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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Crushin On You

If you have not noticed but I come by your desk daily
Just to smell your sweet fragrance
Some days, I find peaches and
Other days, I smell a jasmine
Those fragrances make me long to roll around tangled by your arms, legs, and hair
I fantasize about our first time together, your sweat smelling and tasting
so yummy

If you have noticed but when we talk
I am staring in all the wrong places
I consume every inch of your curves-hoping to get lost
I admire your plump breasts
I imagine myself licking your hard nipples
Hoping that a little milk will flow onto my tongue

Other times I stare at your luscious lips
I find myself matching my breath to the beat of your lips moving
I'm thinking that those lips need to meet
my lips and tongue
I'm thinking that those lips want to suck and lick on my
dong; it's large, purple, and wants to make love to your lips (both sets)
I desire to make you tremble, scream in ecstasy, and long for me even more

If you have noticed but when we hang out
I make every attempt to touch you ever so slightly
I need my skin to touch yours
Your skin is deep brown suga
In fact, water makes your skin glisten like
caramelized apples ready for me to bite
I want to devour you.

If you have noticed but when we were together last Saturday night
I try with all my might to be the center of your attention
In fact, did you not peep my efforts to make you laugh
Or whisper in your ear so you would lick your lips
Knowing I hit your zone
I even sat close so my hand could
Linger on your thigh
I noticed that you did not move my hand
You even shifted it up real close to the
Honey spot

If you have noticed but I have a crush on you
And I'm too shy to tell you
Do you have a crush on me?