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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whoop That Trick

My lover of the moment, QT Geek, continues to surprise me. We recently reconnected after a 2 week hiatus.

I receive a text.

          "It's time for your punishment".

Of course, I'm curious as to what punishment means. Should I envision myself getting spanked? Will I be handcuffed? Am I able to give punishment, too? My mind wanders right up until I arrive at his house.
As I pull up, I receive another message.

          "I'm the punisher and you will do as I say."

Okay, now my mind is going wild with imagining. I enter and we commence with pleasantries; he offers drinks. He initiates good conversation. We move from his living room to the kitchen. We continue our pleasantries....
"You are here to serve me!"

Within a few short minutes the roles and rules changed. I attempt to leave the kitchen and QT Geek blocks my movement. I give him the side eye.

           "I did not give you permission to leave."

What? Before I know it, he's grabbed my wrists and is holding me against the wall. He stated that

           " When you walked into the door, you assumed the role as the submissive and I am your master."

As he talked, a slight smirk formed on my face. Shit! This was turning me on.

He leads me downstairs. He commands that I drop to my knees. As I bend down, he pulls my face up and tells me to look into his eyes. He tells me to trust him. He tells me that pain is pleasure. Over the next thirty minutes, we go back and forth between my dick sucking and him suckling of my breasts! As his lips and tongue tease, kiss and bite my nipples, my pussy is throbbing and soaking wet!

He instructs me to bend over. He holds my arms behind my back and spanks me with his Omega paddle. With each swing, I felt both. Pleasure. Pain. As promised. He commands me to respond to any questions or comments, "yes-master". He tells me that he will not accept "no" for an answer. As each minute passes, I become more and more his submissive.

Finally he commands me to rise. And then he slaps me. He slaps me real hard across the face.

There are no more commands, just silence.

He walks me to my car, wishes me a good night and promises to check in later in the week.

My mind is scrabbled. What the fuck just happened? I liked the pleasure of pain. I enjoy the fact that I've found someone who enjoys my kinks. I am thrilled with the idea that I finally met a man who takes care of things- a HNIC! So why am I feeling dirty? Why are tears running down my face? Did he cross a line? Am I actually willing to lose control by any means necessary?

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