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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Bitch In You...

"You're the type of woman who likes to be in control, yes?" "What makes you assume so?"
"I can just tell. You have this thing about you...."
"I'm a take charge woman, yes."
"So tell me, what type of situations have you been in where you 'take charge'?"
"Oh, I'm asked to do all sorts of things. Use strap-ons, mmf threesome, cuckolding..."

I went on to explain that cuckolding was when a man sits and watches as another man fucks his woman. He may just watch and beat off, or if open to it, he can participate by assisting, touching or licking both while in action. I also explained my thoughts about not necessarily believing that just because a man likes anal penetration performed on him by a woman, doesn't mean that he's homosexual. I told him that I enjoy pleasing my partner and if he is pleased by having me fuck his ass or by sharing a blowjob, then it pleases me.

"Hmmm...I bet you're wondering why I'm still sitting here and haven't bolted out of the bed yet, huh?"
"Actually, no, I'm not." I'm actually surprised he hadn't rolled over onto his stomach, to be honest.

One thing I've learned since I've been involved in this lifestyle is that if you give a man enough trust and space to believe that you won't judge him, the tiny little bitch inside him will come out to play. From some of the beefiest, most masculine men to the bisexually repressed, I've had some very "hetero-questionable" requests made and fulfilled.

Men live their lives with the expectation of being a strong, protecting force, of behaving in a "manly" way and assuming the role of the aggressor when it comes to sex. But behind closed doors, he wants to be controlled. Willing to submit, they want to be man-handled sometimes, only by a woman.

And I am only happy to oblige. Because though I represent myself outwardly as a "lady," I am more than willing to fuck the shit out of the bitch in you.

Have you ever exposed your partner's inner bitch? Tell us about it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Crushin On You

If you have not noticed but I come by your desk daily
Just to smell your sweet fragrance
Some days, I find peaches and
Other days, I smell a jasmine
Those fragrances make me long to roll around tangled by your arms, legs, and hair
I fantasize about our first time together, your sweat smelling and tasting
so yummy

If you have noticed but when we talk
I am staring in all the wrong places
I consume every inch of your curves-hoping to get lost
I admire your plump breasts
I imagine myself licking your hard nipples
Hoping that a little milk will flow onto my tongue

Other times I stare at your luscious lips
I find myself matching my breath to the beat of your lips moving
I'm thinking that those lips need to meet
my lips and tongue
I'm thinking that those lips want to suck and lick on my
dong; it's large, purple, and wants to make love to your lips (both sets)
I desire to make you tremble, scream in ecstasy, and long for me even more

If you have noticed but when we hang out
I make every attempt to touch you ever so slightly
I need my skin to touch yours
Your skin is deep brown suga
In fact, water makes your skin glisten like
caramelized apples ready for me to bite
I want to devour you.

If you have noticed but when we were together last Saturday night
I try with all my might to be the center of your attention
In fact, did you not peep my efforts to make you laugh
Or whisper in your ear so you would lick your lips
Knowing I hit your zone
I even sat close so my hand could
Linger on your thigh
I noticed that you did not move my hand
You even shifted it up real close to the
Honey spot

If you have noticed but I have a crush on you
And I'm too shy to tell you
Do you have a crush on me?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Water Pressure


Wet, warm, pulsing water.

You aren't really into astrology, but whenever you're in a situation like this, you remember you're a Cancer. Water sign. Drawn to water.

Drawn to this water. This Jacuzzi tub in this hotel in the middle of Texas. The conference has been long and boring and draining, and you're relaxing in a huge Jacuzzi tub alone. Candles. Bubbles. Music.

Water. Pulsing, warm, wet.

The jets are sending tiny bubbles cascading over your nipples, and they grow hard, aching from the pressure. You idly run your nails along the inside of your thigh, just enough to draw an angry line of pink, to draw a shiver down your spine despite the steam coming off the water, coming off your body.

You relax into the water more, arching your back and biting your bottom lip. Your hand moves from your thigh up your body to your nipple, pulling just a little bit.

Moving your hips juuuuust right, you catch one of the spray jets from the Jacuzzi at the ohmyfuckingghodsyes perfect angle, and that warm pulsing water hits your clit, hard, steady, unrelenting.

You close your eyes, your thoughts drift over old lovers, recent hookups, current partners. Soon your mind is nothing but a montage, a calvacade of images of cocks, nipples, pussies, asses, of you and others cumming over and over, as your hips buck against the steaming scented water in your hotel Jacuzzi.

The jet is unrelenting, the world's most persistent lover, and you almost bite through your lip to keep from screaming as you cum over and over again, the heat from the water and the endorphins from all those orgasms making you feel light and dizzy when you finally reach over and press the "stop" button on the jets.

Afterward you rub down with lotion, slip into your silk robe, and recline on the bed. You text your partner. "Had a bath. Much more relaxed now. Phone sex?"

When was the last time you floated away on your own bliss?

Oh Jada!!

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a lover of porn. I’m pretty sure in my next lifetime I will be a porn star or a stripper or probably both. I’m ok with that. I’ve paid my moral dues to society so I can be an all-out bad girl next go round. Anyway, I’ve seen A LOT of porn in my lifetime and I have found that I am pretty picky porn watcher. I love interracial scenes. I love public scenes. I love threesomes, foursomes and lesbian fuck-fests. I love a good MILF scene or a teacher vs. student flick. Ok maybe I’m not as picky as I thought I was. :-) What I really, really, REALLY love about porn is my favorite porn star—Jada Fire! See I have this thing where I can only watch porn with attractive people. Seriously, if I’m watching and the bodies are disproportionate, someone’s hair is a hot mess, or I’d rather see their face masked, I simply can’t watch. I remember seeing Ms. Fire in a scene a few years ago. I was fast-forwarding through some wack ass ridiculousness with a bunch of gross-me-out men with smaller than average dicks and women who needed an immediate trip to the nearest weave shop when she popped up on the screen. She wasn’t what I would consider a BAD woman, but she was definitely cute and her smooth chocolate skin was enough to make me put the remote down and watch for a bit. She danced around on the screen flaunting her plump tits and peach-round ass. She pulled out a bottle of baby oil and poured some down the front of her body. The glistening oil on her smooth black skin made my lady parts start to tingle. In walked the co-star. Nice body. Decent face. Horse dick. I’m watching. Jada immediately got on her knees and opened her mouth to take in his huge cock. “OMG she has braces on her teeth!” I’d never seen a dude get a blow job from a chick with a mouth full of metal. I was all up in the TV screen watching her every move and I quickly realized that Jada’s head game was OFF. THE. CHAIN. I couldn’t figure out how she was sucking dick better than I’d ever seen while maneuvering her braces AND tongue ring, plus managing to talk the most shit all at the same time. This was before the days of the “like” button but damn I liked what I saw. Every time she opened her mouth my pussy got wetter. It was the combination of how wet she had her partner’s dick, the way she stroked it between sucks with one hand, then two hands, then shoved his entire cock down her throat after passionately demanding that he fuck her face. Amazing. I mean, I’d seen great dick sucking before and I know for a fact that my head game is nice as well, but this was next level shit. Horse Dick couldn’t even contain himself. He yanked Jada by her well-done weave and made her stop sucking so he could get it together and put his cock in another hole. She made him lay on his back and promptly climbed on top to ride like her life depended on it. SHE. WENT. IN. She rode and talked more shit while he grabbed her ass and tried to hold on and keep up. She was in control and there was nothing he could do but lay there and take it. He moaned, groaned and grunted then attempted to hold her still while she pumped from below. I was definitely impressed by his persistence as Jada was making him work for every cent he was earning that day. Then it happened. She pulled up and got into a squatting position right above him. She smacked her clit a few times and proceeded to squirt all over him and the couch they were fucking on. Have mercy. Cum drops on the camera lens and all, I was all in. Jada gained a new fan that day. I was so caught up in the details I forgot about rubbing my own clit and the pile of toys I had sitting next to me. I didn’t want to miss what Jada was going to do next.
Since that day I have watched countless Jada Fire films. She seriously puts her everything into every scene she stars in and trust me, she does it all. Not only is she my favorite adult film star, I’ve been told that she is my porn twin. I’m sure it’s just our chocolate skin but I like to think I wreak just as much havoc in the bedroom—and out—and she does.

Do you have a favorite porn star or a porn twin of your own??