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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another One-Day Stand

It was a cloudy Friday afternoon and I was headed to the airport once again…leaving my home away from home and headed back to reality. I got the airport at the same time I always do, knowing that I wouldn’t have to wait in the long line to get through security and to my gate. Membership has its privileges. It was starting to drizzle as my ride dropped me off in the terminal and I wondered to myself whether or not my flight was going to be on time with the bad weather coming. I don’t know why I didn’t call before leaving like I usually do. As I punched in my confirmation number at the Kiosk I realized I wasn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon. “Flight Delayed—4:55pm” It was only 12:30. As patient as I am I did not want to spend the next 4 hours waiting around LaGuardia Airport. Even though it’s pretty small it gets really busy and for some reason every time I’m there there’s a million kids running around acting crazy while their parents nestle up in some corner with their laptop and a cup of StarBucks. Nope, wasn’t feeling it. I weighed my options. Do I text the Boo that just dropped me off to come back and get me. I had already had enough of him after spending the entire weekend fucking inside his bedroom. We didn’t leave once and I swear I had made the trip to get my hair done. Oh well. Just gave me excuse to have to go back the following weekend. I decided against that, breezed through security and went to grab something to eat before finding a comfortable (doesn’t really exist) place to sit for the long haul. I was watching the planes sitting at the gates and listening to the annoyed passengers make phone calls to their loved ones advising them of their various ETA’s when I took out my phone to see who I could sext while waiting. As I scrolled through the names I came across one that I had completely forgotten about. I decided to send him a text.

Me: Hey Mr. are you working today?
Him: Yup on my way now why wassup
Me: Text me when you reach
Him: Bet

I sat for another half hour and realized that I was starting to get antsy. I‘d only had sex twice that morning and I could feel myself getting horny again as I closed my eyes and replayed my weekend’s activities in my head. I was just about to take my purse and carry-on bag into a family bathroom so I could try out my new rocket when I felt the vibration of the cell phone in my jacket pocket.

Him: I’m at work Ma what’s up?
Me: I’m here. I wanna see you. Tell me when.
Him: Word? Aight let me bring in this flight first I’ll let you know when I’m cumin up.

My day was starting to look up. He works for the airline I fly and I had met him a few months ago when I was stuck at the airport for 6 hours. I was eating at Burger King (shame on me) and he was on his lunch break. He saw me and immediately came over and sat down to start a conversation. At first I was annoyed as hell because I just wanted to chill and eat but as soon as he sat down three things stopped me right in the middle of telling him I wasn’t available for conversation—his lips, his smile, and his eyes. His lips were sooo juicy and looked super soft, his smile was bright white and his eyes were light brown. I’m a sucker for dark skin and light eyes. That day I just sat there and watched him talk to me even though I wasn’t really listening to anything he was saying. He mentioned something about being 23 years old, with a daughter who was 5, living in Brooklyn and wanting to see me again. I got all that. I had to move on with my life so I gave him my number and we’d been occasionally sexting ever since then. We would always say we wanted to hang out when I came to New York but my schedule never allowed and the only place I ever saw him was in the airport. I was ready to see was he was talking about though.

I was only waiting for about 45 minutes when he texted me to let me know he was coming upstairs and to meet him by gate 5. His uniform shirt was fitting just right and when he hugged me he put his hands around my waist and held me tight. My. Damn. Spot. We sat and talked for a minute and he asked me over and over if I wanted to stay in NYC until the following day so that we could chill when he got off work. I told him no and even though it crossed my mind I didn’t want to have to occupy my time all the way until his shift ended. That would just mean MORE fuckery in the interim since I surely wasn’t going to sit in the airport until after 9pm. He kept biting his bottom lip when he spoke and I finally asked him when his lunch break was. He said it wasn’t coming anytime soon but he could get someone to cover for him for a minute if he wanted to disappear. I looked at my watch and realized I only had about 2 hours before I needed to be back on my flight. At that point I was horny as hell—just from watching his juicy lips and sexy eyes—and needed SOME kind of release. I told him to meet me at the front of the airport in 15 minutes. Shame that I would have to go through the whole process of going through security all over but again, membership has its privileges. I’d worry about that later.

I stood outside in the rain and waited for him as passengers got out of the cars that had brought them to meet their flights. He came outside and looked around quickly, grabbed my hand and began walking. I asked him where we were going and he told me he was taking me to his car. That airport surely needs a better employee parking lot because I swear we were walking forever before we finally reached his silver Charger. He opened the passenger side door for me, walked over and climbed in the other side and pulled me in close to him. His lips were like cotton and after he kissed mine for a few seconds he leaned into my neck and began to kiss me softly there, then on to my collar bone, and down to my chest. I was afraid I was going to wet his car seat just from his kisses alone but I regained my composure and told him he should drive out of the lot for a minute. While he drove I reached over and began to caress the crotch of his pants just to find out what he was working with. He was rock hard and I was more than pleased as I felt my pussy getting wetter. He drove around a few streets near the airport but couldn’t really find a place to post up and go in….I was getting anxious and way past hot and bothered so I told him to pull over in this parking spot on a side street that we’d passed a couple times. As he parked I reached over and unbuckled his pants. I pulled out his dick which was even bigger than what I could feel with his pants on. I leaned over and ran my tongue around the tip of it. Then I stopped and looked up at him. “You want more? I asked him as I licked my lips. “Hell yeah” he said as he grabbed the back of my head and leaned me toward his dick which was standing straight up out his pants. I suddenly wasn’t in the mood to be very sensual. I told him to watch out for cars and people and proceeded to go to town on his super hard cock. It was the kind of blow job you see in porno flicks--slippery, sloppy, wet and nasty. He loved every single minute of it. Through my slurps I could hear him moaning. “Oh shit, what the fuck are you doing…damn baby…right there”. I was getting more and more turned on the more he talked to me and every time he grabbed my head and made me deep throat his thick cock I thought I was going to cum. Thank goodness I’d worn a dress that day because while I sucked his dick I stuck two fingers in my pussy. I was so wet the juices were running down my hand and the sound of my gushing cunt was almost as loud as me slurping up my spit off his dick.

All of a sudden he pulled my head up by my hair and made me stop sucking. He squeezed both of my breasts with his hands and then shoved one hand up my dress to rub my pouring pussy. He rubbed my clit for about two minutes before he finally said “Oh shit, I have to feel that pussy around my dick before you leave NYC today.” He started the car and began to drive around again…stopping at a small privately owned parking lot. The lot was pretty full but there was no attendant when we checked the booth. There was one empty spot toward the back and he quickly backed his car into it. Before he got the car turned off good he went right back to rubbing my nipples and my clit. He pulled the top of my dress down and massaged my breasts before I told him to stop and get in the backseat. Even though the car was a decent size I wasn’t quite sure how we were going to maneuver seeing as though it’d been a while since my last automobile fuck. I figured we’d figure it out as we went along. Before I knew it was bent over in the back of that car, ass in the air and dick in my pussy. I held on to the top of the back seat while he pounded away. I rubbed my clit while he pushed his dick up toward my stomach. I had to take deep breaths to be able to take it all from that position but I kept telling myself how much of a big girl I was. He held my waist and fucked me. He held my breasts and fucked me. He squeezed my clit and fucked me. I was definitely inside of walls of that car screaming. The pain was so good and I didn’t want him to stop. I knew I had to get going though so I could get back to my place in time. Right after he made me cum for about the 3rd time I started to throw my ass back at him. I told him to stay still while I gave him to him and began to slide my pussy on and off his dick. I could feel the head re-enter each time and each time he let out a moan louder than the time before. At once, I squeezed my thighs together some so that I could get a better grip on his cock and make my pussy hold on tighter. “Fuck you are going to make me cum…Don’t stop throw that ass back at me…I’m…About…To…” That did it. He held on to my stomach and pulled me so far into him I swear I could taste the head of his dick in my mouth. He let out a growl that was unlike anything I’d ever heard. After being completely still for a full minute or so he finally pulled out of my pussy. I grabbed a rag he had in his car and wiped my juices from my legs before stepping out to get myself together. We both got back in the car and headed back to the airport—him to work and me to my delayed flight. It was a great afternoon. Every now and then I still text my airport friend, but I know I’ll never fuck him again. Not because it wasn’t great, but because I know he was nothing more than a one-day stand.


Southern Sage said...

well that sounds like the friendly skies to me!

netsfan_44 said...

LOVED the story ... bet you will like my blog also !

Mark said...

Dam,I like this here,imma have to hang out at the airport now.Great story

The Fury said...

Damn that's a hot story. Funny being a New Yorker I can imagine all that driving around anxiously looking for a place to get it going. Thanks for making me extra horny

ErikaStarr said...

Dayum. Great post!

Like Fury, I could defiinitely envision the NY details.