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Sunday, May 31, 2009

TMI Tuesday #188 - Rambling Edition (Yeah it's Sunday)

I was feeling uninspired and I remembered this...

1. Before the industrial revolution, most people never traveled more than 30 miles from their home. How far from your birth place do you now live?
It's about 1200 hundreds from my hometown. Boston, MA to Miami, FL.

2. What is the fartherest distance from home you have ever had sex or an orgasm?
I recently took a trip to the Bahamas. White sandy beach warm ocean water and a cool tongue eating my pussy underwater. I had no idea I could hold my breath that long.

What is there farthest distance you have travelled from your home to have a sexual encounter?
My first adult sexual encounter included me, a cougar and a church van. I was 21 she was 43. She picked me up on a a Sunday after dropping the kids off. We pulled into the dark corner of a shopping center and had an awesome sexual liaison in the van. She claims it was her first time but I recall her grinding me from the back while pulling on my virginal nipples. It was so animalistic and primal I can still conjure up the sex smellsfrom the van.

3. How many states (or Canadian provences or your country's geopolitical division) and counties have you had sex and/or an orgasms in?
Likes see Boston, New York, Philly, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Bahamas, Jamaica.

4. Have you ever had sex in a vehicle? While the vehicle was moving?
Umm mostly recent, I've been carrying on a hot cyber fling with a whore in a far off place. We have the best phone I've ever experienced in life. She loves my kink and takes me to the smuttiest places deep in the corners of my mind. I was driving to the gym and she texts me to see if big mama was available for a session. My mind was telling me no but my pussy had another plan. Now I'm frantically looking for a place to pull over and serve. I find what I thought was an abandoned building and I pull up along the back side. As I reclined my seat, slide my gym shorts down, and slip one leg to the passenger side I realize this is a storage facility. We were to deep in to stop so I busted my nut, waved bye to the peeping tom and kept it moving.

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Anything you want to share that's not any of our damn business?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Older Gentleman

What is it about an older man that can make me melt?

It must be their swagger, their confidence, the take-charge attitude, that they tend to play less games the younger men and other attributes that mark their maturity. I'm a woman in my twenties and I got wet a few weeks ago over a gentleman who really could be my grandpa. On a recent visit to her house my girlfriend introduced me to a sexy-ass man who was there and told me he was her grandfather. *SHOCK* She mentioned that he was 66 yrs old but my guess would have been that he was 1) her father and 2) was in his mid-40s. All in all, he looked like he could still put in on me. He was 6'4, dark skinned, bald head, muscular, clean shaven and had not a gray hair in sight. After meeting gramps, the remainder of my visit to her home was spent fantasizing about the things he could do to me. Having been on this earth for a VERY long time and as hot as he was, I was sure he was a PRO at using various body parts including his tongue. I was getting moist picturing that tongue sliding in and out of my pussy, his experienced hands parting my wet and dripping lips….

There are a few famous older men that could definitely get it from me including:

  • Denzel
  • LL Cool J
  • Blair Underwood
  • Ice T

Any interest in older men? Which older men can get it from you?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Celeb-Reality (Lost Opportunities)

I watched him do his thing on stage and there was something about him that made me a little moist. He had a body that screamed 2 hours in the gym 5 days a week at least and a smile as bright as the stage lights. Every time he laughed with the crowd at his own jokes I melted. We’d met about two hours before the show I’d organized for a school. I talked to him and the rest of the performers about the logistics of the evening and made sure they had everything they needed. Trying to maintain my professional cool, I'd noticed him from the moment he walked in. I’m such a sucker for a nice smile and he came in displaying all 32 pearly whites…joking around with his boys who had tagged along for the trip. As I spoke and got everyone situated, I kept catching him watching me. I knew he wasn’t THAT interested in what I had to say and I was pretty sure he’d noticed me flirting with my eyes as well.

I have this rule about mixing business with pleasure so I tried to put my physical attraction to him in the back pocket of my DKNY’s and keep it moving but it wasn’t working out too well. We made eye contact a million times that night and when he walked off the stage after his time was up he passed me and grabbed the side of my waist with one hand as I told him good job. “Thanks Ma. I’ma come holla at you in a minute”. Sigh. That’s my spot dammit. Something about a man’s hands around my waist—clothed or naked—means trouble for me. After the show was wrapped and the crowd dispersed, one of the road managers came to ask me if some of my girls and I wanted to go grab a bite to eat. I knew what that meant. They wanted to see where the end of the night could really take them. I named a few places, they picked a diner close to the school and we headed out. We sat across from each other during the meal. We watched one another the whole night without making it too obvious and after we were done and his crew was getting ready to hit the road he came up behind me and grabbed my waist again. Problem. He sent chills up my spine as he squeezed my spot again and leaned into my ear. “Yeah, I’m gonna need to get to know you Miss.” I was intrigued. He was so matter of fact and the bass in his voice was extra sexy. He handed me a napkin with his number written on it. “I’m not even gonna ask for yours. You call me when you ready”. My panties were wet. All I could manage to get out was “OK, that’s cool. Thanks.”

I’m not sure how but I misplaced the damn napkin and didn’t find it until about a week later. I’d already had two or three dreams where I was up in the air, back against the wall with my legs on his shoulders and his face in my pussy. I dialed his number and let him know who it was calling. After I jogged his memory he said, “Damn ma, you wait til I’m all the way across the country to call me, that’s messed up. I was waiting for you”. After explaining that I’d mistakenly lost his number we spoke for about two hours. For weeks we tried to make plans to see each other but for some reason never got it together. Eventually I guess we just stopped trying. Every now and then he’ll appear in one of my dreams or I’ll see him on TV or in a scene in a movie and I’ll kick myself for missing out. Definitely an opportunity I wish I’d taken advantage of.

Ever had or almost had a sexual encounter with a celebrity?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The 5% Rule

I've been traveling for the last few days; racing in and out of airports, running for trains, hailing cabs. Traveling is a great opportunity to people watch and on the last legs of my trip this morning, sitting at the US Airways gate in Charlotte's airport, I reached a striking conclusion. Seinfield is right - only 5% of the population is dateable!

We all watched the episode laughing to the point of tears at his ingenuity, filing away key phrases to use later. As amused as I was I've always considered his declaration a bit exaggerated. Surely more than five out of every one hundred people I meet deserves the honor of my company for an extended duration?

I realize though that Seinfeld isn't discussing relative attractiveness. Attraction is a highly individualized connection. It's attraction, sexiness and appeal that fosters steamy one night stands, stranger fondling and not so discrete peep shows for your across the way neighbor. What Jerry meant by 'dateable' is the special chemistry that takes two people beyond a mere fuck. Fucking is easy; waking up next someone several times a week for months or even years not so much!

How does your fuckfriend to girl/boyfriend rooster compare?

-- Post From My iPhone

Saturday, May 23, 2009

If I Were A Boy

I may have mentioned this before but I wish I had a dick. I don’t want to be a man, but I wish I had a way to remove my pussy, place it in a satin box and attach a thick, juicy, mega dick in its place. My first order of business would not be peeing standing up. No that’s not my first desire; I want to pee and then be able to shake my dick dry. Do you know how wonderful that is? I went to club and I had to tip the attendant for 5 squares of paper to wipe my lady parts. It was ridiculous.

Next, I want my brand new mega dick sucked and titty fucked. I want some big-lipped, big tit, butter pecan Latin beauty with red lipstick to make a mess of my shit. I envision her big green eyes looking up at me as she takes it all in. Her brightly painted lips gliding up and down leaving a sticky trail, and the sounds of wetness and lust mixing to form the soundtrack of my fantasy. Once my mega dick is nice and wet and I want to tap the back of her throat a time or two. I want to titty fuck her and bust all over her curly back hair. Yummy, yummy, yummy she 's got cum on her tummy. I can see her grasping at the tip as it slides through the valley between her rolling hills. And she squeezes harder with each thrust coaxing me to climax.

I simply what to feel what a man feels during foreplay and moreover, I want to be at the mercy of a women. I've heard that men control sex but women truly own foreplay and I want to experience what it feels like to surrender and be served.

What would you do if you had a dick for a day?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Me, Him, and TOM (Miami Adventures)

I don’t know what it is about Miami. Maybe it’s the glistening sun, the ocean in the air or all the sexy people walking around half naked. I really don’t know what it is, but something about Miami gets me every time…releases me from whatever LITTLE bit of inhibition I might have regarding sex. As soon as I land at the airport, I am already imagining what kind of trouble I can get into, what sexual adventures my couple days of vacation will afford me.

I’ve gotten into quite a bit of mischief in what’s probably my favorite state right now but I got wet this morning thinking about one particular adventure. I can’t remember which Miami holiday it was…perhaps Carnival perhaps Memorial Day perhaps I just felt like a trip who knows. I had been on the beach all day by myself people watching and waiting for the sand I’d brought to the beach that weekend to get out of bed and come outside and play with me. He finally got up right before dinner and texted meet me at this Italian spot we ate at all the time there. I was still in my bathing suit and cover-up (which was probably just as tight as my bathing suit) but I knew going home to change first would mean another three hours before we left again and I was already starving. We met, ate and then decided to take a walk around for a bit to alleviate some of the fullness we were both feeling from our huge meals. I was pretty much ready to go inside and shower and get some after-dinner dick before it was time to go out for the night but I could tell he was feeling a little more adventurous than to spend another session fucking INSIDE the hotel room.

We decided to stop by this little sex shop we often passed. I had purchased a thong bikini from there during a previous trip and wanted to see if they had another I could buy and wear on the beach the next day. While inside we started joking around looking through the videos and the wall full of dildos on display. I thought about getting another toy but I already had about 3 in the hotel room that we had yet to explore. The guy at the front counter was watching us as we walked up and down the aisles of merchandise. He was the same attendant who’d sold me my thong bikini and I remembered how funny he was, in a dirty old man kind of way. We were getting ready to leave when I noticed a middle aged man come from the back of the store. I had never really looked before but I noticed they had little video booths back there. I got curious and asked the dirty old man with my eyes and a motion with my head if my company and I could go back there together. He shook his head yes and gave me a look that let me know that he would be glad to have me as a guest in his little sex booth. I grabbed my dude’s hand and lead him toward the back of the store. He looked at me and asked what I was up to. As we entered the back area we passed another worker who was standing by the door like the video booth bouncer. There was clearly a sign up that said only one person in a booth a time, but I guess since we were the only people in the store early on a Saturday night they decided to bend the rules a bit. As we passed the video booth bouncer he gave me the same look the guy at the front had given and I wondered what kind of dirty thoughts they were having simultaneously trying to imagine what we were about to do.

We got inside the booth which was the same size as the ones at the mall where you take that strip of self-photos. “Sand to the Beach” put the towel he had in his back pocket on the little seat and I maneuvered myself to sit on his lap. I read the instructions near the TV monitor. Four dollars for four minutes. He squeezed his hands in between my ass and his pocket to retrieve some cash, I choose the type of movie we wanted to watch—one dick two chicks--and put in a five dollar bill. My bathing suit cover-up was a tube top so as soon as the movie clip started he pulled the top down and squeezed both my already hard nipples. Looking at the sex toys in the front had gotten me wet so he was able to pull up the dress and stick his fingers right past my bathing suit bottom into my pussy. I went from 0 to 60 in about 30 seconds. Good thing too, fifty cents. I heard someone opening the door to the booth right next to ours and noticed the little peep window directly to my left. It was closed but when I heard the door to the other booth close and the person inside open their peep window from the other side, I figured why the hell not. I unlatched our window and opened it up. I could see khaki cargo shorts and a pretty hot T-shirt and assumed our peeping Tom was actually a “Tom”. I stood up in front of the opening and dropped the bikini bottom to the floor. I imagined how much cum was probably under my feet and decided to donate that pair to the little sex shop—I was definitely leaving it there. I stood so our neighbor had a direct view of my pulsing clit. As my partner unbuckled his pants and took his dick out I could hear the neighbor fumbling with his belt buckle to do the same. I played with my clit in front of the window a little as dude bent me slightly over and took a few licks of my ass at the same time. We weren’t paying attention to the video any longer and couldn’t hear it over my moans either. Tom had a pretty nice sized dick and I could see him stroking himself to complete hardness as he watched me getting my ass felt up and pussy fingered. I slowly sat down on top of the penis that was in my booth with me and gave Tom a view of my breasts as I caressed them and played with my nipples. I had to take a deep breath as I could feel all 8 plus inches of his dick in the pit of my belly. Once we got used to the position we were in I started riding. We both got loud and as I moaned he started telling me to ride him harder and cum all over his dick. I obliged and after about two minutes my thighs were convulsing and I was indeed doing just that. I was able to open my legs just enough for Tom to see me riding and rubbing my clit at the same time. His dick was solid hard and he was stroking away. I heard him moan and let out a “damn, fuck her” in the process. I was dripping wet. Finally, I told my booth buddy, “I want you to cum on my ass baby.” I went to work riding like a cowgirl. He gripped my titties and pulled me up and down on his dick harder and harder. I looked to my left and just caught the glimpse of Tom making himself cum--all over himself. For some reason, that made my pussy explode again and the grip of my walls made my dude thrust me off his dick and let loose all over my left ass check. After my body shuttered for a few seconds I closed our window so we could clean up and leave. We left our booth before Tom left his, passed the video booth bouncer in the back and I mouthed “thank you” to the attendant at the front. 5 dollars and 15 minutes well spent. I am so overdue for a Miami trip.

Do you enjoy being watched?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Bitch Like Me (Fantasy Fuck)

I've never been with a girl. Well, there was this one time, but I'm still trying to erase it from my memory. I never really went "all the way" and it's something that I think, when done with the right woman, could be enjoyed immensely. The reason why my first/last experience with a woman wasn't pleasurable was because this girl didn't turn me on. I mean, her oral skills were fantastic, but she wasn't hot enough for me to want to return the favor. I want to fuck a bitch like me.

Pretty manicured hands and feet...soft, frequently moisturized skin...full lips...thickness in all the right places. Just like me. And like me, she would know how to use her tongue, starting with kisses that wet the kitty just right. "Fuck me" kisses, the ones that come with nipple pinching, ass fondling and fingers making their way into the spot. Just because I love a dick in the room, there'd be one. His job is to tell me what to do to her. He talks, I do, she takes it.

He tells us to stop kissing. Tells her to lay down. She does. He tells me to get her wet, and she already is, but i kneel, take a nipple into my mouth, and rub on her clit. Sucking on her nipples, giving each one equal attention, my fingers become slick enough for me to borrow some of the juices and trace a sweet trail around her nipples. He likes. Now, how does she taste, he asks. I lick her juices from around her nipples, look at her and reply, Mmmm. I liked what I had tasted. She's sweet like me. I look at him for direction and he tells me to go ahead, baby, lick her. I made my way down from her breasts to her pussy, kissing all the soft spots along the way. She's smooth there, just like me. I run my tongue down the middle of her slit and use my fingers to pull her open. Smells sweet, too. I start off as a novice, he tells me to lick her from front to back. I do. I push my tongue into her, and then move it in and out, then back and forth, from her clit to her asshole. He adjusts her on the bed, with a pillow under her so that I have better access to the entire region. He starts sucking on her breast and tells me to suck her clit and start to get her ready for the beads...

I use a small amount of lube, coupled with her juices, to moisten my fingers enough to start prepping her asshole for the six small globes. I lick and suck her while I play with one finger around her hole. He reaches over and squeezes the other nipple while still sucking one and I suck her clit hard as I push my finger in. Tongue-fucking her pussy while I finger her ass, she's moaning enough that I think she may be ready. He thinks so too, and tells me to start pushing the beads in. He pulls her to her knees and gets under her. They start to sixty-nine each other while I start working the anal beads into her tight hole. One. He reaches up and pulls her asshole open, I take that as my cue to push in the 2nd and 3rd beads. She moans on his dick. She's already started shaking and it's taking both of us to hold her still. I lick around her ass, give her a light spank and then push in #4. He comes out from under her and lays her on her back. He tells me to finish her. I push in the last two then I put my lips back down onto hers. Pushing a finger inside, I press up against her g-spot, and plant my lips on her clit. And I suck. I suck her clit and don't let go as I fuck her g-spot. He stands over her, licking her nipples and smiling as she writhes beneath the both of us. Moaning and bucking, she's sweaty and done.

My fantasy fuck, is to suck a sexy bitch into oblivion. Anyone know how I can make that happen?

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ISO: A Friendly Fuck

I've been pondering recently whether what I really need is a fuck buddy. Don't get me wrong, I like my girlfriend. I think she's hot. My partner thinks she hot. I love fucking her. It's been fun, entertaining and satisfying for sure. But lately I'm kinda feeling like I'm missing something. Excitement? Heat? Spontaneity? Distance?

Is it possible that I don't want someone who tells me about their problems? Maybe I'd like to avoid tidbits like how her day has been, who pissed her off at work, whether her car is in the shop? Perhaps I'm not interested in going out on "dates" and spooning? Maybe I just want to fuck a bitch and go home? without the details? without finesse? without even hello?

Yearning to run my hands under the smooth curve of lusty piece of fresh ass does all that information matter? When my lips lock around the tight peak of her nipples, sucking and laving deeply until the dark brown is hidden from view do I need to look at her face? When the tip of my tongue circles the outer edge of her clit, pink to pink, must we get acquainted? When my forefinger wet with my juice and her juice presses against the stubbly plumpness of her g-spot is it essential that I know her name? When her back arches as she cums and the milk wet drips down my fingers, should I be concerned about when we'll next meet?

Maybe I'm just a greedy, horny bitch. But maybe it's time for something different. I'm in search of a friendly fuck.

Have you ever chosen random acts of fucking over constancy?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dumb Arguments You Have In A Relationship

I’m a troublemaker who loves drama. I never knew I was an attention seeking whore until I got my first taste of blood during a tiff with my boo. There’s nothing like a spat between lovers to get the sexual juices following. Some people even break up to make up and ohhh do I love make up sex! After some messy lesbian bullshit drama in the club I got to thinking on my dumbest relationship arguments. Here’s my top 3 argument starters:

1. Not responding to calls, texts, IMs and emails in a timely fashion. – As much as we depend on technology it’s not always reliable. Sometimes I truly didn’t get your message. Sometimes I simply didn’t feel like talking to your bug-a-boo behind. If you don’t trust me enough to not be available at your every whim then maybe you need to find a new boo, before I never reach out and touch you. And if you have to start a fight with me over a text message or a comment on my Myspace/Facebook/Twitter then something is seriously wrong with your mental stability. I read it, and maybe it didn’t demand a reply.

2. Straight Dumb Shit – It's funny how the qualities that were endearing at the start of the relationship now become the things that cause the most friction. Her giggles, her walk, her brand of soap; when I’m pissed those things become annoying. Lets not forget toilet paper, too much hot sauce on my curly fries, or I bought 2% milk rather than whole milk. Really? Although these things can be easily overlooked its more fun to start some shit.

3. Being cool, calm and collected - I’ve never been a back and forth bickering kind of fighter. I usually state my piece and zone out whomever during the rest. This ability has become my most effective weapon of mass destruction. Typically this just leads to another argument. I don’t understand why are you mad at me for not getting mad, angry or happy for that matter? Maybe it didn’t move me or maybe I actually agree with your point without having to go through a whole explanation of why I do. And yeah, sometimes I just want to piss you off.

We all have our tools for getting the battle started. What are your rules of engagement?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Head of the Class

I could not wait for the day to be over. It had to be the longest day of the entire year with no end to it in sight. I must have looked at the big plastic clock on the wall every hour on the hour and at one point I swear it was counting backwards. My students had worked every single one of my nerves and I couldn’t wait for the sound of that last bell and the hustle and bustle of children scrambling down the hallway to get home. Even though I was done with teaching for the day I still had one daunting task to complete—a parent-teacher conference with the mother of the worst student in my class, Kayla Grey. I had been trying to get through to that little girl for a solid two months since school began but nothing seemed to be working. Kayla spent more time in the Principal’s office than she did in my class and I needed to intervene before she got fed up with school all together and decided to drop out. 6th grade is such a transitional point, especially for little girls.

The bell rang and my students started to dart from their seats and head for the door. They were anxious to enjoy the first 90 degree day of the spring and probably wanted to head to their homes and put on even less clothes than some of them were already wearing. I gave them the look to signal they better not try me so they all slightly settled back into their seats until I said it was okay to get up. I had been trying to stress the importance of order in the classroom but dammit I wanted to run for that door myself. It was just that type of day.

I was not looking forward to the conference at all. First of all it had taken weeks for Kayla’s mother to decide when she would finally have time to actually come in and meet with me face to face. There was every excuse in the book and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why EVERYTHING else was more important than her child’s education. She called me that very morning bitching about why we couldn’t just talk over the phone. I politely explained to her that I thought it would be best for us to go over some of Kayla’s work in person including her test results and it would be easier for me to explain what all the numbers meant if we were looking at the together. She sucked her teeth and hung the phone up in my ear. Bitch. I wasn’t ready for all that.

My classroom was sweltering. I always wore a suit when teaching my students as I wanted them to know I took the business of their education very seriously. As soon as the kids were gone I took off my jacket as I could feel the crease underneath my breasts perspiring and wanted to cool off a bit before my meeting with Mommy Dearest. I looked at the clock…still 30 more minutes until she was scheduled to arrive. Just as I was taking my purse from my drawer and getting ready to get some change for a soda, my classroom door burst open and she barged in.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but she certainly was not it. I guess simply put I was expecting her outward appearance to be just as ugly as her attitude on the phone with me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was taken aback by her beauty. She was at least 5’10”, somewhere in between deep caramel and light mocha complexioned with long honey blonde dreads. She wore a black mini skirt suit combination with a red lace camisole underneath. I got lost in her DD cleavage for about two seconds before I could manage a hello. She cut me off anyway. “I’m Kayla’s mother, I’m really in a rush can we get this over with quickly?” My response was stalled. Even though she wasn’t smiling--and I wasn’t sure if she ever did--she had the kind of teeth that ensured me her smile could make me melt. “Yes, umm yes, that’s fine, Ms. Grey, do you mind closing the classroom door so we can talk for a bit?” She turned around to go toward the door and I got weak in my knees. Suddenly I couldn’t even remember what I wanted to talk to her about. I looked at her from her feet up. The red bottoms of her shoes let me know she was a woman after my own heart. Her legs looked like she jogged and worked out daily. Her ass was a plump, round, perfect peach. The suit hugged every curve of her hour-glass shape and as she sashayed to the door I had to sit down behind my desk and cross my legs firmly to get my clit to stop throbbing. I had completely lost focus and was trying with every bit of me to get it back. I knew I needed to put my jacket back on not only to keep the sweat marks from peeking through my cami but also because my nipples were hard like a cold wind had just passed through the room. I knew that wasn’t the case, I was still hot as hell and suddenly it was for more than one reason. She sat on one side of my desk for about 15 minutes. We went over Kayla’s work, talked about test scores and Kayla’s overall demeanor and tried to come up with a plan of action for the remainder of the semester. I watched her sexy lips move as she explained to me that she was a single mother trying to successfully run a clothing boutique to make ends meet for her and her daughter. She’d moved here from LA when she got divorced and was trying to make a name for herself in a new place. Kayla wasn’t adjusting well and she admitted she hadn’t taken the time she should have to make sure her daughter was okay. She also apologized for her harshness and for seeming uninterested in her daughter’s progress, but noted she was just overwhelmed.

As the minutes passed, she let her guard down little by little. She was still in control and never showed me any physical sign of weakness. I could tell she was just getting comfortable with me. From the beginning, I needed her to know she didn’t intimidate me. At most, I just didn’t feel like being bothered but I could throw it back just as fast as she could throw it at me if I needed to. I was glad I didn’t have to. Every few minutes I looked up from the pile of Kayla’s paperwork on my desk and caught her staring at me. I couldn’t tell if it was desire or her way of trying to figure me out but her eyes were piercing and every time they met mine my nipples started to tingle. I wanted so badly to stand up and bend her over my desk and lick her pussy asshole from the back. I imagined making her hike up her miniskirt and pull the red camisole down under her huge breasts. Knocking off every item, I’d motion her to sit on my desk and face me so I could bury my tongue between the lips of her dripping wet pussy. As she spoke about Kayla’s dead beat father my thoughts wandered to what her nipples would taste like in my mouth, what one of her legs would feel like wrapped around my back, what my fingers would feel like deep inside her, smothered between the walls of her wet pussy. She stood and reached for her bag while letting me know she had fifteen minutes before she needed to make her next appointment. I was so lost in my day dream she had to call me twice to get a response. I was with her, but we were certainly in different places at that moment. As she grabbed an index card from my desk to write down her business cell while letting me know it was best I try to reach her there, her perfectly manicured nails brushed my forearm and every single tiny hair stood up on end. I could tell she felt the current of energy too because she stopped talking for a second and didn’t move. All of a sudden she wrote her name down quickly, grabbed the limited edition Coach bag that had fallen on the floor and asked that I please give her a call later that evening. I looked her directly in her eyes and said “Will do.” As she began to rush out the door, I couldn’t help myself. “Ms. Grey, wait one second I think you forgot something.” She turned to come back into the classroom and as soon as she stepped inside I closed the door behind her, grabbed her arm and went in to kiss her. Instantly, I was jarred awake and realized my power nap had turned into much more than I’d bargained for. Damn.

Have you ever awoken from a dream and been really upset you'd only made it to the middle?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nogo, The Impotent Narc: A Tale From Pink's WTF Files

Sometimes, bitches should just leave well enough alone....Well, that's what I think my ass should have done the other night. It started out as a regular night of pre-sleep masturbation. I had decided to stay in on this particular evening, it was about 11 p.m. and was relishing in playbacks of the surprise fuck i received from my main squeeze (I use that term loosely) a few days before. And I was just in the middle of my third orgasm, you know the one that makes you want to say, " Fuck it" and call your In Case of Emergency dick--when my phone rang.

(Clearing throat) "Mmm, Hello?" I said huskily wondering if it was the Dick Delivery Man answering my prayers.

"Hey Pink, what you doin, baby?" he sounded so sexy, I almost started to thank the Goddess when I realized...It was him.

"Him," is a dude that I met through a friend. He was a party promoter at night and by day, he worked as a Narc. Yes, this dude busted dope boys by day and partied with them by night. Ain't that about a bitch? So anyways, because I like to indulge from time to time, have friends who indulge and just generally don't like cops or their cousins...I blew him off. I had successfully dodged his calls, but in my post-nut horny stupor, I slipped on looking at the ID first.

"Uh, Hey Narc. Damn, I haven't heard from you in a while," I said, trying to sound 1) Happy to hear from him and 2) Not like I just finished cumming. #2 didn't work.

"Damn, sexy, if you answered the phone sometimes we would talk. What you over there doing, you sound like you're preoccupied.." He sounded so good and I did kick him to the curb before I tested the goods.

What the hell...

"I was preoccupied fucking myself. But since you interrupted me, why don't you come by and finish me off?"

"Okay baby, give me a half hour."

He was there in 20 minutes. I steered him away from the small talk bullshit by coming to the door in my "Don't talk, just fuck me" outfit of black lace bra and matching boy shorts with hooker-high heels. I was ready, and I didn't want to hear about his day or any of that preliminary bullshit.

"Shit," he said.

"Wrong word. How about Fuck?" I said.

We walked over to the futon. I sat down. Reached for his zipper. He said "Damn girl" I kept going. Tried to keep him from saying as little as possible. I started to suck. He got hard and after a few more obligatory strokes and moans, I bent over. He raced behind me, telling me he couldn't wait to fuck me. He rolled on the condom, pushed up to me

Homie was softer than a dryer sheet. It was a No-Go. I turned around and did the whole, "Let me jack it for you" thing. Then Nogo takes the condom off and asks me to suck it again. I'm not a fan of the taste of spermicide, or soft dicks, so I said, "No, why don't you try again?" I asked, exasperated. His dick got hard for a second, he stepped behind me and then... nothing. Softie McSoftie Pants was not shaking shit.

But this isn't the kicker. Nogo says to me, "Well, it's probably because of the condom." Then he looks up at me with this "Pleaseeee let me hit it raw?!?" kind of look. HELL NO HOMIE!! I mean, seriously, did this dude just try to run some high school game on me? Dude, I'm not fucking you raw. Sorry if it can't stay hard, playa... but I don't play Russian Roulette. Fall back, Pimpin'. Waay back.

I used my irateness behind his insane suggestion as the reason for kicking his ass out immediately. Mutherfucker wasted my time. I should've had a fucking V8.

Have you ever had to call the cops on a limp cock?

T-Shirt and my Panties on….(Black Panties!)

I sipped from my glass as I stalked through my apartment lighting candles. I turned up the stereo as The Dream’s voice sultried the air. I sat in the window sipping on a very, dirty Martini (three olives), one leg cocked up against the frame and I could feel a tingling run down my spine as a breeze blew across my bare breasts underneath a white t-shirt! My nipples hardened and I could feel the flesh tighten around the barbells sending a second wave through me! I trailed my hand up my leg towards my thigh; I had just shaved. My skin felt like satin beneath my fingertips. I sat there full face of fierce make-up, glossy red lips, white t-shirt, no bra, Black lace panties, and my black 4” fuck me heels!

As I sat amongst the burning candles, I ate an olive out of my glass feeling the juice from the olive burst out my mouth and trickle down my breast! It was cold! I chuckled as I wiped it up with my fingers and licked them. I looked down and saw a yellow NYC cab pull up. My heart skipped a beat as I watched a tall, dark, sexy specimen pay the cab driver and stroll across the street! Swagger was on! He looked up at me in the window and grinned, licking his lips. I put down my glass, looked in the mirror and walked down the stairs to let him in. I opened the door and his eyes gleamed as they looked me up and down! He stepped in and grabbed me, pushing me up against the wall of the foyer shoving his tongue into my mouth and grabbing me around my waist slowly sliding his hands down to my ass! “Baby”, he panted into my ear, “you don’t have on any clothes!” “I know!” I said wiping the lipstick off his lips, grabbing his carry on and leading him back up the stairs. I looked back at him watching me walk up the stairs as my ass peeked out at him from the bottom of my black lace half-cut boy shorts. He licked his lips- he was mesmerized!

Once back in the apartment, I told him to place his bags into the room and take off all of his clothes. I pulled a chilled glass from the freezer and poured a glass of Hennessey. I walked back towards the bedroom stopping in the bathroom to turn on the shower. As I walked into the room I could see his reflection in the mirror, shoes off and naked from the waist up. I placed the glass into his hand and sunk to my knees. I unfastened his belt and opened his button and pulled everything down in one swoop. He stepped out of his pants and stood there dick hard as a rock and jumping in my face. I smiled! I kissed his groin, his thighs and his pubic area softly. I looked up at him sipping the Hennessey slowly and watching me. I licked the tip of his dick ever so slightly and he jumped! The sweet taste of pre-cum slid down my throat. I smiled and blew across the wet spot that I had left behind. I watched as goose bumps broke across his skin, I didn’t want to tease him too much… he needed to last!

I rose slowly, stroking his thighs the whole way up! “That shower has your name on it!” I purred. He downed the rest of the Hennessey, kissed me and went to the shower. I turned down the sheets rolled a spliff and lit the candles around the bed! I lit the spliff took a few pulls and walked into the bathroom. I pulled back the curtain- DAMN! His hard, wet, chocolate body glistened as the water hit it! I felt my nipples go rock hard and my juices began to flow! I held the spliff out for his lips to meet, he took a deep draw and held it. I put the spliff down and pulled my t-shirt off over my head, still in my heels! He exhaled slowly watching me a cloud of smoke enveloping my body! “When’d you got those?” he choked out, referring to my nipple piercings. I placed the spliff back to his lips and he took another draw. I took another draw slipping out of my heels, placed the blunt in the ashtray on the sink, and stepped into the shower with him! I turned his back to me and lathered him up- rubbing his back and kissing the back of his neck, biting the nape of his neck as he reached behind and grabbed my ass. He spun around and pinned me against the shower wall. He kissed me, deep and hard! I could feel his dick hard against my -stomach, and pulsing. He kissed my face and my neck; he pinned my arms above my head and moved down to my nipples! He took them into his mouth- one at a time at first then both of them together. He tongued them fiercely, making me wetter and wetter! I could feel my pussy jumping and pulsing as I slid down the shower wall.

“Fuck this!” I hopped out of the shower and grabbed the spliff, pulling him behind me! We went into the room and I pushed him back onto the bed. I walked around the bed and attached straps to each of his limbs from the headboard and footboard. I watched as his chest heaved in excitement! I lit the spliff and crawled up the bed towards him. I hovered over him and slipped my tongue into his mouth, then rose slightly and slipped in my nipple. I pulled back and placed the spliff into his mouth. I slid my panties down off of me and balled them up. I pulled the spliff from his mouth and he exhaled. I rubbed the panties in his face, under his nose, “See what you did to me?” I asked, he moaned. As he licked his lips I tucked my wet black, lace panties into his mouth and he groaned, fighting at the straps to hold me!

I pulled myself on top of him and slid his hard dick into my wet, hot pussy! I moaned loudly- surprising myself!! It had been so long since I had felt him! I rode him back and forth and back and forth, slowly grinding and switching the rhythm of my hips. Then quickly bouncing up and down and up and down feeling him deeper and deeper inside me! I could feel him fighting the straps around his wrists and ankles pushing his pelvis upwards toward me- deeper and deeper inside me- I was trembling! I dug by crotch into him and pinned him hard against the mattress. POP! Next thing I know his hands are free! He pulled the panties from his mouth, loosened the straps around his ankles, and flipped me over underneath him! Stroke, STRoke, STROKE! “SHIT!!” I screamed out as he laid backshot after backshot into me! I could feel his dick against my cervix! Just when I though I couldn’t hold back anymore, apparently neither could he. He slammed into me and I pushed back hard- grinding my ass against his pubic bone. And as if on cue we both exploded against each other screaming out in ecstasy!

Juices ran everywhere! Screaming out and shivering his arm holding me around my waist under my breasts, we rocked and trembled; him still deep in me, us both wet and covered in water and sweat! We rolled over onto our backs, panting and grinning wildly! I reached over and lit the spliff! He reached over and grabbed the panties. “Damn!” he said, placing them on his face! “Who knew a t-shirt and some black panties could start all this?” I looked over at him and laughed, taking in a deep draw of the spliff.

I did!

What's your favorite encounter? Has a little fantasy ever taken you a long way?

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Play on the Edge IV - Safe, Sane, Consensual

Continued from Play on the Edge III

How could I bring closure to my project? The advice of my contact was to get “real” by moving out of the world of the imagined and theoretical and into the lives of those who actually live and breathe the lifestyle. With her assurances that everything would become crystal clear once I was in the company of the converted, I decided to attend the local SPICE (South Florida People Involved in Consensual Endeavors) meeting. I’d had what I considered to be a taste test and I was fairly optimistic on the long drive from Miami to North Broward. I am not sure what I expected from a group of people who were involved in the lifestyle, but I was certain I wanted to learn. Sometimes when you step into a space that is not your own, the people who normally live there ask you to leave. I often find however that when those people are living in a space that is on the fringe, they ask you to come in. At the Off the Cuff monthly meeting at Club Kink in Pompano I could not have felt more welcome. The discussion was candid, earnest and funny. The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. If I had expected to meet a crowd of freakish sex fiends, I was in the wrong place. To be sure these couples did have sex, plenty of good kinky sex, but they weren’t freakish.

I was awed by the support I received and by how those who were offering their help considered it as crucial to my having a safe and high quality experience. John Warren, the author of The Loving Dominant, and his wife Libby, were veritable encyclopedias, full of unlimited knowledge on the topic of BDSM. John is a true academic and a faithful practitioner, who has written quite a few books on the subject. He has over thirty years worth of intimate knowledge on kink and an awareness of its history that goes far beyond that. John, Club Kink’s manager, an experienced dominant, had come to the club as an observer for almost two years before he actually participated in play. He encouraged me to let him & Jane (the life partner he’d met at play party) know when and if I was interested in visiting the club on a guided tour. Rick, a dominant and clinical sexologist who ran the meeting, talked openly about his own missteps when he entered the lifestyle and how lucky he was that his wife Sandra had stayed with him while they learned together. All agreed that the best way to bring "new blood" into the lifestyle is to guide, teach and mentor them in the ways that they can fulfill their needs and desires. All considered meetings like Off the Cuff essential to this process. I heard a few horror stories, a few happy endings and added a lot more depth to my knowledge of what it meant to be in a BDSM relationship. By the time the meeting was over I had a great deal more knowledge than I had come in with. I had a pocketful of phone numbers and email addresses and entreaties to contact them if I had any questions. I had come to an educational support group meeting and asked for help, information and direction. I left feeling welcome, wanted and safe. If I have questions and concerns as I continue this journey, I know I have guides should I need them.

According to Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz “Our bodies are the repositories for memories, fears, secrets, hopes and dreams”. Kleinplatz asks us, “Why stop at orgasm when we can aim for ecstasy?” “Maybe”, she suggests “we really ought to consider learning from those who aim high – from those who aim to get all that they can out of their sexual encounters and refuse to settle for perfunctory sex. They aim to use sex as a vehicle for personal growth and transformation and interpersonal intimacy. If the means they use are outside the conventions and constraints of ordinary sexual relations, so too, are their goals extraordinary.” Out of the ordinary indeed; from the first time I read it, this passage stuck me as truth. During this project I’ve been challenged. On some level I’d like to think I haven’t had to stretch myself at all and that my mind is and will continue to be completely open. Except that if I am honest, I will admit that I had to adapt and encourage myself to embrace quite a few ideas that hadn’t been part of my world view. I have evolved and been transformed and emerged anew, and for that I am truly grateful.

BDSM, like swinging, preferring blonds, enjoying women with huge silicone implants – it’s all considered to be fetish. A fetish is any interest or desire that may not fall into the "Judeo /Christian norm". More officially, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, a fetish is “something, such as an object or a nonsexual part of the body that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification“. Exploring BDSM is also an exploration of self. Everyone whether they admit it or not, has a little kink desire in them. There are three essential things I’ve discovered or had reinforced during this project. First, there are more “good” people (judges, senators, doctors, lawyers....etc) in this lifestyle than the average person realizes. Second, being in the lifestyle or interested in it does not make you “bad”, sick, crazy or perverted. Mostly being part of the lifestyle makes you honest. Third and most important, Y.K.I.N.M.K.B.Y.K.I.O.K. Translation - Your kink is not my kink, but your kink is ok! Not everyone is going to have the same interests in the lifestyle. My partner and I may not have the same interests, but in the learning process we'll hopefully come to find that we can work with our different likes to grow and play together. In Kinkorama Simon Sheppard emphasizes that “sadomasochistic sex, especially the traditional leathersex variety, is chockablock with rules and rituals. It’s fun, of course, but these road rules also exist because this stuff is scary. Kink involves a radical vulnerability that is always at least a little risky because it’s letting the big, hungry animal out to play." I didn’t expect that the lessons I learned from this experience would be about the importance of honesty and intimacy in relationships. I definitely could not have known that the meeting would have taught me more about the nature of human attraction and the simple yet very complicated things those who have “vanilla” sex take for granted. The credo of " SSC - Safe, Sane, and Consensual" is something most BDSM participants live and play by. It struck me, much to my surprise, that individuals who partake in the BSDM lifestyle have much safer sexual interactions than the rest of us. What lessons should those in the vanilla community take from this? Just how much of the Hippocratic entreaty first do no harm do we take into our relationship, our homes, our bedrooms?

Ultimately I am just one of many chefs in the gourmet restaurant of life, tasting different dishes on my own journey of sexual exploration and discovery. Many of us will opt for a life of happy absolute vanilla. An adventurous few, more than the rest of us may think, will visit the kitchen of Kink, even if only on special occasions. We will dine at the table of desire, maybe even attempt to sneak a guilty peek at the dark molten chocolate of dessert, burning our fingers on the oven door in the process. In the end there is no right technique, and certainly there is no perfect recipe. We make choices. We make mistakes. We evolve. As Sheppard reminds us “For better or worse – for better and worse – we make up our lives as we go along.” So at this, the end of my little adventure, I raise my plate of dribbled chocolate sauce and crumbs and say - thank you sir, may I have another.

*References available on request

Monday, May 11, 2009

Private: For your eyes only!!

OK, so usually I don't even get wrapped up in the celebrity scandals, as I think that the inhabitants of Hollyweird are just in a world all their own. But I can't help but notice all the nude celebrity photos and sex tapes that have been 'leaked' lately. I can understand the desire to share a moment of passion and wanting to capture it, but wanting to capture it and actually doing it are two different things. They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. So, in this great age of computer hacking, viruses and general connivery, I have but one question....what the fuck are they thinking???

Time has shown us that no good has ever come out of sex tapes. From Pam and Tommy, to Paris and ? to Ray and Kim- I mean really, do these things ever stay private??? NO! I'm from the school of thought that what doesn't exist can't be leaked- makes sense right? Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for sexual exploration, and having those private kinky moments behind close doors, or in bathroom stalls, or the back of a cab, HOWEVER, as soon as video becomes involved, that private(or semi-private) moment becomes public and documented. I'm always most surprised about the embarrassment and dismay that the celebrity, usually the female then goes through, as to how this could have possibly happened? What the fuck do you mean how? Who had the tape, who had access to the tape, who knew about the tape? Because if the answer to that question is anyone other than 'ME', then shit you should have known that this day would come!!

When it comes to sex on camera, personally I'm much more of a voyeur than an exhibitionist! Now don't get me wrong I'm a supporter of a persons right to chose just how freaky they wanna get and just what and who they wanna document it with, but what I don't get is the surprise when it's discovered! Now for the average couple this is not something to worry about except maybe with an incident on Facebook or MySpace, if you pissed them off! However once you are on that celebrity level, these things should just be avoided! Now, this seems like complete common sense to most of us, which leads me to believe that these 'Celeb leaks' are not leaks but in fact promotions of one kind or the other.

To be honest they seem to take the fun out of naughty homemade videos. It's almost as if the sex tape has gone from a sexual act to a promotion tactic. I have had guys and girls give me sexy nude photos and lucky for them I'm the person that I am. However, I have not, will not ever put myself in that position that they so trustingly empowered me with! I love the notion of a sexy secret, a shared moment like going out with no panties and flashing your partner at the perfect moment, or getting a new piercing and revealing it at a moment when they can't do anything about it, however, that's where I'm gonna have to draw the line. People's emotions, egos and loyalties are far to fragile for me to entrust pics of my goodies spread to God's eyes with, and expect them to hold and cherish them. Some things in my opinion are better left in the mind's eye, otherwise be ready to face whatever consequences may ensue.

Have you ever made a sex tape? Did you end up promoting more than you bargained for?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Does Anyone have Stella’s Number?

So I think I’m loosing my sexual drive. Do they make Viagra for women? Even prior to my relationship ending I noticed a drastic change in my drive and I’m not sure what caused the turn. It wasn’t too big of a concern since I had some other things occupying my mind but I tired to masturbate today for the first time in ages and I couldn’t find a rhythm.

Not one to give up too easy I figured I went about it all the wrong way. When you haven’t done something in awhile you should ease back in slowly, set the stage so I did just that. I had the house to myself so I took a nice bath, turned off all the lights lit some incense and candles and retired to my love den. I brought out all of my best beauty products and really prepped myself as if I was about to entertain some new pussy.

My skin was feeling super soft and I smelled sweeter than a box of chocolates. I got my mirror and tools and trimmed my kitty real pretty. I spent some time in front of the full-length mirror just looking and touching my body; I was pleased and really feeling myself. I figured I should put some porn on to get into the mood and I found some of the slutty clips on the web. I got real deep into my kink and watched for an hour before my pussy produced even a drop of juice. At this point I was worried but horny enough to let my fingers skim my unhardened nipples, NO reaction. I’ve been told I can over think sex so I tried clearing my mind and enjoying the pure nastiness on the screen, my body was unfazed. After 30 minutes of straight assaulting my clit I gave up.

I’m not sure of what the disconnect may be but I’m currently not interested in finding out. I’m declaring myself asexual until further notice.

Ever lost your groove? How did you get it back?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

HNT: My neck, my back, my....

I love women's bodies. I always have. If I had to pick my favorite parts of the female form it would have to be the curve of the neck at the collar bone and the deep indent of the back along the spinal column. When I'm looking at a naked woman, my appreciation of these to parts is akin to reverence. I'm left awestruck by the simple yet complicated contours, the promise of soft skin and smiling lips. I'm driven to worship. Not lust.

Happy HNT! Is it any wonder that we are the "fairer" sex? What's your favorite?

And don't forget

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TMI Tuesday (Did I Do That?!)

1. Have you ever had sex with more than one person in a day (that didn’t know about one another)?
Yes I have. I was having one of my many “Waiting to Exhale” days and decided to go to the city to get my hair and nails done in lieu going to work one mid-weekday as well as do a little shopping. At about noon I got a “sext” from an off and on fling just saying hello. Yeah right. He wanted to know when I would be in the city again and to his surprise I “sexted” him back “NOW”. He met me downtown within the hour, took me to lunch and found ourselves in the lower level of a parking lot in the back of his truck doing the do. It last about twenty minutes and was great. We spent another hour sitting in his truck talking and catching up then I let him know I needed to get going with the rest of my “Me” day. I shopped and ate again and at about 5 I decided I wasn’t ready to go home. I called up a friend of mine to see what he was up to. I have to admit my sex romp in the parking lot was definitely satisfying but left me wanting more. My friend told me it was too hot for him to be outside so he was just chillin and watching TV. It took him about 5 minutes to invite me over (probably figuring out how he was going to cancel some other company he had coming). I hopped on the train and went over to his place. I was more tired than I thought and ended up taking a nap soon after I arrived. I woke up to him massaging my back…and well you know the rest.

2. What is the most amount of times you’ve had sex in a 24 hour period?
Seven (7). My ex and I played hookie from work one day JUST to watch porn and have sex all day long. It was great and left me having to call out the next day too.

3. Is there a sexual act/position/practice that you were sure in advance you would hate (or never try) and then discovered to your surprise you loved?
YES, ANAL SEX! When I first considered engaging in the act I was dating a guy who was HUNG. Like 9 plus inches and considerably thick. He used to beat up my uterus regularly and I just couldn’t see how that massive member was supposed to fit in such a small tight space. I just wasn’t interested in finding out what that would feel like. We’d engaged in finger play there before and truthfully that alone didn’t make me feel good enough to make me think I would enjoy something 6 times the size. Fast forward a few years later and a partner of mine convinced me to try it. I was very pleasantly surprised that I loved it…still do. I always have to get past the first 45 seconds or so but then its smooth sailing from there.

4. What has been the greatest age difference between you and a consensual sexual partner?
I was 21, He was 36.

5. Is there one that got away - a sexual opportunity you didn't realize was one at the time, or weren't ready for and regret missing ever since?
Yes, a sexy sexy Carribean dark and oh so handsome guy who used to come to my dorm room and visit me allll the time. We would flirt and were clearly physically attracted to each other. I am not sure why we never “hooked up”. I think I was probably always in some sort of relationship or just wasn’t ready for him. Needless to say, I definitely regret that missed opportunity. Especially when I came to find out years later that he was on the list of people everyone thought I’d sexed anyway. Dang!

Bonus (as in optional): Why do you blog?
I love everything about the subject of sex. I have been reading and writing erotica for several years now and it has become a great stress reliever for me. Whenever I just need to escape to my own world and get in touch with my deepest thoughts and feelings I sit down and write.

Do you ever think about things in your sexual past and ask yourself "how could I"?

Monday, May 4, 2009

OOOPS! There goes my shirt....Oh MY!

My circumstances of late have helped make me get to KNOW myself quite well again! Not that I'm mad! I really sort of missed my me time! But of late I've been really getting it in! I mean taking work breaks, on commercial breaks, need to sleep type frequency! Again, I ain't mad! Since a very tender age I realised the beauty that was self-pleasure! And I was always eager to share my.....findings! Discuss them, see if I was the only one that had these AWESOME feelings down there! Growing up in a Christian home, in a Christian Society, with Christian friends, however, my findings from my experiments often went unpublicized.

But that didn't stop me! Oh no, in fact I pressed on with ever more verve! I was doing a service to my friends and womankind because surely nobody else knew what I had found, I would have heard about it by now! Somebody would have said something, I mean I'm walking around with this fabulous apparatus between my legs that changes temperature, consistency, gets wet and all in ways that make me feel wonderful belly flop feelings! Until, one night I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep! I flicked on the TV and flashed through the channels and there before my eyes was when I discovered single-handedly the most important tool in my research... HBO late nights!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh- angelic voices sang as the TV's light broke across the room and the sensuous pictures of soft porn floated into my life!

And it was here that my love for masturbation was porn...I mean born! Between the late night stuff and then the um, documentaries such as Real Sex , I was completely enthralled! Hooked on the sexual exploration of it all! I found myself constantly pushing boundaries ... What if I tried this? What's that? How would this feel? What else can I fit up there? ETC. All my explorations with certain falic shaped items seemed strange at first and later just felt amazing! My mother was quite pleased as well. She kept noticing that certain fruits and vegetables would deplete as quick as she could get them in the house. I nervously claimed responsibility, impressing upon her that I was trying to eat healthy! Oh yes, she loved that I was increasing my fruit and vegetable intake(;P)

But I digress... Over the years my love for porn and masturbation grew together! I graduated from produce and soft porn, to rabbits and threesomes! I love laying in the darkness of my room with the glow of the TV enveloping my naked body. Angling the mirror just so, such that I can watch myself -watch my porn, and touch myself! Watching sexy chicks, do nasty things, imagining the things I would have them doing to me if they were so lucky! The wetness dripping down from my pussy as I massage my nipples- licking and sucking them (yeah I can do that)- tickles as it drains down my ass crack and onto my satin sheets! As I watch Carmen Excetera stick her tongue into the warm depths of some unsuspecting newbie, I slowly slide a finger into my pussy ever so gently massaging my clit with my thumb. I watch eagerly, longingly as Carmen bites back her lip as she simultaneously takes backshots from a huge swollen Black dick.

My back arches as my fingers slide down slowly- slipping along a pathway of willing wetness, teasing the dark spot that is emanating heat and pulsing in desperation! I look at myself in the mirror wishing I could fuck me, wishing I could fuck them, loving the way my fingers feel against certain soft spots along my side, along my inner thigh! See there's no guessing here! I know what turns me on! I know where to tease, where to linger where to brush by, and more importantly...WHEN!! I am my own greatest lover! I can stroke fingers into me deep and hard or soft and slow, and I know when I want it which way! I can speed up my vibrator or slow it down just so, sending the perfect speed of pulses through by clit, and up my spine causing a stampede of goose bumps up my stomach and breasts, making my nipples so hard they feel as if they are going to explode -the skin taught around the flesh!

I watch them, hear them- fucking themselves into a frenzy. Sweat on brows- theirs and mine! Bodies melding, the wet slap -slap- slapping of him penetrating her so deeply, shifting her womb in all of his sexual prowess, causing her to scream out in guttural, animalistic groans. Not the fake cute, cardboard moans, but the ugly, dark sinister ones broken up with, "Shit, FUck, Oh God, AAAH fuck, That shit's Soooo deep, shit sooo deep! FUCK" The kinda moans that I swear you can feel, that bring out that inner Barry White! That make you wanna just say fuck it and cum, but you hold out just a little longer! Fingers still foresting, swirling the last bits of composure around, and around! Breaths getting shorter and sharper. Tongue drying out! And just when you can see that she is where he is and he is where she is and they seem to all look at me asking if I am there too... I nod and jam the vibrator hard against my clit and feel my whole body quake and begin to lose control like a rocket re-entering the atmosphere! And a sound builds deep in my diaphragm- guttural yet high pitched, emerging from me before I can even open my mouth, before I even have time to think and now she and he and she and I are all one blurry, hot, silence-piercing choir, cutting through the darkness exhausted, and slightly out of body. And as I lay there composing myself, catching my breath -I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Damp, supple, and sexier than ever! I chuckle to myself and lick my lips ---- Hmmmm! Round two? Next Chapter!

Have you had a one on one lately? Can you appreciate just you and the darkness?

Friday, May 1, 2009

An Exploration into The Laws Of Attraction: Stud Love

I’m from Philly. Now Philly is no South Florida by any stretch of the imagination but within the realm of social interactions, Philly has this place beat. From the moment I stepped on the tarmac I’ve been crippled with regret.

Amongst the filth and constant construction of Philly lies a truly urban city. You get the hustle and bustle of a metropolis coupled with the personality of ethnically and culturally diverse neighborhoods. As a true urbanite I walked the streets, rode the bus, biked to work and enjoyed constant human interaction. Although most women don’t walk around waving their gay flags, I had opportunities to meet people and strike up a conversation during my daily travels. These opportunities made dating easier back home. I spent little time online trolling message boards or bogus clubs looking for love.

My search for a solider has been fruitless because the pickings are so very slim in the 954. First off the people are rude here. On the rare occasion you are walking in the street you’re greeted with lowered heads and strange stares. It may be the company I keep or the places I frequent but the quality of the people I meet on the scene just isn’t good. I’m not searching for a Ph.D but at least have a GED. I've always heard that the south is late on pop culture trends and that couldn’t be more evident than with the women I meet here. They are still wearing extra baggy clothes or the rock star gear and it's simply depressing.

Fresh from a break-up I ventured with my posse of tri-sexuals to this gay dive bar Jay’s. It was their first time and I warned them of the fuckery that was sure to ensue. As I prepared for a night of “wassup mah” and “you looking real fly wit that baldhead,” I was also prepared to be open to whatever or whoever drifted my way. I won’t spill all the beans about the trip Sheba, Pink and I took into the deep swallows of the Ft. Lauderdale Black Lesbian social scene, but let’s just say I fear that these women are bi and bi-curious no longer…it was that tragic.

Midway through the night, as I was loosing myself in Sheba's mind altering alcoholic brew, I tried to convince both them and myself that there is hope. We were posted up looking like three fly chicks with attitude when our conversation drifted into the “benefits” of dating a stud.

Stud is a term for a butch female commonly used by black lesbians. Being a stud has less to do with clothing than it does with a state of mind. For lack of a cliché studs have a swagger. A tasty infusion of style, personality, bravado and chutzpah that makes them desired by many lesbians and envied by others who lack the qualities.

I used to believe that if I was going to be a lesbian I wanted to be with a woman who looked and acted like a woman; mainly because it was easier to hide amongst the masses, but more so because that shit wasn’t cute. I could appreciate what studs had to offer but I could never understand why they didn’t want to celebrate their womanhood. You have a fat ass, sexy hips, beautiful skin, athletic bodies and you want to deny the world your splendor? I simply couldn’t get it.

Over time I'vehad they opportunity to befriend a few studs and both my feelings and their appeal changed. Now I know they are misunderstood. We can get into the science behind gender identity and chemical imbalances, but my main observation is that their lifestyle isn’t a choice or trend - it's what comes natural to them. Now I’ve experienced posers and people who are "extra" but I'm convinced that if you give a stud a chance, a true stud will have you like Jerry Maguire “at hello.”

A boi (stud) is smooth. I look at it like an eat the meat and through away the fat type of situation. They can relate to what it means to be a woman, in addition to embracing the traits that attract you to a man. I’ve typically dated femmes aka lipstick lesbians and it’s been nice. Femmes personify what it means to be feminine - soft skin, lady like mannerisms, a submissive personality. Yet these same qualities are also their greatest faults because femmes can be high maintenance. I am an aggressive femme (think pitbull in a skirt) and those damn femmes/lipstick lesbian/pillow princesses are not worth the heartache that often accompanies enjoying their big butts and smiles.

Being with a stud gives me a sense of security and strength I’ve never been able to find with a femme. In my experience, studs tend to be more masculine and often assume a dominant role in the relationship, acting as the provider and protector. And to top it off they "look good in them jeans." Moreover, studs make great lovers. In comparison to femmes, studs aim to please at all costs and similar to a man, an unsatisfied customer is an ego bruiser.

There are some draw backs. Most hardcore studs like to be referred to with masculine pronouns, which is hard to get used to but some women accommodate. Some have body issues and resort to taping of their breasts and growing facial hair, even taking hormones. These types of extremes have less to do with being gay and more to do with emotional and sexual issues. And to my disbelief some studs don’t want their woman to touch or please them during physical interaction, i.e. sucking their nipples or oral sex and in these situations penetration is surely out the question.

I've been asked, "if you're attracted to the manly qualities of a stud why not be with a man?" Well naysayers it’s deeper than that. Dating a stud is the best of both worlds.

Yes, my girl looks good in her Sean John or a suit but when she peels them off, I feel like Johnny Gill ("My, My, My"), the physique is there. Have you ever seen a fat ass and full hips in a pair of boxers briefs!? Because my woman is in touch with her masculine and feminine emotions I get an unfathomable emotional understanding I can’t find with a man. She's chivalrous, understands PMS, and can buss another bitch’s ass if she steps out of line.

A pretti boi loves to please my body. She appreciates my imperfections and praises my sexiness. She is skilled with her hands, tongue, toys and strip, a true master of her craft. It’s not about lying on her back and getting her pussy eaten. A stud is all about pleasing her woman, putting in work and making sure the job is done right Malcolm style, by any means necessary.

At the end of the day who you fall in love with can't be controlled, but cutting off an entire sector of the lesbian community can truthfully hinder the process. Don’t you wanna be happy...

Ever been convinced to try something new and liked it?