less aggressive pose is actually the one in control.

Pat Califia suggests that “S/M is usually dealt with in an abstract, self-righteous way by feminist theorists who believe it is the epitome of misogyny, sexism, and violence”. Although I don’t agree with the radical feminist’s take on sadomasochism, I hadn’t previously seen BDSM as empowering for the submissive. How could there be a place of power beneath the hands of a man? If there is power, real power there, then on some level how can you be female and not interested in the “lifestyle”. That BSDM and the fantasies it makes real occur at an intersection between desire and power isn’t hard to believe. Who among us doesn’t like a little bit of power? As Sheppard stresses, “we are all straining under the burden of mortality, no matter what myths we may construct that promise a happy ending to our earthly lives”. His theory proposes that one way past that heavy load is to use our bodies for pleasure, connectedness, and yes SEX. I am obliged to agree with him. Power-based sex has a touch of the supernatural. The journey it involves is a sharp and treacherous path to self-knowledge. That such a journey could be a meditation or a weird kind of salvation seems possible to me. I’ve been told that the experience of the submissive can be transformative, and the pride generated by each successful scene akin to that felt by a warrior following a difficult conflict, having worked against resistance towards ultimate triumph. Who wouldn’t want that kind of rush?

Califia reminds us that “sadists and masochists are stereotyped as people who are out of control, sick or criminal, or incapable of acting in their own or other’s best interests”. But the more we look carefully at the line between vanilla sex and the body stress sought out by some S/M people, the more it begins to waver and blur. Dominance of one kind or another is inherent to the act of sex itself. Most people enjoy the weight of their partner’s body on top of them, being grabbed, moved around, scratched and even bitten at the height of passion. How does one move from forceful sex to BDSM? How many steps are there until one reaches the other side of that line? I decided that I needed some more information. Voracious reader that I am, I have been reading about sex since I was 12. It made perfect sense that I should turn to books to better explore the BSDM lifestyle. I made my way to the Miami Beach Regional library on South Beach, the only library in Miami-Dade County that stocks S/M related topics. Along with curious looks and unsolicited commentary from the male staff, I left with an arm full of titles that I hoped would take me safely and purposefully to the other side of the line.

Two weeks later, after endless conversations, clarifications and assurances, my partner and I stood on the edge of our grand adventure. Appropriated informed, I felt ready to create a sizzling meal of sexual fantasy, intrigue and what I hoped would be more than a little bit of fun. We had mentally prepared ourselves for just about any outcome. He was worried he would get too far into things to come back safely. Although I wasn’t certain I would like it, I was more than a little excited by that idea. I took a trip to Fetish Factory in Ft. Lauderdale for appropriate attire. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that on some level the clothing, a heady mixture of latex, leather and lace, comes with a power all its own. By the time I looked at myself in the mirror I felt a lot more like a determined dominatrix than a sweet and willing slave. Despite this, for our inaugural scene I was playing the part of the submissive. I was prepared to be fully devoted to that role. In the end, as novice cooks in the kitchen of the Kink my partner and I didn’t do too badly. Our BDSM buffet had a dash of minor bondage and a sprinkle of spanking, mixed liberally with a handful of verbal abuse, a shower of role play and a steamy dish of homemade porn for desert. In the role of bad little girl I was shameless and be assured, I was punished thoroughly. The experience was almost as shocking as it was exhilarating. Lying in a sweaty heap at the end of it all, I felt like Alice peering into the rabbit hole. We’d made a good first effort but we had barely scratched the surface and I knew I wanted more. So I decided to go in search of guidance.

Have you ever sought out an instruction manual?

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I am sitting at my desk wrapping up the last few things I need to get done for work. He’s been here watching me, admiring my every move, hanging on to each word of every phone call. Licking his lips seductively and squinting his eyes as he studies me, and records every detail of my profile in his mind. I am trying hard to concentrate and he’s making me want to just call it quits at this very moment. He stands up and walks out of the room. I hear him slowly walk up the steps and go down the hall to my master bedroom. I hear the water in the Jacuzzi start to run. I shut down my computer, turn off the light and get up from the desk to prepare to go upstairs. When I turn around I see the outline of his silhouette standing in the doorway. He’s taken off his shirt and his basketball shorts are holding right under his pelvic bone. In my mind he’s already asking me “How Does It Feel?” just as DeAngelo in all his nakedness did so many years ago. He walks over to me, takes my hand and leads me towards the steps. He puts his hands around my waist and holds on tightly as I walk in front of him into my bedroom. The candles are lit, sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi and illuminating the room with their sexy dim flicker. Each bubble looks like a silver lined cloud in the light. He removes the boy shorts I am wearing first, then my tank top. His shorts follow. He climbs in the tub and motions for me to sit in front of him. I position myself between his legs and immediately feel his hardness poke me in my back. I lean backwards against his bare chest and exhale. I’ve needed this for so long and the marathon sex we’ve been having for the past 4 nights definitely warrants a long soak in this hot bubble bath.

He reaches around me and cups both of my breasts gently, then takes his two pointer fingers and circles both nipples simultaneously. I am wondering if I am the Wicked Witch from somewhere or another because I am already melting in this water. He keeps one hand on my breast and places the other between my legs, gently running his finger up and down my clit. I feel my body becoming more and more relaxed, but my pussy tensing up. He continues to caress my body to the rhythm of the old school R&B song coming from the radio on my nightstand. My pussy is pulsing and I am ready to climb on top of him right in the water. I wait though, as I want to take my time with him and enjoy this moment. I am massaging his erect penis with my lower back and firmly rubbing his thighs under the water. He kisses me on my neck and shoulder, first softly, then a little more aggressively, sucking on my shoulder blade as if it is tongue kissing him back. His penis gets even harder as it pushes against my ass cheek. I reach behind me and grab hold of his dick. I let the water push through my fingers as I stroke back and forth for just a few minutes. I turn around to face him lift his dick up so the head is just out of the water. Pushing some of the bubbles out of the way, I bend over and begin to give him head. At first I just suck the tip teasing him as I lick around the head of his dick and stroke the shaft with my hand. I can tell he’s wondering if I am going to put the entire length in my mouth while in the water and just as he is getting settled into the half and half technique I am using, I take a deep breath and inhale his entire penis into my mouth. I feel the water in mouth mix with my saliva and surround him and listen to his deep moans as I begin to suck with the waves of the water. Beneath the bubbles I massage his balls and try not to swallow too much bath water. I am so turned on by the feeling of his dick in my mouth and the water around face that I can feel the wetness of my pussy between my legs, even through the gallons of water in the Jacuzzi. He presses down on the back of my head and I fight gagging on his dick down the back of my throat and drowning at the same time.

Finally he can’t take it anymore. He doesn’t want to come before feeling the walls of my pussy so she stands up and motions me to get out of the tub. We barely dry off with the towels from the sink and walk into the bedroom. He sits me on the edge of the bed, squats down and immediately sticks his tongue into the entrance of my pussy. I have been right on the edge since sucking his dick so I grab his ears and hold his head so that he can’t move it. He flicks his tongue in and out of my freshly bubble bathed love box and I cum immediately. He pushes me back on the bed, becoming more aggressive, and with one swift motion opens my legs to almost a full split and shoves his rock hard dick into my pussy hole. He’s going in…fast and furious. I listen to him moaning with each stroke and I am convinced this might actually be our first quickie. Wrong. He slows down, flips me over and proceeds to bury his cock deep into the pit of my stomach. I grab my abdomen and swear I can feel my organs shifting with each stroke. He angles his dick so it glides against my G-Spot. When I orgasm I feel my juices splash onto my sheets and pour down my legs. He pulls his dick out, picks me up and walks over to the sofa under the window and tells me to sit down and ride. I bend over, spitting on the head of his dick before taking the entire shaft down my throat. The taste of my pussy juice is so enticing another orgasm brings me to my knees. I recover and straddle him as he leans back on the couch. Putting my feet on each side of him, I squat down on his dick and rise and fall. I can feel the tip ramming into my cervix each time I come down and I am certain I am waking up the neighbors in the house next door with all the noise I am making. I am positive I’m about to make him bust but suddenly he grabs hold of me and stands up and walks back over to the bed. He lays me on my back, climbs on top of me, and continues to stroke for another 15 minutes, bringing me to orgasm a pussy shattering three more times. He uses his mouth, his hands, legs, every part of him to stimulate my senses and I am feeling so defeated but in such ecstasy at the same time. My pussy tenses and I cum again, squeezing his dick so hard with my walls that he couldn’t stop himself from joining me in orgasm if he wanted to. He looks me dead in my eyes and kisses me passionately, gets up off the bed and tells me to get some rest before he wakes me up for more in the morning.
I am beginning to think I really can’t keep up with this one. Five nights in a row of the same madness and I am left not only craving more but asking Sheba where to order Vajayjay Cream so I can make my pussy OK with what’s taking place. I’m already addicted and I am probably going to have to check into Super Dick rehab by the time all is said and done so I am sending out an S.O.S.

Perhaps two pussies instead of one will make it a little easier to deal with the stamina of my young stallion?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

So I Got My Nut

I knew it was a bad idea before I even walked down the bumpy road. Maintaining a relationship with an ex right away never works and throwing sex into the equation at ANY point is probably not wise. Ok so I did both. Soon after the break up we were talking and hanging like we never broke up. Singing I love you and all the mushy mess.After some evaluation I realized I didn’t really want a relationship. I was lonely, needed time to let go and wanted some familiar sex.

So we planned to hangout Saturday night and go the club. I told myself I needed to spend the night so I could be near the carwash I like close to her house…lol.. I stroll in wearing my freakum dress. I flirt and kiss and finally break her down for the goodies.

We had mind-blowing squirt across the room sex all weekend and the only thought I could come up with was this was wrong. I’ve maintained that this was a break and not a break-up because I truly thought we would get back together once I handled a few things but the weekend truly made it clear. Now I’m feeling horrible because my actions gave some false hope messed up her healing process and what she predicted is starting to happen.

I want to pull away. I want to remain friendly but I don’t want to be friends. And I truly don’t want to have sex again.

How can the wicked witch of the west make a clean exit and save face?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Cleavage Day!

Today is National Cleavage Day - it is an annual celebration that started in South Africa and is sponsored by Wonderbra. Check this out for more background -

On this wondrous day, I hope your thoughts, sights and for some of you - your mouths are filled with Cleavage. :-)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Complicated

My girlfriend text me on Tuesday afternoon "I miss u". I hadn't seen her in a few days, and I was craving some one on one time myself. The instant after I read the text I'd already pictured her kissable lips sucking on my erect nipples. My juices immediately began flowing. So much for concentrating on the paper I was writing :-/. I stared at the phone for a few minutes, knowing she was waiting for a response. "What are u doing 2 day?" SHIT! I didn't know what to say. My schedule for the next week is so hectic I can't imagine taking time out for her. My partner has more free time than usual and is in a bit of an emotional funk. I feel like every moment I spend with her is time I am taking away from caring for him. Even saying her name seems wrong. This is a new feeling and I don't like it one bit. I've never felt this tension before and it's making me really uncomfortable.

I suck pussy and fuck dick because I desire both. But as much as I love both sexes, and the poly lifestyle, I have to admit that maintaining two relationships at once is hard work. Would it be even more tiring to maintain a single meaningful relationship alongside a packed rooster of fuck buddies? I feel like I simply don't have time for that. But perhaps that is more fun and less stressful? I've opted for a long term life partner and a girlfriend and still -
it's complicated. For the record, I still haven't seen T.

Is it truly okay to want two things at once?