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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stranger Addiction

I'm very excited that Sheba created this blog because now I have an outlet to openly discuss sex, my sexcapades, thoughts and feelings with like-minded people. By nature, I’m a private person, bordering on secretive and I wear many masks. By day, I wear the mask of a professional business woman and by night, I wear the mask of a freak. I’ve always loved sex and sexual topics. I was the kid in fourth grade telling everyone where babies came from. LOL.

Exploring new sexual areas gives me a high. Just when I think I’ve reached the height of freakiness, I learn about some other territory that I can explore. My husband is very open-minded and which translates into loads of fun and happy trails. DH and I share a lot – thoughts, feelings, sexual openness, pussy (not just mine) and a desire to explore new sexual terrain. Unfortunately, one thing we can’t share is my desire for an ex-lover.

He and I met five years ago at a NYC club and it was instant attraction. I literally felt like a magnet was drawing me to him. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and it took all I had not to leave the club with him that night. He was in town on business and scheduled to leave in two days. Although we were strangers, the thought of him leaving really saddened me because of the strong connection we shared. We arranged to meet the next day and I knew it was gonna be on so I paid a visit to my favorite NYC Sex Shop.

We did the usual first date stuff - dinner and hanging out in The City. But then we fast-forwarded to the three-month activities and headed to his hotel. I was impressed by his corporate suite and the night view of NYC from the terrace. While he was wrapping up a business call, I positioned myself in the middle of his bed, wearing my new sky-blue teddy with matching stockings and garter belt. My curls were cascading around my face and down my back. I arched my back ever so slightly, tilted my head to the left, thrust my pussy out and positioned my DDs just right.

He walked into the bedroom, stood at the foot of the bed and stared at me in disbelief. The only thing he could muster was "WOW." I suppressed the urge to cheese and instead instructed him to get naked. When that task was completed, I motioned him over with my right index finger. As he got closer, I scooted to the left side of the bed to make room for him. He laid down and I guided him to the center of the bed so I could easily straddle him. My hair covered both of our faces as I lowered my lips for a series of deep passionate kisses. I could feel his member hardening as I grinded on it. He grabbed my ass…I began to rock hard. I was unable to concentrate on kissing and instead was breathe deeply and gasping for air. My pussy was wet and my panties were soaked. Although in that moment I really want to feel his stiff 9” long, 2” wide dick in my tight and dripping pussy, I used a lot of self-control to focus on SLOWLY making love to him. After all, I wanted this experience to last forever. Also, I was determined to receive superstar status in his rankings and a quick fuck wouldn’t make it past the first cut. So rather than riding him like I was a runaway slave, I sat up, grabbed his hands, slammed them down at his sides and fiercely whispered, "I'm in charge."

In order to slow things down, I stopped all lower body movement and focused on his beautiful rock-hard upper body. First I kissed his forehead, then his right temple, his right cheek, his right jaw, the right side of his neck, his entire throat and then all of his left side. Seeing and feeling his body quivering was a FULL turn-on. My kegel muscles were working on overtime. He shook as I slipped my tongue into his left ear and gave him a wet kiss.

I felt for his nipples and lowered myself further so I could lick them, rolling one between my forefinger and thumb while I sucked the other. Next, I worked on one of my favorite parts of the male anatomy - the stomach. I grabbed the sides of his waist and planted slow deliberate kisses all over his rock-hard stomach. I kissed his waist and ran my tongue up and down his sides. With my tongue, I motioned him to roll him over. Once on his back, I straddled him again, stroking his biceps and arms while I planted kisses all over his broad neck. Soon I followed with heavy tongue strokes and nibbles across the length and width of his back.

I plopped my heavy DDs on the back of his neck, playing with my own nipples and gyrating in circular motions. Then I dragged my breasts down his back to his thighs. I grabbed his ass cheeks, kneading them like dough and nibbling them. Finally, I parted them, teased him by kissing around his anal center. His breathing got heavier and heavier, as his moans louder and louder, I quickly thrust my tongue into his…

This was years ago but clearly the details are still vivid. This man plagues my thoughts and I have to find a way to sneak away and spend some quality time with him. We communicate multiple times a day and yet it’s still not enough for me. Part of me hopes this infatuation will dissipate because I’m not ready for major love-life changes like losing my husband. However, I think a few visits with him to get these feelings out of my system and his dick in my system will clear everything up. I think I’m going to have to risk it all and head West. I’ll keep y'all posted!

Have you ever cheated on your partner? Animals are not meant to be monogamous – what do you think this means for humans?


Haute Chocolat said...

Oh my!! What a way to start my morning...I already need to take a bathroom break...:-)

ErikaStarr said...

LOL. Good!

Mistress Bliss said...

I've never cheated but I would sure enjoy a 3some with my current and my ex. Well I honestly just wanna sleep with my ex 1 more time. She brings out the little boy in me and I miss being dominate in the bedroom

Sheba said...

Humans are animals, and like 95% of all other mammals I don't think we're meant to be monogamous either. The divorce rate in this country ranges between 50-70% depending on age group and length of relationship. So we get a C for effort!. Called me biased, I'm polyamorous so I don't live that lifestyle.