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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Night Smackdown

Most of the men i've dated since my separation have had one core fault in common...their consistent inconsistency. Great in bed, great sweettalkers, but when it came to "Show and Prove," they weren't about shit. Last minute booty call cancellations, double standards regarding the parameters of a Fuck Buddy relationship, etc. A whole lotta shit that Pink has absolutely NO time to entertain. Well, I expected when I started kicking it with Mr. Boombastic, him being a Young guy and all, that there wouldn't be much deviation from the norm. There wasn't. He was just as full of shit as most...but he was consistent about one thing...our Friday night fuck sessions.

So this past Friday evening, he made his way over. Apologized for being scarce all week, and commenced to give me the best foot/leg massage I've had in '09! He rubbed, and I melted, and before long, his fingers were massage another toe, one of the camel variety. He rubbed around my pussy lips and clit, causing me to writhe all over the sofa. He fingerbanged me to an orgasm, then took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I was already still a little annoyed with him for the previous week's antics, but I quietly formulated a plan to get him back. If he didn't get me first.

Our romp started out with his penis banging me from behind while I was on my knees.. I came. Then, for Round Two, I was put on my belly, and again, banged from the back. I came. I was twisted onto my side...and just when I was about to cum again, he rolled me on top of him, witout pulling out, I went from being spooned, to sitting on his cock backwards cowgirl style. WHOAA NELLY!!! It took me a few seconds to orient myself to being impaled on his dick so abruptly. Sneaky bastard, that had to be against regulations...I adjusted myself and slowly started to grind my hips and lean back into his chest. I was slow fucking him and he reached around me and rubbed my tits. My nipples were rocks and my pussy was gushing wetness all over he, me and my sheets.

Some kinda way, I pogo'd my ass around on his dick, to face him. Round Four is when it got crazy. For me at least. I had found the best way to direct his dick to my g-spot and was doing that furiously, while leaning back and grabbing his ankles. I threw my pussy up at him and ground my hips. Feeling myself come closer and closer to a huge orgasm with each twist. I started cursing, and sweating, and damn-near crying. He was talking shit. He knew I was about to cum. "Heh? What's that?" He'd say. "What's that you doin, girl? Sounds like you about to cum." And I did. I came HARD. I almost fell off of him and the bed. Yep, tapped out! I think I was speaking tongues, but I do know that the lonly English I could muster after that one was, "Don't touch me, don't touch me."

Bastard. I won't need another orgasm like that one until next Friday.
What kind of kink do you look forward regularly?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

HNT: Best Intentions

Life never lets you know where it's going. Sometimes the roller coaster ride makes perfect sense and the scenery is beautiful if not awe inspiring. Other times its best to just hold on tight, and try not to throw up. Six weeks of vacation from my PhD program have passed in relative silence. I've been a very bad blogger and an even worse blog mistress. How have I spent the time? In quiet sometimes naked reflection...

What has the end of summer brought you?

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

HNT: Bare Happiness

I moved out, found a new place with awesome people, made a bunch of new friends, shed the burden of the ex-boyfriend and I'm high on life. These days ... I must say, I am really feelin' myself. I often find myself dancing around my room in the nude, caressing every contour of my body as I sway and grind to that Keri Hilson jam while watching myself in the full length mirror. Shit, I'm turning myself on! And, it shows. My breast are just as perky as I am!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TMI Tuesday #200 (Happy Anniversary!!)

1. What is the longest you have been in a monogamous sexual relationship? [For the purpose of this question monogamous is defined as no sexual partners that your significant other does (did) not know about.]
6 Years

2. If your current relationship would fail, do you have a back-up for physical or emotional comfort?

3. Can you be "just friends" with someone when there is an unrequited sexual attraction?

4. In a assumed monogamous sexual relationship have you ever cheated, been cheated upon or been a knowing third party to the infidelity? [For the purpose of this question monogamous is defined as no sexual partners that a significant other does (did) not know about.]
Part A - Depends what you define as cheating. LOL. Part B - Yes. :-( Part C - No.

5. Historically, what has caused the most arguments in your relationships?
Jealousy and insecurity on the part of the other. Fortunately that's not the case in my current relationship.

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Anything you want to share that's not any of our damn business?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Imagining my "Summer of Love"

In my deepest darkest wet dreams a famed toy company will ask me to review all their new products. My unwavering dedication to my job will leave me with no option but to put myself to sleep each night with shuddering, mind numbing orgasms.

In the real world, the Babeland Summer of Love is almost over and I thought I might take the time to make my wishlist of the kinky toys I'd love to own. When it comes to toys we all know that good sex doesn't come cheap. Who wouldn't want to win free sex toys?

Although I thoroughly enjoy using toys with my partner, I have to say that most of the toys I burn out are either for my own pleasure or that of my girlfriend and our third. With so many women around it's important to have the right equipment. Strolling along Babeland electronic aisles I happened upon quite a few treats that I would like to get a taste of and share with my playmates.

5. Ryder Plug ($20) : Last week over dinner, my very tipsy girlfriend whispered in my ear, "Do you like anal sex?" Well of course I do! Is that a question? Sexually we're still in that getting to know you stage and this seems like the kind of toy that might help break the ice. It's purple which is her favorite color and mine. Call it serendipity.

4. The Gigi Vibrator ($109): Okay I'm going to be honest, I don't own a vibrator of the dildo variety. I know, I know, I know. How could this be true? I just haven't ever found one that "hits the spot". I'm thinking that the Gigi might just be my perfect match. It's a pretty toy in a quiet package. The fact that it holds a charge for over an hour, completely won me over.

3. The Delight ($130) : I've seen, held and drooled over this toy in person. What tempts me most is the prospect of vibrations at both angles. No wires, no fuss, just a good motor in a smooth ergonomic package. Who wouldn't want it?

2. Jaguar Harness + Purple Leo Combo ($121.95): This seems like a list that lends itself to going somewhere you've never been before which is how a harness ended up on my list. While being on the receiving end of a strap-on can be quite enjoyable, I've never been on the giving end. The video only piqued my interest, and the purple Leo combo sealed the deal.

1. The Pure Wand ($108): It could be the decadent box. It could be that I love anything that comes in metallic silver. It could even be that it reminds me of the barbells I once wore in each nipple. Frankly it's most likely that I want to hold it firmly in my hand and use it drive my girlfriend to distraction. Whatever the reason the Pure Wand is a must have: sleek, sexy, solid.

Total: $488.95

Thrills come at a high premium!

How does the contest work? A random "Summer Love" blog post will be selected to win a $500 prize and the post with the most responses will win $125 worth of sex toys. I just know our readers want me to win one of these fabulous toys. Most importantly if you comment and let me know which of my selections you like and why, we could both win $125.

What of these toys tickles your fancy?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Saw Myself, Reflected (Group Post)

The thing I miss the most about my now defunct lover Mellow, besides his dick, was his eyes. They were a beautiful hazel/green hue that did nothing to hurt the panty-dropping power of his confidence and swagger. The thing about those beautiful eyes of his, was that he would use them to as a weapon during sex. Usually, he was a very vocal fuck, talking shit, manhandling me and giving me orders on which position to assume. But when we had just had an argument or he would get jealous of another man I was dating, the fucking would slow down and he would torture me with long strokes and equally long stares.

He was deliberate. He would look me straight in the eyes while he was thrusting and ask, "Does he fuck you like me? Huh?" His face would be a cross between stern and focused and each word was said slowly and punctuated by deep thrusting. I would moan "Unh Uh," not because I meant it, but because the dick was to good to get into a debate about the truth. He stared at me. Start to fuck me harder and then reach one hand up to my face, squeezing my cheeks. Silent, but still staring into my eyes as he started to fuck me harder. Deeper. Still slow, though. He was still concentrated on something on my face, not moving his deadly eyes away from me. He moved his hand from my face and grabbed a palmful of breast. Sighing, but still staring..right at me. Shit, they were so fucking sexy, those eyes. I was about to cum, melt all over his dick. If that's what all this staring shit was about, it was working. I was so turned on and kind of embarrassed. What the fuck was he looking at?

I could tell by his stroke that he was about to cum soon, which was perfect, because I could barely hold mine in much longer. He grabbed a handful of my locs and steadied his eyes on mine. We stared at each other as he long-dicked me to a shuddering orgasm. Then he finally broke his gaze as he pulled me into his chest and let his blow.

After he had gone home. I had showered and was checking out my face in the mirror, when something caught my eyes. I leaned in closer and stared. I was seeing what he was looking at earlier. I smirked, you really can see it.

You're one hot bitch, Pink. And you know it.

My reflection. It is, indeed, a hot one.

Check out the others' sexy reflections with Kimberly of The Errant Wife and see who else is taking part in this month's group post: the Duchess, Hubman, Veronica, Ms Scarlett, Aurore, Topaz, Enchanted Mistress, Petal, Ronjazz, Autumn, Britni, Library Vixen, Adulterous Letch, Danimo, Lolita, and Bri.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Everyone knows what a Staycation is, right? It's a term coined during this recession to describe when people choose to do something fun and entertaining at home, in lieu of spending money they don't have on extracurricular activities. Well, often times, I find myself in a dick recession. And when I do, I take a Playcation.

A Playcation is when you clear your calendar, call into work and turn your phone ringer down or off, so that you can spend the whole day catching upon some self-love. Now, granted, having someone there to assist in the pleasure is always great, but many of you ladies (and men) can relate to the moments when you're either in between lovers, or not in the mood to deal with any of them! No primping for a date. No waiting for him/her to make the commute. No disappointment when they're done and you're not. On a playcation, you choose your own itinerary.

If you want to set the mood by lighting candles, incense and starting with a bubble bath, you can. If you want to jump straight into bed, favorite sex toys scattered around humping each one until you cum yourself to sleep, you can. Or if you just want to make it a lazy day and prefer to sit up at your desk, squeezing your nipples and hand in your panties while reading some erotic stories online, you can. For your playcation, you can listen to Maxwell, Trick Daddy or Jill Scott. No matter. Whatever you like. If you want to turn on a porn flick and see if you can fuck yourself til you out scream the bitch on screen...knock yourself out.

My preferred Playcation includes me, my pocket rocket and clit-cumming until I'm desensitized and waking up with a barely purring toy, still turned on, in bed next to me. Ah, haven't done that in a while.

It's time to have yourself a Playcation. Let your orgasms take you away...

Next time you take a playcation, come back and tell us about it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

HNT: My jeans won't go up!

Is my ass growing or are my jeans shrinking????
They did fit really well 'til I went to put them on yesterday...

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Laundry Day

I've really got to invest in a mattress pad. Really.

I came to this realization while standing over my messy sheets after Mr. Boombastic had thrashed my ass, yet again. I stripped the bed and smirked to myself as only a few weeks before, I had thought of squirting as some realm of reality that I may never reach. But I had. This fucker had indeed found a direct route to my pleasure spot and he was skillful enough to know when to put it to work and how much.

Tonight, he had spent quite some time building me up, priming me for the main event. It began with a foot massage, I started melting almost immediately as his strong hands moved up my legs mashing and groping masterfully. He knew he had loosened me up, so the next place he massaged was between my legs. My heart began racing immediately. He reached under my dress and into my panties and pressed first his palm, then finger into my already wet pussy.

He had me on my poor sofa, writhing and moaning, while he was knuckles deep inside me. I bucked against his hand and placed my hand on top of his, trying to pull his finger out and catch my breath. He didn't allow it, pressing into my g-spot harder and reaching up with the other hand to squeeze my nipple for good measure. I reached over to feel his dick, which he had just barely removed from his pants. About 1/3 of his dick was sticking out of the top of his boxers and I decided to tease him, as he had teased me.

I straddled his lap and started to kiss and lick his ears. Meanwhile, I whined my hips against him, rubbing my clit across his dickhead with each grind. I bucked and rotated my hips as if he were inside me, and ended up getting just as turned on as he was (if not more) by the feeling of my clit rubbing against him. I felt an orgasm coming, and I started to grind harder and move my hips faster. I leaned into his ear and told him I was cumming. Then I bounced on him harder when I did. It was time to take this party to the bedroom.

As soon as he laid on the bed, I took his dick into my mouth. I was primed up and horny as a muthafucker, no time for the preliminary bullshit. His dick went from almost to 100% hard once I put my soft lips on it. I licked and slurped the head, then used both my hands to stroke it up and down while I sucked the head. After a while of torturing him with excellent head, he told me to lay on my stomach. I knew what was coming next. He mounted me from behind and pushed his huge dick into me. Just as I got adjusted to him stretching me. He reached around under me and put his hands on my clit. Flicking and pressing it as he started to fuck me from behind. I was in heaven. I'm sure my neighbors were in hell. I was cumming every few minutes and loud as a muthafucker. Shit.

He kept commenting on how wet I was, but we didn't realize really how wet until we were done and I stepped away from the bed and looked down. There were three huge wet spots, much larger than your average spot. Thank goodness there were two layers of sheets. It looks like Mr. Boombastic made it rain again. Sigh. I guess tomorrow will be laundry day.

Have you ever had someone make you cum so hard, you were beside yourself?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TMI Tuesday #198 - Relationships

1. My Family is dysfunctionaly humorous, but loving.

2. Friends are not as important to me as they use to be.

3. Exes are good people to fantasize with.

4. Strangers are not a part of my world.

5. Relationships are wonderful to have when they work.

Bonus: Tell us about your first love: I never knew she was my first love until she broke my heart. We ended our non-relationship and ever so often we chat, each time opens and closes my wounded heart.

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Anything you want to share that's not any of our damn business?

Monday, August 3, 2009

T.I.L.F.: Elke the Stallion

This is the inaugural post in an ongoing series called T.I.L.F. - Tweets I'd Like to Fuck inspired by our friend Fury over at The Dirty Details. T.I.L.Fs don't have to be famous, but they do have to be fuckable.

I'm still trying to get used to the Twitterverse and after two months I'm only just getting the hang of how to make 140 characters worth of Facebook style updates interesting. Like any new Twit, when I first began exploring Twitter I expanded my list of follows based on the lists of fellow sex bloggers and Twitter friends whose opinions I trusted. I discovered more than a few bad bitches on my friends lists - porn stars, models, video girls....I don't recall who was following eye candy model Elke The Stallion, but my pocket rocket thanks you!

Let me give a disclaimer: I'm partial to women of the darker persuasion. With the exception of my (still unfulfilled) fetish for red heads, I prefer my luscious curves with deep chocolate tones like my own. That said - Elke is certainly worth making an exception. I'd been one of her followers for weeks before I actually visited her website. I had to take my mouth, my partners mouth and my girlfriend's mouth off the floor after we took the tour. DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!

Elke measures 38-28-47, yes FORTY-SEVEN an AWR (ass to waist ratio) almost beyond comprehension. Creamed coffee skin, thick thighs, 38 D breasts, a phat ass and juicy lips that just beg to be licked, sucked and......

Her ass is ENORMOUS - thick, juicy and good enough to eat! Perfectly round, toned without appearing unapproachable, deeply indented right below the curve letting you know just where your hands belong. It's the kind of ass that makes you want ask her to sit on your face. Her rear view, shit her entire mac truck of a body begs for a king sized bed, a vacation day and a huge box of toys.

Simply put, Elke is fuckable in the extreme. I don't know whether Elke ever ventures over to the other side, but I know more than a few women who would love to personally walk her over there, shit they might drag her. She's definitely a T.I.L.F. Thanks Elke for indulging my dirty mind. To quote Craze Magazine you put the 'ASS' in class :-)

If you'd like to get more than the taste of Elke you've had here, visit her website and check her out on Twitter.

Any Tweets you'd like to fuck?