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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

That feeling in your gut!

You know… the older I get the more I realize the power of a woman's instincts. So often we second guess ourselves simply because we don't want something to be true, but we know what it is! It's that nauseating turning in your gut that creeps up to your mind like a whisper, and then turns into a chant. That little voice that builds in the pit of your stomach and makes its presence known, and says, "Hey bitch, sumthin just ain' right here!" This is true for any number of things, from knowing a lover is cheating to knowing you should not have given that motherfucka in the club your real number.

Why is it that we so often go against our 6th sense- Intuition! It is second to none in alerting you that something is wrong and yet we continuously push it to the side for self deprecating results. A girlfriend of mine is in this relationship and it seems as though every other day there is something going on with her and her beau. From phone calls in the middle of the night, suggestive texts to random mood swings and bogus accusations. She keeps telling me she knows that something is wrong, but she just can't put a finger on it! She so badly wants to be wrong however that she often comes up with better excuses for him that he does for himself.

So about a month ago he pulled the classic "Let-me-half-confess-to-something-so-that-when-the-other-shoe-drops-I-can-say-that-I-already-mentioned-all-this-so-why-the-fuck-are-you-tripping" strategy. He mentions to her some rumor going around about how he was having some fling with this girl and how she was pregnant for him but got rid of it. And that the trip that he took the week before was supposedly with her, but that was bullshit, she just happened to be on the same flight coming back , but people must have seen them sitting and talking in the airport and made all this shit up. He then proceeds to tell her that's the rumor that he heard and just wanted to bring it up because he knows how people are and didn't want it coming to her and making her worried or catch her off guard. Hmmmmm (side-eye)! The minute she told me this story I immediately felt it too convenient (as did she), but I said nothing (time has taught me not to get involved in people's domestic issues; you can only help those who help themselves)! I simply told her that what happens in the dark always comes out in the ok light and that if there was ANY truth to it all, she would know.

Now the fact that she called me immediately feeling uneasy about the whole thing should have been her first indication that something was wrong. But then two weeks later when she got a random message on her phone playing Aaliyah's song 'If your girl only knew', that should have been the second. But still she chalks it up to petty jealousies and his ex. So when she was packing a suitcase for her son's sleepover last week and went to rip off the baggage tag and it had said other girls surname on it, that 'story' of his should've come flying back at her like Ike did at Tina. But instead it was like sand in a sandstorm. It confused her and choked her up, but ultimately, blinded her. He explained that they checked in together because he had been running late and she let him cut the line, so they checked the bags together and his tag was probably on hers and vice versa. Hmmmm (side eye)! She still didn't fully believe it, she still felt uneasy, she now had that huge raging in her stomach screaming this is bullshit, but she silenced it saying that it WAS possible! Sure it's possible, so is reincarnation but that shit hasn't exactly proven itself true now has it!

I'm sitting here thinking, 'What do you need a picture with the girl straddling him, with a tit in his mouth?' But alas, all in our own time I suppose. So two days ago, when her cousin sent her a link to a Facebook photo of her beau and the ho straddling him in a tank top and panties in a hotel room, I'd say she got what she needed. She cried for hours about how could she not have seen it? Why did she keep making excuses for his sorry ass? Why didn't she follow her gut? Why indeed!

Have you ever been in a situation where you know in your gut that something is wrong and ignored it to your own demise? Are you still kicking yourself for it?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Group Post: The Day.......I found my mOjO

I spent much of my sexually active teenage years wondering just what all the fuss was about! After speaking with quite a few of my friends it seems that I was not alone. After losing my virginity at the not so tender age of 16 (on my birthday may I add) my only regret was not making sure that my partner was maybe a little better endowed, and perhaps a bit more experienced. My first time was not with someone that I loved or even liked for that matter. But in that Hotel room with a view, and the chilled cooler of Bacardi Breezers quelling my every qualm… I gave up the goods. Yup, a little liquid courage was all it took to give up my innocence to a guy with marginal Halitosis, a good sense of humor and an eagerness that rivals only the Republicans in today’s senate!

I didn’t have sex again for almost 2 years after that! Talk about uninterested! I just didn’t get it! I mean what the hell was the point. I would get all hot and bothered and tingly; I’d be loaded, cocked and ready to go and then it was like ‘oh… is that it’! I decided I’d rather not be bothered. Even after I resumed my sexual voyage years later I found myself unable to capture those lusty moments that I saw in the movies or on TV, or even that my friends would speak of. I started thinking that it was something wrong with me. Why don’t I tremble and scream out in ecstasy or buck like a horse when I have an orgasm….. And there it was! Like a hard slap on cold skin. Because I never had… climaxed that is. Duh! I mean sure I had gotten aroused and even had what I assume were like little climaxes, but I had never had an orgasm!!!! Well, that would just not do! This would have to be rectified! You know you always just assume that you have sex you’ll have an orgasm, like the two go hand in hand! Alas, that is not the case, but I was not going to lie (no pun intended) down without a fight, I would not go quietly into the night! I was a woman with a charge!

So now I had a new mission: Mission: Orgasm. My mission (and I chose to accept it) was to explore myself and sexuality and bring myself to this illusive orgasm by any means necessary. Every sexual encounter was like hunting some rare species of crocodile in the rolling Australian Outback. It was treacherous and fun but ever so disappointing when my hunt would come to an end and alas “Crikey! No croc!” After a few months of this my endurance started to wane. It was sucking what little fun I had come to enjoy from sex right out of it. Until one night while I was sitting and having a conversation with a girlfriend, Izzy. Actually she was my girlfriend Nessa’s girlfriend, and not at all timid about sharing her opinions. She was slightly older, very open and overtly sexual, oh … and Italian. As we talked somehow I ended up opening up about my hunt for my big O.

“Well what do you like” she asked it like it should have ended with …”on your pizza”! I didn’t understand the question.

“What makes you hot, what turns you on?” I was still a little lost, and considering she was a stranger, a tad bit uncomfortable.

She pulled herself closer, with a cigarette pulling from her lips and a glass of wine being caressed between her palms. She put down the glass and gestured for my hand. I slid forward and extended my hand. She ran the tips of her fingers around the palm of my hand, trailing them slowly up my arm.

“What do you think about when your legs are wrapped around a man’s shoulders and neck and your clit is between his teeth being stroked with his tongue?” She pulled my wrist to her lips, kissing it and, letting the tip of her tongue caress my pulse points ever so slightly. I was blushing… everywhere.

“Do you think about each flick of his tongue, do you ride the waves of each pulse? Do you listen to the sound of his fluids and yours mingling and heating up between your thighs and draining down your pussy lips, towards the crack of your ass?” I was flushed, I was speechless, and even more relevant I was turned on. Her right hand was moving up my arm, slowly sliding inwards toward my cleavage, while her left hand was playing heat seeking missile, sliding its way up my inner thigh. I was frozen, and melting all at the same time. I was almost hypnotized, watching her with baited breath.

“Careful, Lexi*… how do you think she got me?” Nessa said laughingly. I could see my girlfriend (her girlfriend) curled up in her lounge chair watching us, smiling deviously.

I chuckled knowingly, “I bet!” I broke the connection and slowly and somewhat unwillingly slid back (literally) in my seat.

But she had posed some interesting questions. I had been waiting for this orgasm to happen, but I had not been living in and feeling each moment, each sensation. I hadn’t been connecting my mind with my body! Could it be that I was looking all over for the big “O” and the key to its very existence was in me all along? Was it possibly like the scene at the end of Austin Powers where he’s looking for his MOJO and realizes no one could have stolen it, because it was a part of him?

Later that night when we retired, I could hear them giggling and kissing each other through the bedroom wall. I listened as they cooed over each other. I felt almost intrusive, but I couldn’t help it. I touched myself to the sounds of them making love through the wall. I fantasized about what she had said out on the patio. I touched myself and could still feel her touch lingering on my skin. I could hear them moaning in tandem, like a chorus of lust, building and mounting. I could hear their passionate whispers; I touched myself and closed my eyes and took in every sensation. I imagined her tongue, passionately taking me in. I stroked myself gently and with intense purpose. I focused in on the changes in my bodily sensations and followed my bodies lead. I felt my nipples harden and let my fingers caress them and tease them pulling myself closer to the rhythmic pants that were coming louder now through the bedroom wall. I let my fingers wander, through the familiar yet strangely new terrain that lay between my thighs. I felt every breath cutting in my chest, each exhale rocking me closer to the precipice of my final destination. I felt my fingers beginning to work faster and more tenaciously. I felt the heat between my fingers and my lips intensifying. My mouth started to dry out, and I could barely control my breaths. When everything in my body tingled, when everything started to convulse, when my own hands could no longer keep up with my bodies rhythm I exhaled dug deep and I let myself go! I felt a sensation burst out of me that must have been a cross between a moan and a scream but as I held onto a fistful of sheets at my side, to try and anchor myself to the bed, it was hard to tell. I literally saw stars- there was only white noise! The pulses came fast and hard, like years of bottled up sexual frustration had been shaken and uncorked, unleashed wildly like a bucking Bronco. I finally could hear myself screaming, and it took me a little by surprise. I covered my mouth with one hand and continued to pant as my other hand tried to tame the beast that was slowly calming beneath the sheets. As I came back down from cloud nine, I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Oh my… Holy Shit!” I laughed to myself. As my laughter faded I heard my friends through the wall again, they were laughing too.

“Goodnight, Lexi*!” Nessa taunted.

“And congratulations, no”? Izzy asked rhetorically. They continued chuckling through the wall.

I bit my lip and covered my face with the pillow, semi-mortified, “Goodnight!” I yelped back.

I rolled over onto my side, settled in and continued to smile as I thought, ‘Mission: Accomplished’.

*= name changed

Thanks to Kimberly for organizing these group posts every month!

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can you take a tongue-lashing?

"Heaven finds an ear when sinners find a tongue" -Francis Quarles

Head is great. Especially head performed for a long time by a cunning linguist. Let's just get it out of the way now, head is fucking great!

So, imagine my Oh-face when I stumbled across this ad for a new sex toy by LoveHoney called 'Sqweel'. Its a 10-tongued wheel (yeah, i said it, 10!) that rotate to simulate a very special Quick-Tongued McGraw. I haven't used it, so I can't officially put the Pink Pussy Stamp Of Approval on it, but it does look amusing, to say the least.

Check it out...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mistress Bliss: Why I Kink!!!

I’ve always been coined the mysterious one. People say I have a look about me that makes them curious; I’m quiet, sultry, seductive all before I say hello. I like playing coy so I dismiss their inquires into my mystery, but since we cool I’ll tell you my secret … im kinky!

Not in the “oh I like my toes sucked” kind of way, more like the bend me over the couch enter my back door kind of kinky. I treasure my mystery I’m celebrate it even, but it’s not exactly dinnertime conversation. Feeling under simulated and looking for new ways to explore my sexuality I jumped at the chance to write for Kink Chronicles. A forum where progressive women exchanged their extreme sexual thoughts and desires, conjuring nasty image after image in my mind’s eye playing with my chyna after an erotic trip down Kink Lane was all too good to pass up.

I love blogging for Kink Chronicles because it offers validation to my thoughts and desires. It opens my mind to experiences I wouldn’t consider and - I simply like reading nasty shit. The women here are smart, creative and just as nasty as me so I always enjoy my visits to this wonderful site.

Thanks for having my sporadic ass and I hope you enjoy my kink!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Genesis: How We Came to Kink

A year ago I was having another one of my endless conversations with a close female friend (insert Haute, Choc'ladee, Southern Trixx) about one of her adventures/misadventures in the bedroom. I recall thinking to myself, "this is funny shit" and "we are not alone". In a conversation with Pink later that day I was inspired. I decided that I just knew too many freak hoes to not create this blog.

Although we aren't as diligent a group of bloggers as I would like, that circle of funniness, freakiness and friendship is as strong and vibrant as ever. One of the joys I've had in the last year is the chance encounters of the women of Kink: an impromptu gathering at my house, a quiet dinner, a trip to a local strip club, and my smile as the eventual shadow of recognition appears on their faces when one recognizes the other: "are you.....?" The giggles, "shop talk" and instant camaraderie that follows is amazing to watch.

I wanted to create a community of fabulous and fly women, a place of refuge and reflection, a place beyond sex, one night stands, divorce, marriage, break-ups and quarter-life crises. A place for us, by us, with US. At some point this year, each of the women of Kink will look back at how they came to be here answering the question of...just how we all came to be so kinky.