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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pain is Pleasure

I am the queen of talking shit…straight instigating in the naughty, flirty sense. I had been away for a week and I was dying to get it in with him----gangsta style of course. He hated (and loved) that I always felt the need to go toe-to-toe. What can I say, I’m from BK and it’s just how I roll. I already knew what he was capable of when provoked. Just the thought made me want to act up even more. lol Of course for the first two days I purposely ignored his texts. Thereafter, I kept my responses very short and vague. I knew this would make him livid but at the same time it had him feening to get me alone. Whenever he hadn’t seen me for an extended period, he stayed checking in just to make sure I wasn’t giving HIS pussy away. On the car ride back, even though I was going about 20 miles above the speed limit to get to him, I made sure I played it cool via text. “WTF, why haven’t you been responding to my messages? Wait until I see your ass tonight….", he texted. I couldn’t help but giggle giddily to myself while I sang along to Beyonce’s new joint. I quickly responded that he should save his punk ass threats for the next chick, stomped on the gas and practically floored it to our rendezvous location. I wanted to make sure that I got there before him with enough time to prepare.

How I managed to get to the hotel without getting a ticket is beyond me but thankfully I had arrived with about an hour to spare. An hour an half, since I knew his ass would be late. The room was just as I had pictured it----impeccable and perfect, white linens on a king sized bed; beautiful marble floored bathroom with a Jacuzzi and rain showerhead; and of course a 42 in flat panel television. (A beautiful hotel room is such a turn on to me.) I was already horny during the drive but when I saw the room, all I can say is MOIST—what! I quickly showered with his favorite scented gel, lotioned my entire body with matching body butter, and followed that up with the matching body spray. The room probably smelled like I had been living there for months. I smelled like fucking pure seduction but I felt slightly nervous in anticipation of his arrival. Since I was headed into battle, I needed to put on all the necessary armor: my favorite black vinyl corset with the matching over-the-knee stiletto boots. No panties or bra necessary. I slicked my hair back into a pony, threw on my dog collar and attached the metal leash. Just as I snapped the leash onto my collar, this negro was banging on the hotel door. Perfect. I threw the leash over my shoulder, grabbed my wooden paddle wrapped with black electric tape and headed into what was about to be the kinkiest battle of the sexes ever.

I opened the door trying to look the MOST unimpressed but inside I was loving the scowl he had on his face. I wanted to beg for mercy before we even started but fuck that---fuck him. I’m a defiant bitch. He stared at me so hard it was as if he had superman’s x-ray vision and he was taking a sneak peak into my soul. Shit, he was really fucking pissed---it was about to be on. We stared each other down in the doorway for what seemed like the longest minute ever. Finally, as I could feel myself about to lose at our game of “Who’s gonna look away first”, I yelled –YOU’RE LATE and slammed the door right in his grill. He’s swift so he caught the door before it closed completely---came in and slammed the door behind him. At this point, I was literally giving him my ass to kiss as I walked back with an attitude towards the bed. He grabbed the metal leash attached to my collar and WHAM—I was laid out on my back before I could take two steps from him. Here we go!

Yo, I was seriously stunned and my heart was racing. The marble floor was cold against my bare ass which was throbbing from the take-down. I knew this was going to be a LOOONG night with plenty of bruises to show for it. He jumped his 200+lb frame directly on top of me, gripping the leash even tighter. He brought his face close to mine as if he intended to kiss me. Instead, I could see he was becoming intoxicated by his favorite scent on my body. He whispered in my ear, “Bitch—don’t move an inch.” I could smell his cologne mixing with my pure seduction and I wanted to melt in his muscular arms. Instead I gripped his freshly shaven face with my hands, wrapped my thick muscular legs around his waist and squeezed both with all my strength. He gasped for air, gritting through whatever pain I was inflicting on him. I needed to show him I was there to rumble and would not surrender so easily. Just the weight of his entire body on top of me and the pressure of his belt buckle against my clit made my pussy tingle. We tussled for a few minutes until he finally regained control of the situation. All of my efforts to get the leash back in my possession were thwarted—he had it gripped up too tight between his thick fingers. He pulled me to my knees using the collar. I gasped for air while he looked down at me, grinning at the sight of my struggle---sick bastard. I used my hands to grab at him, trying everything in my power to hurt him---pinching and punching at his chest until finally I had ripped his button down shirt AND his wife-beater off his body. He cocked his free hand back and slapped the shit out of me. I let out a long moan and my pussy gushed. Fighting back tears, I looked at him like I didn’t know whether to kill him or to kiss him. He quickly unbuckled his pants and whipped out his thick, pulsing dick---it looked absolutely delightful. “Did you miss this dick?” he asked. I didn’t answer (partially because I could barely breathe from the collar choking me). SLAP—he hit me again. “Bitch did you miss this dick?” he asked again. True to my defiant nature, I smiled devilishly and said NOPE. Our eyes met and I knew he understood he was going to have to put in work to break me.

He used the leash to drag me towards the bed, scraping my knees on the floor. He sat down and shoved his long, thick dick all the way to the back of my throat. I gagged initially and tears rolled down my face. I tried to resist but he tightened the grip on my collar and used his free hand to hold my head down to take in his full length. At this point my clit was throbbing and I could feel my wetness on my inner thighs and ass. Eventually my throat relaxed and I began working my tongue around the base of his dick. I DID miss his dick. He adjusted my face so he could see me work and encouraged me to suck harder with an occasional “yeah bitch, suck that dick”. I loved working while he watched. I rubbed my entire face along the length of his dick and in his pubic hair, kissed his inner thighs and then began gently massaging his balls with my tongue. I was getting into a zone---my special place. He started to relax his grip on my chain and laid back to enjoy my lips and tongue on him. I felt like I was regaining control.

He was getting excited, using his hands on my head to direct my speed up and down his shaft. I could feel him twitching and pulsating in my mouth. Just as his moans got louder and his grip on my chain got looser, I abruptly stopped and jumped to my feet---practically laughing as he looked up enraged at the disruption. Fuck him, I hadn’t surrendered just yet. He was pissed and I loved it. He quickly grabbed me and literally threw me to the floor on the OTHER side of the bed. Before I could recover, he grabbed my neck to stand me up and pinned me to the wall. He squeezed my throat tighter and I could feel my eyes roll to the back of my head. He kissed me aggressively, taking both of my lips into his mouth and then sucking each of my lips individually before pushing his soft tongue into my mouth. With his free hand, he pried open my legs and pinched my clit between his thumb and his finger. He, of course, ripped my $150 corset in attempts to bite and suck on my nipples. I was PISSED but nearly hyperventilating. I felt powerless in his hands. He tossed me roughly onto the bed and cleverly wrapped the leash around the bed post so I couldn’t freely move. He flipped me over to my knees so my ass was in the air and proceeded to spank me with my own paddle (an unfortunate hazard of bringing weapons to such a battle lol). After the first stroke, I laughed and gasped “that’s all you got?”. I knew such taunting would make him eventually black out on me which was exactly what I was craving. With each subsequent swing of the paddle, my entire body began to sting and I was screaming and moaning his name at the top of my lungs. Clawing at the sheets, I remember thinking—god I hope no one calls the police. After he felt he had given me enough punishment, he tossed the paddle, grabbed my chain from behind and thrust the full length of his dick into my wet, sore pussy. He let out a moan of his own as I came almost immediately, clamping down my tight pussy around the hardness of his dick. “Yeah cum on my dick. Cum hard…who’s pussy is this?” he said in between breaths. “YOOOOOOOOURS” I moaned back. I couldn't fight anymore. “Good girl” he responded. He pulled my leash tighter, arching my back and pumped even harder. He worked my spot for what seemed like eternity. I couldn’t stop cumming and it didn't take long before I felt lightheaded enough to pass out. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled out. I turned quickly to slurp up all of his warm, delicious cum. I collapsed onto the bed, my entire body aching in pain and with pleasure. He scooped me onto his smooth caramel chest and gently rubbed my sore body with his hands. I nudged my face into the crook of his neck, taking in all of his scent and looked up at him —“Good girl” he whispered one last time. Now that we had made war… was time to make love.

Have you ever made war with someone you loved? How far would you go before you surrendered?


Sheba said...

Well, well, well. What a wonderful introduction to our new guest contributor Choc'laDee! Welcome to the fold!

Haute Chocolat said...

Oh lawdy lawd....I can't take it. Wow. I was in my car when I read this...trying to read everytime I stopped at a light. That shit didn't work out at all. THIS WAS GREAT...hope you contribute again in the near future!

The Fury said...

WOW!! That was hot! You're such a naughty chick. You got me ready to declare war right now.

Anonymous said... heart is racing. Dayum, now that's what I'm talking about!!