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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tangy...then sweet

"The sheets are cool. I'm hot.
Wet. Wanting.
My mouth is watering. Again.
Tell me what you want me to do right now."
I want you to get in your car and come to me again....
I want you to come through the door and not say a word to me.
Gently slip your the index and middle fingers of your right hand into your mouth. Gently. Imagine that it is mine.
Imagine I'm kissing your neck....and you're breathing me in while your tongue rolls around the fingers. Moving very slowly in and out of your mouth...
When they are slippery and wet....bring them to your all around first....teasing.....
Then taking the whole breast in your hand...full and warm. If i were there i would have to taste it....
But you will have to imagine that while you pinch and tug and my mouth is on you sucking .... Biting...just a little...
Your hips are starting to rock...legs opening slightly...
Fingers back in mouth......but this time more hungry
"I want to FEEL it. HEAR it.
Me. Cumming. On your hands.....In your mouth.
Your fingers inside me. Rubbing against that little raised area.
My back arching. Me clenching around your fingers, inside.
My hips flexing up...down
My mouth open. My lip between my teeth, bruising.
Slowly in and out
you...moving, teasing, focused. guiding you.....showing you where I like it.
Me moaning deep. My head moving fitfully against the pillow.
With each stroke a sound escaping my lips. A wimper.
I want.
I want to hear it. In my ear. Lips touching my face.
I want your nipple, the left one. Hard. Tight and aching. In my mouth, between my teeth, my tongue dancing around it, my lips tugging, sucking slow and urgent. I want my hand on your other breast kneading softly teasing the dark nipple between my fingertips, squeezing a little less than gentle. I want my naked thigh, between your naked legs, your hips rubbing into me. I want your heat against me, wet, dripping, afire.
Are you....breathing?
Laying on the bed....imagining you here."
If I ask you to touch yourself right now. Can you? Will you?
"Yes. Are you asking?"
You are soft and wet I imagine. Trembling maybe. Wanting?
Your hands sliding between the folds. Wet now?
A tingle perhaps as the tips of your fingers brush over.
Cum for me. Please.
With the tip of your index finger. Find her. Touch her softly.
Circling around slowly at first. Softly.
The sensation is teasing your toes as you circle calling you close.
"Chest hot
Your hips are leaning into your hand. Arching upward.
Increasing the pressure. Making you urgent.
Move your fingertips back and forth. Deeply.
Faster. So that with each stroke it is as if you are nearing the edge.
"Sooooooo wet
I'm soaked
not yet, please."
And then back...breathe...forward...
Until perhaps you want more than you are giving yourself.
And the desire, pushes the anticipation pushes your body closer...your fingers tingling a bit...your legs flex... your hand wet and want it....need it
imagine me there watching.
Taking your nipple into my mouth. Laving it with my tongue. Calling you. Bringing you over.
I'm here. There. Don't wait.
You're probably quite hot Right now. Everywhere. And full and swollen. There.
Tangy....then sweet.
....Like me.

How do you like yours?


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