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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another One-Day Stand

It was a cloudy Friday afternoon and I was headed to the airport once again…leaving my home away from home and headed back to reality. I got the airport at the same time I always do, knowing that I wouldn’t have to wait in the long line to get through security and to my gate. Membership has its privileges. It was starting to drizzle as my ride dropped me off in the terminal and I wondered to myself whether or not my flight was going to be on time with the bad weather coming. I don’t know why I didn’t call before leaving like I usually do. As I punched in my confirmation number at the Kiosk I realized I wasn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon. “Flight Delayed—4:55pm” It was only 12:30. As patient as I am I did not want to spend the next 4 hours waiting around LaGuardia Airport. Even though it’s pretty small it gets really busy and for some reason every time I’m there there’s a million kids running around acting crazy while their parents nestle up in some corner with their laptop and a cup of StarBucks. Nope, wasn’t feeling it. I weighed my options. Do I text the Boo that just dropped me off to come back and get me. I had already had enough of him after spending the entire weekend fucking inside his bedroom. We didn’t leave once and I swear I had made the trip to get my hair done. Oh well. Just gave me excuse to have to go back the following weekend. I decided against that, breezed through security and went to grab something to eat before finding a comfortable (doesn’t really exist) place to sit for the long haul. I was watching the planes sitting at the gates and listening to the annoyed passengers make phone calls to their loved ones advising them of their various ETA’s when I took out my phone to see who I could sext while waiting. As I scrolled through the names I came across one that I had completely forgotten about. I decided to send him a text.

Me: Hey Mr. are you working today?
Him: Yup on my way now why wassup
Me: Text me when you reach
Him: Bet

I sat for another half hour and realized that I was starting to get antsy. I‘d only had sex twice that morning and I could feel myself getting horny again as I closed my eyes and replayed my weekend’s activities in my head. I was just about to take my purse and carry-on bag into a family bathroom so I could try out my new rocket when I felt the vibration of the cell phone in my jacket pocket.

Him: I’m at work Ma what’s up?
Me: I’m here. I wanna see you. Tell me when.
Him: Word? Aight let me bring in this flight first I’ll let you know when I’m cumin up.

My day was starting to look up. He works for the airline I fly and I had met him a few months ago when I was stuck at the airport for 6 hours. I was eating at Burger King (shame on me) and he was on his lunch break. He saw me and immediately came over and sat down to start a conversation. At first I was annoyed as hell because I just wanted to chill and eat but as soon as he sat down three things stopped me right in the middle of telling him I wasn’t available for conversation—his lips, his smile, and his eyes. His lips were sooo juicy and looked super soft, his smile was bright white and his eyes were light brown. I’m a sucker for dark skin and light eyes. That day I just sat there and watched him talk to me even though I wasn’t really listening to anything he was saying. He mentioned something about being 23 years old, with a daughter who was 5, living in Brooklyn and wanting to see me again. I got all that. I had to move on with my life so I gave him my number and we’d been occasionally sexting ever since then. We would always say we wanted to hang out when I came to New York but my schedule never allowed and the only place I ever saw him was in the airport. I was ready to see was he was talking about though.

I was only waiting for about 45 minutes when he texted me to let me know he was coming upstairs and to meet him by gate 5. His uniform shirt was fitting just right and when he hugged me he put his hands around my waist and held me tight. My. Damn. Spot. We sat and talked for a minute and he asked me over and over if I wanted to stay in NYC until the following day so that we could chill when he got off work. I told him no and even though it crossed my mind I didn’t want to have to occupy my time all the way until his shift ended. That would just mean MORE fuckery in the interim since I surely wasn’t going to sit in the airport until after 9pm. He kept biting his bottom lip when he spoke and I finally asked him when his lunch break was. He said it wasn’t coming anytime soon but he could get someone to cover for him for a minute if he wanted to disappear. I looked at my watch and realized I only had about 2 hours before I needed to be back on my flight. At that point I was horny as hell—just from watching his juicy lips and sexy eyes—and needed SOME kind of release. I told him to meet me at the front of the airport in 15 minutes. Shame that I would have to go through the whole process of going through security all over but again, membership has its privileges. I’d worry about that later.

I stood outside in the rain and waited for him as passengers got out of the cars that had brought them to meet their flights. He came outside and looked around quickly, grabbed my hand and began walking. I asked him where we were going and he told me he was taking me to his car. That airport surely needs a better employee parking lot because I swear we were walking forever before we finally reached his silver Charger. He opened the passenger side door for me, walked over and climbed in the other side and pulled me in close to him. His lips were like cotton and after he kissed mine for a few seconds he leaned into my neck and began to kiss me softly there, then on to my collar bone, and down to my chest. I was afraid I was going to wet his car seat just from his kisses alone but I regained my composure and told him he should drive out of the lot for a minute. While he drove I reached over and began to caress the crotch of his pants just to find out what he was working with. He was rock hard and I was more than pleased as I felt my pussy getting wetter. He drove around a few streets near the airport but couldn’t really find a place to post up and go in….I was getting anxious and way past hot and bothered so I told him to pull over in this parking spot on a side street that we’d passed a couple times. As he parked I reached over and unbuckled his pants. I pulled out his dick which was even bigger than what I could feel with his pants on. I leaned over and ran my tongue around the tip of it. Then I stopped and looked up at him. “You want more? I asked him as I licked my lips. “Hell yeah” he said as he grabbed the back of my head and leaned me toward his dick which was standing straight up out his pants. I suddenly wasn’t in the mood to be very sensual. I told him to watch out for cars and people and proceeded to go to town on his super hard cock. It was the kind of blow job you see in porno flicks--slippery, sloppy, wet and nasty. He loved every single minute of it. Through my slurps I could hear him moaning. “Oh shit, what the fuck are you doing…damn baby…right there”. I was getting more and more turned on the more he talked to me and every time he grabbed my head and made me deep throat his thick cock I thought I was going to cum. Thank goodness I’d worn a dress that day because while I sucked his dick I stuck two fingers in my pussy. I was so wet the juices were running down my hand and the sound of my gushing cunt was almost as loud as me slurping up my spit off his dick.

All of a sudden he pulled my head up by my hair and made me stop sucking. He squeezed both of my breasts with his hands and then shoved one hand up my dress to rub my pouring pussy. He rubbed my clit for about two minutes before he finally said “Oh shit, I have to feel that pussy around my dick before you leave NYC today.” He started the car and began to drive around again…stopping at a small privately owned parking lot. The lot was pretty full but there was no attendant when we checked the booth. There was one empty spot toward the back and he quickly backed his car into it. Before he got the car turned off good he went right back to rubbing my nipples and my clit. He pulled the top of my dress down and massaged my breasts before I told him to stop and get in the backseat. Even though the car was a decent size I wasn’t quite sure how we were going to maneuver seeing as though it’d been a while since my last automobile fuck. I figured we’d figure it out as we went along. Before I knew it was bent over in the back of that car, ass in the air and dick in my pussy. I held on to the top of the back seat while he pounded away. I rubbed my clit while he pushed his dick up toward my stomach. I had to take deep breaths to be able to take it all from that position but I kept telling myself how much of a big girl I was. He held my waist and fucked me. He held my breasts and fucked me. He squeezed my clit and fucked me. I was definitely inside of walls of that car screaming. The pain was so good and I didn’t want him to stop. I knew I had to get going though so I could get back to my place in time. Right after he made me cum for about the 3rd time I started to throw my ass back at him. I told him to stay still while I gave him to him and began to slide my pussy on and off his dick. I could feel the head re-enter each time and each time he let out a moan louder than the time before. At once, I squeezed my thighs together some so that I could get a better grip on his cock and make my pussy hold on tighter. “Fuck you are going to make me cum…Don’t stop throw that ass back at me…I’m…About…To…” That did it. He held on to my stomach and pulled me so far into him I swear I could taste the head of his dick in my mouth. He let out a growl that was unlike anything I’d ever heard. After being completely still for a full minute or so he finally pulled out of my pussy. I grabbed a rag he had in his car and wiped my juices from my legs before stepping out to get myself together. We both got back in the car and headed back to the airport—him to work and me to my delayed flight. It was a great afternoon. Every now and then I still text my airport friend, but I know I’ll never fuck him again. Not because it wasn’t great, but because I know he was nothing more than a one-day stand.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I can't fucking wait! I've been excited about the arrival of new dick before, but never like this! You see, I met this musician, specifically a rapper, on one of my various cyber playing grounds--let's call him MC Dingaling.

MC Dingaling and I exchanged basic banter for a few weeks online, on the phone, etc. We've spoken, in vivid detail, about what is to go down when we link up. He's read the blog, so he knows I'm a beast...but there's something different about him. He's the perfect mixture of laid-back and crunk with a side of humor that is an aphrodisiac of its own, in my eyes. He is definitely not the usual suspect. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but I'm diggin it. Nevertheless, he'll be here in a few days, and I want to make sure I'm ready...I just hope he is. To aid in my preparation, I made a list, of things to do to get ready for what I'm sure is to be a fuck-filled weekend!

Fuck Prep For Dummies

1. Postpone all non-essential agenda items. He only has a few days in town, and I want to make sure that I can get as much fucking and sucking in that time frame as possible. If its not a paying job or a dire emergency, its on ice until next week.

2. Primp the punani. Trim it up, get the lips cleaned up and suckable. I'd rather my man focus on the pussy eating, rather than pulling and spitting hairs out of his mouth the whole time. You know, like when you're eating a piece of chicken, only to find unplucked hairs on it halfway in. Totally fucks up the appetite. Not a good look. My cootch gotta stay finger lickin' good!

3. Pick out some sexy shit to wear. Though my guy, like many men, could give a fuck what I'm wearing so long as it comes off, I like to tease, give the eyes something to mingle on before I get buck-ed nak-ed! I need a new fishnet, was thinking about the bodysuit kind.

4. Peaches, Pineapples and Passion fruit. You know what the are what you eat! I already know the punani is delicious (survey says!), but I want to make sure I give him a real taste of Miami with my homemade pussy colada!

5. Polish. Mani and pedi appointment already booked. Apricot scrub on deck to polish up the elbows, knees and heels. There is nothing worst than a crusty bitch rocking fishnets! Absolutely nothing.

6. Purchase: lube, razors, electrolytes, snacks, Japanese bondage rope, ounce of Mary Jane and that fishnet body stocking I mentioned.

I've already cleared my calendar as much as possible, and I'm on my way to pick up the last minute items needed for my weekend with the fresh meat on the yard. Stay tuned for the re-cap...

Monday, April 26, 2010


I want to go eat delicious food...outside in the warm sunlight......and drink delicious much as i want.......

I want you sitting next to me close. Talking. Eating drinking. Laughing

Sometimes your hand resting gently on my knee closest to you.....Maybe while i m telling you a story.
Sometimes your hand stroking my thigh....also gently.....causing my stomach to tighten.......other places to flutter.......maybe while you re talking to me.
I will try to listen.....but watching your mouth move will make me need to lean in and kiss you. Eyes softly.
You reaching under the fabric of my skirt and touching the soft skin of my inner thigh....your fingers slowly reaching further up my writhing a bit in my chair....wet....wanting more......your gaze meeting smiling. Mischievously.

Full but nearly starving we pay our bill and head to the restroom.
We go close and lock the door behind us.
You come toward me....determined....i stumble backward excitedly......We kiss as i fall back, the wall catching us.

Hard kisses on my breath coming faster......wetness streaming out of me for wanting your mouth on me so coming to rest on your knees in front of me. You sliding my skirt up my thighs...Finding me naked underneath.
You smiling. : )

You looking up at me....looking you.
You leaning in and breathing hard and hot between my legs....reaching behind me to pull me into your mouth.
Me sighing with head turned to the side. my hips rocking....back then forth....gently at first......your tongue reaching...your mouth drinking.
me moaning with each rock of my hips that brings you further inside of me......teeth grazing my clit....then you sucking there........hard.
Me whimpering...Begging you to put your hands inside....the way i love the most.
Tightening around your fingers.....singing....rocking a little faster......intent on bringing you further.
Me reaching for something....anything to brace myself.......goosebumps....trembling......tumbling.......i cum in your feel rythmically on your hand.
You moaning too...low...quieter.
You standing up...kissing me on the mouth....i taste me on you.
Me straightening my skirt...we leave.


Ever wanted something which seems just out of reach?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sometimes I let her

'sometimes she lets me and when she does she talks to herself. in a low voice, she talks the fear away. like last night when her ass was cupped in my hands and she was in my mouth and she whispered and her hips circled faster and her voice began to rise.....'
..from an essay called "sometimes she lets me" in Sometimes She Lets Me: Best Butch Femme Erotica by Tristan Taormino

Sometimes I let her lay her head on my chest...listen to my heart beat slow and strong.....see her skin next to mine......inhale me...

Sometimes I let her lift my skirt up, be suprised again by the unruly curls. Place her face there, breathe deep. Kiss the inside of my thighs from my knee to right at the crease, place her hot lips on my lips down there and then suck gently...

Sometimes I let her take my clothes off. Kissing me as she does...everywhere...leaving fire in her wake..aching

Sometimes I let her lay me down, somewhere soft. Trailing kisses all over my face gently. Nibbling my lips. Sighing as she does.

Sometimes I let her find my breasts. Touching reverently. Taking me into her mouth. Tasting me. Nipples between her tongue and teeth....tantalizing.

Sometimes I let her between my legs. Her hands searching, finding, teasingly touching there, my softness.....velevety lips wet..... learning me.

Sometimes I let her hear me, panting, moaning. Feel my breath on her face. Feel my body, hot and damp against her own. Me full there, dripping there, clenching there, tangy but sweet. wanting her. us. this.

Sometimes I let her. I let her taste me there . Put her lips on mine. Pink against pink. Kissing tentatively at first. Almost like a caress. A welcome. Then deeply, ravenous. Me writhing then perhaps...begging.

Sometimes I let her touch the tip of her fingers at the entrance then go deep.
Find all my special places, our places. Fill me.

Sometimes I let her stay there, inside, kissing me. Feeling me close around her fingers. Hearing me whimper. Pulling her in with my hips.


When's the last time you "let" someone in?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

HNT: Hugenormous!

Now everyone knows that I love myself big, black dick. But when Sheba and I ran up on this dildo in one of our colleague/friends office space, jaws dropped and legs clenched tight. At 13 inches long and what has to be at least 5 inches thick, the dildo modeled after porn actor "BAM" was more than I care to try to handle!

Sheba held it up while I snapped the photo and marvelled at the sight of the thing..wondering how a woman (or, ouch, man) could possibly accomodate all of that manmeat. I had joked about wanting one for Christmas this year, and it was a joke indeed. I'm scared a normal man wouldn't be able to follow after something as massive as Mr. BAM!

Happy happy HNT! Visit Osbasso and see who else is playing!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Cocaine is a Helluva Drug...

"...this is your brain on drugs

....Any Questions?"

I never thought I was the type of girl who would become an addict. I had plenty of other ways to get "high." I am a creative person. I like to make things, write things, I had plenty of friends, a man and all types of shit to occupy my time....but like they say: It only takes one time.

I met Cocaine about 6 years ago. I was dating my ex-husband when he and I met online. He lived in New York, was sexy, confident (cocky as shit) and a fucking freak! The complete opposite of what I was dealing with at home. We talked online, had steamy phone conversations where he would tell me how he would fuck my face until I gagged and my asshole until it gaped. He called me his slut/bitch/whore and make me tell him how I was fucking my asshole, getting it ready for him, and how much I loved it. Shit, he turned me on like it was in his DNA! But, he was an asshole and I knew I had to keep my distance because, I had a thing for assholes. He was coming down to Miami in a few months for Memorial Weekend and I knew that I was going to fuck him--or he would fuck me, rather--but just that ONE time. I had to see if this high was all he made it out to be. I swore I was only going to do ONE line...

Sniff. Mmm. Sniff, Snnniff! The first time that we met, was at a hotel room I was staying at on the beach not far from where he and his entourage were staying. We got into the room and by the time he sat down, I don't think two minutes passed before I asked him to pull out his dick so I could get better acquainted (not my exact words, but it was definitely to that point). I proceeded to introduce myself with what I am sure was the most skilled blowjob he had received to date, and after he fucked my mouth...he commenced to fuck me into a multi-orgasmic stupor that had me trembling. He kept changing me from one position to another, staying longer in the places that made me scream the loudest. My pussy was dripping puddles, and he was slaughtering it. Making me pay for all of the shit-talking that I so masochistically brought to the table. I took his fucking, but after I dropped him off, I came back and balled up into the a goddamn fetal position! Shit, I may have even sucked my thumb. Cocaine had come through and owned my pussy. I believe he rearranged my uterus or something, I was in pain for a few days after his thrashing. But he didn't care. And if I'd bend over, he'd do it all over again.

Thank the goddess he didn't live in Miami, right? Really, that only made it worse. He would talk nasty ass shit to me while I was at work, tease me with pictures of his very large and thick dick...constantly remind me of how he put it down in Miami. I couldn't wait another year. You know, when an addict finds a dealer who has that good shit, she will borrow gas money, take three buses and walk 15 blocks for that stuff. I plotted and schemed and was able to get away from home long enough to spend more time with him during an impromptu trip he made to Miami for what probably were the best three days of our relationship, in general....but not as intense as the time I almost Overdosed. That was the when I went to New York City for Labor Day weekend 2005. My friends in NY thought I was coming to visit them, but I really went up there just to get some of that 'caine.

Snnnnniiiiiiiiffffff. It was right after Hurricane Katrina, and I can vividly remember being bent over and fucked in the ass while CNN was replaying clips of Kanye West saying, "George Bush doesn't care about Black people," Cocaine had my face pressed down in the bed and tears were rolling out of my eyes while he kept pushing down on my back and pushing more of his enormous dick into my ass. It was wet, dirty and super nasty.. and he loved it. My head, pressed hard into the bed, my eyes tearing and rolling back into my head, his dick making me convulse. Orgasms were running one into another and I was seizing, And he didn't care. Cocaine doesn't care about PinkVixxxen, that's how he was treating my asshole. But I loved every sodomizing minute of it. He was my favorite drug. I get goosebumps just reflecting on the encounter.

After the NY trip, I saw him once more before I got married. Then, daily conversations faded into sporadic email and text check-ins, and then to quarterly "Hey, what's going on?" email or IM exchanges. Both of our lives had become busier, we drifted apart, and I think we even missed seeing each other a few Memorial Weekends in a row. It seemed that Cocaine had finally loosened his hold on me.

Well, that's how it seemed. But after I split with my husband, moving into my new place made made way for a reunion with an old habit. Memorial Weekend '09 was when I fell off the wagon. From the moment he got into my car, I knew it was a bad idea. He was rude, sarcastic, borderline disrespectful and several times I wondered if I should just take an 'L" and drop his ass back at his hotel. But I was chasing the black horse and wasn't going to stop until I got a taste. I don't know if he knew I was strung out or not, but this time, he really let me have it. He bent me over, fucked me. Pushed me to my knees and forced me to lick his dick, balls and basically the entire region clean. Bent me over, fucked me some more. Got me back on my knees and choked me with his dick and slapped my face, pulled his dick out of my mouth and spit in my face. As he was forcing me back up to be fucked again, I was kind of repulsed. Did he just spit in my face? WTF?! I didn't think I could have felt more humiliated. Until he forced me on my knees and came all over my lips, cheeks, tits...and my carpet. I'm sure he said something like, "Take that nut, bitch" or something equally demeaning. I can't remember because I was in a Cocaine haze. I staggered into the bathroom to clean up and barely recognized myself when I looked in the mirror. I had been humiliated, slapped, spat and cum on. I came hard in the process, but I felt like shit in the afterglow. I had officially hit rock bottom.

He's coming back again for Memorial Weekend this year, about a month or so away. I'm not having sex with him...I've been sober now for 11 months. He said he just wanted to meet for drinks, dinner...or something. I think I'm going to need to call my sponsor.

You ever had something so good it was bad? Or so bad, it was good?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Horny and Self-Pleasuring


I'm in the office today and need another hour or so to wrap things up. All I can think about is how sweet my pussy will feel when my partner stuffs his man-meat into it. The mere thought of this is causing my pussy to contract. Through my denim pants, I can feel the heat and moistness of my vagina. I smell the scent my pussy is giving off - it's a sweet, "come get it" scent. I stick my hand in my pants, lightly stroking my vaginal lips before I stick my index finger slightly into my hole. *AhhhhhAAAAAAhhhhhhhh* I moan and gyrate before removing my finger so that I can inhale my scent before tasting my juices. *slurp*

My hips and lower body are contracting uncontrollably - imitating my movements from last night as I sat on his lap before sitting on his face. On his lap, we were truly one. It was impossible to tell where we individually begun and ended. His man-meat was buried deep inside my treasure - consumed. I bounced up and down at first slowly then quickly and roughly. I punished my pussy as I slammed onto his cock over and over and over again. Even tonight, more than 16 hours later, I can feel the imprint he left.

I'm trying to save it all for him but I don't know if I'm going to make it. My pussy is calling and the rest of my body is responding including my lips that were just sucking on my titties and my index finger that is about to make another trip down south.

Ever been so horny, you didn't think you would make it??

-Hornily written on my iPhone between self-pleasure episodes

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Anatomy of O

My favorite pocket rocket is a royal blue one that I've abused quite a bit. Today the batteries are about mid level. Not an aggressive vibration but a steady and effective hum. I'm wearing socks but otherwise naked from the waist down with a thermal blanket wrapped around my legs.

It's chilly in the guest bedroom. And my nipples are responding appropriately. At about 75% hardness they are perhaps half an inch tall and wide. I've discovered over time the teasing hum of the rocket rubbed just over my clit and outer lips makes me wet enough so I'm ready to 'take' the purple vibrator (V), leaving little rivers leaking down my cheeks.

My chest is hot as I stroke myself. My stomach is beginning to clench...anticipation...wanting.
Slowly at first I guide V in circling my clit with the rocket. I can feel the tension building. As I clench around V easing towards the spot. Every forward movement results in a tremor. Circling around and around...teasing

Breaths are shallow now...1
Goosebumps all over
2, ohhhhhh..haaaaaaa

3 times deep as...V can go... toes are tingling

It's like a pulse...with each stroke...a hot pulse...warm...and then warmer...a pause as the hand returns then warm again
6 it builds..tingles brushing my toes with warmth....tension deep inside...
The teasing makes me giggle nervously.
I'm wanting but anxious of more.
But I'm a bit...greedy...and so

7 begins in the back. From my gspot forward then up my legs and deep deep below...panting
Moaning...begging really low....8
9 tumbled forward...warm
There is still more...if I want...

Once it starts it can just keep...going
10 at last is cold and hot...breasts heavy and peaked.
Body curled and shivering.

What's your "perfect 10"?

-- Post From My iPhone

Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Swinger Event

My partner and I had been discussed attending a swinger event for years but never actually made the move but tonight was going to be the night. Over the last year, I had been conversing with an online pal who hosts these swinger events and I was finally in a position to attend one. On our way to the venue, I asked my partner, “What if this is a setup? What if we meet at the secret location, give the secret password and have our heads cutoff?” “Don't be a dumb ass baby!,” he said.

After successfully undergoing some security measures, we were granted access into the secret location. We walked into the elevator and I pressed the buttons for a few floors prior to ours so I'd have time to adjust myself. Corset still tight? CHECK. Boobs spilling over? CHECK. Lipstick fresh? CHECK. Breath fresh? CHECK.

"Beep," the elevator signaled that we had arrived. We stepped out and were greeted by the bouncer - I thought he was too hot to be on the outside. As we took our coats off and walked to the coat check, I heard a loud ear-piercing moan. Partner and I exchanged looks that asked if the noise was emitted from a live person???

With my heart pounding due to anxiousness and nervousness, I walked to the entrance and opened the door. The first thing I saw was a group of sexy women congregated in the middle of the room. They were kissing each other and rubbing their bodies all over one another. One was sucking another’s large breast while a second played with the other nipple of the large-breasted woman. It was not lost on me that these woman were not only in lingerie but sexy as hell. It seems I had just missed the Symbian fun. For those of you that don’t know what this is – I’ll fill you in a later post after I’ve tried it out.

Anyway, my partner and I headed to the bar for drinks. The bartender was a chestnut blonde with perky Bs. She was topless and I shamelessly admired her smooth skin and supple breasts.

After receiving our drinks and tipping “Perky,” we headed over to a group on the other side of the room and joined the convo. One of the women immediately caught my attention - she wore natural hair frizzed out [hairstyle pic]. When asked about her descent, she said she was born in Portugal but her family was from an African country. Which country? I don’t know - my focus was not on her words but her heels, thick thighs, nicely curved hips and breasts. If I had to guess, I’d say Morocco. Anyway, we chatted a while about our backgrounds, where we currently reside and the boundaries my partner and I had set for the swinger lifestyle. While talking, I glanced over her right shoulder and I was taken aback by a white couple on a bed in the secluded area. I was stereotypically surprised by his size – he was about 8-9” and his partner was blowing him like a saxaphone.

To the right of the saxaphone couple was a naked woman riding a man. There were other “couples” in various positions around the room. I felt myself moistening as I stared – yes stared. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing all around me.

I was horny as hell and wanted to fuck. No more staring, no more talking - just fucking. My partner grabbed my hand and we headed towards a free bed in the corner of the secluded area. He stripped down to his briefs and I to my corset and thong. Many eyes were on us and it was weird but I was too horny to be put off. Partner plopped my boobs out of the corset and started by sucking my left nipple while squeezing my right nipple and engulfing as much of my size F boobs as he could stuff into his mouth. My right hand lowered and I began stroking him rhythmically. I tapped his leg to signal for him to stand up. I yanked off his boxers and gave him a loud, lip-smacking, mouth-slurping blow-job. His large penis forced its way past my tonsils and continuously pounded the back of my throat. My normal gag reflex did not kick in - perhaps I should thank the sexy bartender for the uncut vodka-laced "fruity" drinks she had supplied me with.

"They look like they're in a Porno," someone in the small crowd that had gathered declared. People commenting on our sexual acts threw us off a bit and we took a break. We were both horny as hell so our break didn't last long - 2 mins tops. We positioned ourselves in one of my favorite positions - doggy style. "UuuHHHuuuuHHHHhhh BAAAAaaaAAyyyyBEEEE," I yelled. The sense of decency (yes I have one) within me was encouraging me to try hard to keep my sexual noise level down but I was not successful and after a short time I abandoned my efforts and let it RIP. Once again the comment and stares threw us off.

We took another break to catch our breath. 90 secs later partner's penis was being stuffed into my mouth. The remnants of me tasted pretty good. :-). A few minutes later I felt as if I were flying when his mouth descended on my twat. My pussy was treated like a piece of meat as he fingered, chewed, sucked and pleasurably ripped it apart. I was having an out of body experience – watching it from outside of myself. I snapped out of it and realized that my eyes were closed – shut tight. I opened my eyes to watch him pleasure me and instead met the stares of many pairs of eyes.

As much as I always wanted to fuck in front of a crowd, this will take some getting used to but I enjoyed losing my public sex virginity.

Have you ever had a swinger experience? Like fucking in front of a crowd?

Saturday, April 3, 2010


It is early morning in my living room, sunlight streaming through the windows. She is almost naked, wearing a skirt, and nothing else. It begins as I am sitting on the floor with her bent over the arm of our sofa. My face between her legs, my arms holding her up. Keeping her still. As I'm tasting.

Her moans are soft at first, languid and lingering as the sensations begin to peak, then deep and appreciative when cresting. Not many words but those they are seem more like an internal monologue than for my benefit.

She stands on the tips of her toes and arches her back. I especially like the sheen of sweat, the panting, the shallow breaths and sounds that beg for never stopping, for more. There is the gentle sway of her hips. Sometimes a tease sometimes more of a toss to bring me deeper, harder. The moan like a trailing song then. As she savors.

I am naked sitting there. My body wet with her wet, dripping there, ready. She kisses the edge of my face, along my jawline, her hands on me searching. And finding, she is gentle, tentative but purposeful. Her eagerness to taste me there stilled only by the urge to taste other equally delicious places: a shoulderblade, a collarbone, the rigid peak of a chocolate nipple.

My moaning is perhaps different, even quieter, filled with a bit of shock, amazement at how good this is. When her lips finally reach me there, my body feels as though I have been pricked by a million pins, some barely, others a bit more. I am willing tension away, focusing on relaxation, stillness to enjoy it all, torturous and beautiful at once. When the heat of her breath is against my pulsing flesh, I melt into her, wanting deep.

Tasting she too moans. Deep in her throat, never slowing at her task but now even more ardent. In the sunlight she can see it all before her. And her lips and tongue and teeth explore with tantalizing precision. She sounds at times like a small child at the moment of discovery, all oooo and ahhhhs, but her hands, her ministering to my body is all woman.

I can feel the slow climb, beginning at my toes and spiraling up, flaring outward as it reaches between my legs, tumbling out as a burst of heat, my breath, the edges of my finger tips, a color perhaps red exploding behind my eyes, closed now, welcoming it.

In the aftermath the two of us, slick with sweat and each other, breathless and shaking, moaning words we cannot say, limbs tangled, heads on shoulders, hands on chests, full...

if only for a moment.

Ever have a daydream so excruciatingly sweet it left you silent?

-- Post From My iPhone

Thursday, April 1, 2010

HNT: Peek-A-Boo

Peek-A-Boo my nipple sees you!
I LOVE breasts - the look, the feel, the taste. I LOVE many things about MY breasts including but not limited to: my skin tone, smoothness, shape, size and *sensitivity.* This is a pic I took in the dressing room of a lingerie shop - clearly, I needed a bigger size garment to house my size F girls. LOL

Happy happy HNT! Visit Osbasso and see who else is playing!