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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It was the sexually free and innovative Samantha Jones (Sex and the City) who uttered the words, "Honey, I'm a TRY-SEXUAL! I'll TRY anything SEXUAL!" And for me no truer words have ever been uttered!! Mind you I do have my limitations, NO BESTIALITY for me thank you very much! But other than that there is very little that I wouldn't TRY!

Since a very young age I knew that my sexuality was far more advanced than the average girl my age! And it wasn't for being promiscuous, in fact though I lost my virginity at 16, I didn't have sex again for almost two years! But it was things that happened along the way that really brought out my true sexuality!

Around the age of 16 I developed an insatiable appetite for giving head. I remember the exact moment at which this happened. Looking up into the eyes of a beautiful man whose body trembled beneath my touch, whose loins shivered as I slid him deeper and deeper into my mouth. The way the change in pressure around his cock in my mouth and his balls in my hands made him curl his toes and squirm like a little girl. Every spiral stroked hand movement up and down his shaft with my mouth suckling on his throbbing head brought him closer and closer to sheer Ecstasy and it was all my doing! The first time I made a man cum by just using my hands I was in awe, but when I made him cum even harder using my mouth and hands it was a wrap... I was hooked!!

Now for most women who claim not to give head it's usually because of some notion of feeling degraded or slutty! But for me it was the complete opposite, I felt in control, I felt empowered! That I could do this to someone !!! That I could make someone feel so out of control and be in control of how he cums and when he cums all at the same time. This was my high, my WET!! I became a perfectionist! Trying different techniques exploring different areas around the cock and balls and playing with everything learning how to give and how to take, and I wanted to make every man that crossed my past know that I was the best! And to this day, I still got it!

Because, I love it! I like to give head, you can't really be great at anything that you don't enjoy doing! I love the softness of the skin against my tongue, the firmness of the shaft filling the warm wetness of my mouth. The slightly sweet that is eventually followed by the salty, sexy pungency! The pulses that run down the cock as he gets closer to his nut. The way his toes curl, the way he holds my face and hair, the way his eyes water as I look into his eyes all while sucking him soft and slow then hard and fast. The sound of his voice as he releases in my mouth, grunting, panting, screaming out, out of breath, out of control, out of his mind! I'm wet as I write this!

Sexual control is addictive, it creeps up inside you and sits low in your groin like a spark waiting for just the right accelerant! I grew addicted to the power, so naturally, I wanted more! How else could I get this feeling, what else....who ....else? So now, my curiosity leads me to other outlets, towards more delicate and difficult territories. The softer sex if you will. But am I ready for that step? Am I ready to take on the 'Feminine Mystique'! Well, we'll save that for next time . . . right now I feel inspired, I'm going headhunting!

Do you crave sexual control? What makes you feel empowered?


Crystal said...

Great post in describing some of the pleasure of giving head can be. I agree giving head out of enjoyment is never degrading but more the opposite in the feelings spectrum.

This post made me hungry for the cock food group!


Sheba said...

My favorite part of giving head is the look up, looking at his (or her) face painted with enjoyment. Now I'm hungry too. I'll let you all know what "food" I find.

The Fury said...

(wiping my brow) Well damn! That's what I like to hear/read. Women need to understand that giving head can be empowering. And you can never ever do something truly well if you don't enjoy it. I love giving women head. It's always my pleasure to orally please a women. Your descriptions have me sitting back looking for someone to unzip this...

Jayne's Master said...

I am on the other side of the control thing as I am under my partners control. I do it to him as and when he wants me to, thats part of my submissive life and I luv it. I dont write about that side of my sex life though, instead I luv to detail my denial, and indeed the control I am under... it makes me so horny for others to know. I think it is the humiliation of others knowing that I luv.

Tepid said...

i used to enjoy a good swallow, but then had a gross experience. working my way back... thanks for the positive post!