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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Afternoon Delight

As women we share natural unsolicited connections. We are bonded by similar bodies, minds and experiences that are so intimately feminine. We can share light nods and soft smiles with a stranger, and as women we already know what you need and how you feel. In my personal experience, that natural sisterhood is deepened when you’re dealing with soul sistahs; and that is why I am so elated to be a part of this blog.

Although we authors and you readers are from different backgrounds, with different sexual profiles we are all sistahs in the circus called life. I am so excited to share, learn and grow with you all through a free expression of love, laughter, sorrow and KINK. I have vowed to be honest and open and use this as a forum to speak my mind and also learn from the experiences shared.

For the sake of frankness let me put it out there I’m gay and can only write from that perspective cause I know nothing else. I love women and I am truly an advocate for gay pride, especially gay black love and all that warm fuzzy shit you see on the L Word, but today, today I wished my girlfriend had a dick.

Because of life, work, nature and some bad scheduling my girlfriend and I managed to go a week without sex. No biggy right; I just had some high expectations for when we did hook up. I NEEDED my back blown out ok! Now we can have a debate on whether lesbians can have back blowing sex, but let me tell you we can and my baby and I do.

Today was my day off so I caught up on some much needed sleep and I woke up not craving a smoke, or some sweets or to catch up on TV, I wanted me some pussy. I wanted my shit eat and beat up and my lady parts to be plump from painful ecstasy. So like any committed girlfriend would do, I texted my woman and told her what I needed. She said she was more than willing to provide. Moreover she was willing to skip lunch to come to my house and put in work.

Now I’ve never been a quickie kind of girl. My body can’t respond to that kind of pressure regardless of how horny I am. Great sex is truly mental and if I know I have to hurry up and cum I can’t. I’ve had 2 “quickies” in my entire 26 years due only to the over stimulation of my senses. I prefer to take my time.

Anywho I ran, took a shower, trimmed down the box, oiled myself DOWN. Honey and just as I was going to slip two fingers in and get the party started early my girlfriend walks in the front door. I’m excited ready to jump her bones but she stops me. She walks to my nightstand and turns my clock radio around to a 45-degree angle and says, “ I only have 20 minutes and I need to watch the clock so I’m not late.” Now I’m all fucked up in the game. I knew she had to get back to work but now she applied some unneeded pressure and I’m over the excitement of the afternoon delight.

We commence to “making love” but I truly needed to be fucked. Whenever I think about yelling out instruction on how to do me I always envision that scene in Strictly Business where the chick is telling her stuffy boyfriend left right down now 2 pumps and it seems so wack. My thinking is even if I don’t like your tricks you should be a good enough general lover to make me cum. I’m learning to get better demanding how I want it. I'd thought I expressed to her earlier that I needed to be fucked and she comes with a softer approach. I try working my hips and angling my body to make it work and I finally moan ever so gently, “ummmm fuck me baby.”

She gets it in starts to work the middle and her hand gets tired and I’m like fuck. I’m on 10 right now, ready to loose my insides on these silky sheets but the only thing on my mind is the feeling of her untrimmed nails scraping my delicate pearl and I’m pissed my mind is going to a million places. I tried focusing, breathing, holding my breath and I finally realize I wish this bitch had a dick.

Now I’ve never truly had sex with a man but I’ve seen porn and watched the faces of my friends contort with devious grins as their minds drift to thoughts of steamy rendezvous. I can only imagine it must be good. At that moment, with my legs giving her the peace sign and looking down at her locks swaying to the beat of HER own ecstasy I was underwhelmed, bored and I really wanted some dick. I was so horny all week long I waited for her to do me so good I could taste it. I’m almost positive a dick would wipe all loathing and self pity I was feeling away.

I didn’t want a man to fuck me but I wish my girl had a dick right then so she could suck my nipples, continue the deep sloppy kiss she greeted me with. If her head wasn’t rotating between my moistened thighs, we could be face to face and I could kiss her on the top of her head like she likes and listen to her shallow breathing and the soft whimper she lets out when I passionately pull on her locks. If my girl had a dick I could have really cum and not have to plaster an unconvincing grin on my face when her alarm went off and she hurried back to work. I tell you sometimes I wish that bitch had a dick!

Do you ever have a moment where you wish you didn’t have to explain to your lover how you wanted to be loved?


Erika said...

Nice post Mistress Bliss! I had no idea that women could have back blowing sex. I've been to the sex shops and seen the toys and devices but never thought hard about the end result once used between women. While I've had some same-sex "action" it was never black blowing. Guess I wasn't with the right chicks. LOL. As for your question - YES. I can think of two categories of explanation: 1) Regular lover you're used to and 2) the new lover. The regular lover knows the routine and doesn't need much training/direction. There may be issues with selfishness or lack of skill. Or the x-factors like skill level, stamina and sensitivity. I have been with some lovers where I wished I didn't have to direct them, especially guys eating my pussy. Dude, my pussy is not a criminal - please don't take a bite out of crime. When I really want it, explaining is fucking annoying. While I can tolerate this directing with existing or previous lovers, I don't have the patience for new lovers that don't know what they're doing. I'm not here to school anyone - take a class and get back to me.

Mistress Bliss said...

LOL. I honestly haven't used many sex toys. Especially if I'm in a loving relationship and not just fuckin.. i hate sex toys its not as personal. The thought of her finger or knuckle, lips or breathe bring me straight pleasure is mind blowing. Like you said sex is totally different with a new lover various an ex and when you don't have that connection shit aint hardly the same.