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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

...and all that JAZZ!

It’s hard, living in such a small town, to play the way you want to. Even with an understanding boyfriend, it’s as if I’m stifled by the constraints of my not- so- modern- day society. With the past experiences I‘ve had with females, I’ve always kept them as drive-bys. I’m always very clear that I have a boyfriend and that I’m not looking for a relationship. I’m not bragging by any means but seriously, I seem to have a strange effect on the girls; they tend to want more than I can offer. So since I’ve moved back home I’ve tried to show restraint and avoided them (girls and encounters) all together. But alas old habits die hard.
Completely put out by the usual bar hopping, I reluctantly ventured out with friends a few weeks ago to the local rainbow watering hole. Figuring maybe I’d see something that would tease me or whom I could tease without actually getting myself into trouble I went in not expecting much of anything but a good time with my boys. As usual the music was great and the girls and boys were out to play in all their night marauder regalia. While I found my groove in the corner I started looking around the room taking in my surroundings. All the regulars were here it seemed and so I let loose and slipped into oblivion. I started dancing and losing myself in the music when all of a sudden I felt eyes on me-- hot, hungry eyes. I looked across the bar but saw no one. Paranoia is a bitch! I’m way too antsy…SHOT! Pronto!
I knocked back a shot and had just started dancing with my friend JB when he said to me,

“She is eating you alive, sis!”
“I dunno- new trade! My 1, your 7. Going to investigate.”

I turned trying to subtly glance over my shoulder but I couldn’t see who he could’ve been talking about. All I saw was mostly regulars- two girlz- coupled up and a few boyz. The only one I didn’t know was a caramel skinned boy with a skater boy swagger. He had a lip piercing, full arm sleeves, ear gauges and was definitely not from here. He was pretty as hell! My boyz were gonna have a field day in here with him tonight! I noticed that JB had made his way over to the group and was chatting it up with the pretty boy. TYPICAL! JB smiled at me and then so did Pretty Boy. I smiled back and winked tossing up cheers with my drink before turning back to my boyz and continuing to dance. The sweaty, hot atmosphere was turning me on. My head was starting to swing and I could feel myself getting lost in my surroundings. My shirt was drenched and I was positive you could see my nipple piercings through my shirt, but I didn’t care. I unbuttoned the top button of my top to get some air to the girls and the sweat trickled down into my cleavage. As I reached in to mop it up I looked up and Pretty Boy was watching me across the bar. I bit my lip and threw him a face mimicking how hot it was. He licked his lips slowly and softly, smiled and nodded in agreement. Damn if I ever wanted to be a gay boy it was fucking now!
I was about to order another drink when, the bartender brought one over to me saying, “For you my dear…” and before I could ask from who, he gestured at the crowd “…from an admirer!” My eyes darted through the crowd looking to see a familiar face or at least someone looking to see my reaction—nothing! As I sipped my drink and danced to Ms Minaj’s Your Love, I felt a hand along the lower part of my back, heat against my neck and a low whisper in my ear.

“So, how much of a tease is it that the sexiest chick in here is not only straight, but taken!”

I turned to see what crazy ass friend of mine was fucking with me now and to my surprise it was the Pretty Boy! He had his head at a tilt and was looking down. I started to say Well I don’t see why either of those things would bother you when he licked his lips and smiled. Wait a minute- am I seeing right! I dabbed the sweat from around my eyes and licked my lips back. I was tipsy as hell and homie was looking better than a cold drink on a hot summer day! I replied,

“That is so fucked up! Where is that bitch, I need to have a word with her!”
He laughed, “Haha, Yeah you know I mean you!”
I giggled, “And just who may I ask am I teasing exactly?”
He raised his hand in the air claiming responsibility and a smooth raspy voice with a West Coast tinged accent rolled out.
“That’d have to be me, ‘cause I don’t think that anyone in here has been as busy watching you all night as I have. You from here?”

If he licked those lips one more time I might forget that my man was only a phone call away, embarrass myself and jump this gay boy! What was this anyway, what was his thing? Wait! Was he Bi, because fuck that shit, I don’t play that way! Just as I was about to get pissed off JB popped up behind him and started pointing at him while mouthing something--- something that looked a lot like That’s her!! I choked a little on my drink and pulled my attention back.

“Huh, yeah, I’m from here. You’re CLEARLY NOT!” I probed, “I’m Lexi by the way!”
“Jazz. Nice to meet you Lexi. I’ve been figuring out how to approach you without you being scared off all night. I know you don’t like girls but I had to tell you that I’ve been watching you all night and I think you are sexy as hell; your energy, your whole style—is just crazy! I just couldn’t leave here without telling you how jealous I am of your man, I’m not gonna crowd you but I really wanted to see you close up—ya know…” and she leaned in closer to my ear “see if you smell as good as you look!”

She licked her lips and then giggled- a bashful charming smile left on her face. Damn, damn, damn! Why is this bitch here trying me? I’m not usually even attracted to butch girls but I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to know more, to hear more, and to taste those lips.

“Ay, so I know you not flying my way but we could be friends though?!”
I gave her a mean side-eye. She laughed.
“What? I have straight female friends—besides I can dream right?”

I bit my lip ordered two shots and two drinks—we downed the shots I grabbed the drinks handed her one and gestured for her to follow me outside onto the balcony. I didn’t know what way this was gonna go but I certainly didn’t need these bitches in here bearing witness.
We stood out there drinking and talking, smiling and flirting. I couldn’t even pretend that I wasn’t completely turned on and intrigued by this girl. She was unlike any girl I had ever been attracted to and I couldn’t explain my infatuation. The way she spoke, the way she stared in my eyes when she asked me questions, the way she kept finding excuses to get close to me. Her tattoos were just icing on the cake! Not butterflies or fairies, but instead flames, dragons and evil clowns lured me to touching her. Tracing them with my fingers, she trembled as my hands touched the tattoos on her neck. She turned to face me grabbing my hands, her lips just inches away from mine. Then she slid her hand up around the back of my neck and pulled me close to inspect the tattoo behind my ear she brushed her lips across it gently and a gasp escaped my lips. She pulled my face towards her and kissed my lips softly at first, almost hesitant. My head spun—her hands wrapped around me and pulled me closer to her kissing me harder. Stroking my neck and grabbing my hair firmly, she pulled back my head and lightly licked and nibbled my ear, my jaw, my neck, my chest. As her tongue plunged into my cleavage I swear I could hear a sizzle as the wetness from her tongue cooled the heat from my body. She had me pressed against the wall kissing me and rubbing me all over. Her hands slid down to my hips, under the curve of my ass, between my thighs slowly but surely stroking me, rubbing me, drawing the moistness through my black spandex. She grabbed my breasts in firm, gentle handfuls biting my nipples through my shirt and sliding down until her face was buried in my pussy. I was trembling under her touch, I wanted to rip my pants off and straddle her beautiful face riding it until I came all over it. She stood up again kissing me and pushing her tongue into my mouth.
I wanted her to taste me; I felt like I needed her to! I wanted her to slip her tongue deep into the wet pulsing crevices between my thighs and taste what she had done to me. As she slid her hands down my pants roaming towards the heat radiating from my pussy I held my breath, and as her fingers found my wetness slippery and tantalizing we both moaned- me in pleasure and her in lust!

“I wanna taste you so fucking bad! I have to taste you!” she gasped.

Just as I was about to tell her that I was ready right there and then, we were interrupted. JB cleared his throat. We both jolted to pull ourselves together, both still panting, hearts racing, clits pounding.

“Uh, sorry to break up the party but Jazz your friends are ready and were about to send out a search party…”
“Okay, thanx man! Tell them to gimme like five minutes?! Hey can you do me a huge favor, can you grab me a pen?”
“Will do!”

JB smirked at me gave me the Dr. Evil finger and disappeared back into the club. We both stared at each other longingly. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. There was no way we could leave together. It was bad enough that JB had witnessed this tryst. She held my hands tightly, and kissed my forehead, and then my lips. She put her forehead on mine, still stroking my breast.

“This is some bullshit! I have to see you again. I’m leaving tomorrow night but I’m staying at the Hotel by the Casino. I’m gonna give you my room number, if you can come by later or tomorrow, just call me. Please just try. Please, please try!”
“I will—I’ll try!”
She kissed my hands, my neck, my face. JB came back with a pen and paper and disappeared. Jazz’s entourage was downstairs and growing impatient.
“Come on Jazz, man! Ms. Thang ain’t playing your game no way!”
We laughed.
“I’m coming!!!” she called out.
She scribbled her hotel room number and her cell number in Cali.
“In case you can’t ya know, If I don’t … if you’re ever on my coast—EVER, you call me!?!”
I bit my lip and nodded. She kissed me hard one last time.
“Call me sometime?”
I nodded. As she got to the door she turned one last time, she put her fingers under her nose, and then slid her fingertips into her mouth. She closed her eyes and licked her lips.
“Damn—!”, she whispered.

I blushed, she smiled and like that she was gone. I watched her walk away from the balcony, my body still pulsing, my heart thumping. What the fuck was that? I slid down the wall, my head in my hands. What the FUCK was THAT? I opened my eyes at JB’s foot tapping next to me.
“Come on sister! Let’s get you a shot and let’s dish, ‘because you look like he just left with something of yours.”
“Yeah… but I’m not sure what it was!”

Has the unexpected ever left you feeling jolted to your core?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dildo Delight

It's 3am and I should be catching up on sleep. Instead, I'm up waiting for hubby to return home from the club. Tonight was a birthday celebration of a friend at a club in the City and I was not in the mood to attend because I was too tired.

Hubby must be having a blast because he has not responded to the text messages I sent a few hours ago asking if he was having a good time. I just upped the anty and texted him, "find a cute chick and bring her home." I'm sure I'll be receiving a call shortly asking if I'm high because although we're open and have an alternative lifestyle, we're not that open. LOL. For the record, I don't smoke.

I'm perusing Frederick's of Hollywood's website for new outfits. The one I currently have on is a sexy lavendar cami and short set and I can't wait for hubby to rip it off. Tonight feels like an anal night - I'm in the mood to be gently torn open. The Analease in on the side table along with the baby oil and I'm looking forward to hubby lubbing his dick with baby oil and moistening my anal opening with the Ease. The hardest part is the initial penetration and then it's easy street from there. I'm too horny to make love tonight so instead I'm mentally and physically excited about getting fucked - in the ass. :-)

I took a break from this post and poured baby oil over the smaller of my dildos until it was thoroughly wet and dripping. I turned on my side until I found a comfortable angle in which to insert the dildo. Initial discomfort set in but I literally pushed past the pain until all 5 inches fit in comfortably. After a few minutes, the dildo felt nonexistent so I upped the ante to the larger dildo. WHOA-big difference. I tried to ram it in but that didn't work - it was too wide with a circumference of 5-6 inches (see for yourself in the pic). I recoiled in pain and then slowly and rhythmically inserted it and pulled it out. My moans grew deeper as the pain from forcing the large dildo into my ass turned into pleasure.

It's now almost 5am, I'm relaxed and at ease. Hubby is still not home but it's all good - I'm sated enough to sleep comfortably. Ideally, I'll soon be woken up by the moist feel of his lips sucking my breast.

When's the last night you masturbated?