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Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Daze

What a summer. Somehow in spite of my crazy hectic schedule trying to balance work, family, and school I managed to find ample time to get dicked down on a pretty consistent basis. The Young Stallion rocked my world regularly and despite the difference in our age he's turned out to be more mature than most of the men I've dated thus far. Still, we have our issues and I remain on the fence about that one. That's neither here nor there though. My issue right now is a craving that needs to be satisfied ASAP.

Its been on my mind for weeks and its the one thing I haven't been able to fit into the agenda in way too long. Shame on me because I long for it, daydream about it, wake up with moistness between my legs when thoughts of it invade my sleep.

Ahh the touch of a woman. The soft caress of her hands on my breasts. The cotton-soft feel of her ass cheeks under my fingertips. The gentleness of her kiss upon my nipples. The force of her hands parting my thighs as she sends chills throughout my whole body. The arch of my back welcoming her into me, clit throbbing, pussy wet and waiting. The lyrical rhythm of her soft fingers moving in and out of me in harmonized sync. The flicker of her tongue first around then inside. The sound of her moans letting me know she enjoys me as much as I do her. The echo of my orgasm, strong, coming from deep within. The goosebumps on my skin. The taste of my sweet cum juice on her lips. The feel of her wet clit against mine letting me know she's ready for her turn....

Ahhh the touch of a woman.

Got a craving you need satisfied?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

HNT: I crave it.

I have something to confess,
On the move or while at rest,
I see visions of the breast,
All round
and juicy.
I crave it.
- sridhar v ramasami

He's talking about food, but he could as well be talking about the breast in it's human form. If I'm honest, I'd admit that the breast is my favorite part of the female body. Yet although I love mine, I hunger for others' even more...

Happy HNT! Visit Osbasso and see who else is playing!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

N.R.A. (No Recklessness Allowed): Another Tale From Pink's WTF Files

Okay, so I can admit, I've had a pretty good run of online matchmaking. I met a sexy pornstar who fucked me incessantly, a well-hung Jamaican who knows how to make me explode and, hell, even the not-so-cute chick I met on Craig's List gave me some fire ass head. But all it takes is one. One slightly off-his-rocker dude that had ya girl Pink thinking about "takin' it back to tha old school" and leaving the internet's blind eye alone.

I met this dude on a popular adult personals site and we exchanged a few online interactions. We spoke on the phone and he told me that he was a probation officer, and a father. He was funny, we teased each other with naughty picture text messages and after a while, decided to meet.

He came over on a week night. Late as fuck. When I opened the door, I was taken aback by the fact that he wasn't clean-shaven. And not like he was gruffy in a sexy way, but gruffy like no haircut, no shave, I-don't-give-a-fuck-about-first-impressions-gruffy. Strike One. Then, as he hugged me "hello", I noticed the smell of alcohol on him. He had showed up, drunk. Strike Two. But that wasn't the kicker.

He was there, not bad looking, and I kind of hornied myself up to the point of no return, so I was going to attempt fucking him. Maybe that would be his only saving grace. Well, let me just say, it never even got that far. As he was disrobing, I couldn't help but notice the shiny and very real handgun that he pulled out of his waist. What the FUCK??!? Um, no. Homie don't play that.

So I asked, "Why the fuck did you bring a gun into my house?"

Sniper said, "I don't ever leave home without it, didn't I mention that?"

"Hell no you didn't. You know I'm here by myself. Why the fuck you need to bring a gun up here?"

Sniper paused. His drunk ass started smirking and said, "Ya know. I have an ex-girlfriend who used to get turned on by me putting the gun next to her head when we..."

I cut his ass off. "Hell nah. Nah, buddy. That's not my kind of Kink. I don't play with guns. And I don't fuck dudes who sneak guns into my crib. I don't give a fuck what your ex liked!"

Stumbling with his belt, trying to figure if it was coming on or off, Sniper said, "Look, I can take the clip out. I can just lay it on the pillow or table next to the bed..."

Now I know this fool is crazy. Now was the time when I had to tell this dude to make like George W. and "GET THE FUCK OUT!!"

GTFO Pictures, Images and Photos

Ever have an encounter that made you think twice about your dating karma?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Imagine a Woman in Love With Herself

Imagine a woman stretching, curving her body,

twisting her back, arching outward,

awake but not quite ready to meet the morning.

Imagine a woman caressing her thighs, hands gliding up,

fingers inching slowly towards the middle.

A woman reaching to cup her now heavy breasts,

rubbing the palm of her hand against the soft tip,

using the pad of her finger to coach her nipple to hardness.

A woman reaching between, rubbing her fingers against the warm folds,

parting her lips and sliding upwards.

Tentative, slow and then deep,

a woman drawn in by the call of her own body.

Imagine a woman deep in memory,

fingers wet with her wanting, body tight and yearning,

wanting more, then tumbling over the edge.

Imagine a woman.
A woman who delights in pleasuring herself.
A woman in love with her own body.

Are you?

TMI Tuesday # 197 Non Sexual Edition

1. The three words that best describe you are ____, ____, and ____.
Organized, Straightforward, Sexy

2. The three words that best describe your life are ____, ____, and ____.
Hectic, Exhilarating, Unfolding

3. Your three guilty pleasures are ____, ____, and ____.
Eating, Sleeping, Fucking

4. The three places you would like to visit before you die are ____, ____, and ____.
Italy, Madagascar, Figi

5. The three things you would like to do before you die are ____, ____, and ____.
Go to cooking school (just for fun), own my own business, retire early

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Anything you want to share that's not any of our damn business?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby You’re My Everything You're All I Ever Wanted

Whenever I hear this song it brings back such fond memories …

I was 12 years old feeling young and free at my summer day program. I was one of the lucky few that developed mad body early on. I like to credit my bubbly personality for my popularity but I’m sure my 32 C’s were a nice accessory. We were at the park chillin' doing what preteens do and Gabby came up to me.

“Hey Bliss,” she said with her crooked smile.

Even back then I knew I liked my girlfriends more than I should, and Ms. Gabby was surely at the top of my list. She was tall for 13 with café colored skin, silky jet-black hair that she always wore in four big ponytails. A crooked full toothed smile and a slender but lightly curvy shape. Her full lips were always covered in a peach gloss. Homegirl was cute and sexy (in a teenybopper way) and I wanted some.

“Wassup Gabby, you going to the talent show tonight?” I asked trying to put my mack down.

“Yeah my mama said I could stay,” she replied with lowered eyes.

It was in that moment I discovered a few things about women. First, I learned seduction was a skill women are born with. I didn’t understand it until then, but this little woman was putting the moves on me; sucking me into her peach flavored web long before I could appreciate what was going on. Her soft skin fragrant with the scent of summer, she was always laughing and wanting to be around me; and I’m almost certain she felt me up a time or two.

Second, young girls, teenagers, are simply nasty. Mommas and Daddies lock up your little girls and throw away the key! We develop before boys, we have a higher level of curiosity and we are sneaky and will try anything at that age. Watch out!

I had a dick it would’ve been rock hard. Gabby and I were around a bunch of other kids and I’m certain the peanut gallery, young and inexperienced as they were, could sense the sexual attraction. We'd been having a similar exchange at least twice a day. Since the camp was almost over I figured now was a good time to make my young pimp move.

With the courage of a 1000 men inside me I asked, “If I save you a seat you gonna sit next to me?”

My heart was pumping as I watched her being to play with the clip at the end of her braid. She started kicking the sand around her feet and licking those peach flavored lips I so wanted to taste.

“Well, maybe, I gotta see what Derrick is doing,” she replied with a grin and then ran off.

Did I fail to mention Derrick was her boyfriend? Yes a dick is always running interference with my pimp game. My little heart was crushed, but something told me 'today is the end of me and Gabby’s game of cat and mouse'.

We all filed into the auditorium. I chose a seat towards the back of the room on the aisle. I put my jacket in the chair next to me just in case and my camp counselor sat in the seat next to it. The lights were dimmed as the MC took to the stage to begin the show. I was pissed cause clearly Gabby wasn’t coming and my plan for sexual seduction was a no go. Just as I resigned to moping for the rest of the show the faint smell of peach scented lipgloss started to tickle my nose.

No words were exchanged; she just moved my jacket and sat down next to me. She spread my jacket across our laps and I felt her warm hand caress my knee. I didn’t want to loose my cool so I kept my eyes on the stage. Her hand slowly crept up my thigh and her soft touch transformed into a firm grip as she played with my pussy through my shorts. Me being the freak I am, I eased back into the chair and allowed my legs to spread open for easy access. Remember, my counselor was just two seats away, my dream girl is playing with my pussy for the first time and I was leaning into it grinding on her hand in a packed auditorium. We both had our faces pointed towards the stage.

“You wanna go to the bathroom,” she whispered real breathy into my ear?

I was enjoying the experience but it clearly wasn’t enough for Gabby.

I adjusted myself dropped the jacket in her chair and followed her to the bathroom. As the door to the hallway closed I see Derrick craning his neck at us curiosity written all over his face. When we entered the bathroom and got to the stall she pushed me against the door and kissed me something crazy.

I had kissed a few people before this moment but there was something electric about this exchange. As Gabby forced her tongue into my mouth and explored my body with her tiny hands, I lost all control and surrendered. Not to be outdone, within moment I'd pushed her off of me and demanded she disrobe.

I had never sex before, but I’d seen lots of porn and read sex magazines so I had an understanding of what was supposed to happen. Her body didn’t look as I expected, nothing like those girls in the movies but I was still very attracted and drawn to her. I put my hand between her legs and I remember it being wet and not understanding why. She saw the look of bewilderment on my face and explained she was just excited and it wasn’t pee. Gabby officially turned me out in that stall with heavy kissing, light petting and slow grinding.

Looking back on it now, I realize that this was the moment I lost my virginity and fully discovered my love for women.

Who was the best you ever had?

Friday, July 24, 2009

The secrets of my Glow

I love myself so much. I truly do. I love my ample breasts (DDs), gentle curves, and wicked lips. I also have an addictive laugh and warm heart. Yet, no one can resist my physical beauty. This love grew slowly in my adolescence years. As my body blossomed it shifted from awkwardness to greatness. It grew greatly during my late teens and earlier twenties. I found many players willing to play within my queendom; yet few were able to keep unlimited passes to visit. All of my lovers were great but they never match the love I have for myself.

To embrace the great love of my body, I begin the day with a “hand glow”. The “hand glow” is my gift to my body. It gives me energy for the day and peace at night. Ironically, it is my daily vitamin for sexual power and aggressiveness. This magic drug is so blissful. See, as my mind enters the new day, my soft hands move to my lower lips. My fingers run along the ridges and valleys. My forefinger enters into a warm opening. As I enter, I use my other fingers to explore the curves within my “honey pot”. I slowly take these fingers back, forward, back, and forward. The rhythm is sometimes fast and sometimes slow. When I move fast, my body becomes so warm. Oh, it’s getting’ hot in here. During my slow grinds, I release a soft moan.

Hummmmmmm……Ah…………Uhh….OOOOO…Within a few minutes or several, my sweet lower lips part to release a steady stream of sweet juice. My body quivers; moans intensify. Oh, my body is warm and satisfied. My day begins with the “hand glow”.

Should I add some toys or people to my morning routine? Do you want to join me?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are you up for the challenge?

Why yes, I am.

They say "seek and ye shall find." So I did, then I did. After a discussion with Sheba about the possibilities of meeting a replacement for Mellow in various places, we both decided it may be fun, or at least interesting, to place an ad on an adult website and see what happened. Well, I placed an ad on a popular site, put up a tit pic and Surprise, Surprise...the pervs came a' flocking! After several so-so back and forth exchanges, I was hit up by a 25-year old Jamaican man. He had posted a pic of his junk, and it looked pretty substantial, but I wasn't sure I really wanted to deal with a young guy right about now. I responded to him, still unsure if I would be interested in meeting him. He sent his number and after a few text exchanges and phone calls. We decided to meet.

At 6'4", this young man was definitely a big'un! His thick build and deep voice had turned me on and when he squeezed me with his strong hands, I was wet and knew he would get it. He kissed and rubbed on me as we sat on the sofa and half-watched a movie. He had been modest when referencing his dick, but I felt it through his pants, and even semi-hard, it felt huge. I sighed to myself. He had read my Ode to Fellatio, and knew I loved sucking dick. But for just one moment, I had second thoughts about whether I could accommodate his massive dick down my throat. We took the foreplay into the bedroom, and I took off my clothes and laid down on my stomach, awaiting the back massage I was promised. As soon as his hands touched my lower back, I sucked in my breath and let myself be lost in the fucking awesome rub down I was getting. He had taken off his clothes, and when he leaned in to rub my neck and shoulders, I was certain, he was packing a monster. He ground himself into me and I began to orgasm, before he even penetrated. After my shuddering ended, he rolled onto his back and I gulped his dick into my mouth.

"Damn, you not even gonna warm up to it, huh?" he said. I sucked harder. His dick was beautiful. Big and thick. Long and hard. Big veins bulging. Bigger than most I've had recently, but I was taking it. It was like the Mt. Everest of penises. Like a huge ass Tootsie Pop and I was determined to find out how many licks it would take...I sucked and gulped and choked. He talked dirty, encouraging me to get it all in. Then he stood up next to the bed and had me lie on my back with my head hanging off the bed and his dick in my mouth. He fucked my face and leaned over into my pussy. He licked me and I sucked harder. He sucked my clit and I started slurping him in until I was gagging. Then, he inserted his fingers. I sucked him and he moved his fingers faster, increasing the speed and intensity as I bucked my hips up at him. I was moaning and gasping around his dick when I came. Hard. I took his dick out of my mouth to catch my breath and he said, "Damn, you squirted!"

What?!? This is a feat I had been trying to accomplish since forever and when it finally happened, I couldn't see it for the dick in my mouth. Damn that dick.

Well, I was still high from that incredible nut, so I readjusted on the bed so that the blood could flow back to my head again and he told me to turn on my stomach again. I did. He got on top of me and pushed his cockus maximus into my tight, hadn't-been-fucked-in-a-while pussy. Oh my damn! I started talking in my head to psyche myself out Pink, you're gonna take this dick, girl! You have got to do this. For all the wack dick thrown your way, you must conquer this chocolate mountain! So I braced myself, and he started to push deep. He leaned into my ear and started to talk shit. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Didn't you say you wanted this dick? Huh? Well, take it." His dick was so big, it somehow touched my g-spot every time he pushed in, and I started to cum almost immediately.

"What's that?" he taunted. "You cumming already?" I moaned my answer, which wasn't good enough, so he pushed in harder, deeper, and said, "What was that?" I barely squeaked out, "Yes, I'm cumming." "Good," he said. And kept fucking me. Less than a minute later (I swear) I was cumming again. He said, "What's that?" I told him I was cumming. "Again?" he said. "How many is that? Start counting them out. I want to hear how many times you can cum on this dick." I said 2. And he kept fucking me. 3. And fucking me. 4. Pussy dripping, bodies sweaty. 5. Grabbing the sheets trying to run away from the pussy beating. 6. Arching my back deep and throwing it back at him. 7. He sounds so sexy talking that shit into my ear. 8. Biting the sheets, trying to keep from crying. 9. Oh my that? 10.

After that. I couldn't speak, though my brain was in disbelief, and talking her ass off. Wow. .I can't move.. Don't touch me, don't touch me..Oh my god..That was amazing..What the fuck just happened? 25 years old? Got dammit. I'mma have to keep him...For a while, anyway.

I took the challenge and it was worth it. And I call him... Mr. Boombastic.

Ever had a young'n throw down some totally unexpected sex game? (I already know Haute's answer...)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TMI Tuesday #196 Orgasmic edition

Tell us about...

1. Your first self-induced orgasm
Damn can't remember how old I was - too young, way too young. I should have been doing my homework instead of discovering that if I squeezed my thighs tightly enough, I could ascend into heavenly bliss. Back then, I would make myself come at least 3 times before passing out from exhaustion.

2. Your first other-induced orgasm
A friend and I discovered that we could increase our pleasure by inserting objects in various orifices. This was the beginning...

3. Your first experience giving someone else an orgasm
My first experience was giving my grade school boyfriend a hand job. I was amazed how he was able to make his penis explode.

4. Your first time witnessing another's orgasm not induced by you
I was introduced to the wonderful world of porn and was glued to the television screen.

5. Since your first, what is the longest time you've gone between orgasms?
Maybe a year or 18 months when I tried practicing abstinence.

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Anything you want to share that's not any of our damn business?

Monday, July 20, 2009

This, That & The 3rd

Mister planned for the official interview of his new playmate (referred to herein as Giggles, and subsequently as "the 3rd") to be addendum to one of our nights out. Although he'd just met her on Friday, he seemed really eager for me to meet her. Resisting the urge to be put off by this, curiosity peaked I picked a day midweek that would work for me. It was to start with drinks and dinner at our house in the early evening and conclude at T's strip club as night turned to morning. Wednesday tends to be a lively night at the club and when it happened to coincide with good news, we were in a definite mood to celebrate. Giggles arrived promptly, and her picture did her justice. She was a little petite for my tastes, but the dress she was wearing wasn't particularly clingy so I opted to reserve final judgment. Over the course of the next two hours in spite of being six years my junior, she held her own in conversation, didn't seem overly intimidated by me and appeared to be in love with our dogs. Throw in two Patron shots and a SideCar and things were off to a great start. I was ready to give her my stamp of endorsement, but he suggested I see how comfortable she was at the venue where we normally close out our nights.

I asked her as we drove if she'd been to strip clubs before, and she mentioned a trio of local places she been to "once or twice." I kept my "hmm" to myself. I was interested in getting T's take on her and had arranged to meet Pink (and The Professional) there for an outside audit, so even if she was a boring voyeur, I had both ass and jokes to entertain me. I was understandably distracted when we first arrived, but once T got over seeing me for the first time in more than three weeks and we ordered our first round of drinks, I settled in, lowered my lashes and began to look for someone who would be a good match for Giggles' lap dance. I was still scanning the bar and VIP when she beat me to it, selecting a dark chocolate piece named Candy who was stacked in all the right places. Within minutes Giggles had her ample ass bent over in front of her, eyes glued to her crack and the juicy lips peeking out below it, and was aggressively slapping dollar bills against Candy's round cheeks in time with the music. Not only was this chick comfortable, she was engaged. I looked at Pink, who raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

We had a few more drinks, Candy gave Giggles a few more dances and suddenly it was close to midnight, I was horny, a little tipsy and Mister was hinting it was time to head home. I kissed T goodbye and headed to the car. Ten minutes later we pulled into our driveway and before I could say goodnight, Giggles asked to come into to the house to close out the evening. To be honest, I didn't think anything of it, stupid I know, perhaps the Patron had dulled my cognitive abilities?

I stumbled my tipsy butt into the bathroom once we got in the front door, from there stumbled into the closet to take off my shoes and pants, and by the time I stumbled back into the living room, the first act has already begun - Giggles was naked and Mister was face first in her pussy having his first taste. Well damn! I simply could not let him show me up. If you know me, then you know how I feel about eating pussy. I walked to the bedroom to grabbed a stack of Magnums, removed my remaining clothes, returned to the "theatre", tapped on his shoulder, and commenced to do give one of my best performances, while he showcased his best work from the other end. Two hours later, Giggles had cum nearly as many times I had (six), had "tapped out" and then "tapped in" of our session twice, alternately exhausted/overwhelmed and lustful/hungry as things progressed. When Mister took his final bow sending us all over the edge, Giggles was standing on the couch, plastered to the wall, my face was pinned beneath her sucking her wet, and Mister was behind my bent over body driving his thickness deep. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet....

Perhaps I had underestimated Giggles. Maybe she could be more than a second. Perhaps, she had what it took to be a 3rd!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

HNT: Ample

I LOOOOVE my breasts. My best friend nicknamed them Niagara Falls because after a long night of partying they are usually covered in lusty sweat. Aside from my bedroom eyes my breasts are my sexiest feature. As you can see I try to display and accent them whenever possible...

Happy Happy HNT! Visit Osbasso and see who else is playing.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Door Shut Behind...(Group Post)

The door shut behind him as he barged into the bedroom we shared in his apartment. The slam of it startled me as I looked up. His eyes met mine and my stomach dropped immediately. Time had gotten away from me and I didn’t realize it was an hour past when he got off work. There I was with my plump ass in the air and a 6 ft 4in beautiful specimen of a man in front of me ass naked with his legs spread wide open. I had just had all 9 inches if his thick hard cock deep in my throat, his hands on the back of my head, words through his moans begging me to take it all in. My pussy juice was dripping down my thighs as sucking his dick for the past twenty minutes had made me cum twice and he hadn’t even touched me. Open relationship my ass, this was breaking the rules. I was in HIS house in HIS bed with a dude I had never even mentioned and he had never met. I thought for sure one if not both of us were going to get our asses kicked and I was upset my opportunity to experience such good dick was about to go to waste on such a perfect afternoon for a marathon fuck session.

He stood there in silence for a minute. Visiting Dick started to get up and gather his things. He didn’t speak and moved with no sense of urgency. “Nah dude you good stay there.” Visiting Dick gave him a puzzled looked and continued to get his stuff together. My man started to walk over to the bed and I jumped up thinking he was about to lose it. He started to unbuckle his pants and motioned for Visiting Dick to sit back down on the bed. I was more than confused. “I wanna see your ass back in the air like it was when I walked in.” I sat there for a second because I just knew he had to be kidding. I wasn’t trying to set myself or my new friend up but the thought of what could potentially be about to go down was making my pussy juicier by the second. Still, we both hesitated. He looked over at the night stand closest to the window. “This can go down two ways, I’m gonna leave it up to you.” I knew that was where he kept the 9mm. Locked inside a safety box underneath the most recent YellowPages, the key under the back left foot of the sturdy piece of furniture. I’d watched him practice unlocking and taking it out on numerous occasions. He had his timing down to about 8 seconds. I knew I couldn’t run that fast. And as athletic as my new friend was, I doubted he could be dressed and out of the house that fast either. I used my eyes to motion my friend to oblige and sit down. I went over to him and gently stroked his balls. I could tell he was a little uncomfortable but when I used my tongue to circle the head of his dick he closed his eyes and I knew he didn’t feel too bad about cooperating. It took about 2 seconds for his dick to be fully hard and standing at attention again. I stood up so we could both move ourselves back on the bed in the same position we’d been in when my man first walked in. I grabbed hold of the shaft of his cock and went to work. I sucked as if my life depended on it, I guess in retrospect it really did. I slurped and slobbered all over his thick long dick and from the corner of my eye I saw my man watching me with a smirk on his face that let me know I was making him proud. My sticky juices went from dripping to pouring down my legs and just as my new friend’s dick down my throat made me cum for a third time, I felt a wet tongue lick all the way from the side of my left knee to my juicy cunt. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them wide. He used his tongue to draw a circle around my asshole and trace a line from the slit of my pussy up to my throbbing clit. I lost control a little until I heard him demand “Keep the dick in your mouth.” “Bitch, FOCUS,” I thought to myself as he sucked on my clit. I kept sucking, Visiting Dick kept moaning and my man stuck two fingers deep in my asshole just as I was about to come again.

“Turn around and ride his dick.” I heard him say. I wiped away the spit that was dribbling down my chin and faced away from Visiting Dick. I opened my legs and squatted down until I felt every inch of him in my pussy. He reached around me and grabbed hold of my titties, using them to guide me up and down his dick. My man’s cock was just as big, just as thick. He had taken it out of his cargo shorts while eating me out and was kneeling in front of me, his dick pointed straight at my waiting lips. He forcefully grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock down my throat. I gagged on it as he caught me off guard. For the next ten minutes I bounced on the dick in my pussy and slurped on the one in my mouth. “I know you want it in your ass.” He said. “Dude, ask her, she loves it in her ass.” Visiting Dick half spoke, half whispered, “You want it in your ass, Ma?” “YES,” was all I could manage to get out. He slowly lifted me off his dick. It was still standing straight up so he made me squat over it as he eased my asshole down. The first two seconds were excruciating. Every curse word in my vocabulary came out of my mouth but once it was all the way in my screams of agony turned into moans of joy. As I rode him, my pussy leaked juices all over his legs. I rubbed my clit and thrusts two then three fingers in and out of my cunt. “Cum all over him baby,” my man said as I rode like I was in the lead at the Kentucky Derby. “Lean back,” he said right before I was about to cum again. I kept the thick dick in my asshole and leaned backwards towards the headboard. He kneeled in front of us and inserted his dick into my pussy. My whole body was on fire. One cock in my pussy, another in my ass, I couldn’t control myself. I grabbed the sheets and the mattress and came extremely hard on both dicks. “Yeahhhhh, that’s what I’m talking about. I’m gonna bust this nut all over your face.” Visiting Dick was pumping underneath me and my man was pumping from the top. I lifted one breast and put my hard nipple in my mouth while using the other hand to rub my clit. All of a sudden, my man pulled his dick out of my pussy and stood over both of us. His cum squirted out all over my face, neck, and tits. I was drenched in his nut. He got down off the bed and pulled his shorts up. “Go ahead and finish what you started,” he said as he stuffed his still-stiff cock back in his shorts. The sound of the door shutting behind him was almost as jarring as it was when he’d unexpectedly entered an hour before, though not enough to interrupt a great fuck.

Check out the others' 'The Door Shut Behind Me' with Kimberly of The Errant Wife and see who else is taking part in this month's group post: the Duchess, Hubman, Veronica, Ms Scarlett, Aurore, Topaz, Enchanted Mistress, Petal, Ronjazz, Autumn, Britni, Library Vixen, Eden's Dragon, Submissively Me, Danimo and Lolita, and Barefoot Dreamer.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TMI Tuesday #195 Touch Myself

1. Have you ever attended a group masturbation party? Same-sex or mixed?

Now this is something I have not done. Sounds interesting, but how exactly does this work? Does everyone just make themselves cum over and over, smooch on the cheeks and bounce? Does it usually lead to something more? Now I have to do some research...can't wait to see what everyone else has to say about this.

2. When masturbating, as you reach orgasm, do you continue to stimulate yourself without interruption, or do you stop and apply pressure until your spasms subside? Or?

It depends on what kind of orgasm I've given myself. If it's clitoral I usually have to stop for a few seconds and get my bearings together. A little pressure will do and then I can keep going. If the orgasm is vaginal then I usually maintain stimulation throughout and just stop when I can't take it anymore ;-)

3. Have you ever video'ed yourself while masturbating (solo)? Where are they now?

Yes I love looking closely at how wet I get and have taped myself doing so a few times with my phone. The videos were in my phone. Since I just got a new phone they are not in there anymore :-( I took the memory card from the old one and just haven't put back it in yet.

4. Have you ever looked at porn online? Have you ever posted at porn online?

I've never posted (well do comments count?) but I have looked. In fact, about 10 minutes ago I was checking out a site a friend told me about. Had to take a quick 15 from work. Ahhhhh....

5. Do you send/recieve dirty email jokes and pictures?

I receive way more than I send. I am not really a "forwarder" but I always read the ones I get.

Bonus: Have you ever told someone they were good in bed when they weren't?

Umm..yes. Well I won't be like "oh yes that was great." I've probably said I had a good time when it wasn't all that good. But I always add the "next time we should...." clause in there so they know I wasn't not completely satisfied with the experience.

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Anything you want to share that's not any of our damn business?

Monday, July 13, 2009


Welcome to the inagural post of "P is for..." I've decided to start this little feature to highlight some of my many random thoughts. In order to keep things from getting too out there, I though it may be fun to keep my ramblings to focus around one letter of the alphabet.

"P" is the first letter to so many wonderful things...Pink, penis, pornography and of course...Pussy! And that's what I'm starting off with.

Pussy is great. I mean, I've never licked one, touched one other than mine or fucked one. But I know pussy is great. Namely, mine.

How great is it? I have cursed men out, shit on their name told them to fuck their mother and satan in a threesome and because of this bombass pussy, they come back. LOL.

How great is it? I have had dudes tell me my pussy juice should be bottled and marketed to bitches with wack pussy, to help enhance their fuckability. Word up.

Pussy is great. Namely, mine.

How great is it? Now, wouldn't YOU like to know?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

HNT: The Curve

There are many curves on the body. Full breasts and an ample ass are the obvious ones on women. Still, I am intrigued by so many more ... like the curve some people have at the spine, or where the shoulder and neck meet. I particularly love the landscape of a nice stomach. That region is so erotic to me. This navel piercing was my first. Kiss me there ... close yet so far from that other soft spot.

Happy Happy HNT! Visit Osbasso and see who else is playing.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sugasm # 169

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

TMI Tuesday #194 The Truth?

1. Where was the first place you ever had sex?
I actually answered this question before when for our first TMI we used questions from a collection of old TMI posts. I was at my "boyfriend's" job. He was a parking attendant in a supermarket parking lot. There was a little ramshackle building in the darkest corner of the lot. It couldn't have been more than 3 feet by 3 feet. I had my pants down near my ankles and was bent over bracing myself against one wall. It sounds potentially hot and steamy, but it really wasn't. In spite of our age difference, neither of us knew what the HELL we were doing. Looking back, I have to give him credit for trying.

2. How often do you lie?
Surely every day! Doesn't everyone?

3. If you could only be one, would you rather be smart or good looking?
Now this is a tough question. If I'm not smart, how stupid am I? And good looking? This is subjective. Who do I look like? If I absolutely had to choose I suppose I would pick smart. Smart people can make money and buy good looks ;-)

4. Have you ever passed out or suffered memory loss from drinking too much?
When you put it that way it sounds really serious. I think not being able to put all the pieces together after a long night of drinking is pretty common. No? When I was in college I used to say that I would stop drinking if I ever threw up or passed out. I believe it was New Years 2001 when those good intentions went up in flames.

5. Top or bottom?
I'll climb on top give it my all as often as any good sexpot but generally I have a "bottom" personality when it comes to men and more of a "top" personality when it comes to women. Go figure!

Bonus: Do you have any catalogs for toys/videos/lingere delivered to your home?
Does Victoria Secret count? Too tame? I do most of my toy shopping online. But now that you mention it a video catalog sounds pretty interesting. I tried the Wanted List for about a week but all the emails were just to overwhelming and titles like "A Midsummer Nights Cream" just weren't making me wet and eager.

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Anything you want to share that's not any of our damn business?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fallen off Track

On my way to the office and listening to some old school music. At this moment B5's "All I Do" remix of the Jackson 5 original. I love this song because it makes me think about how much my partner loves me. However, the song is making me feel guilty about my recent treatment of my partner. I have a lot going on including relaunching a business and working on some Industry Certification. As I said in my last TMI post, by practice money comes first so intimacy and sex have been given a back seat. When I get home at night, I have just enough time to jump in bed and grab a few hours before waking up too early and repeating the long day cycle.

I realize that my recent behavior is not relationship kosher and quite honestly, if my partner stepped out on me, I couldn't fault him 100%. The reality is people need love attention and if their primary partner doesn't give it to them eventually, it will be sought outside of the relationship. To avoid this and to show that I still love and appreciate him, I'm planning something fun. I'm thinking of a romantic weekend at Ceasar's Pocono resorts or a VA Beach getaway. Doing something this weekend would be great but the last minute July 4 weekend rates are CRAZY. I may just plan a nice local NYC weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Ever fell off track with your partner? Howdya catchup?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tongue Lashing

My ex and I are having a hard time separating from one another. One moment we're on, the next off. One week he's all over me and the next I can't get in touch with him. If I didn't care about him as much as I do, there would be no problem putting my foot down. Last week I told him I was ending our physical relationship in an effort to heal and accept our new platonic friendship. After we talked over the dinner I made and chilled on the couch for a bit, I hinted that it was time to leave. He pulled me closer to him, looked in my eyes not saying anything for a while, began to touch me places where he knew I'd weaken. He kissed me gently and then rougher more passionate kisses followed. For a good minute, I lost myself in it but realizing that I had gone back on my word, I pushed him away and asked him to leave. I wasn't really in the mood anyway but every day afterwords I thought about it.

Our arrangement generally consists of one outing a week. This week, I decided going out rather than staying in was best. We grabbed some late night Thai food together after work. Quick and easy, we were full and I usually can't do the deed on a full stomach. During the car ride home though I became mysteriously emotional and horny. I invited him to watch television. After an hour or so, I could see that the 'itis' was creeping up on him, he rolled over and put his arm around me guiding my body into spooning position. "Hell no," I thought. I was feeling guilty that I was now contemplating some action but I let him know and he used words I had said back to me, "I just want to lay here and hold you. It's probably not a good idea." I decided to fight back. I felt a tingle and a trickle of wetness there as soon as he turned me over and pulled me close. I knew he had begun to harden and was ignoring it. It was an easy battle - he had not brought condoms with him and I didn't have any either. I kissed him and he soon surrendered. He fingered my clit while he began to kiss my neck, breasts ... slowly going lower and lower.

I am a fan of oral sex. The teacher I told you about... that was definitely his specialty. He never needed the favor returned so I've become a greedy bitch about it. Because I have had experience with an expert, I know oral is not my ex's strongest suit and so I never push it because I don't want to be disappointed. Left with no other option to please me this night, he went for it and I needed something, anything ... so I let him proceed. He spent a lifetime down there ... so much so that I came twice. Maybe because I'm worrying less about offending him, I guided the way at times, telling him what I wanted, what felt right, when he shouldn't stop. As he fingered me while doing a number on my clit, I squealed in delight. He wouldn't stop. Even as I attempted to slide my behind away from him he grabbed my thighs tighter and zoned in. I was in ecstasy and couldn't contain myself, literally. A squirt of something caught him off guard.

Did I just...

to be continued...