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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Did I just get my GROOVE back??

What have I gotten myself into? It seems I ask myself that question pretty often these days but today I REALLY mean it. About a week ago I was doing some work for my business posting ads on a popular website when I got curious and decided to check out what the personals were offering. I perused through a few “women seeking women” ads, nothing special there, then went to the “men seeking women” ads. The first few I saw were quite amusing. Since I needed a good laugh for the day I just keep going, reading one desperate plea for love, sex with no strings attached, or mutual extramarital affairs after another. Many of the posts had pictures attached which provided even more jokes. I mean I’ve looked through plenty personals in the past, even posted a couple myself, but it seems that day people were really on some other shit. Nevertheless, I kept browsing. Suddenly, I came across one that caught my attention. It said something about looking for an independent woman who’s about her shit, career-minded, educated and not looking to just take from a relationship. The message was nice and well-written but it wasn’t really the words that caught my attention. Once I scrolled down to the bottom of the post and saw the pictures he’d included I just knew I had to send him a message. He was FINE. In one picture he had his shirt off and I could see every single cut in his chest and stomach. I seriously wanted to jump through my computer screen and give him The Business right then and there. I sent him a message. “Hey...saw your ad and just wanted to say hello. Nice pictures...nice profile. I'll attach a picture and if you want to know more about me feel free to reply...”

I went back to doing what I was doing and about an hour later I got an email from him telling me I was cute and that I should holler at him. We spent the rest of the day going back and forth between email and text messages. In one exchange I asked him how old he was. I couldn’t tell from the pictures online and I was really feeling like I wanted to try to meet up for some safe but random hot rendezvous. Here’s the wrench. He responded that he’d recently turned 23. Pause. I mean I know I am not THAT much older but here I am getting ready to enter my 30’s is the new 20’s and trying to give The Business to someone in their 20’s is the new TEENS. Sigh. I thought about rethinking that one. I told him what my situation was and he showed no less interest and made it clear that he was ready to see me as soon as time allowed. A couple days went past and after several phone conversations, text messages, pictures and oh yeah, the video of him showering, I realized I had a curiosity that this cat needed to succumb to. I was supposed to go out of town on Saturday night but figured I could just move my flight to Sunday morning. I called him and asked him if he had plans for the evening and he said it depended on me. I replied “let’s make a date” We decided to meet at a hang out spot downtown where there are a bunch of stores and restaurants and just pick a place when we got there.

The minute I laid eyes on him I melted. He was even better looking in person than in the pictures he’d posted AND the extra ones he’d sent me. He smiled at me and I immediately felt my panties get moist. He chose this wine spot for dinner where there was a live jazz band playing. He ordered wines for me to taste, stroked my hand under the table and talked to me about his favorite old school R&B artists, joking with me about how most of those he mentioned were before my time. Halfway through this date, I realized two things. 1. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that I was out on a date with a person over half a decade younger than me and 2. I thought to myself I might have to rethink my plans to do the deed with him on that night because I really wanted to see him again, and not for sex but just to hang out. As we approached the end of dinner he asked me what Plan B was. I knew that I should say I was going to head home and get some rest before my flight but he made a joke about something, smiled, my panties got wet again, and I let him know I was game for whatever. He asked if I wanted to go to his place and watch a movie. I messaged my girl with his phone number and license plate number and let her know where I was headed in case she didn’t hear from me in a few hours. I followed him to his place and realized when I walked in that I really was dealing with a grown ass man. I might have been expecting to see a futon in the living room and a mattress on the floor in the bedroom but I was pleasantly surprised to see stylish furniture inside a very clean apartment.

We went into his bedroom and chose a movie to watch. About a fourth of the way into the movie he leans over and kisses me on my neck. Now I’ve been kissed on my neck a million times before but this particular kiss sent chills from my forehead to my toes. It wasn’t too soft or too aggressive. He used his tongue to lick behind my ear and down to my shoulder blade and began to massage my other shoulder at the same time. I laid, fully clothed, flat on my stomach and he proceeded to massage my back. On the phone he’d mentioned to me that he gives great massages and he was going to make stop giving the spa people my money. As I laid there in pure bliss as he kneaded my shoulders and back through my shirt, I was convinced he might actually be right. I took off my shirt and left my bra and skirt on. I was amazed at the fact that once again my pussy was wet and that this young man was giving me the best massage I’ve had in a very long time. After a good twenty minutes of this he rolled me over, got on top of me and kissed me passionately. We already know how I feel about kisses but his was just right. When he stopped he just stared right into my eyes and for two seconds I was intimidated because he was really looking at me like he could make me scream his name right then and there if he wanted to. He removed my skirt and bra and laid me across his bed. He rubbed up and down my thighs and I could feel the sticky juices from my pussy slowly roll down my inner thighs toward my ass cheeks. He took one finger, dipped it in my wetness and spread it all over my throbbing clit. He slowly rubbed it until just before I was bout to cum, knelt down in front of the bed and began to lick me from my clit to the bottom of my juicy lips. He massaged my breasts at the same time showing each nipple special attention. After I came about three times he stripped down to his boxer briefs and I made him lay down on his back and proceeded to suck his dick like I am sure it’s never been sucked before. His dick was so soft and just the feeling of it in the back of my throat made me want to cum without him even touching me. When he couldn’t take it anymore he made me turn over, kneeled over me while he put on a condom and proceeded to give ME The Business for another hour and a half. We switched positions 5 or 6 times and every time he felt like he was about to cum, he would switch up his stroke and start all over. I have no clue how many times I came or how the hell he kept my pussy dripping wet for so long, but he did and by the time I stood up I had to get my bearings together so that I could walk straight without falling over. Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting date number 2 with the young stallion. I will keep you all posted…..

Whose GROOVE is this?

Monday, March 30, 2009

When Love Is the Problem

So I’m going through a real bonafide break up. I’m getting through the hurt of losing a love and evaluating the mistakes I made. I miss her dearly and we are actually becoming good friends but now we are going into week two and I’m over this friend shit.

We decided that “space” and “building a foundation of friendship” is important to our future success but I’m becoming a true believer that this friends with your ex nonsense is for the birds! I enjoy the light flirting, easy conversation and no strings but we have a BIG part missing and now I don’t wanna be friends.

To put it mildly I’M HORNY AS HELL. I consider myself a sex kitten but for the past week I’ve been feeling like a fuckin’ cougar. My Pom Pom is jumpin’ and I have no local back ups to tame the tiger. This fire in my loins has me seeing double and stepping outside of myself. I’m not one for casual sex or random hook ups, but as sure as the sky is blue my ass was on Craigslist searching the NSA’

I think she put a spell on my pussy. She just got my pearl trained and my pussy is not responding to my touch anymore. I’ve masturbated, pulled out the toys, and watched the kinkiest porn; NOTHING. I put in a call to my nastiest phone sex buddy had an off the chain session and NOTHING. In a true quagmire, I humbled myself called my ex turned BFF for a tune up and she hit me with the, “sex will complicate our friendship” and she loves me too much to just have sex. I was ready to punch her.

Truth is I don’t want to sleep with anyone else and the one I want is feeding me some true bullshit. I totally agree with her points but I need affection, intimacy and a good fuck right now. I’m starting to understand why people stay around in jacked up relationships because of how “he lays the D”. I now know how people become serial daters.

I don’t want to go down a slippery slope or make a rash decision cause I want to be laid, but I’m prepared to fly in my old faithful so she can eat the box!!

What’s a horny girl to do?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Too Tired

It has been a while since we were intimate. Work was really stressful and I had been spending long hours at the office. Our exchanges were limited to me kissing his forehead as he lay sleeping when I was leaving for work and then an obligatory kiss on the cheek when I came home after 16 hours of work. Thursday was a day like all the recent days - I left early, got home late and crashed almost instantly. He must have felt sorry for me because he didn't even try to talk to me. He just tucked me in and retreated to the living room.

So much for feeling sorry for me, later that night, as I lay sleeping on my back, I felt a finger in my pussy and then two and then three. "Uuuuhhhmmmmmmmmm," I moaned as I pushed my ass back towards the source of my pleasure. He turned me over on my back and squeezed my left nipple while he sucked the right. What I really wanted was for him to eat my pussy - it had been a long time since that happened. I didn't have the energy to be demanding so I went with the flow. After a few more minutes of milking me, he flipped me over and shoved his dick into my pussy. His hard dick sliding in and out of my wet pussy felt so good. I was creaming all over his dick. "Want me to get the anal ease baby?" Now normally I would have said "hell yes" and would have been begging for it but the energy level wasn't there and my pussy felt so good and didn't want to let go of the jewels. As punishment for not complying, he beat my pussy; I felt his dick pound my cervix over and over. "It feels SOOOOOOOOOO good baby," I whispered fiercely. It was the middle of the night and I did not want to wake the neighbors. "WHAT. DID. YOU. SAY?" he asked, each word corrospending to a deep stroke. My response was so garbled even I couldn't make it out. He fucked me harder and harder and asked where I wanted it. "In my pussy baby," I shouted.

A few minutes later he obliged and we both collapsed.

Have you ever been too tired to properly enjoy a good fuck?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

How I Missed Sheba's Birthday Night Out (and other plans that went awry...)

So I had been looking forward to Saturday all week long. Even though Sheba wasn't sure what we were getting into, she promised debauchery...and I was all for it! It was also a happy coincidence that Mellow was going to be in town, and I would get to finally make him pay for his recent misbehavior (see Silly I had reserved a hotel room, so that it would be easier for me to cum and go, so to speak. Mellow was going to accompany me out on this night of debauchery, and I wanted to make the most of this night, so I called him. "Hey Baby, what time are we meeting up?" was how he answered the phone. "Just get your shit together and meet me at Hotel X in an hour," I said, and hung up. I let out a shit-eating grin as I thought about what I had planned. I went to pack a bag and shower, get the nani fresh for the lickin'..

I checked into the hotel and went to the room. I had a chance to straighten my corset under my cute strapless black dress. I glanced down at my 5 inch hot pink strappy heels with the sexy strap around the ankle and smiled again. He wouldn't know what hit him. Then my phone rang. "Hey baby, I'm here." He was so oblivious that it was kind of annoying. But, little did I know...

I gave my corset a tug, straightened my dress and opened the door. He was smiling (this pretty boy was always smiling) and I was stone-faced..though melting in my thong...he tried to kiss me and I stepped back, told him to come in and locked the door. He asked me why I was being so serious, "You can't still be mad about that bullshit from the other day, are you?" I didn't even answer his ass. I went and sat on the edge of the bed and he came over to me. I looked at his pretty ass and told him he was going to have to do more than smile to make up for that bullshit and he said, "Sure baby. That's why I'm here." He leaned down to try and kiss me and I told him to start lower. He smiled, and kneeled, thinking I was telling him to suck my pussy, I pushed my pink heel against his chest and told him "Feet first." He looked at me, and then my french manicured toes, and kissed each one. He seemed confused by the straps on my heels, so he left my shoes on and kissed the top of my foot, ankles and then up my legs. He kept going up, and when he got between my thighs, he lifted me up a bit and removed my already SOAKING thongs...

He went to town. He knows I like clitoral stimulation best, so he purposed teased around that area while focusing on fingering my pussy and tongue fucking me. He worked his skilled tongue in and out, bringing me to a shuddering orgasm. Just as I was cumming off of the first one, he pursed his lips around my clit and began to suck, as he pushed a finger into my asshole and pushed upwards. He kept sucking and fingering my second hole while I came again...twice. While I was trying to gather myself for the next step in my plan, this muthafucker flipped the script. I didn't have a chance.

He came up to me as if he were going to kiss my breast, but then... he reached up and put his hand around my neck. He pushed me backwards onto the bed and said, "Fuck this shit, I am running this shit. What the fuck you think I was going to let you curse me out and tell me you fucking other muthafuckers without coming here and fucking the shit out of you girl.. Still choking me, he said, "Now unzip my pants so you can take this dick!" I swallowed hard, already in a trance, and reached down to unzip his jeans, his huge hard on making the task difficult as hell. I felt his dick flop onto my thigh, then he let go of my neck and moved up to straddle my face. He squeezed my cheeks and told me to swallow his dick. I didn't have time to play with it like I usually do, in one fell swoop, he was in my throat. I barely had time to gasp for air as he ferociously fucked my face.

After he was satisfied I had sucked him enough, he stood up and pulled me to a sitting position. he grabbed the top of my strapless dress and pulled it down, painfully taking my corset with it. I winced, and told him I was wearing a corset, to let me take it off. He grabbed me by my locks and pulled my head down between my legs as he unhooked my corset. He took off my clothes and started to push me onto the bed as I said, "Wait, my shoes.." He damn near growled at me, "LEAVE THE SHOES ON!!" I didn't say shit. I laid down and while I was trying to adjust a pillow beneath me, he got between my legs, pulled my ankles up near his face and pushed up into me. He banged the shit out of me like that for a while. Silently. Then he dropped one leg, pushed the other up to my chest and leaned into me. He moved my face so that he was staring into my eyes and he said, "So you want to go and fuck other dudes, huh?" He emphasized this question with a deep thrust, not letting me lose his gaze for a second. He kept moving slowly and began talking to me. Telling me that he was pissed that I was giving this pussy to another guy. That he was sure this other joker couldn't fuck me the way he could. He held still and said, "So why are you fucking me now...and not him." I was silent. He thrust a few more times and then he slapped me clear across my face. WHAP! What the fuck, I was stunned. He said, "I fucking asked you a question. Why am I pounding this pussy right now and not him?" I quickly answered, exasperating and face still stinging, "Because you're the best, Poppa..." WHAP! He slapped me again and said, "Oh yeah, I'm the best? Well, does he fuck the shit out of you at least?" He leaned down and tongue kissed me. "You deserve that. With pussy this good, I hope you're not letting no wack ass dude fuck you."

He kissed me again and then told me to turn over. I rolled onto my stomach and WHAP! He slapped my ass. Hard. He pushed into my pussy and pulled me up onto my knees, pushing my back down into a deep arch. WHAP! He slapped the same cheek again... about 8 times in a row. Pounding my pussy from behind and pulling my hair, he kept spanking me, until I was close to tears. He kept going until I felt him slow down...what he does right before he cums, to make that last moment last longer...He pulled out and told me to kneel in front of him. I did, I opened my mouth, knowing what the next request would be. He stroked himself about two times and then let loose all over my lips, cheeks and tongue. He reached down and patted me on my head, "Good girl."

What the fuck just happened?

I checked my phone. Missed call from Sheba. My bad, girl.

When was the last time you were slut-fucked?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pussy tastes sweeter when you're getting fucked

When I first met T, I engaged her with the objective of making her a third party in my relationship with my partner. Our relationship has instead evolved into her being my girlfriend, and although my partner thinks she's really sexy, we haven't formalized how much or how little I'll share her. It's not that I question whether my partner wants to fuck T, I know he'd love to, (who wouldn't :-), it's moreso that there hadn't been a planned destination of OUR bed at the end of any of our group dates. A few weeks ago, this changed.

We'd decided to go out in a four-some - T, my partner, and my partner's girl. We began the night with drinks at our house, transitioned to a club on South Beach, followed that with a brief interlude at a strip joint and ended in our bed at about 9:00am. From early in the night, I was a horny slut. I am not a huge fan of PDA but T and I were all over each other. Kissing her and caressing her body in full view of my partner (somewhere other than the strip club)made me dripping wet. I'd gone out sans underwear and my pussy was leaking so much I had to take a bathroom break every 40-60 minutes to wipe the juices that were continuously rolling down my inner thigh. By the time we dropped my partner's girlfriend home and made it to the strip club I was sure there was no way we were dropping T home without me getting to taste her.

We left the strip club at around 8am having reached the consensus that no one was in any shape to get T home and the journey would best be attempted after a small nap. Honestly I didn't have an "agenda". I really was tired and I figured should the atmosphere be right for some under the covers fun to occur I would let the events unfold as was comfortable for all of us. I actually gave T a tank top and boy shorts to sleep in and put on a matching set myself. We all climbed into the bed. I even attempted to fall asleep briefly. Seriously I deserve an A for effort. But my partner had plans other than sleeping and as soon as I spooned my boyshorted ass into his body he started to pull the shorts off. I looked at T and smiled. She licked her lips and threw me what I can only describe as a mischievous look from under her lashes. As my partner wasn't being particularly patient, within a few minutes he'd pulled me to my hands and knees and drove his dick in so deep I gasped audibly. I smiled at T, and reached to pull her body under me. As my partner slowly pulled his cock in and out of my body I dragged her borrowed tank top and boyshorts off. He pushed my head down until my mouth was in direct contact with her nipples. As my body swayed from the force of him moving in and out of my pussy my lips tugged and sucked at her nipples. I alternated between playing with T's breasts and enjoying the constrast of her shortened breaths and his sharp ones. I'd been thinking about eating T all night, and as much as I loved her breasts, they were distracting me. I shifted my body, spread her legs wider and dove in.

I have to take a moment disclose here that I love to eat pussy. LOVE IT! I like to give head far more than I have ever liked receiving it. When my tongue touched T's clit I moaned deep in my throat and she lifted her hips to meet my lips. Teasing her I took her clit into my mouth between my tongue and my upper lip and began suckling. As soon as I shifted my body downward, my partner took it as an invitation to transition to a deep stroke, hitting against my g-spot and my cervix with excruciating intensity. In a few long strokes I felt myself teetering close to the edge and took a deep breath in an attempt to will first orgasm to slow down. The harder he pounded me, the the thirstier I got. Staring at pink pussy contrasted against dark chocolate lips in the early morning light is more than enough to make my clit throb. The fact that the pussy belonged to T and my partners dick was simultaneous stroking my shit was enough to make me giddy. When I used my finger to bring a sample of her juices to my lips she shivered. The combination of the look of hunger plastered on her face and my partner next stroke massaging my g-spot sent me face first into her pussy as I came. The first cum is always the hardest to get and I knew a second would follow all too soon. I was determined we would all cum together. I hungrily feasted on on her sticky sweetness sucking on her clit as my body rocked in tandem with my partners thrusts. When T's back arched off the bed I knew it she was there. Arms locked around T's thighs I clenched my pussy around my partners dick and slammed my ass towards him. Works every time.

Honestly, pussy has never tasted sweeter. Have you ever given and received simultaneously? Was your nut as good as mine?

Footnote: The title of this post was inspired by a line in a hot post from a fellow sex blogger.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Make it Rain...

I wasn’t sure how foreplay had turned into this. We’d gone to see a movie and had dinner at his favorite soul food spot. It wasn’t the first date but certainly wasn’t the 9th or 10th either. No three month rule here, I knew where this was leading from the moment he showed up at my door in the fly ass button down, jeans and brand new black flats. Freshly shaven and smelling like Calvin Klein himself, I appreciated the extra effort to come with the A game and was ready to paint the town with him. After hours of contemplation, I’d chosen the skinny jeans and stiletto combination with the short leather jacket. We definitely looked good together and of course I wondered if we’d be just as compatible between the sheets. After the movie he asked me if I wanted to go to a lounge he knew about or did I want to go by his place for a couple drinks and more “good conversation”. Yeah right. I knew just what the hell he wanted and the sex scene in the movie had already left me a little moist in the seat of my thong.

He stopped me just inside the door of his well-decorated spot, looked me dead in my eyes and told me he had really enjoyed the night and something about it could end right then and there and he would be satisfied…blah blah blah. I thought to myself “Dude, it’s 1am, I know what I’m here for”. He went in for a kiss. Now let me stop and say something. I’m not a big kisser. I’m not sure why, but I’m just not. I think I like my kisses to be perfect—just enough lip, just enough tongue, not too much damn spit-- and when they’re not, I am extremely disappointed. It’s a deal breaker for me something so I’d rather not do it if I’m not sure about it.
I gave a little hesitation but it wasn’t bad at all. He was a passionate kisser and I could tell if I let him he would’ve stood there and kissed me forever. After a minute or so we stop and he proceeded to go make me a drink. He handed it to me and asked if I wanted a massage. Sure why not. I guess he couldn’t find any other way to get me half naked so whatever. Right about then I was thinking the experience was probably leaning toward being more sensual than I was in the mood for that particular night. I guessed I wasn’t about to get the throwing up against a wall, furniture breaking sex my pussy requires from time to time.

We were in his bedroom, I was down to my panties and bra, and he had the music playing softly from the Ipod speakers. I was already feeling relaxed from the strong ass drink he made so I went to lay down on the bed face down. He told me to turn over becacuse he wanted to start from the front. I was thinking this dude is really not trying to waste any time but since I had to be up early in the morning anyway I was so ok with that. He’d already gotten down to his wifebeater and boxer briefs and when I laid down he straddled his legs on either side of me to begin to work his magic. It started behind my ears. He put his hands under my chin and up along the side of my face then used his fingertips to massage my earlobes. Then he moved up to my temples and it felt so good I almost wished I had a headache he could get rid of with that shit. He moved down to my shoulder blades and with a touch that was just right he rubbed gently, squeezing at certain points. He took his pointer, middle, finger and thumb and massaged the front and back of my collar bone, then the area about my breasts. I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second but I tried to maintain my composure. I wish I could say that I know what happened next but I was feeling so good I dozed off. When I woke up he was down by my legs rubbing my clit with one hand and inserting two fingers in my pussy with the other. He managed to get me soooo wet with all the rubbing and stroking and since I hadn’t been “fingered” in such a manner in so long I just wasn’t sure when or if the orgasm was coming. That’s when it happened. He took his right hand placed it on my lower abdomen and applied pressure. Then he took fingers and put them inside my pussy and started moving his fingers back and forth toward and away from him. He was massaging my g-spot just like I’d done in the past with my own fingers and toys but for some reason it felt very different. He started off light, but then applied more pressure with both his fingers and opposite hand and I could feel my orgasm building. I was right on the edge and ready to cum but I couldn’t. All of a sudden I started to feel like I had to pee.

“Omg, I’m about to pee on myself. Seriously! You have to stop or I’m going to piss all over this bed.” I was practically begging him to let up a little. It’s not that I was in pain. It was the fact that I’d never experienced that sensation during sex and I didn’t know what to make of it. I was squirming around like crazy, almost trying to throw myself off the bed to make it stop but at the same time I wanted it to continue cause it felt so damn good. I just knew I was going to be embarrassed as hell if I actually lost my bladder on his 800 count sheet set. He wasn’t going to give in. I knew he was finding pleasure in watching me wiggle and hearing me plead. He was trying so hard to get me to relax but I felt almost like I was stuck inside an orgasm that was never going to end. I was fully aware of my G-Spot and I was pretty sure it had been properly stimulated…so I thought. Nevertheless he didn’t stop. He went on and on letting up when he felt me about to let go, applying more pressure when he felt me resisting. I kept wanting to rub my clit and just get it out but he wouldn’t let me touch myself at all. “Let it go baby, just relax and let it go.” Finally, before I realized I couldn’t take it anymore, he removed his fingers from my pussy and…GUSH!!! When I say liquid was everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE!! I’d seen shit like this in movies before but I always thought that cannot be real. I’d read books and always been amazed by the whole female ejaculation phenomenon, but I never thought I would ever be considered a “squirter”. But here I was, and there we were, drenched in my puddle of love juice. The look on his face was one of such satisfaction. I felt so conquered but I didn’t give a flying fuck, my body was still convulsing from one of the best orgasms I’d ever had. Small spurts of liquid were still coming from my pussy walls and it took me ten minutes before I could even think about getting up. He told me I could go rinse off in the shower before he gave me what I really came for and I quickly obliged.

Needless to say, I am now on a mission to make MYSELF squirt. It might take me a while to make it happen but I will and TRUST ME, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have you ever squirted during sex or masturbation?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pain is Pleasure

I am the queen of talking shit…straight instigating in the naughty, flirty sense. I had been away for a week and I was dying to get it in with him----gangsta style of course. He hated (and loved) that I always felt the need to go toe-to-toe. What can I say, I’m from BK and it’s just how I roll. I already knew what he was capable of when provoked. Just the thought made me want to act up even more. lol Of course for the first two days I purposely ignored his texts. Thereafter, I kept my responses very short and vague. I knew this would make him livid but at the same time it had him feening to get me alone. Whenever he hadn’t seen me for an extended period, he stayed checking in just to make sure I wasn’t giving HIS pussy away. On the car ride back, even though I was going about 20 miles above the speed limit to get to him, I made sure I played it cool via text. “WTF, why haven’t you been responding to my messages? Wait until I see your ass tonight….", he texted. I couldn’t help but giggle giddily to myself while I sang along to Beyonce’s new joint. I quickly responded that he should save his punk ass threats for the next chick, stomped on the gas and practically floored it to our rendezvous location. I wanted to make sure that I got there before him with enough time to prepare.

How I managed to get to the hotel without getting a ticket is beyond me but thankfully I had arrived with about an hour to spare. An hour an half, since I knew his ass would be late. The room was just as I had pictured it----impeccable and perfect, white linens on a king sized bed; beautiful marble floored bathroom with a Jacuzzi and rain showerhead; and of course a 42 in flat panel television. (A beautiful hotel room is such a turn on to me.) I was already horny during the drive but when I saw the room, all I can say is MOIST—what! I quickly showered with his favorite scented gel, lotioned my entire body with matching body butter, and followed that up with the matching body spray. The room probably smelled like I had been living there for months. I smelled like fucking pure seduction but I felt slightly nervous in anticipation of his arrival. Since I was headed into battle, I needed to put on all the necessary armor: my favorite black vinyl corset with the matching over-the-knee stiletto boots. No panties or bra necessary. I slicked my hair back into a pony, threw on my dog collar and attached the metal leash. Just as I snapped the leash onto my collar, this negro was banging on the hotel door. Perfect. I threw the leash over my shoulder, grabbed my wooden paddle wrapped with black electric tape and headed into what was about to be the kinkiest battle of the sexes ever.

I opened the door trying to look the MOST unimpressed but inside I was loving the scowl he had on his face. I wanted to beg for mercy before we even started but fuck that---fuck him. I’m a defiant bitch. He stared at me so hard it was as if he had superman’s x-ray vision and he was taking a sneak peak into my soul. Shit, he was really fucking pissed---it was about to be on. We stared each other down in the doorway for what seemed like the longest minute ever. Finally, as I could feel myself about to lose at our game of “Who’s gonna look away first”, I yelled –YOU’RE LATE and slammed the door right in his grill. He’s swift so he caught the door before it closed completely---came in and slammed the door behind him. At this point, I was literally giving him my ass to kiss as I walked back with an attitude towards the bed. He grabbed the metal leash attached to my collar and WHAM—I was laid out on my back before I could take two steps from him. Here we go!

Yo, I was seriously stunned and my heart was racing. The marble floor was cold against my bare ass which was throbbing from the take-down. I knew this was going to be a LOOONG night with plenty of bruises to show for it. He jumped his 200+lb frame directly on top of me, gripping the leash even tighter. He brought his face close to mine as if he intended to kiss me. Instead, I could see he was becoming intoxicated by his favorite scent on my body. He whispered in my ear, “Bitch—don’t move an inch.” I could smell his cologne mixing with my pure seduction and I wanted to melt in his muscular arms. Instead I gripped his freshly shaven face with my hands, wrapped my thick muscular legs around his waist and squeezed both with all my strength. He gasped for air, gritting through whatever pain I was inflicting on him. I needed to show him I was there to rumble and would not surrender so easily. Just the weight of his entire body on top of me and the pressure of his belt buckle against my clit made my pussy tingle. We tussled for a few minutes until he finally regained control of the situation. All of my efforts to get the leash back in my possession were thwarted—he had it gripped up too tight between his thick fingers. He pulled me to my knees using the collar. I gasped for air while he looked down at me, grinning at the sight of my struggle---sick bastard. I used my hands to grab at him, trying everything in my power to hurt him---pinching and punching at his chest until finally I had ripped his button down shirt AND his wife-beater off his body. He cocked his free hand back and slapped the shit out of me. I let out a long moan and my pussy gushed. Fighting back tears, I looked at him like I didn’t know whether to kill him or to kiss him. He quickly unbuckled his pants and whipped out his thick, pulsing dick---it looked absolutely delightful. “Did you miss this dick?” he asked. I didn’t answer (partially because I could barely breathe from the collar choking me). SLAP—he hit me again. “Bitch did you miss this dick?” he asked again. True to my defiant nature, I smiled devilishly and said NOPE. Our eyes met and I knew he understood he was going to have to put in work to break me.

He used the leash to drag me towards the bed, scraping my knees on the floor. He sat down and shoved his long, thick dick all the way to the back of my throat. I gagged initially and tears rolled down my face. I tried to resist but he tightened the grip on my collar and used his free hand to hold my head down to take in his full length. At this point my clit was throbbing and I could feel my wetness on my inner thighs and ass. Eventually my throat relaxed and I began working my tongue around the base of his dick. I DID miss his dick. He adjusted my face so he could see me work and encouraged me to suck harder with an occasional “yeah bitch, suck that dick”. I loved working while he watched. I rubbed my entire face along the length of his dick and in his pubic hair, kissed his inner thighs and then began gently massaging his balls with my tongue. I was getting into a zone---my special place. He started to relax his grip on my chain and laid back to enjoy my lips and tongue on him. I felt like I was regaining control.

He was getting excited, using his hands on my head to direct my speed up and down his shaft. I could feel him twitching and pulsating in my mouth. Just as his moans got louder and his grip on my chain got looser, I abruptly stopped and jumped to my feet---practically laughing as he looked up enraged at the disruption. Fuck him, I hadn’t surrendered just yet. He was pissed and I loved it. He quickly grabbed me and literally threw me to the floor on the OTHER side of the bed. Before I could recover, he grabbed my neck to stand me up and pinned me to the wall. He squeezed my throat tighter and I could feel my eyes roll to the back of my head. He kissed me aggressively, taking both of my lips into his mouth and then sucking each of my lips individually before pushing his soft tongue into my mouth. With his free hand, he pried open my legs and pinched my clit between his thumb and his finger. He, of course, ripped my $150 corset in attempts to bite and suck on my nipples. I was PISSED but nearly hyperventilating. I felt powerless in his hands. He tossed me roughly onto the bed and cleverly wrapped the leash around the bed post so I couldn’t freely move. He flipped me over to my knees so my ass was in the air and proceeded to spank me with my own paddle (an unfortunate hazard of bringing weapons to such a battle lol). After the first stroke, I laughed and gasped “that’s all you got?”. I knew such taunting would make him eventually black out on me which was exactly what I was craving. With each subsequent swing of the paddle, my entire body began to sting and I was screaming and moaning his name at the top of my lungs. Clawing at the sheets, I remember thinking—god I hope no one calls the police. After he felt he had given me enough punishment, he tossed the paddle, grabbed my chain from behind and thrust the full length of his dick into my wet, sore pussy. He let out a moan of his own as I came almost immediately, clamping down my tight pussy around the hardness of his dick. “Yeah cum on my dick. Cum hard…who’s pussy is this?” he said in between breaths. “YOOOOOOOOURS” I moaned back. I couldn't fight anymore. “Good girl” he responded. He pulled my leash tighter, arching my back and pumped even harder. He worked my spot for what seemed like eternity. I couldn’t stop cumming and it didn't take long before I felt lightheaded enough to pass out. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled out. I turned quickly to slurp up all of his warm, delicious cum. I collapsed onto the bed, my entire body aching in pain and with pleasure. He scooped me onto his smooth caramel chest and gently rubbed my sore body with his hands. I nudged my face into the crook of his neck, taking in all of his scent and looked up at him —“Good girl” he whispered one last time. Now that we had made war… was time to make love.

Have you ever made war with someone you loved? How far would you go before you surrendered?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's Done In the Dark ... Better Stay There

Continued from "She's my Kryptonite"

Her crooked-lipped smile was home to an even more menacing giggle. When the giggle escaped to my ears, her lips chased behind and landed at the base of my neck. At 5’4” and in 5-inch heels I towered over her just like I liked it. “You still just wanna finish your drink,” she teased; I tossed my half drunken cocktail in the over following bin to the left, and used a lock of her following tresses to close the gap between us. She was a glutton for rough play and her widening grin was an indication she was enjoying herself. “Nope I’m done with the drunk and now I wanna taste of you,” I coolly replied in my best big poppa voice.

I could taste the sweet fusion of alcohol, lip gloss, and lust long before I kissed her. With each passing second our kiss got more intense and the sights and sounds of our surroundings seemed to fade away. As her smooth tongue danced in my mouth, I sucked harder and deeper on her full bottom lip. All I could hear was the slapping sound our mouths made and her feverous whimpers of enjoyment.

With her tresses still wrapped around my finger I pulled her head back deepening the kiss and my left hand made its way to her full round butt. I used my strength to force her closer to my body and I enjoyed the friction of my pussy brushing her stomach; she bit down on my lip signifying she also found pleasure in the foreplay. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Handsome hungrily relishing in our exchange, waiting for an opening but not daring to approach.

Ms. Krypto used her free hands to loosen the ties on my dress and exposed my full throbbing breast. This type of exhibition was something I would never do but I was too lost in the moment to care. I allowed her to taunt the peaks of nipples and I abruptly broke our kiss to force her juicy mouth to my now erect nipple. She began with my most favorite torture a firm suck enveloping the full nipple followed by a cavernous bite sending jolts of pain and pleasure shooting all through my body.

I kid you not, I came right the fuck there in the club! My pussy exploded like Mt. Saint Helen and the fiery lava was following right down my trembling thighs and pooling at my feet. I let out a soft moan and tossed my head back allowing the feeling to take hold of my body. I rode the wave. My baby used her finger to catch a few drippings of my juices and gave her finger a nice NASTY suck. Once I opened my eyes and regained my senses I was totally surprised at what I allowed to go down. She saw my discomfort and when I looked up Mr. Handsome he still had his hand over his mouth and his body language screamed “Shock”!

I didn’t bother going to the bathroom to clean up, Ms. Krypto took my hand and lead me out the club and back to my car. Soon after this freaky exchange she and I broke up and I moved my ass to Florida. Palmers will forever hold a special please in my heart and I secretly can’t wait to go back and see if I made a stain on the rug. Lmao!

Do you have a sex location that you will always hold dear?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Assume the Position

He took me hard. He penetrated me from the back and pumped with energy I would never have imagined. I could have sworn I felt him in my stomach. With my hands and arms pressed on the glass like a prisoner, I was his. I was willing to do every AND anything. As he pumped, my breasts became one with the glass. It seemed like I was trying to make a mold. I found myself shivering even though it was not cold, the glass doors weren’t cold, nor was the night air. The chills were of a sexual nature. I was excited and looking forward to what would come next. After a few minutes of howling like a hyena, I slunk to the floor for refuge. But there was no rest for the weiry – Smooth was right behind me. Literally. He positioned me in doggystyle and went to work. The new position revived me and I began to buck back against him. If I thought I felt his dick in my stomach before, well, now I was feeling it in my throat. How could so much pain bring so much pleasure!?! I knew that I would need to take an in ice bath the next day to reduce the swelling but in the mean time I was gonna go for the gold. I pushed up completely so he was in sort of a squat position and I was over him. I’m sure an onlooker would have described it as a hula hoop exercise. I rode him with a vengeance, creating my own unique hula hoop sequence. 3 on the right, 6 on the left, 6 on the right, 3 on the left…..Remember Hula Hoop from Sommore, Queens of Comedy (Fast forward to 7:45.)

Grizzly moans were escaping from his open mouth. Just as I thought my thighs would give out, he yelled that he was going to come – I pulled off and engulfed his penis in my mouth as far as it would go. Smooth trickled down my throat quite smoothly indeed…

Working on these last two posts really got me thinking about Smooth. I wanted to reminisce about our night together and I was curious to find out how he remembered that night. As tempted as I was to send him an excerpt of the KC post, I refrained because in this day and age you can’t afford to have things in writing. Especially not a secret rendezvous. Besides, I prefered for him to continue thinking of me in a wholesome way vs. a HOsome way. Make sense?? Anyway, I settled on sending him a friendly message on Facebook.

Me: Hey Smooth. How are ya?
Him: I’m good Erika. How are you? How’s the fam?
Me: Happy to hear that! The fam is good...So, any plans this weekend?

We’ll see how this one turns out….

Ever knew you should leave well enough alone but just couldn't?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Silly Jumpoff, Tricks Are For Kids

(Sing like a blues song)
I met this man. Da dun da dun.
Call him Mellow. Da dun da dun.
Gave me the dick once, then i wanted it mo and mo..
I got the blues..
The my-hoe-done-got-outta-line blues..
I said the dick is almigh-tay,
and I don't know what to do
Oh, Yeahhh!!

If you've read my previous posts, "Salad for Starters" or "Man vs. Beast," you will be familiar with one of my more favored jumpoffs, Mr. Mellow. Now Mr. Mellow and I met and had a whirlwind fuck fest all through February. I knew he had other chicks on his roster, and he knew he wasn't about to be my boyfriend or any crap like that. We had discussed the ground rules in the cameras, condoms always and truthfulness.

Mello is starting to act funky, ya'll! My problem is, once a man shows me the Bitch inside, i tend to not want to fuck him anymore. Afterall, I don't mess with bitches, lol, not yet at least. So, we spent pretty much all of the shortest month fucking and sucking our brains out...and then March came. This fool got missing like he had warrants out on his ass! Shit, he would call for a brief check-in, tell me he missed me and couldn't wait to fuck me again, then, we wouldn't talk again for a few days. Then we'd have phone sex every now and then... if I needed it before work, or he needed it post-club. But phone sex, while great, doesn't cut it for the kid all the time. I needed some dick.

I really could care less about the lack of conversation, but I needed a little more consistency on the Lay It Down tip. So, I called him one night, told him I wanted to see him. he told me he'd drive down that weekend. Though he hd been under the weather, he couldn't wait to blow my back out. Aight. This was Wednesday.

Friday. Mellow texts me in the morning, he's still sick, doesn't think he'll make it down. I text back: Cool. He calls later, on an errand to get medicine (though I hear the cashier ask him for ID for the liquor) Though, lol, liquor can be medicine for some people, Mellow's story was starting to sound suspect. We talk while he's on the way home and as he reaches the house he says, "Ok. Let me get in this house and lay down." Normally, I wouldn't have thought twice, but he was seeming real suspect. Communicating via text all day, calling when he was out on an errand, buying liquor and then, hauling ass off the phone when he gets back home. I really wouldn't have been annoyed save the fact that I was looking forward to getting fucked all week long! Hmph. So I said, "OK. You want me to give you a call later, or do you have company?" He said, kind of surprised that I called him out, "Yeah, she got here an hour ago. Sorry, I was going to tell you, but she's helping me out with a financial situation." LMAO. Is this fool serious. LOL, did he really just tell me he abandoned my pussy to fuck for his rent money? Get the fugg out....

So, needless to say, I was kind of annoyed. And I didn't fuck him when he drove down the next day and tried to make nice. As much as I wanted to fuck him, I didn't. Now it was time to assert myself in this fuck relationship, introduce him to the Vixxxen. As much as I loved the way he slapped me and choked the shit out of me, I was going to turn the tables. The next time we fuck, and there will be a next time, Mr. Mellow won't know what hit him! I'd taken the submissive role originally, but because as I said, he revealed the bitch in him, that's my cue to reveal the Bitch in me! I haven't had to bring out the whip and ties in a while...but I will, I learned a while ago from a bitchofaman I used to fuck, that it's nothing for me to spit in a man's face before I sit on it and smother him until I try to damn near drown that muthafucker with my cum...Stay tuned, Mellow's gonna get fucked soon....

Sheba, let's get crackin on that corset shopping, girl!

Anyone every had to turn the tables to teach a lover a lesson?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Play on the Edge II - A Second Look

Continued from Play on the Edge I

Sometimes it’s hard for me to admit when I am wrong. I have a stubborn streak and although it usually takes a back seat to my partner’s, it is alive and kicking. After I wrote my proposal I was determined to give the conversation another go. I tried relentlessly over the course of the next couple of weeks to get more details and to have him explore his feelings. It was difficult if not impossible to get him to tell me anything. I started to become offended. How dare he place me in some kind of lily white category? How has he made me of all people into a paragon of sexual virtue? It was upsetting and alarming at the same time. He was insulting my inner sex goddess. Had we really been having “vanilla” sex all these years? How exactly could I spend the rest of my life with a man like this? My determination grew into relentless dedication. Even at this point, I wasn’t sure what him telling me more would accomplish exactly and how this would help us move toward future adventures. I at least understood that his “violent” sex had something to do with the BDSM lifestyle. I was hoping to tap into that something and hone it, perhaps help it to flourish. I was a little anxious about the details, but that anxiety had an element of excitement to it. I was ready for a new challenge in a sense, and spurred on by the idea that this was something I might actually really like. Trying it on to see if it fit became imperative.

I asked my partner why he thought average people are willing to add things like stockings, handcuffs, blindfolds and the occasional good smack, into their sex lives. On some level I thought it had something to do with the “idea” of being spicy, of trying something new. I wondered where the pleasure came from. Was it related to doing something slightly taboo or forbidden? Was it a joy that came from being a variation of normal and stepping outside of the sometimes puritanical bounds of American sexuality? If I am honest with myself I will admit to being condescending. I consider these people – of which I am one – to be fakers, mirroring an idea of the daring yet unwilling to embrace the experience in a more pure form. When you are spanking me during sex, what exactly is that about, I asked him. Are you reenacting a music video or are you getting pleasure from it, and if so from what aspect? I could feel myself becoming a therapist. In spite of my best efforts not to fall into it I was in fact “shrinking” him. In the face of his insistence not to have the discussion I had discovered a back door. I’d found a way to get him to talk about his feelings as they related to sex play without actually asking about that specific encounter he refused to discuss. All of a sudden we were having a real conversation about what he experienced as the aggressor. My ability to reframe and shift context was allowing me to understand what dominance meant to him and why he felt real BDSM wasn’t a good fit for us.

Our sex play has often included aspects of bondage or spanking but more as a variation of normal than a lifestyle choice. My partner has had experiences wih other women which he considers to be more of a deviation from the norm than ours. However, he believes these experiences to be somewhat isolated incidents that just "happened" to work out well. He isn’t at the point where he can picture acting out similar scenarios with me. He is also unsure whether he would enjoy the behavior if it were in some way official or sanctioned. On some level he believes the person in the submissive role isn’t enjoying what is happening. So from his perspective in order to really get into what he is doing he would have to stop caring how the other person felt. His theory is that this is not someplace he could go with me. Attempting to do so would require him wrapping his mind around the idea that I might actually experience pleasure from physical discomfort or even pain. As my current sexual partner and possible life partner he is committed to the idea of doing whatever he can sexually which will bring me pleasure. If BDSM experiences are part of that, then ultimately he is willing to make an attempt. However he really doesn’t know what he is doing and that bothers him. So he wants to know where we start.

How do you add something "new" to your sexual menu?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lovers and Friends....

My mother used to always tell me don’t let another woman in your home, around your man. But shit this isn’t my home, and “technically” not my man. She also used to tell me don’t talk to your girlfriends about what your man can do in the bedroom. I can respect that but again, this isn’t my man and we talk about everything else why leave out the juicy parts of life?. She and I have been somewhere in between BFFs and great acquaintances for the past six years now. I met her through a friend of a friend and we hit it off immediately. I call her when I wanted to vent about my relationship issues and she talks to me about her children’s father. We do the mall thing, movie thing, dinner thing and every now and then when one of us ends up a little too tipsy to drive home, we do the sleepover thing. It’s just that recently our sleepovers have become a little more eventful.

We’d been planning a girl’s night out for a couple weeks. A friend of mine was having a toy party and I wanted to go support and then head to the club after. I asked my dude if it would be ok for us to get dressed at his house because the party was only about ten minutes from him. Of course he didn’t mind because leaving my stuff over there meant that I was going to have to come back after the club to get it and probably wouldn’t leave til sometime the next morning. I told her to meet me there at about 7. He told me he’d left a key under the mat for me because he wasn’t going to get home til about 8 or so. I got there first. She followed about 20 minutes after. When she arrived I came to the door wrapped in a towel as I’d just gotten out the shower. We always walk around half naked around each other so I didn’t think twice about it. I told her I put a towel and washcloth on the sink for her if she wanted to freshen up or shower before changing. As I walked past her she said “ Thanks Bubble Butt” as she smacked me on my terry-clothed ass. It's not abnormal for us to flirt with each other a little bit. She always comments on the size of my ass and I always comment on her DD tits but we'd never taken it much further than that.

She was in the bathroom and I was in the bedroom moisturizing my still wet from the shower body when I got a text saying he was on his way home and if I wanted a drink or the half-a-blunt he’d left in the ashtray by the bed I was more than welcome to it. I opted for the drink and asked her if she wanted to partake as well. Fast forward to 45 minutes and 4 drinks later. I found myself sitting on the edge of the loveseat in the living room. The towel that once covered my glistening body was laying on floor somewhere between the bedroom and the kitchen and my dear girl friend had her tongue buried between the lips of my dripping wet pussy and two fingers surrounded by my tight asshole. Somehow a conversation about what my guy would think if he came home and found us in bed together had led to that. I looked down at her and stuck my finger between her mouth and my clit. Once it was nice and wet I squeezed my nipple and grabbed the back of her head letting her know to keep doing what she was doing. I had one leg wrapped around her, resting in the crease formed at the meeting of her ass and lower back. I was moaning like crazy and wondering if I was loud enough for the neighbors in the next apartment to hear. I didn’t really care as there had been many nights dude and I laid awake in bed listening to their nude Olympics. I heard a key jiggle in the doorway just as I was already approaching my third orgasm of the evening. The look on his face was priceless. We had both had threesomes in the past but hadn’t talked about having one together. Needless to say he took one glimpse at her naked ass bent over while she licked my pussy and took that as an invitation to join in. His dick was out and at full attention by the time he reached the sofa and it took me two seconds to soak it in my warm saliva. I deep throated him as he maneuvered to remove the rest of his clothing. His dick in my mouth, her tongue in my pussy, his fingers in hers, the sounds of sex immediately got me and I came yet again. He instructed me to get up and switch places with her. She motioned to sit down and I told her to kneel doggie style on the couch. I licked the top of her ass crack down to her pussy lips and used my fingers to reach around and squeeze her clit. She was soaked and I borrowed some of her thick pussy juice to wet her left nipple. She held on to the back of the sofa for dear life. He told her to cum on my tongue and just as she began to shutter I felt him shove his dick in my pussy. My juices were dripping down my legs and he went in so deep I had to grab her waist with both hands to hold on. I didn’t stop licking and he didn’t stop pumping. He pulled my hair and made me stand up—dick still inside me—and straddle her back. Her pussy and assholes were stacked right under my own and he proceeded to alternate stroking a few seconds in my pussy and a few seconds in hers. She and I shared deep tongue kisses between moans while he worked us out. I told him I wanted to see my girl ride his dick and instructed him to sit on the couch. She climbed on top of him, facing me and I got on my knees in front of them both. Her pussy juices dripped down the shaft of his dick and I licked her clit and the lips that were holding him so tightly. I sucked his balls as they were slapping the edge of the sofa every time she rose up and down. She squeezed her nipples and gripped her luscious breasts as she rode his dick like she was racing in the derby and he was her prize-winning horse. I had three fingers inside my own pussy and felt myself about to cum…again. Just as my walls tightened around my fingers I took a long hard suck of her clit and she came at the same time. He said he couldn’t take it anymore and needed to bust. She climbed off his dick and we started sucking it together. She licked his balls, I stuffed the shaft down my throat and held it there. I contracted the muscle in the back of my throat without moving so that he could feel it squeezing the head of his dick. That shit gets him every single time. I felt his balls tense and could feel the cum flow up the shaft. He grabbed his dick and jerked the cum all over her lips and mine. We licked every drop off each other's lips..

Needless to say, we never made it out that night.

Is three really a crowd?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

She’s My Kryptonite

“But Bliss what’s the problem,” was her usual retort to my screw-faced expression. Then I smile to the familiar question then she tilts my head down, bats her mascara extended laces, and closes our exchange with a crooked full-lipped smile. Although we’ve engaged in this exchange more than a hundred times it still gets me each time. This chick is my kryptonite.

Like most Saturday nights in Philly everyone was gearing up to head to Palmer’s Night Club. The local hip-hop station broadcast’s live from the three story converted night club and the line was guaranteed to be wrapped around the building filled with eager niggas and bitches looking to get their slow grind on in the club. Ms. Krypto and myself were no different and we waited in line with the masses in our hot mama dresses and fuck me pumps flirting with all the sexy people around us. The attention we attract when we head out together was always a turn on and something I grew to accept and love in our relationship. Knowing my mate was desired by all that caught a whiff of her sweet signature scent was enough to make my panties wet.

So we head inside, do coat check and make a B-line to the bar. I get us some drinks and we post up in a secluded corner on the second floor.

“So Bliss you feeling freaky,” her crooked full-lipped smile whispered in my ear as trails of hypnotic tickled my nose.

Trying to be strong and keep our playful cat and mouse game going I casually respond, “No not really I’m trying to get into my drink first and peep the scene.”

I guess that was the wrong answer cause Ms. Krypto had other plans for our evening. She sashayed from our private corner and started to walk towards the center of the dance floor. Her compact 5” frame was really killing it. With each step her booty seemed to tremble for five seconds after and I was sucked into the soft sway of her full hips.

Her joint Jacki-O’s Damn was blasting from the speakers and the DJ mixed in right at her favorite part; Damn that Bitch is fine, Damn that Bitch is fine, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, …… and needless to say her ass was flopping. Her dress started to ride her hips and with every other Jackie she was bent over a little more and rotating her hips a little harder and it could’ve been the light but I’m sure I caught a peek of her jewel encrusted boy-shorts. Her eyes were closed and she started rubbing her manicured nails along the length of her torso and I couldn’t help but put my misbehaving clit in a chokehold by squeezing my thighs together. As I was approaching her on the dance floor a tall dark and handsome brother beat me to the punch and I decided to resume my position in the corner and enjoy the show.

Ms. Krypto knew I enjoyed voyeurism and she didn’t disappoint. She did a quick two- step allowing her to face me front and on all the while, her unknowing dance partner tired to keep up with her groove. Like the vixen she is, she pierced her lips and seductively opened her eyes and stared me down as she performed her sensual dance.

I leaned deeper into the shadows and started to massage my nipples. They were busting through the fabric of my slinky dress and I couldn’t tease them any longer. In the moment I took my eyes off of her, Ms. Krypto and her partner were making there way too my corner and I think a Ms. Krypto sandwich was on the menu…
To Be Continued Erika Starr

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Police Suspect

Smooth and I had been friends for quite some time. We met through a mutual male friend and our first introduction was at Atlantic Mall, followed by a long walk to his condo in Brooklyn Heights. Our mutual friend was not lying - the view from his condo was panty-dropping. When I first heard him say that phrase, I was somewhat offended. I quickly wondered if our meeting and subsequent trek to the condo was a setup. The only thing dropping from me if they pushed me too hard would be some cuss words. Turns out there was no ill intent, it was just harmless guy talk so I played along trying to be cool and jovial instead of a stereotypically sensitive female. Smooth and I talked a great deal and realized we had a lot in common. At the time I was still in school and getting my business off the ground. He was an experienced business man, running a side business of his own and capitalizing on his eleven year experience at Lehman Brothers. We exchanged contact info and he later became a mentor-of-sorts.

As time past, I grew to have feelings for Smooth. Why wouldn't I!?! He was intelligent, funny, respectful, genuine, older and sexy as all hell. Unfortunately he thought of me as a little sister and was content to help me advance to the next level of my career. Little did he know that the main level I wanted to advance to was the one in his bed. He needed to stop seeing me as a little sister. His thoughts and actions towards me were too damn wholesome for my liking. If he insisted on thinking of me as a little sister and not a sexual creature then I was going to have to insist that we commit incest. It was time to put a plan in action to show him that I was an in-the-closet freak.

As luck would have it, one weekend neither of us had definite plans so we decided to hookup on Saturday night. The hookup was nothing to get excited about because we often met for lunch or dinner or just hung out as his place. However, I knew that this Saturday would be different. I had to help momdukes with a few things and I was running late so I cabbed it to Smooth’s place. As the elevator rose so did the butterflies in my stomach. "Chill Erika," I told myself. "Relax. You've been here a million times.” I couldn't chill because I knew what I had in store for him. "DING." The elevator announced that I had arrived at the 23rd floor and the doors opened. I rang his doorbell and he opened immediately. "Hey Smooth" I said kissing him on the cheek and embracing him a bit too tightly for the level of our relationship. He seemed a bit taken back but went with the flow. He ushered me in and I sashayed to the couch. Now I mean sashaying, hips moving like I was batting baseballs.

We chit chatted and then he asked if I wanted to order in or go out to eat. That was an easy choice - order in because otherwise we'd have to walk two blocks to the parking lot but more importantly I wanted him all to myself. As he went through the hundreds of menus in his packet, I was thinking that only thing I wanted to eat was him, the only thing I want to lick was the taste of me off of him, the only sauce I wanted was his white sauce. For dessert - his ass. I knew I had to bide my time so I settled for steamed chicken and broccoli, sauce on the side and two bottles of water. The food arrived and we ate in front of the TV. After finishing, I lay curled up next to him, partially in his lap not paying attention to whatever the hell was on. I began to rub my face on his chest and my hand on his leg. He ignored me for a bit and then stretched his arm over so he could rub my back. His hand slipped under my shirt and I purred. Before I knew it, I was pinned under him and we were exchanging kisses - at first slow and unfamiliar. Then deep and passionate. Uncontrollably my vagina pushed up to meet his groin. Soon we were engaged in full-on grinding. I lifted his tee above his head to expose his ripped chest and he began to unbutton my shirt. He groaned as the bra of my red Frederick's of Hollywood matching bra and panty set was revealed. He fumbled for the universal remote, flipped the TV off and the radio on almost simultaneously. I knew it was going to be a great night.

As he stretched to completely take off his tee, I grabbed his waist and leaned up to kiss his chest, running my lips are far down and from side to side as they could reach. On my second trip, I paused to suckle his nipple. He pushed me down with the weight of his body and began to trace my nipple with his tongue from outside my bra. He lifted up by bra so that both boobs plopped out and kissed every inch of them as well as my chest and stomach. When he ventured lower I gasped and panted, “I want you." In anticipation, I unbuttoned my pants and attempted to wriggle out of them. He was very helpful and pulled them off along with my panties.

He stood up, reached for my arms to help me up and said “let's go inside.” As I followed him, I took off my bra and flung it in the direction of the living room. He sat on the edge of the bed and I stood trembling in front of him. I placed my hands on his shoulders and kissed the top of his head. In turn, he kissed my chest and spread my cheeks. I moaned into his ear and began kissing his neck. He threw me onto the bed, spread my legs with his elbows, parted my lips, and tasted my sweetness. I drowned him in my juices as his mouth connected with my center again and again. It was too much, I was desperately trying to wiggle away but no avail. Finally I shoved him as hard as I could and practically jumped out of bed to take refuse near the terrace. I wasn’t safe for long. He jumped out after me, pressed my hands against the glass doors in the position of a police suspect and he took me.

To be continued…

Have you ever slept with a friend?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tantric Poker

"Alright now...all that poking you doing got ya girl all tingly."

I sent this message to the dude I've been flirting on Facebook with for the past week or so. I sent it trying to feel him out, see if he was down for a e-freak... I'd become inspired by Haute's post on cyber play. It was a particularly long Monday and I was sipping on wine, multi-browsing between the networking site and my favorite erotic fiction website, reading stories about anal sex...

Then he wrote back, "Oh yeah? Well if you getting like that just from my poking, imagine what my tongue would make you feel..." Bingo! Dude was a freak! I wanted to see where he was going with it and I said, "Tongue?"

I was already in bed with the laptop and my pocket rocket (reading porn, remember?) So I made myself more comfortable and wasn't EVEN ready for what FaceFreak was going to say next..."I'll lick and suck your body for at least an hour before I let you cum. And when you do, you're orgasm will last nearly as long..." WTF? Was this dude thinking he was Superman or something? Because if you have your mouth on Pink, and you're skills are worth two fucks, I'm cumming babe, permission or not! And I don't know about an hour-long that safe? Couldn't I get dehydrated? I expressed this sentiment and he asked, "So you've never had tantric sex before? Never had an orgasm multiply for an hour?" "Nope, but if you're offering to take me there, I'm surely down to try."
We carried on for about another hour or so, exchanging thoughts about where he would lick, suck and touch me. How he would use his fingers to pinch, tickle and arouse me. Switching up enough to keep my body intrigued, but staying long enough to make me yearn to reach that climax. He was very creative, told me how he would use the tip of his tongue to trace the outer lips of my pussy, then circle inward towards my clit, sucking on it long enough to frustrate me when he stops. He described sucking and softly biting my inner thighs, making me quiver in those sensitive spots. He would push his fingers inside to press against my spot and move his mouth up to kiss his way up my stomach and make its way up to alternately suck and pinch my nipples...he went on...

How I would put my hands on his clean shaven head and push back down to my juices and he'd lick and suck her until I was close, then turn me over...He'd place his palm firmly under me against my pussy, so I would grind into his hand as he pushed his tongue in and out of my asshole. Kissing and sucking and biting around my cheeks while my juices pooled into his hand.

I could barely respond with "Baby, keep going.." and he kept on narrating. He told me he would enter me first from the back that way, while I was laying on my stomach. He would push up inside me, stroking slowly really working over my g-spot. grabbing and kneading my ass while he pushes in and out. As he slow fucked me from behind, he would kiss my back, licking at the beads of sweat...I really wanted to hear how far this could go... but I was damn near cross-eyed trying to read the screen and control my soon-to-be major clitoral orgasm...

I was soaking and shaking by the time he finally got a release on his end. It was late, so we said our goodnights, I cleaned up (sort of) and got back on the net to investigate...Tantric Sex. Stay tuned. I'm determined to get to the bottom of this one!

I found a few links....

Have you ever had an experience in Tantra? Please Share!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm in Lust with a Stripper

My partner and I have been together (exclusively and not so exclusively) for over ten years. In the last two years our relationship has become polyamorous. Polyamory is a tricky term that means a lot of things to a lot of people, but for us it means that we're in a committed relationship. We are each others primary/life partner and we "date" people outside of our relationship who may be secondary or tertiary others for one or both of us. These people aren't strangers but participate in our lives in various ways, not only sexually. Although we do swing on occasion if the right opportunity presents itself I wouldn't describe us as swingers.

My partner and I first met T almost a year ago. We are fans of strip clubs and end most of our nights out at one of the many local clubs before we hit the sack. The extremely small and very hood club close to our house is a favorite, because of it's proximity to home and the high quality/volume of music.

I tend to have entire conversations with strippers during lap dances, and in the process of stuffing dollar bills down her bustier T and I got into a conversation about swinging. We added her number to my partners phone, and although the intent was for her to meet us at our house after the club closed, it didn't happen. To answer your budding question, no I am not opposed to tipping a stripper to come home with us after a long night, and that was squarely my intention that night. Tragically even the best laid plans can go awry. Some cell phone hits and misses ruined that plan. Over the course of next several months, T would randomly text us to inquire how we were doing. We'd text back but we never called her as she always seemed to text when our budget would not allow for the type of fun and games that I was interested in. Far be it from me to have considered she just wanted to spend time with us, no money involved. It turns out though, that was exactly the case.

Last October we happened to be at her club yet again (no shock there), in the middle of a particular long night/morning (no shock there either). She was there but not working and positioned herself on my lap for the good part of two hours, muttering sweet and dirty nothings into my ear. I could barely think beyond finding a way to get her to our bedroom and so when she suggested we hit another strip club after the one we were at closed I was more than game. I won't go into the details of what happened next here, but a series of mishaps (including a car accident) prevented the night from culminating as I intended yet again. By the time the night ended at Denny's, I was not only attracted to T, but I actually had begun to dig her personality. We exchanged numbers and a series of texts, AIMs and eventually dates ensued.

Fast forward to January, and I've become increasingly preoccupied with giving her head. I'm day dreaming about it, thinking about it constantly, wetting my panties at work over texts about it. I want her so BAD my clit starts to throb everytime I see her number on my caller ID. I am talking dirtier on the phone than I ever have to any girl in the recent or distant past. I am waking up during the night in hot sweats following steaming dreams. Every time I see her at work, all I can think about is having her legs wrapped around my head and her body writhing under mine. I literally can't think of anything other than putting my mouth on T's sweet juicy pussy and to say this preoccupation was distracting would be more than an understatement. I become a woman on a mission! When I finally reached my limit, I was over at her house, supposedly watching some C movie with Katt Williams called Internet Dating (I so don't recommend it). She was laying on her bed in skimpy lace undies and a tank top, ass up, with one of her legs draped over mine. If I had a dick I would have had "blue balls".

I start to kiss her neck, and whisper in her ear that I'm hungry and I really want to taste her. She gives a deep throaty laugh and moves my hand to the round curve of her ass. I don't need any more encouragement than that. At this point as much I would like to take it slow, and finesse the moment, my patience is worn thin. I flip her over, quickly shimmy her underwear down her hips, pull her tank top over her head and lay my body partially over hers (yes fully clothed). I kiss her lips lightly and reach down to touch and stroke her. She's wetter than I expected and I smile. She's looking at me, and slowly licks her lips. I lower my head and as my fingers continue to tease her clit, I suck one fat chocolate nipple into my mouth. I hear a sharp intake of breath and she begins to roll her hips under my hand. I shift to take the other nipple into to my mouth and when I graze my teeth across it she responds by whispering something too low for me to hear under her breath. 'Hmmmmm?' I ask her. 'Please', she says, 'now'. I'm not wanting to change focus. I was really enjoying suckling her, so I keep at it, savoring the sounds of her building climax and playing with her nipples until they are both tight and puckered. She starts whimpering..."Please baby, please...I can't...". I decide to be nice and not force her to ask again (it seems like poor bedroom etiquette for our "first time") and I shift my body off the bed, grabbing her under her thighs and pulling her down to the edge of the mattress. I spread her legs wide, use my thumb and index finger to pull her lips apart and begin to run my tongue around the edge of her clit. By this point T's body is trembling and I am so giddy at finally getting to taste her that I eat her pussy like I'm starving and she's my lunch buffet. When her soft moans build into a deep groan and her legs lock round my head as she orgasms, I know it was worth the wait.

Has a girl ever made you dripping wet with a single look from under her heavy lashes?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sometimes I Feel Like Nut and Sometimes I Don't

This week I was a real bitch. No correction, a real Bitch to my woman. I’m one who usually can’t hold a grudge. I’ve had people judge me and do me wrong so I’m usually the first to turn the other cheek. Well not this week!

This cunt was working my shit and I was ready to cut her loose. My New Year’s resolution was to not be impulsive. So even after she committed the cardinal sin on Sunday, Monday morning I mustered up the strength to sigh, “of course I still love you” so I could keep her just in case I needed her. By Wednesday I still was upset and I tired talking it out with her and that didn’t work. I tired screaming the grudge away and it made it worse. So you know me and my fast ass was texting “Good Morning Sweetheart,” while grinning from ear to ear, to my ex the next morning and I suddenly felt better. To this day my best friend still refers to my ex as the one that got away. She will always be my favorite big butt and a smile. As one text rolls into 50 before my lunch break I knew I was getting in too deep. When straight nasty thoughts of burying her face deep into my mountain of down pillows while my Pink Panther drills her juicy booty from behind were reeling in my head more than which rate plan who be better for my client I ended the communication for the day. Even 1500 miles away that girl still had a hold on me.

I was hit with a sudden dose of reality and called my main squeeze and arranged a lazy day at my place. I had the intention of laying up, watching movies, eating ice cream maybe getting in my pool but my eyes instantly sent my brain a cease and desist order as soon as she walked in my room. The feelings of reconciliation were gone and I wanted her to leave before she got too comfortable. We exchanged pleasantries, I continued to clean my room and focus on the TV. I have a tendency to push people to their outer limits, the challenge of trying to lure them back in brings all the fun. So I’m rolling my eyes, snapping at any change possible and she’s not reacting. I start talking shit, making trips to the kitchen and not offering her anything, sitting straight up on the edge of bed knowing I’d rather be reclining; all to no avail. So I go for the secret weapon, I take a shower then stand in front the TV and lotion my body. I did that slow roll where you use the thickest product on the market and it takes 50 million years to work it in. So I’m dipping and rolling, I’m stretching and flexing and I see it starting to work. I end with the Pièce de résistance and personally lubricated each on of my breasts focusing on my areola and nipples simply cause I know she likes it. She snapped and I was all giggles. I was going for blood cause she'd really pissed me off and I was feasting like a lion in the jungle.

Of after a great kill a warrior always will have remorse for his wounded, but I wasn’t ready to make up. She jumps out the bed and slams me on it. Do you know my turncoat of pussy decided to start leaking? My gooeyness was running down my leg faster than she could lick it up and I wouldn’t stop. But in a heady combo of aggression and love I didn’t want it to. I now found pleasure in my punishment and was pleased my body responded. The way her touch still sent electrical pluses through my body confirmed to me I still love her and the powerful wet sloppy kiss she was giving my nipples was all I needed to get my mind right and realize this is the women I love.

So, have you ever had moment where you were ready to kill your mate only to be sucked my in by an easy touch?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

E-Booty Call

Me: (3/12/2009 9:05:10 PM): Hey
Him: (3/12/2009 9:05:38 PM): Hey you, what‘s good?
Me: (3/12/2009 9:06:26 PM): You are. I am working tonight. Bored as hell.
Him: (3/12/2009 9:06:33 PM): You want me to entertain you?
Me: (3/12/2009 9:06:38 PM): I NEED you to entertain me.
Him: (3/12/2009 9:06:59 PM): I can do that
Me: (3/12/2009 9:07:16 PM): How you gonna do that?
Him: (3/12/2009 9:07:27 PM): However you want me to baby…you know I got you.
Me: (3/12/2009 9:07:43 PM): Well I was sitting here wishing you were under my desk right now sticking your tongue deep in my pussy.
Him: (3/12/2009 9:08:19 PM): What are you wearing?
Me: (3/12/2009 9:08:28 PM): My work uniform you already know. Boy shorts and a baby tee.
Him: (3/12/2009 9:08:30 PM): take off the shorts I want you to soak your chair
Me: (3/12/2009 9:08:33 PM): You always do this to me while I am working
Him: (3/12/2009 9:09:16 PM): You are so lucky I am not there right now. You know I would come up behind you and kiss you on the back of your neck
Him: (3/12/2009 9:09:28 PM): Then slowly take off your t-shirt so I can reach around and make those nipples hard before I suck them
Him: (3/12/2009 9:09:38 PM): Lick your fingers for me
Me: (3/12/2009 9:10:07 PM): Babe, Im typing. one hand on my laptop, one hand on the work computer
Him: (3/12/2009 9:11:11 PM): I know how good you are at multi-tasking, lick them for me, two fingers…are the shorts off?
Me: (3/12/2009 9:11:35 PM): Yes
Me: (3/12/2009 9:11:37 PM): They are off Bossman.
Him: (3/12/2009 9:11:47 PM): Just call me Daddy
Me: (3/12/2009 9:12:05 PM): They’re off Daddy.
Me: (3/12/2009 9:12:24 PM): I want you. Bad. When are you comin to see me?
Me: (3/12/2009 9:12:33 PM): Can you send me a picture right now?
Him: (3/12/2009 9:13:05 PM): Why you wanna see how hard my dick is... just thinking about your lips wrapped around it?
Me: (3/12/2009 9:13:09 PM): You can’t be as hard as I am wet. The chair is wet already. Thank goodness no one else has to sit here. Im spreading my lips for you.
Him: (3/12/2009 9:13:11 PM): Nice
Me: (3/12/2009 9:13:27 PM): I’m taking a ten minute break from work so you have my full attention. Shake me up a little before I have to go back.
Him: (3/12/2009 9:13:53 PM): How many fingers you have inside...
Me: (3/12/2009 9:13:57 PM): I’m just rubbing my juicy clit for you, waiting for you to cum and taste it. It’s throbbin
Him: (3/12/2009 9:13:59 PM): You gonna let me fill all your holes again?
Me: (3/12/2009 9:14:01 PM): Yes luv, your dick down my throat, 3 fingers splashing in my pussy juice, and my “playmate” deep in my ass
Me: (3/12/2009 9:14:16 PM): I am soooo wet.
Me: (3/12/2009 9:14:23 PM): You wanna hear it?
Him: (3/12/2009 9:15:00 PM): You know I do…put the phone by your pussy and let me hear it drip
Me: (3/12/2009 9:15:14 PM): OK

I took my cell phone out of my handbag, dialed his number and without saying a word put it on speaker phone and repositioned it between my thighs below my dripping fingers.

Me: (3/12/2009 9:15:39 PM): Can you hear it?
Him: (3/12/2009 9:15:39 PM): Hell yes
Him: (3/12/2009 9:15:47 PM):I want to bend you over your desk while you work…hold you by your waist and just rotate inside you. I bet I can make you feel better than all ur toys put together.
Me: (3/12/2009 9:15:52 PM): Oh is that right?
Him: (3/12/2009 9:15:55 PM): Promise
Me: (3/12/2009 9:16:08 PM): I wanna see you. Can I come over?
Him: (3/12/2009 9:16:23 PM): you know the door is open What time you get off?
Me: (3/12/2009 9:16:27 PM): Don’t worry about that. u just be ready for me
Him:(3/12/2009 9:16:39 PM): I’m always ready for you. It’s chilly outside, wear a coat. You can forget everything else at home. I’ll warm you up when you get here.
Me: (3/12/2009 9:16:52 PM): You got it. See you soon.
Him: (3/12/2009 9:17:07 PM): Kisses baby.

The night is ACTUALLY looking up for me! Have to love modern technology :-)wish me luck and great dick on this one!

When's the last time you cybered up a booty call?f

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Swing or Not to Swing

Swinging is a topic of extreme interest to me. The idea of banging multiple strangers with no strings attached is quite appealing. However, as with everything there are pros and cons.

Lack of opportunity and the cons have kept me from engaging in this lifestyle. A major con is significantly increasing my risk of contracting an STD -maybe even a fatal STD. How would I explain to my mother, kid, friends and family that I contracted a disease from outside the bounds my committed relationship!?!? Is one night of pleasure worth the repercussions!?!? Of course I could theoretically contract a disease from my partner. However, boning 20 strangers in one night is a significantly greater risk. Another con is possible pregnancy and Jerry Springer type drama. What if I became pregnant or my partner impregnated someone!?! How many men would I have to ask to take the DNA test!?! While I do believe that children are a blessing, I don't know that I could willingly receive that blessing. Unfortunately my partner feels that an unwanted pregnancy is a consequence we have to be willing to accept and literally live with. Sorry but living with his bastard child in my life is not appealing to me. Yes, of course we will protect ourselves but only abstinence is 100%.

The cons are as daunting as the pros are appealing. Some of the pros include no-strings attached sex and the thrill of new pussy and new dick. Ahhhh, the thought of flirting with a handsome stranger or nine and bedding him(her) brings a kool-aid grin to my face.

Hopefully the experience will keep the grin on my face. Having never been to a swinger club, I’m not sure what to expect and I have some preconceived notions: (1) everyone is probably a perfect 10, (2) strangers line up in a row and pick each other out like cattle, (3) actions are hidden in a dark corner or (4) maybe it's an open and loud orgy fest. In time I will likely find out. Who am I kidding - patience is a virtue I was not blessed with. I want to know and experience the swinger scene ASAP so I am doing some club research. Things that are important are the privacy policies, screening process, clientele, safety and location. Location, location, location – location is everything. It must be outside of Manhattan because the likelihood of running into someone I know is less likely unless the people I’m trying to avoid have the same idea. LOL. I'll keep you posted!

Are you into the “lifestyle?”