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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Anatomy of O

My favorite pocket rocket is a royal blue one that I've abused quite a bit. Today the batteries are about mid level. Not an aggressive vibration but a steady and effective hum. I'm wearing socks but otherwise naked from the waist down with a thermal blanket wrapped around my legs.

It's chilly in the guest bedroom. And my nipples are responding appropriately. At about 75% hardness they are perhaps half an inch tall and wide. I've discovered over time the teasing hum of the rocket rubbed just over my clit and outer lips makes me wet enough so I'm ready to 'take' the purple vibrator (V), leaving little rivers leaking down my cheeks.

My chest is hot as I stroke myself. My stomach is beginning to clench...anticipation...wanting.
Slowly at first I guide V in circling my clit with the rocket. I can feel the tension building. As I clench around V easing towards the spot. Every forward movement results in a tremor. Circling around and around...teasing

Breaths are shallow now...1
Goosebumps all over
2, ohhhhhh..haaaaaaa

3 times deep as...V can go... toes are tingling

It's like a pulse...with each stroke...a hot pulse...warm...and then warmer...a pause as the hand returns then warm again
6 it builds..tingles brushing my toes with warmth....tension deep inside...
The teasing makes me giggle nervously.
I'm wanting but anxious of more.
But I'm a bit...greedy...and so

7 begins in the back. From my gspot forward then up my legs and deep deep below...panting
Moaning...begging really low....8
9 tumbled forward...warm
There is still more...if I want...

Once it starts it can just keep...going
10 at last is cold and hot...breasts heavy and peaked.
Body curled and shivering.

What's your "perfect 10"?

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Southern Sage said...

anytime her toes curl on my account is a perfect 10 to me!

ErikaStarr said...

I don't know about a perfect 10 but I'm in the office today and I'm feeling like I'm gonna die. I'm HORNY as all hell and can't wait to f*ck partner's brains out. Wanted to head to the strip club tonight but I'm not gonna get outta here til Midnight and I rather f*ck than be relentlessly teased at the club. Besides, we'd probably be asked to leave for f*cking in the dark corner. LOL. Anyway, nice post but I had to stop midway - it's too steamy for my current condition.

Mendicatus said...

Reminds me of this post I wrote a long time ago...