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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Shop Is Closed!

I know you may have been wondering what the fuck happened to me lately...Trust me, the story is a long, repetitive one. I'll give you the deal though, in a nutshell.
After ending my on again, off again relationship with Mr. Boombastic for the last time, I decided to evaluate my most recent team roster and see if there was anyone worth keeping around. There wasn't. Boombastic and I had a great sexual vibe and we liked hanging out together, but the line between fuck buddy and girlfriend started to get blurred. That may not have been a bad thing, but for the fact that there are fundamental issues between he and I that make a "real" relationship pretty impossible.
Now Hood Willy, aside from being dim as a 40-watt lightbulb, disrecpected me and my home last time he came by. The dick is good, but not good enough to trump respect and compensate for his ignorance. Gone.
There were also a couple guys on the bench that I really wasn't "dealing" with on that level, and since they were never interesting enough to make the starting lineup, I cut them too.
There is no shortage of men in Miami, I guess just a shortage of men I want to fuck with. Having come to this conclusion, I have decided to take a break from fucking until I run up on something "special". Ha! Let's see how this goes.
Especially since Cocaine's annual Memorial Day weekend visit is just around the corner...
So tell me, have you ever needed to take a celibacy break? How long did it last?


ibiluv said...

lasted 8 months

Anonymous said...

Yep a few times and the longest period lasted more than a year. Sometimes it's nice to put sex on the backburner.

Sheba said...

I don't know if I "needed" it, but it happened. I won't say how young I was lol but it lasted 2 years.