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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stranger Addiction

I'm very excited that Sheba created this blog because now I have an outlet to openly discuss sex, my sexcapades, thoughts and feelings with like-minded people. By nature, I’m a private person, bordering on secretive and I wear many masks. By day, I wear the mask of a professional business woman and by night, I wear the mask of a freak. I’ve always loved sex and sexual topics. I was the kid in fourth grade telling everyone where babies came from. LOL.

Exploring new sexual areas gives me a high. Just when I think I’ve reached the height of freakiness, I learn about some other territory that I can explore. My husband is very open-minded and which translates into loads of fun and happy trails. DH and I share a lot – thoughts, feelings, sexual openness, pussy (not just mine) and a desire to explore new sexual terrain. Unfortunately, one thing we can’t share is my desire for an ex-lover.

He and I met five years ago at a NYC club and it was instant attraction. I literally felt like a magnet was drawing me to him. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and it took all I had not to leave the club with him that night. He was in town on business and scheduled to leave in two days. Although we were strangers, the thought of him leaving really saddened me because of the strong connection we shared. We arranged to meet the next day and I knew it was gonna be on so I paid a visit to my favorite NYC Sex Shop.

We did the usual first date stuff - dinner and hanging out in The City. But then we fast-forwarded to the three-month activities and headed to his hotel. I was impressed by his corporate suite and the night view of NYC from the terrace. While he was wrapping up a business call, I positioned myself in the middle of his bed, wearing my new sky-blue teddy with matching stockings and garter belt. My curls were cascading around my face and down my back. I arched my back ever so slightly, tilted my head to the left, thrust my pussy out and positioned my DDs just right.

He walked into the bedroom, stood at the foot of the bed and stared at me in disbelief. The only thing he could muster was "WOW." I suppressed the urge to cheese and instead instructed him to get naked. When that task was completed, I motioned him over with my right index finger. As he got closer, I scooted to the left side of the bed to make room for him. He laid down and I guided him to the center of the bed so I could easily straddle him. My hair covered both of our faces as I lowered my lips for a series of deep passionate kisses. I could feel his member hardening as I grinded on it. He grabbed my ass…I began to rock hard. I was unable to concentrate on kissing and instead was breathe deeply and gasping for air. My pussy was wet and my panties were soaked. Although in that moment I really want to feel his stiff 9” long, 2” wide dick in my tight and dripping pussy, I used a lot of self-control to focus on SLOWLY making love to him. After all, I wanted this experience to last forever. Also, I was determined to receive superstar status in his rankings and a quick fuck wouldn’t make it past the first cut. So rather than riding him like I was a runaway slave, I sat up, grabbed his hands, slammed them down at his sides and fiercely whispered, "I'm in charge."

In order to slow things down, I stopped all lower body movement and focused on his beautiful rock-hard upper body. First I kissed his forehead, then his right temple, his right cheek, his right jaw, the right side of his neck, his entire throat and then all of his left side. Seeing and feeling his body quivering was a FULL turn-on. My kegel muscles were working on overtime. He shook as I slipped my tongue into his left ear and gave him a wet kiss.

I felt for his nipples and lowered myself further so I could lick them, rolling one between my forefinger and thumb while I sucked the other. Next, I worked on one of my favorite parts of the male anatomy - the stomach. I grabbed the sides of his waist and planted slow deliberate kisses all over his rock-hard stomach. I kissed his waist and ran my tongue up and down his sides. With my tongue, I motioned him to roll him over. Once on his back, I straddled him again, stroking his biceps and arms while I planted kisses all over his broad neck. Soon I followed with heavy tongue strokes and nibbles across the length and width of his back.

I plopped my heavy DDs on the back of his neck, playing with my own nipples and gyrating in circular motions. Then I dragged my breasts down his back to his thighs. I grabbed his ass cheeks, kneading them like dough and nibbling them. Finally, I parted them, teased him by kissing around his anal center. His breathing got heavier and heavier, as his moans louder and louder, I quickly thrust my tongue into his…

This was years ago but clearly the details are still vivid. This man plagues my thoughts and I have to find a way to sneak away and spend some quality time with him. We communicate multiple times a day and yet it’s still not enough for me. Part of me hopes this infatuation will dissipate because I’m not ready for major love-life changes like losing my husband. However, I think a few visits with him to get these feelings out of my system and his dick in my system will clear everything up. I think I’m going to have to risk it all and head West. I’ll keep y'all posted!

Have you ever cheated on your partner? Animals are not meant to be monogamous – what do you think this means for humans?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Exotic Affairs: Part 1

I glanced at my watch for what must have been the hundredth time since I left my house at 4am. The hours seemed to be going by so slowly and I could almost feel each second as it passed. Butterflies swarmed around vigorously in my stomach. I wondered if I had time to grab a bagel to suppress the nauseous air in my midsection. Just as I decided to get up and make my way to the coffee shop two gates down I heard the announcement. “All passengers traveling on Flight 562 will now begin boarding at gate B-9.” It was time. I hadn’t seen him in a few weeks. Being a super busy, super single mother of two, it’s always hard time to find time for these exotic excursions but he makes it so worth it. As the flight attendant gave her “how-to-save-yourself” instructions I took out my Blackberry and sent him a text message. “Spreading my wings…call you when I touch down”. I pressed send and powered off the device that keeps us seconds away from each other despite the difference of hundreds of miles. I think I was asleep before the wheels lifted from the ground.

I woke up about an hour and a half later wondering how much longer it would be before I reached my destination. I couldn't quite remember details but was pretty sure I'd dreamt of him. It’s a common occurrence. As I shifted in my chair to get into a more comfortable position I felt wetness in the seat of my thong. Damn. I was hoping he’d actually get to see the entire bra and panty set I purchased just for him the night before. The plane was so quiet it seemed all the passengers were asleep. I looked down the aisle and saw that all was clear and decided to make my way to the restroom. I chose the one in the back rather than the one directly in front because I needed to move around and stretch a bit. When I got to the restroom I quickly splashed my face with cold water and reapplied my MAC lip gloss. As I reached for the door handle in preparation to return to my seat I felt the familiar tingle between my legs and remembered the wet thong.

I lifted the red and black loose fitting skirt we’d picked out together during my last visit to New York and slipped off the wet lace. The panties left a light trail of juices down my inner thigh. I traced the line with the tip of my finger and slowly sucked the sweetness away. At that moment I felt my clit throb and knew I couldn't exit the restroom just yet. I lifted my right leg and placed my foot on the aircraft toilet bowl. I leaned back against the wall to the right and used my left hand to spread the thick lips of my dripping wet pussy. The metal from my clit ring gave me a fierce chill as I placed two fingers deep inside and used my muscles to squeeze the walls tightly around them. Ahh the magic of Kegel exercises. The noise from the airplane's engine was enticing and I imagined I could hear his moans above the roaring. I lowered my tank top and bra below my breasts and the cool air coming from the vent on the ceiling made my nipples rock hard. I could just picture him cupping them in his strong hands and running his tongue back and forth over each one. Using my left index finger to rub my clit in a circular motion and my right index and middle fingers to caress the insides of my pussy walls, I made myself moan. I could feel the juices running down my legs as I began to pump and rub furiously. I increased the pressure just as I felt myself about to release and I was sure someone had to have heard my screech of pleasure as I let go. Shit, I almost lost my balance as the muscles in my legs spasmed in tune with the ones inside my pussy. I let my skirt down, wet my hair to lay it down smoothly and stuffed my moist panties in my purse. I figured I’d give them to him as a present to add to the collection of those he already had. I slowly opened the door and walked back to my seat. The handsome, middle-aged man in row 27 winked at me as I passed. I seductively licked my lips in response. His sly smile gave away the fact that we shared a secret. He probably had a good idea about what I’d done with my time in the lavatory. The flight was only an hour and a half longer. As the plane landed and began to taxi the airport grounds I took out my phone and sent him another message. “Coming down…catch me…”

To Be Continued…

Have you ever masturbated in a public place?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Salad For Starters

Now that I've found myself soon-to-be-divorced, I've started to live my life as a single person again. Though sex with my husband wasn't totally non-existent, it definitely lacked the flavor that made my mouth, and other parts, water. When we first started dating, we explored all kinds of sex. After we got married, he gradually started taking shit off the menu. So now that I'm back in the game, this twentysomething brickhouse of a Vixen is having a fucking blast getting back to some of my old tricks!

I met Mr. Mellow while out of town, through a friend of a friend and a night of Grey Goose (drink responsibly). When we met, my playground was "under construction" but we had fun exploring the other many, many ways to get each other off. Lucky for him, I completely enjoy "giving" as much as I do "receiving" so I had no problem giving him a preview of my skills. The fool was hooked! By the time I had returned home, and the cootch was back up and running, he was now in my part of town...and ready.

I was anxious to see what he was working with, but didn't hold up too much hope for the first fucking, only because he had a baby face and I have been disappointed by baby faces before. But, Shiiiit! The dick was OFF THE CHAIN! He was into all of the dirty talk that I LOVE, pulling my hair and hands around my throat while he smashes me into oblivion. Spanking me like I was auditioning for School Daze, saying, "Good girl, take that dick..." Shit, I was already on board. This dude could come get it every day of the damn week.

He began to show off his oralization skills and just when I was about to give this dude the crown, he looked up, face shining like a champ, and said, "Turn over." Now, I know there was only two things he was going to get ready to do: either he was sticking me there or he was licking me there. Either way, I turned my ass over and braced myself. This is when Mr. Mellow cemented his space on Pink's list, he served me up a tossed salad that had me speaking Arabic, man. What a team player! Going for the goal right away to let me know he has the heart to stay in the game!

So after I basically couldn't take any more, I had him lay down, gave him the superb head game he drove into town for and fell asleep wondering about what else may be on the menu...

When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Afternoon Delight

As women we share natural unsolicited connections. We are bonded by similar bodies, minds and experiences that are so intimately feminine. We can share light nods and soft smiles with a stranger, and as women we already know what you need and how you feel. In my personal experience, that natural sisterhood is deepened when you’re dealing with soul sistahs; and that is why I am so elated to be a part of this blog.

Although we authors and you readers are from different backgrounds, with different sexual profiles we are all sistahs in the circus called life. I am so excited to share, learn and grow with you all through a free expression of love, laughter, sorrow and KINK. I have vowed to be honest and open and use this as a forum to speak my mind and also learn from the experiences shared.

For the sake of frankness let me put it out there I’m gay and can only write from that perspective cause I know nothing else. I love women and I am truly an advocate for gay pride, especially gay black love and all that warm fuzzy shit you see on the L Word, but today, today I wished my girlfriend had a dick.

Because of life, work, nature and some bad scheduling my girlfriend and I managed to go a week without sex. No biggy right; I just had some high expectations for when we did hook up. I NEEDED my back blown out ok! Now we can have a debate on whether lesbians can have back blowing sex, but let me tell you we can and my baby and I do.

Today was my day off so I caught up on some much needed sleep and I woke up not craving a smoke, or some sweets or to catch up on TV, I wanted me some pussy. I wanted my shit eat and beat up and my lady parts to be plump from painful ecstasy. So like any committed girlfriend would do, I texted my woman and told her what I needed. She said she was more than willing to provide. Moreover she was willing to skip lunch to come to my house and put in work.

Now I’ve never been a quickie kind of girl. My body can’t respond to that kind of pressure regardless of how horny I am. Great sex is truly mental and if I know I have to hurry up and cum I can’t. I’ve had 2 “quickies” in my entire 26 years due only to the over stimulation of my senses. I prefer to take my time.

Anywho I ran, took a shower, trimmed down the box, oiled myself DOWN. Honey and just as I was going to slip two fingers in and get the party started early my girlfriend walks in the front door. I’m excited ready to jump her bones but she stops me. She walks to my nightstand and turns my clock radio around to a 45-degree angle and says, “ I only have 20 minutes and I need to watch the clock so I’m not late.” Now I’m all fucked up in the game. I knew she had to get back to work but now she applied some unneeded pressure and I’m over the excitement of the afternoon delight.

We commence to “making love” but I truly needed to be fucked. Whenever I think about yelling out instruction on how to do me I always envision that scene in Strictly Business where the chick is telling her stuffy boyfriend left right down now 2 pumps and it seems so wack. My thinking is even if I don’t like your tricks you should be a good enough general lover to make me cum. I’m learning to get better demanding how I want it. I'd thought I expressed to her earlier that I needed to be fucked and she comes with a softer approach. I try working my hips and angling my body to make it work and I finally moan ever so gently, “ummmm fuck me baby.”

She gets it in starts to work the middle and her hand gets tired and I’m like fuck. I’m on 10 right now, ready to loose my insides on these silky sheets but the only thing on my mind is the feeling of her untrimmed nails scraping my delicate pearl and I’m pissed my mind is going to a million places. I tried focusing, breathing, holding my breath and I finally realize I wish this bitch had a dick.

Now I’ve never truly had sex with a man but I’ve seen porn and watched the faces of my friends contort with devious grins as their minds drift to thoughts of steamy rendezvous. I can only imagine it must be good. At that moment, with my legs giving her the peace sign and looking down at her locks swaying to the beat of HER own ecstasy I was underwhelmed, bored and I really wanted some dick. I was so horny all week long I waited for her to do me so good I could taste it. I’m almost positive a dick would wipe all loathing and self pity I was feeling away.

I didn’t want a man to fuck me but I wish my girl had a dick right then so she could suck my nipples, continue the deep sloppy kiss she greeted me with. If her head wasn’t rotating between my moistened thighs, we could be face to face and I could kiss her on the top of her head like she likes and listen to her shallow breathing and the soft whimper she lets out when I passionately pull on her locks. If my girl had a dick I could have really cum and not have to plaster an unconvincing grin on my face when her alarm went off and she hurried back to work. I tell you sometimes I wish that bitch had a dick!

Do you ever have a moment where you wish you didn’t have to explain to your lover how you wanted to be loved?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something Delicious...

Welcome to The Kink Chronicles!

One of the things I've always loved most about my close female friends is their intelligence and the many stimulating conversations we share. Last night it dawned on me that these steamy and frank conversations would make for a titillating, educational and fun blog about my favorite topic - SEX! This is a community of sexy, sassy women, who dish on all things kink - from romance, to porn, to sex toys, to swinging, nothing will be left to the imagination. The focus of this blog is sex and relationships, from whatever angle we choose to approach those topics. Postings will include everything: erotica, observations on the mundane, commentaries on popular media and insights about our sexcapades.

My authors will be a core group of kinky women providing weekly content, in addition to guest contributors who will author the occasional post when the mood strikes. What will set this blog apart is the skill and enthusiasm with which we cover our topics as well as the quality of our writing.

I hope you enjoy the time you spend with us - let the kink begin!