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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Salad For Starters

Now that I've found myself soon-to-be-divorced, I've started to live my life as a single person again. Though sex with my husband wasn't totally non-existent, it definitely lacked the flavor that made my mouth, and other parts, water. When we first started dating, we explored all kinds of sex. After we got married, he gradually started taking shit off the menu. So now that I'm back in the game, this twentysomething brickhouse of a Vixen is having a fucking blast getting back to some of my old tricks!

I met Mr. Mellow while out of town, through a friend of a friend and a night of Grey Goose (drink responsibly). When we met, my playground was "under construction" but we had fun exploring the other many, many ways to get each other off. Lucky for him, I completely enjoy "giving" as much as I do "receiving" so I had no problem giving him a preview of my skills. The fool was hooked! By the time I had returned home, and the cootch was back up and running, he was now in my part of town...and ready.

I was anxious to see what he was working with, but didn't hold up too much hope for the first fucking, only because he had a baby face and I have been disappointed by baby faces before. But, Shiiiit! The dick was OFF THE CHAIN! He was into all of the dirty talk that I LOVE, pulling my hair and hands around my throat while he smashes me into oblivion. Spanking me like I was auditioning for School Daze, saying, "Good girl, take that dick..." Shit, I was already on board. This dude could come get it every day of the damn week.

He began to show off his oralization skills and just when I was about to give this dude the crown, he looked up, face shining like a champ, and said, "Turn over." Now, I know there was only two things he was going to get ready to do: either he was sticking me there or he was licking me there. Either way, I turned my ass over and braced myself. This is when Mr. Mellow cemented his space on Pink's list, he served me up a tossed salad that had me speaking Arabic, man. What a team player! Going for the goal right away to let me know he has the heart to stay in the game!

So after I basically couldn't take any more, I had him lay down, gave him the superb head game he drove into town for and fell asleep wondering about what else may be on the menu...

When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised?


Mistress Bliss said...

OMG I loved it. I scrolled to the bottom of the screen like damn she done :( lol.... The first time I had me a greek salad I too was pleasantly surprised. the sensation of the wet and warm tongue mixed with spit being cooled by the air had me squirming and squirting everywhere. I never thought I could relax enough to allow someone to "put their face where I shit," but me and my nasty ass wanted a kiss right after so go figure...lmao

ErikaStarr said...

I was last pleasantly surprised about two weeks ago. I had taken a long break (I'm talking MONTHS) from ass aerobics and got back into it because partner turned me over and tossed hard. Like you, I was speaking Arabic and I was willing to agree to ANYTHING. I think givers of great sex have the power of con artists and swindlers because the recipients are willing to give them everything.