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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fallen out of Sex

I am the queen of S-E-X. I have and am willing to try various tricks in and out of the bedroom. Since my introduction to the world of all things erotic, I have sampled and devoured various cocks and pussies all over the US. I knew when and where to find my treats. In fact, I have a masters degree in erotic pleasures. I both a master and a student of pleasuredom. Unfortunately, my crown has fallen. For the past four months, I have not sampled the juices of erotic flavors: No pussy licking, dick sucking, or G-spot massaging. The past four months found me engaged in a vow of purity. I lived like the others: a plain Jane. I did not respond to sexual advances; I ignored exotic temptations. I was a drone....devoid of divine pleasures of sex.

Since I have fallen off the wagon, I need help to saddle up again. I want to smell and taste the nectar of sex. I desire body heat and sweat. I want my pussy swollen so juices squirt out into a waiting mouth. I long to tongue a dick, sucking every last drop of cum until that man's well runs dry. I hope that someone will bend my limbs into various positions so I may remember the joys of pain and pleasure. I demand that someone take hold of my body and mind.....dictate and instruct me on the how and the what....tell me how I may serve you.....

I fear that my four month vacation has dampened my game, diminished my skills, and permitted fear to cloud my mindscape. I guess that my first escapade....whoever may be so lucky...must be gentle....easing me back into my groove. I've heard that once you learn; you'll never forget; like riding a bike or smoking a blunt. With each time, you ease into the rhythm, increase the flow, longing for the next time you experience such joy. These folks who continue to coach me into returning to the ring...some were there at the blessing of my first blunt and others bear witness of the juices of my Kink. Now, I am taking names and applications for the next round of contestants.

Will you submit your application? Will you share the skills you bring to this career position? How will you help me gain my crown back?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

HNT: Booty Booty Booty Rocking Everywhere

Please believe me when I say I never quite knew what I was holding until I took a picture of it. I snapped the shot and all I could say was “DAMN.” I didn’t realize how brown and round my ass was. I know objects appear larger than life when photographed but my shit just seems massive. I fell back in love with my chocolate skin tones, the smoothness of my skin and the healthiness of my physique… Bon appetite!

Happy happy HNT! Visit Osbasso and see who else is playing!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MzTrySexual: Why I KINK!!!

"I'm a tri-sexual. I'll try anything once."
Samantha Jones, Sex and the City

“I’m a try-sexual. I’ll try anything sexual!”
MzTrySexual, The Kink Chronicles

I have always been a very sexually liberated person, not deviant just liberated!! Being from the Caribbean I can tell you we are NOT taught to express ourselves sexually. We are a largely Christian nation that lives eats and breathes family, church and culture. That is all! I grew up in the church, complete with Kool-aid and tea sandwiches after services, choir practices and Sunday school. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to go off to school and get some exposure that allowed me to be more liberal with my thinking and experiences. I have always been an open person. I know what I like and what I don’t like and I’m more than willing to tell who ever will listen. Unfortunately, I’m a bit of an anomaly in my oh-so-normal surroundings. Not many are willing to talk as openly about the things that I do, the way that I do. So when Sheba hit me up asking if I was indeed the naughty kink-tress that she recalled from high school, I giddily conceded and gracefully accepted the invitation.

I Kink because I am! Yeah, I’m a freak, and WHAT? I’m sexy, fierce, flirty, demanding, submissive and downright nasty when I wanna be! But I’m also an educated, intelligent, ambitious and creative woman! I wanted to be a part of this community of women demonstrating that we can be all these sexual/ sensual things and still be the life-bearing, goddess-like entities that we are held up as. The women of Kink are my sexual ‘coven’. We represent what so many think and crave but dare not say let alone live. We ARE the things that go bump in the night! And we love it! I am grateful for these women who make me feel so much a part of something so necessary. I am grateful for their honesty, their confidence and their sexy! I revel in our KINK!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hai-kink: Siren

lips burn in sun's light.
not obliging the secret
of yesterday's kiss.

at first she said no.
legs slide open by my hands.
i lean in and taste.

we came together.
slowly at first. then deeply.
kissed softly. at first.

between her lips, mine.
the air Is hot. bodies wet.
tastes sweet. savory.

heads buried in necks.
breast against breast, nipples touch.
her fingers searching.

her arriving there.
finds wet. slides inside fully.
i pull her moaning.

i can feel her deep.
my breath is shallow. panting.
her skin is hot. firery.

i want her now. here.
i want her inside me now.
i am still hungry.

it seemed simple. me her.
us together simple. right.
today it seems not.

there is no waiting.
only us wanting always.
there is heat. needing.

if I could still it.
slow it. but I cannot. yet.
i am holding on.

her lips between mine.
her hips my hands my lips. touch.
i can see her there.

the taste is heaven.
pink folds moist with sweat. pulsing.
i could eat for hours.

fingers one by one.
my lips on her. sucking deep.
she is writhing. tossing. sweet.

skin soft as velvet.
dark chocolate turns petal pink.
i have to taste. her.

she is beautiful.
in this pose she is luscious.
greedy and so wet.

Have you had a session so intense, it made you want to 'ring the alarm'?

Saturday, March 20, 2010


The notoriously nasty Pink Vixxxen stumbled across my twitter page and was delighted by my screen name iServeFace. When I chose it I didn’t consider the double-entendre but who am I to deny its sexy meaning. When I started serving face I was filled with performance anxiety; never had I received. I had only watched it on the Spice Channel where the camera angles were never quite close enough. Much to my surprise that first time was like a baby tiger making its first kill; all instinctive. Almost like riding a bike, someone is holding the seat steady as you mount and you quiver a little trying to gain your balance. Once you find a rhythm and build your confidence they release their hold and suddenly you take off never forgetting how to ride again; That’s describes my allegiance to the marvelously moist, splendorously splashy vagina the first time I was blessed with a taste I never turned back.

Although pussies are all gifts to the earth from up above, they are not all created equally. My favorite type of cunt is thick and meaty. I like the kind of chyna that’s so thick it can make an imprint through baggy sweatpants: each lip juicy and pinchable like your chubby nephew’s cheeks. The lips must be uniform in size and I don’t like anything enlarged or hanging. A tight cunt is the standard and I do not engage if other wise. As my sexual confidence grew so did my aggression. I’m classified as a stem or aggressive femme and its most displayed in the bedroom. I’m not a huge conversationalist. I prefer my companion to use very little words and concentrate on the sounds of sex. Because of the dynamics of most lesbian relationships I don’t get to act on my animalistic desires so sex with a girlie girl and me can be quite barbaric. Most nights the anticipation builds on the ride home. I switch from the thumbing sounds of the club to the smooth grooves of R. Kelly (I don’t care what you say that man makes music for fuckin). We stumble upstairs and retire to our respective corners to disrobe, she to the bathroom to “pee” (read wipe down) and me to the room to prep the landscape for cunninglingus.

“Lay down,” I demand, and she complies. I like for her to lay on her back with her booty floating off the edge. The weight of her thighs resting on my shoulders and me crouched down legs cocked wide gives easy access to my clit if need be. I always begin with a firm spreading of the thighs stretching them out forcing the punany to bloom like an onion from Outback. Lesbian sex is more about feeling and sensations; it’s a mind fuck first before the touching begins. The body responds to the thought of sex before it gets to experience the joys. I like to sensually torture and tease the entire body before I begin to devour the pussy. I love to hear my partner giggle with nervous anticipation and wiggle to the sensation of my hot mouth kissing behind her kneecaps, licking the backs of her legs or nibbling on the space between her anus and vaginal opening.

“Lay down,” I demand, and she complies. I like for her to lay on her back with her booty floating off the edge. The weight of her thighs resting on my shoulders and me crouched down legs cocked wide gives easy access to my clit if need be. I always begin with a firm spreading of the thighs stretching them out forcing the punany to bloom like an onion from Outback. Lesbian sex is more about feeling and sensations; it’s a mind fuck first before the touching begins. The body responds to the thought of sex before it gets to experience the joys. I like to sensually torture and tease the entire body before I begin to devour the pussy. I love to hear my partner giggle with nervous anticipation and wiggle to the sensation of my hot mouth kissing behind her kneecaps, licking the backs of her legs or nibbling on the space between her anus and vaginal opening.

Much like hers, my pussy is ignited with passion. I can feel the warmth and wetness pool on the inside of my sex and anymore teasing will force me to explode, so I begin. First licking up the Barbie Doll joint crease where the legs meet the lips and I bite down to the folds of her ass. I’m an “all hands on deck” kind of pussyeater so I use my chin to spread her lips and clear a path to the center of her sex. I poke my bottom lip to all the way out and use it to scoop the impending juices back up to the clit; the secret to optimum pleasure is a super wet pussy, and natural juice is the best lubrication.

All mouth motions must be smooth and methodic; establishing a rhythm first sets the tone for the session. So I use my bottom lip to roll up and my bottom teeth to push the wetness out in a slow wine motion like the sexiest dancehall queen and her hips mimic the moves. By this time my entire face it wet and I’m loving it. She begins to moan slow and deep from pleasure and I do the same. Mechanically my lips shape themselves into a full-lipped pucker and I swallow the clit while pressing firmly on the abdomen.

While engulfed between my lips I slap the clit with my tongue starting off softly and allowing the repetitive motion to build bringing her to a climax. I stop. Still holding onto the clit and exhaling my warm breath, but no more motion. At this point she usually sits up and yells, “What the fuck!” I smile to myself, release the clit and commence to licking her from the rooter to the tooter and she settles back in to her position. I like to French kiss the clit nice and slow, sticking my tongue in and up, twisting my head to match its movements, stopping every few moments to plant a soft peck on the cheeks. I squeeze the lips together pushing the clit out and rub my face into it causing her to quiver.

Too much attention to the clit can lead to an early climax and I’m not ready for that so I focus on the entrance. As we all know the most sensitive portion of the twat is the opening so I allow my tongue to graze this area slow but confidently, with my mouth wide open the so the coolness of my breath enhances the feelings. I wrap my arms around her thighs pulling her in as she begins to fuck my face. I push my thumb into the apex of the vagina and force the clit to jump from under the hood.

The exposure to the night’s air is enough to produce more juices and I just lap it all up. I push her to the other end of the bed forcing her head to dangle off so I can mount the bed. I force her legs even wider so I can suck and tug on her clit while fingering the pussy, using forceful strokes. Now I can sense the climax building again because her back starts to arch and just when she belts, “I’m gonna cum,” I pop an index finger in her asshole and its over. She clamps down on my hand, I feel her clit pulsate and her passion is all over my face. I take one more sip and savor in the fruits of my labors and fall out. She wants a wet towel; I comply and happily sleep it off until the morning.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Pussy Drought: Volume 1 - Finger Fucking in the Dark

I've fucked ALOT of women. Or at least I think so, as compared to how many men I've fucked. I'm no Don Juan to the ladies but something about my very nature encourages women to open up to me about their sexual desires, interests, mishaps and what-have-you. I always attributed it to my insane sense of loyalty to many of my female friends. Any of my girls know that I'm that girl in the crew that's really got everyone's back when the shit hits the fan. I'm the last-in the club and last-out the club type chick, making sure everyone is good before we bounce. I'm like a FBI agent, surveying the spot for any deviants or haters, both of which should be on the America's Most Wanted list. I always have a fabulous time (busters or not)and I look fabulous doing it.
Most women love me or hate me. I think I like it that way. See, I started my love affair with pussy a loooong time ago. So, those who love me...well, let's just say I could appreciate this gift with girls as early as 9 years old.

In fifth grade, Melanie was the cutest girl in the world to me. She had this beautiful honey brown skin and her hair was almost always done cute. Her older sister used to think she was all-that. hmmph. I mean she was def cute, but Melanie was like waaaay better. She had the biggest bootie in the class. I loved watching her walk away from me with the plaid from her skirt bouncing from her booty jiggles. She also had what I now know as luscious "dick sucking" lips which she plastered with lipgloss daily. Come to think of it, I remember plenty of times feeling tingly as I watched her suck her thumb. That's actually how we became friends--we both still had issues quitting the thumb sucking.

And, Mels was definitely one of my best, most favorite friends. We jumped rope together. She let me do her hair. We always asked to go to the bathroom together. We used to switch uniforms sometimes (still not sure why lol). We started the whole "Cool" for girls to sit on girls laps thing at our school. But all the while, we had not done anything remotely sexual with each other. Randomly one day standing around after cheerleading practice, my life changed.

In the bathroom checking out what our uniforms would look like for next week's game--we're both being silly posing, doing fake steps in adjacent mirrors. I turned to her and giggled, "oooooh Melanie look at all that booty hanging out", simultaneously poking her ass softly. "You betta quit D! Plus look at all of this", Mel yelled back as she quickly brushed her hand across my "ample" size B cups. Wow she had grabbed me back! I just poked her and she kinda grabbed me. So the next time I lightly gripped under her ass with my hand and made reference to her big booty again. Next she's attacking me in groping tickles. We start tickling each other but it definitely feels more like copping feels. Our giggles are echoing through the entire bathroom and empty gym I'm sure. We're going on for a while, rolling along the wall. She's in control. Then I'm in control.

We keep our faces close together--her cheek on mine. She tickles me by softly grabbing my tit. I laugh to keep up pretenses. I tickle her by playing along her butt crack. She laughes as well. Finally, a truce...but I get the last feel with a finger that grazes the inside of her ass. We paused for a long, awkward time with no laughter. We kinda just stared at each other. Just as I was about to tell her it was prolly time for me to go home, she said calmly, "I'll show you my booty, if you show me your titties." WTF? Wait...What? YES!!! "Aight--well let's hurry up", I say tentatively.

So of course bossy ass Mel was gonna try to force me to go first. But I wasn't having it! Nah! We had to draw on that one. I won the quick draw so SHE had to go first. We agreed to follow the other person's instructions---so you get to see everything you want to see. With her standing far across from me, I told her to turn around and pull up her skirt first, so I could see her ass in the cheerleading pants aka spanks. She agreed and as soon as her skirt lifted, I felt myself inching forward past the "safe zone". I wanted a closer look goddamit! I told her it would make it easier if I just pulled down her spanks and panties, while she held up the skirt. She agreed. I kneeled down behind her and reached up for her spanks. Words can not even expresss my anticipation at that very moment. I was finally going to see her ass! My heart was in my throat and my hands were super clammy. I remember pulling down her burgandy spanks slowly and seeing the prettiest caramel brown round sticking out the side of her underwear. Her booty got all goosebumpy after the air hit it. I remember thinking her leg looked like a golden original recipe KFC chicken leg. (that now makes sense for obvious reason lol) I instructed her to "go shoulder length" which was cheerleading code for "spread your legs". She never gave me any problems--she just said "ok" and "is that ok?" and I was grateful for her cooperation. I knew her snug-fit, pretty panties with purple and pink flowers would need more room for maneuvering and I didn't want to drop them.

As she stepped out her panties, one by one with each leg, I got a glimpse of her lil space of heaven between her legs. She smelled of baby powder and sweat. She had about the same amount of hair as I did down by her kitty kat. I was literally speechless. My thoughts raced but were abruptedly interrupted---"Um hellloo? What are we supposed to do now?" she says clearly getting annoyed. Truth is I had no idea what we were supposed to do now. So I said the first thing that came to mind----"We can 'DO IT'...if you want to?" And that was all she wrote....

Neither of us really knew what "doing it" was but we were pretty determined to figure it out. We made up our own rules. Melanie wanted it where we didn't do it with anybody else---but I quickly vetoed that. Doing it in our world was finger-fucking in the dark. Wet kisses in the bathroom stalls. We started off quite sloppy and it always seemed a pain to only get to do it once in a while after cheerleading practice. By 7th grade, although we were in different schools, we were covert finger fucking pros.

Away at camps and trips, counselors spent most of their time trying to keep the girls away from the boys. This sucked for Melanie, cause she was always in and out with this fool, Charles. He had a nasty mouth but he was cute though. I knew he was doing it to her to on the DL. Shoot by 7th grade, there was a group of 5 or 6 girls doing it with each other. We all participated in the same after-school activities, and had previously been classmates before I moved to the manhattan prep school. On our trips, we would run an entire bunk and everyone was sworn to secrecy or risk getting yo azz beat! We'd always pair up before the trip but knew everyone was fair game. Mel was always my bus ride partner. We always wore skirts and scoped out seats near the back. We would finger each other on every single bus trip. Whoeever was getting fingered would be on the inside seat. The outside person would pretend to be laying/sleeping on the other person---while nibbling a nipple inconspicously and finger fucking under a large warm blanket.

I really liked when she touched me but I loved fingering her. She used to like to pretend she was sleeping also but underneath the blanket she'd be spread so wide to me, with gushs of wetnesses and her pussy muscles contracting on my pace. Overnight trips were the best because I got to play with her pussy for as long as I wanted. Her kitty was always moist and her clit felt juicy between my forefinger and thumb. At night when the bus was pitch black, she'd whisper "Do it fast, but cover my mouth". I loved this part. I'd sit up slowly and look around to make sure no one was facing our direction. I would slide her ass down to the edge of the seat and drape her right leg over both my legs. She was practically on my lap. Her left leg stood up on the radiator on the side of the bus with both of us sufficiently covered by the blanket. Being in the back of the bus, we had a little leeway with sound but we were always super careful---that's why she insisted that I cover her mouth. She was always worried about getting caught. I liked teasing her with my middle finger, sliding up and down her pussy lips. I could always tell she was getting impatient, cause she would inch her pussy closer to my hand, hoping to get lucky with a quick dip inside. I pressed my left hand hard against her mouth and face. She wrapped her hands around mine for extra support. I took a deep breath, braced myself and dove straight into her treasure chest.

Starting very slowly, I'd work my finger around her smooth wet walls. Twirling my finger, working it in and out slowly. Every once in a while I'd quickly slide my finger up to her clit and use my thumb to squeeze it. She squeezed my hands tighter. I was always patient and willing to wait until I felt like she was really open---gushing with sweet juices, clit pulsating to a rapid rhthym. Then I'd ball up all but my middle finger and finger fuck her for as fast I could. I was determined to give it to her from every angle. Her slippery wet lips slid past my knuckles. I rotated my hand back and forth while swimming in and out. I worked in different zones enjoying every minute of it. I loved teasing her with fast pumps in and out just at the tip of her lips. She gushed some more for me. I quickly flip my hand to palm side up and use my thumb to wiggle her clit, while still giving it to her. That was my favorite. I kept a fluid, trance-like motion and I can remember thinking, gosh my mouth is open and tongue is out---thank god she can't see me. lol. My own kitty is meowing, clit tingling in excitement. I guess I'd stop when I knew she couldn't take anymore or someone in the bus coughed. I always gave her clit a few minutes of extra playtime as I pinched lightly, pulled and wiggled. Eventually, we'd both fall asleep. On a few occasions I did fall asleep with my finger in her pussy, thumb on her clit. Regardless, the next day I had my own reminder of our secret - her scent right on my finger, which I sniffed long, hard and frequently. I was an addict.

So you see, I've had this relationship with pussy going on for a looooong time. Of course I would admit it has evolved tremendously. Still, no one could have ever told me back in the day that I would experience nearly a year long pussy drought! Now that I'm enduring that space, I really don't know what to think. I'm trying to make heads and tails of it, truly scratching my head. How am I feeling? Hmm I guess I feel frustrated and pissed but confused as hell. I mean, is this just supposed to be the pussy-less era? When do I get that impulse back?

Kudos to my boyfriend, who has obviously put it down enough for this drought to have occurred. I have never been in a relationship with a man before and not had sexual encounters (with or without his knowledge) with another woman. So I guess from one angle, this could be seen as a triumph for my heterosexual relationships. But I think I'd feel like that was less bullshit if I didn't fantasize about women all the time. Cleary, as wonderful as sex is with my boyfriend, there are just some things he can't possiby provide. Although on some nights, if I'm faded enough and he's being really quick and gentle, I can definitely hallucinate about a second girl involved.

Granted, my life is very different today than even a year ago. I'm not galavanting around NYC in stilettos rendezvous-ing with other hot girls in stilettos. Damn those were the days. These days I'm out in west bum fuck, NJ, with nary a fabulous weave around. But I've dealt with worse and have still found jump-offs. So I keep thinking these are all excuses. There are definitely some cute girls at my school at least. Ok, yes some are just way too young, 18/19---and others are not my type, despite being cute. But, it didn't take long for my school crew to get comfortable talking about sexuality & interests. I'm pretty confident that one drunk night with either of my homegirls---the drought is probably over. So why haven't I made a move? So why let the blasphemy continue? Is it a drought or have I just gone on strike. Or am I fasting for a specific future meal?

After a 22-year affair with pussy, best believe I need to figure this out. Tonight I learned that I was clearly born with the desire to lust after and love women. All of my naughty thoughts were from my own limited frame of reference. There were no outside influences initially. Finger fucking was our secret born out of simple attraction and curiousity. I never spoke about it with anyone---not until well into my 20s. Truthfully, I didn't speak about it much with any of the girls that participated. I feared that they would be able to tell just how much I liked it---and I wasn't supposed to like it THAT much. lol

This is my journey to find an answer. Maybe there is something in the past or the future that explains this sudden shift. Late night reminscing and fantasizing, I'm bound to come across something...

Has the core of your sex life suddenly changed and you're hardpressed to figure out why? What would you do to get to an answer?

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Group Post: I Got Fu-uh-uh-ucked!

My boyfriend is the naughtiest dude I know!! YES and I love it. He's like my very own porno star. Any chance he gets to walk around with his shlong swinging and poking everywhere half hard---he will take it. He masterbates before and after sex! I think we're done and I'm dozing off. And 5 mins later I turn around and catch him tickling his own balls with any make-shift item that he can find---including, a twizzler! Those are times I love him the most because he can be even more of a sexual deviant than I am. Now this man has a beauuuutiful far as penises go (all know I still prefer the look of pussy above all). However, i can appreciate a good looking dick. And if I believed there was a special far off place that made dicks and pussies in pairs---where one dick would be made just special for one pussy---kinda like a lock & key...well, if I believe in that place, I'd believe his dick was my one and only key. He can open me up anytime....any place...any position...all the time.

So it's been 21 days, 8 hours, 15 mins and 12 seconds since I last had sex with this man. Sure, I've been in a pussy drought but NO sex at all was about to have me propel myself off a large building! He said he would be here on Friday night and I just thanked God it was already Friday morning. Whew I made it! just a few more hours and I'd be waking up the neighbors. From our convos the previous night, I could already tell he was pressed to get some lovin'. And I was definitely happy to oblige. Your girl was so horny, I spent nearly the whole day surfing my favorite online toy shops. I even watched a few frames of girl-on-girl porno and jacked myself off. I love Fridays for this very reason. My work is usually done---and I can play allllllll day! Not today though. Boo. Shit. Already time to pick up my son from school and drop him by a relative's for the weekend. Playtime is over and it's time to get in gear for tonight. I need my house to be cleaned, food cooked etc. But I already know I'm not going to have enough time. I shoot him a quick text:

Me: Ok, so my house is dirty. I will need some time to clean my bedroom.
Him: Sry. U gettin fucked in a dirty house. U'll worry bout cleanin in the mornin.

Ooooooh YES! I'm gonna get fu-uh-uh-ucked tonight!
Lounging in my fav purple spaghetti-strapped nightie, the clock tells me this dude is late....and I coulda cleaned up a bit more. Now I'm building tension. I decide to smoke a L and relax with my hot pink butterfly vibrator. Hmmmm Fresh Batteries! My latest fantasy of my boyfriend getting sucked off by another girl fill my thoughts. My eyes roll back and I can feel myself drifting off into a smooth and yummy orgasm. There I am legs spread, back arched.....I guess I got so lost, I didn't hear him come in.

His mouth and tongue, cold on my clit, make me gasp out of excitement and sheer fear. WTF? Where did he come from? I knew it was him because his hands were fahreezing. Normally, this would cause me to run screaming from the room. But instead, I suffer through the pain. Not that I would have been able to move anyway--he has me anchored down with my legs pinned open. And I'm definitely not in the mood for a struggle. His tongue is warmer as he is sucking softly on my clit. I lean into my stretch and push my pussy closer to him. His pressure gets harder as he alternates from sucking and tongue flicking. I can feel my being leave my body for a second----floating on my high and a feeling of ecstasy. I let out a breathy "Yeah baby.....yeah baby.....yeah baby!", each with a higher pitch. He knows he had me on the ropes. I hover above myself in a cloud of deliciousness...I don't want to leave. Just as I'm about to float away.....his chilly fingers squeeze both my nipples firmly and I get thrusted back into my body. Hit the bed with a wham----reach for the heavens and yell "YEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!"

I....Can't.....Breathe..... whoa a FULL sample of his dick in my wet pussy------deep breath in and moan it on out. It's like his dick has GPS on my spot. Gotcha bitch! I look up and finally see his face. This dude is fully clothed, I mean coat and hat with dick hanging out the zipper of his jeans. He didn't even bother to take his shoes off (I gotta remember to yell at him about that one some other time lol). He gives me three or four great humps each with his sly grin showing just how much he loves to fuck. yes. Yes! YES!! Then pauses for dramatics and to let me know just how much he missed my pussy. His face says it all as he slowly backs out of my pussy. Ok So nevermind the shooooooes, I'm thinking. With throbbing and pulsating solid as a rock dick, he moves fairly slowly and deliberately-- showing excellent restraint biting his lip in concentration. And its juuuuuust what my pussy needed. She wanted to be stroked and caressed deeply. I could feel every inch of him. And the cool metal from the zipper on my clit make my legs shake eveytime he is fully in.

Like a pro, he smoothly slides his dick in deeeeep with looong strokes. His eyes are fixated on watching my pussy inhale every inch of his dick He slowly works my nightgown straps down off my shoulders, sliding them down my arms as far as they can go. He rubs his nose and lips over the outline of my nipple through the gown. He stops mid stroke and works just that level of my pussy, teasing my nipples with hands running up and down my body. He skillfully maneuvers my breasts from beneath my night gown, exposing my big brown nipples to the air. He's like the master of my body. I cum on his command. Working me over with soft nibbling on my nipples while giving me the full length of his dick. He pauses deep inside and just pulsates lightly. That feels....that feels ooooooh cha ching, my lock just opened! My inner pussy muscles clamps down on his dick. He pushes in deeper and holds again. He does his magic on my nipples----left swirl, right, light suck, small pinches and pulls. Oh Damn, my whole body is shaking in anticipation. Just as I'm about to topple over this hill, he quickly flips both of my legs to one side his body. I back down off my climax in anticipation of what is next. He bends his knees, pulls aparts my cheeks and proceeds to get it in. But I only need a few strokes to reach my pinnacle, now as high as a mountain. Fuck the hill. I'm hang-gliding down the steepest and tallest mountain ever. Eeeeeeeeee. Shrieking out of breath. I can't. I can't, muttering like an idiot. His thrusting has calmed and just as I'm gearing for another ride on the moutain...

He flings me into doggie position, pushes my head down toward the pillow, and grabs my waist to pull me closer to the edge of the bed. He begins by spanking my pussy with his pulsating dick. Short, upward flicks on my lips. The tap tap tap on my clit has my pussy drooling for more dick. But I know he isnt going to give it to me until he had his sufficient play time. He slides his dick in between my ass cheeks as I jiggle them for his viewing pleasure. He thanks me with a fresh slap to the right cheek. I moan in pleasure. Then he turns up the butterfly a notch and adjusts its location by pulling the straps across into my ass. Hmmmm I totally forgot I was wearing it. Thanks babe. I was itching to lick my cum off his still throbbing dick. So I angle myself accordingly and grab his belt to pull him closer to me. In one swallow, I take him in and my sugary cream makes his dick taste super sweet.
He gasps and smacks my ass harder. I wiggle my ass begging for more. Cause I'm a dirty freak who likes to get spanked while she devours dick lol. He uses one hand to spank me and the other hand to gently caress my head while I deepthroat his dick. I love this dichotomy. I love the hard and the soft and he is masterful at this. The gentle pets on my head are so soothing, they make me fall deeper into my dick sucking zone. I'm like a baby nursing on a bottle---which of course is fitting since I do call him "Daddy". WHAM! The ass smack keeps me on my shit though. I can go for as long as he can take it. Face fucking at its best. The tip of his dick tapping my throat. The lovely butterfly buzz massaging my pussy. Every now and then my body shakes as it reaches what feels like is the brink of an orgasm.

I suck harder and deeper, working my tongue up and down his thick shaft. He moans breathy sounds that get louder with each swallow. "Yeah baby" he said, as he lightly rubs my face and under my jaw bone, as if in disbelief of its power. Fucking my face harder, using his left arm to grab my hair as an anchor. I gotta moan with every stroke. He slides his sweaty hands towards my ass---lightly spanking each cheek before using his fingers to slowly swipe down the middle of my cheeks. He rubs my hole ever so lightly and now I'm whimpering and sucking. He uses his finger to spread the wetness from my pussy to my asshole. I suddenly realize I've slowed my suck to match pace with the movement of his fingers. He starts fingering my ass and I can feel the pull of the outer body orgasm. Suddenly sound is gone and I feel like I'm in a tunnel with light at the end. Somehow I believe if I suck harder and buck faster, I'll reach the light. The bed is shaking from my body's continuous rocking. I wrap my arms around his waist, holding on and sucking on for dear life. He could probably withstand the sight of me sucking him off and our matched levels of enjoyment. But the finger in my ass makes him feel like he wants to bust any second. He grabs my hair and head with both hands, three short quick pumps and one long----Just as I was about to float off, I get pulled back in. Just in time to guzzle down his jizzy cum. I finish him off like a pro, a few more sucks to ensure I've got every drop (he nearly drops to his knees with these sucks hmmpph) and a quick wipedown from balls to tip with my tongue (in this case, it was from zipper to tip lol). Whew. I pull off my sweaty night gown. Dayum, a small shutter goes through my body quickly, recalling what just happened.

I got slow fucked. I got face fucked (twice---in both possible ways! I got finger fucked. I got fast fucked. Shit, I even got fucked sideways.

And this was ONLY Round 1 for our weekend stay-cation. No need to get dressed again for at least 48 hrs. After all, I'm dealing with my very own porn star. I help the poor guy to a seat on the other side of the bed. He's recovering from electrocution (as he would say) and I gotta help him out of his coat and clothes. He's sweaty and hot, lightly kissing my shoulder blade as I work off his boots. Sure enough, by the time I reach his boxers----he's ready for Round 2.

What was the longest marathon fucking session you've ever been a part of?

[Sidebar: I got fucked twice while writing this piece. My boyfriend thought it necessary to help me enhance the story with vivid imagery by providing me with the necessary inspiration. That all being said my pussy is humming and this marathon session has been 56 hrs...and counting. He leaves at 6:30AM.]

Thanks to Kimberly for organizing these group posts every month!

Find out how the others "Got Fucked" with Kimberly of The Errant Wife and Petal, Ronjazz, Hubman, Autumn, , Topaz, Gray, Bri, Adulterous Letch, Britini, Dreamwalker, Spring Flower, They belong to us and Veronica.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

HNT: Running Around Like A Chicken With My Head Cut Off...

My partner and I are going to make it legal and binding in a little less than 80 days. Three weeks ago I had the brilliant idea to plan in less than 4 months an event which is typically (and wisely) spread over 12-18. I must have lost my fucking mind. Suffice to say my patience is already worn thin and if this process lasts longer than the intended deadline, someone in my family or one/all of my close friends (including several women of kink) may no longer be with us. I don't know how people manage but my survival may well hinge on several bottles of Patron, a daily allotment of Xantax/Hydro and the occasional private session with my pocket rocket. I attempted (unsuccessfully) to escape this past Saturday at a "Studio 54" party.

Yes the girls were dangerously near toppling out/over...they were in effect drunker than I was. Pity.

Happy happy HNT! Visit Osbasso and see who else is playing!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fantasy Fuck: The Masked Marauder

maraud: verb. 1. to roam or go around in quest of plunder; make a raid for booty

A few weeks ago, I appealed to my followers via Twitter for some ideas for my next blog post. I'm ashamed that it's taken so long to make it up here, but for some reason, I couldn't make it through without becoming sidetracked. One of my sexy e-comrades (whom I was dying to let smack it up, flip it and rub it down) suggested an interesting topic "anal sex with a stranger" and me likey. A nice, sexy mix of carnal lust and anonymity was just up my alley. (heh, pardon the pun).

And so it goes...

I was up in New York for a short visit with friends. Since it is her stomping grounds, I had called up Choc'laDee ahead of time to see if she knew of any debauchery we could get into on the Friday night that my friend had to work. Of course she did! She told me of a Kinky Masquerade party hosted by Mansion (M2, or whatever the venue is called now). I was down, and Dee said that Haute was going to be in town the same weekend, and would definitely be down to go. Oh shit, I thought, this was going to be a wildass night!

Fast forward to Friday. Choc'laDee, Haute and I had met up for lunch and to purchase masks to wear to the party. That night, as we were walking into the party I surveyed the three of us - what a sexy slutty crew we were. Each wearing some form of vixen-wear accompanied by beautifully adorned masks--I had chosen to wear a black bustier, with pink detail and a short black skirt with fishnets to accentuate my thick legs and stilettos that were so high, I was nervous. My mask was pink (obvious) and black. We walked into the club and commenced to drinking, dancing and becoming increasingly aroused by our surroundings. I lost my homegirls after they disappeared following an extra long trip to the "bathroom". I knew I wasn't going to catch up with their horny asses until later, so I headed to the bar, got another drink, and before mingling, tweeted my first impression of all of the sexiness around me.

A few minutes later, I received a reply from @thedirtydetails "Imagine that. So am I. And yes, lots of sexiness around."
I tweeted back, "You're here?! Where are you?"
TDD: "*Smirking* Where are you?"
Me: "I'm by the bar in pink and black. Standing solo. I lost Haute and Choc'laDee temporarily. Get over here. and how will I know who you are?"
Him: "You will know. I'll be over there in a few."
Me: "Oh shit..."
His reply: "Oh shit is right."

While I sipped my drink and waited to meet the mysterious fellow blogger, I reflected on all of the shit-talking I had done since i'd made his acquaintance online. After I had become a regular reader of his blog, I became more and more intrigued about how much his art really did imitate life. Like many others who read his hot and steamy entries, I had thought more than once about how he could get it--and the ways in which I would give it to him! In addition to his sexy words, the whole mystery behind his masked persona combined with a cocky self-assurance, makes a girl just wanna kneel down and ego boost all day! Whew! But I digress... I'm waiting. I knew his ass wasn't going to come running over to the bar immediately, so I got into a conversation with a friendly, full-bodied chick next to me who was telling me about some bullshit I couldn't really hear because I was really listening. I noticed her eyes shift a bit to look at something behind me, turned around and, heh, yeah...that's him. I didn't know what he looked like, and with the Eyes Wide Shut-esque mask he was wearing very little of his face was revealed, but I knew that this was him. I totally forgot about the Latina chick and me and my crush started making small talk, laughing about our online banter, a segway to sex. Particularly a claim I had made recently, about what I would to to his dick when it got in the vicinity of my mouth. I had absolutely no clue when me and homeboy would cross paths again, so I went in. All in. I suggested we try to find a spot that was a little less crowded...and he led the way.

We walked around to this area that was secluded enough, save a drunk couple talking shit on one of the couches. we moved into a dark-ish corner and he looked at me and said, "So?" Fuck it. I answered in the language that I spoke best. Tongue. I squatted in front of him and unzipped his pants to pull him out. Thick and heavy and already hardening like a rock, I opened wide and took him balls deep in one gulp. He gasped. He hadn't believe me when I told him I would. I reached down and ripped a hole in the crotch of my fishnets, so I could push my fingers inside. He had grabbed a handful of my hair and was pulling my head back and forth, mouth-fucking me as he leaned up against the wall. I sucked harder and faster and then he pulled me back, strings of saliva connecting my mouth to his dick. "Stand up," he said. Within the 3 seconds it took to stand and lean back to catch my footing in those fucking shoes, he pulled up my right leg around his waist and pulled my tits up out of the top of my bustier and grabbed a fistful. We kissed roughly as he ripped the hole in my stockings wider and before I could brace for impact, I was being impaled. Straight up! He started off deep, slow and slightly rough, and the louder I moaned, the faster he went. I held on to him for dear life, as I was fearful that I would break my fucking ankle, but I was cumming back to back and I didn't want him to stop. And just when I though he would.

He didn't. Only
long enough to say, "Turn around." I did. I was entranced. I heard him half chuckling at me as he leaned into my ear and whispered, "You talked a whole lot of shit, didn't you?" I nodded and whimpered, "Unh huh." He rubbed his dick along my pussy lips, slathering it with my juices. He said, "Then the punishment, should fit the crime." With that, he started pushing his dick into my tight and pulsating asshole, my juices as lube. I could only imagine the slick shit going through his head while he was fucking the fuckety fuck out of me. My pussy was dripping a puddle and I was going bananas as he pinched my nipples while he fucked me deep in my second hole. I was facing the wall, hands in front bracing myself. I leaned back into him, grinding my hips as he fucked my ass deep. He moved my hands to my nipples and instructed me to squeeze, and I did. He was rubbing my clit and fucking me harder. I don't think, at this point, there was a separation between one orgasm and another. My eyes rolled back an I uttered the most unladylike growl....FUCK! He put his hand on the back of my neck an pushed me forward, bending me over. He steadied his stroke and pushed in and out a few more times before sliding his dick out and spreading my ass cheeks just in time to cum all over my gaping asshole.

I sighed, looked over my shoulder and through the blur of my misplaced mask, I noticed the people on the nearby couch had clearly been enjoying the show. They tipped their drinks to us as I struggled to straightened out my cum-stained skirt, put my tits back in my top and make sure my mask was on straight. When I looked back up at him, he had already regained any small amount of composure he may have lost. "You should probably go to the bathroom and get yourself together, find your friends," he said. He kissed me on the cheek, patted my ass, turned around and walked the fuck away.


They call him The Fury, and he will tap...that...ASS!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The me that is she...

Don't you wonder sometimes, did you ever wonder how it is possible to want both at once?
For one to have nothing to do with the other?
For each to be uniquely powerful? Deep?
But for the wanting and ache for one to sometimes be more moving than the other? If only because it is always softer, sweeter, slower...
There is nothing about wanting a woman that means I don't want
him. Nothing which makes that less than....what it is. But there is something about wanting...really needing a company of spirit and body that is completely and utterly different....that is open and willing and I suppose like the wanting of him for me in the quiet moments...the gentle languid moments..when we savour.

Perhaps this is why a purely physical connection with a woman leaves me wanting...if that is all it is...

There is perhaps little time in those hurried moments to reflect on the soft curve of a back, the deep indent and sweep of a collar bone, the fullness of the back...of her...the sweetness of lips tugged by teeth tongue peaking in savour...the me that is she and somehow more wonderous.

Sometimes when he looks at me in reverence and wonder...when he traces his fingers along my inner thigh, lays his face on the fullness of my breasts or rubs his nose against my cheekbones, sometimes when he just lays...with me...I feel the tug that he feels and know it is the same...when I'm with her.

There is something special and tender and delicious between us...women...always.
When exacted with purpose and calculated skill...when measured and slow...when frantic and panting...
It is always the softness of our bodies...the memory of our fingers...

when we savour...