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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Anal Beginning

"You want it in your ass baby?" he whispered.

"Yeeeeessss but I'm scared. It's gonna hurt and I like where it is now," I said.

"I'll be gentle," he said.

"I don't know," I said. He was beginning to ruin the fucking mood. DAMN why can’t this man just be happy he’s even getting some. Why they all wanna go for the gold – in this case the ass!?! Yes he was tearing my pussy up, and yes he did have my eyes rolling into the back of my head. But why wasn’t that enough!?! Prior to penetration, I blew him for 15 long minutes, sucked the juice out, swallowed and licked to make sure not one drop was left behind. Most men would be on Cloud 9 with just that experience but this fool wasn’t satisfied. I gave him his and now I just wanted to get mine…

He pulled out, turned me over and motioned for me to assume the doggy-style position. I quickly complied. I heard him chuckle as he began to finger fuck me with his middle finger. As he dug deeper and deeper, my pussy got wetter and wetter and I forgot that I was annoyed. Instead, I begged, technically I howled, for him to replace his finger with his cock.

Finally he complied. As I looked back to witness the punishment my twat was receiving, we locked eyes. He slobbered his index finger and shoved it in my ass. "UuuuhhhuUuuhhhhUuuuhhhh," I moaned. The notes I was hitting would have made my chorus director proud.

One finger turned to two and I felt the opening of my ass expanding, contracting, stretching and wrapping around his fingers. His balls were knocking hard outside my pussy as his dick made deeper strides into my twat. That night I learned a painful and pleasureful lesson - the key to successful anal with no delay was distraction. The body can't focus on two pleasure/pain points equally and simultaneously. My body was no exception. Before I knew what was happening, four fingers were stretching my ass oooooouuuuuuut. I was in ecstasy. His hand was doing exercises in my ass - open, close…open, close.

He whispered, "Yea baby you ready."

“I am?” I moaned nervously.

“Yes, I can get all five fingers in," he said as he stuffed all of his fingers in my ass. “I'm gonna stick him in. Ok?"

"Uuuhhhhhhh...yes..yea baby im ready... give it to me," I squealed.

He quickly lubed his dick and attempted to stuff it in. He hit a barrier. I tightened up and tried to buck forward so he'd fall out. So much for trying to escape because he shoved my face deep into the pillow and drove straight in. I shrieked in pain but in a matter of seconds, my shrieks of pain turned into shrieks of delight. I shivered from ecstasy. I completely surrendered, stretching my arms out on the bed, palms down, back slanted downwards, and ass cocked up as high as I could get it. He pulled me up by my hair and asked "Who's is it?" "Yours," I whispered. "WHAT?" he growled, as he dug deeper, tickling my intestines with his punishment-wielding cock. "YOURS. ALL YOURS BABY," I yelled. Satisfied he let go of my hair and my head plopped onto the bed.

I pushed up to doggy style position, guiding him to sit on the edge of the bed and rode him like I was competing for first place in a rodeo. This was the beginning of my anal addiction.

How was your first anal experience?


Sheba said...

A woman after my own heart. I too was scared my first time. But I got to tell you, there is NOTHING NOTHING NO-THING to compare to the orgasm trifecta > an anal, clitoral and g-spot orgasm all at once. Whoooooo I get wet just thinking about it! Ha!

Pink Vixxxen said...

...after three reads and a panty change, i conclude that there should be at least one anal entry (pardon the pun) on KC. This used to be my shit (again, my bad) but after a traumatic experience, i've been timid about going there like i used to...

Pink Vixxxen said...

that's one anal post per week on KC.

Mistress Bliss said...

As a freak whore 14 year old I allowed several objects to visit my back yard. I haven’t tried it in a while and it sounds like I need to start practicing to reach our quota.

ErikaStarr said...

@ Pink: I've had some negative experiences too but the good ish outweighs the bad ish. I've had jerks, one in particular, ram me HARD with no notification. Uhhmmm it didn't work.

his *hard dick*
+ my *dry ass*
= *no entry*

However the PAIN was crazy. I think that's why although I enjoy it a lot, each time I do it, especially after a long break, it's a process because mentally I'm taken back to that bad time. Anyway Pink - try it again and post the experience. @Sheba - never experienced the three together but now I'm on a mission to do just that. Greenwich Village sex shops here I cum (come)! @Bliss: Been there too but nothing too big. Just googled fisting - now that's a topic I'd like to experience and post about.

The Fury said...

An ex of mine once said "the thought alone of putting THAT big dick in my ass gives me a headache." I have been offered the ass since a failed attempt and may actually take someone up on it. Any suggestions on the best position for us endowed guys to quench the anal need of our women?

ErikaStarr said...

@The Fury: You endowed guys can join in the fun BUT you have to be patient, gentle and find an open-minded woman. I've regularly taken 11 x 3 in my ass. My initial thoughts were "HELL NO" but we worked up to it. Get some anal ease and Johnson's Baby Gel. I would spend time "preparing" the female – play with her ass.

1) Stick your fingers in it – you’ll know she’s near ready when you can stick four fingers in.
2)Play with her – stick three fingers of each hand and gently stretch.
3)Use a lot of anal ease – outside and squeeze it inside her ass. Definitely wear a condom so you don’t risk getting numb (and of course the health benefits. )
4)Pound her pussy. The body can’t equally focus on two pain points. You can employ this step with step 2 also.
5)Be patient and accept no. She may not come around that night – but you’ll be on the right track

Do not force the issue, attempt to penetrate dry or be over bearing – all are turn-offs.

Hope this helps!

The Fury said...

WOW That's a helluva lot of advice. Thanks for all of that. I'll be sure to use that when I find a willing participant. I once worked one willing participant up to the deed, and still no manner of slow allowed her to get past the initial shriek of my girth. But we shall see...

Sheba said...

Anal Ease really? Hmmmm, I might need to invest in some of this on my birthday trip to the sex shop this weekend.

Tepid said...

hmmm, we'll have to check out the anal-ease as well. he's been wanting to do anal (had a co-worker whose wife LOVED anal) and has been V-E-R-Y patient. we've accomplished a couple of times, _MANY_ years ago. for us, it was easier entry angle to do anal in missionary--curvature in wang matched curvature of colon.

there's also plugs and beads that could be utilized for a gradual stretching process. i HAVE to have some serious clit going on to even think about having something touch the back door.

now fisting, on the other hand (pun intended), is a current fave around here. took quite a bit of time, despite being a little more sloppy-jalopy from enduring vaginal childbirths. we found that the best angle for me is over his knees, though most of the free online porn clips we've seen are with the girl on her back and the arm approaching from the vicinity of her feet. i have a tipped uterus so i don't know how much of that plays into our need for the alternative approach. LOTS OF SLOPPY LUBE!

ErikaStarr said...

@Tepid: Definitely try my method - it works. I have a very low tolerance for pain so if I can do it, so can you. Actually haven't done it in a while and I'm ignoring subtle and not so subtle hints. LOL. Never tried fisting but I'm not adverse to it. Definitely keep us informed about your anal adventures!