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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Anal Play and Slay

Big Sexy (BSx) and I were spooning on the right side of the bed and I got aroused. My body immediately began to gyrate, my ass pressing into his groin. Soon he was pinching my nipples and I was uncontrollably rocking back into his crotch. "Give me a kiss," he said in his gruff voice that was too capable of melting me. Maintaining my spooning position, I turned my head around, looking deeply into his eyes and began to tongue him. All the while I was still grinding my ass into his crotch. He pulled away from our kiss, reached down and shimmied down my lace boy-shorts panties. I assisted by kicking them off.

I grinded deeper and deeper against his fully-erect manhood and he pushed into me. "GASP." He was at the entrance of my ass and not my pussy. He spooned me tighter and I felt the pressure of his tip against my asshole. Between the effects of gravity on his 250lb muscular body and the width of his control-taking cock, I was really feeling the pressure. He pushed harder and harder, going slightly deeper and deeper with every stroke. Because I was mentally relaxed and excited, my anal muscles were relaxed, allowing for easier entry. I gasped through every stroke, caught at the crossroad between pleasure and pain. I just knew that my nails would destroy the bed linens because I was grabbing and digging into them so tightly in order to cushion the anal blows that Big Sexy was inflicting with every stroke.

BSx: "You okay baby?,"
Me: Yeeessssssss," I managed to moan.
BSx: "You don't look like you're alright baby. You don't look like you're okay."
Me: "I am," I quivered as he slowly penetrated me further
BSx: "I don't think so baby. I'm gonna stop."
Me: "NOooooo, I want to continue," I said. I really wanted to experience this with him and this was as a good a time as any.
BSx: "I'm not going to move. I'm going to stay still and you do what you can – what you're comfortable with."

His concern for me and lack of selfishness was a turn on. I wanted to give myself to him wholly. Thus my response to his question was not verbal but physical. I shifted my weight onto my upper body, planting my arms firmly into the mattress, slightly lifted my ass of the bed and pushed back onto his cock, taking it into my ass as deep as I could. I slide up and down a few times so his tip could penetrate me further and further. Soon, I felt his cock break my initial anal barrier and my muscles wrap around his shaft.

After BSx saw that I could handle him, he switched to deep strokes. He slew me like I was a bull and he was a matador. I thoroughly enjoyed my anal death. Moans and mutterings from him like, "Your ass feels so fucking good baby," made me wilder and encouraged me to push into him deeper. I bounced by butt cheeks off his crotch and cock like a rubber ball.

I enjoyed every aspect of the experience with Big Sexy. Can't wait to do it again!

When's the last time, you were anally slayed?


SexDiarist said...

HOT! Been awhile since wife gave me some ass, but that story sure put me in the mood for some.

ErikaStarr said...

I'm glad you enjoyed SexDiarist!

Anonymous said...

I've been too scared to try it but my husband is into it from his previous marriage...

ErikaStarr said...

@Anonymous: Go for it! Start out slow and enjoy the ride (no pun intended). The experience I posted about was my best because I was very relaxed and BSx was gentle and initially slow. Have a convo about parameters and comfort level.

both.hands.please said...

I very much like your style ErikaStarr. The ass is such a wonderful playground, not explored enough. Most recently i introduced the delights of it to a lover.. at first the thought frightened her. Only because of what she had heard. It wasn't long though, and the fear gave way.. slow and steady at first.. and then she gave way. Now she is well and truly converted, and loves more than anything a serious bum plundering. Happy days.