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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Bitch In You...

"You're the type of woman who likes to be in control, yes?" "What makes you assume so?"
"I can just tell. You have this thing about you...."
"I'm a take charge woman, yes."
"So tell me, what type of situations have you been in where you 'take charge'?"
"Oh, I'm asked to do all sorts of things. Use strap-ons, mmf threesome, cuckolding..."

I went on to explain that cuckolding was when a man sits and watches as another man fucks his woman. He may just watch and beat off, or if open to it, he can participate by assisting, touching or licking both while in action. I also explained my thoughts about not necessarily believing that just because a man likes anal penetration performed on him by a woman, doesn't mean that he's homosexual. I told him that I enjoy pleasing my partner and if he is pleased by having me fuck his ass or by sharing a blowjob, then it pleases me.

"Hmmm...I bet you're wondering why I'm still sitting here and haven't bolted out of the bed yet, huh?"
"Actually, no, I'm not." I'm actually surprised he hadn't rolled over onto his stomach, to be honest.

One thing I've learned since I've been involved in this lifestyle is that if you give a man enough trust and space to believe that you won't judge him, the tiny little bitch inside him will come out to play. From some of the beefiest, most masculine men to the bisexually repressed, I've had some very "hetero-questionable" requests made and fulfilled.

Men live their lives with the expectation of being a strong, protecting force, of behaving in a "manly" way and assuming the role of the aggressor when it comes to sex. But behind closed doors, he wants to be controlled. Willing to submit, they want to be man-handled sometimes, only by a woman.

And I am only happy to oblige. Because though I represent myself outwardly as a "lady," I am more than willing to fuck the shit out of the bitch in you.

Have you ever exposed your partner's inner bitch? Tell us about it.


InWombsional said...

Woooosh, being first introduced to the KinkChronicles yesterday afternoon I was quickly taken by this post. This piece is invigoratingly liberating literature, honest and unapologetic. I have found a safe haven to work out my sexual issues and gain some knowledge as to the process of sexuality in its rawest, yet the most eloquent versus I’ve encountered on my journey of healing.. I spent yesterday in workshops that focused on the woman’s sexuality in sex positive culture, after completing a spiritual ritual on the beach that evening I drove home with what seemed to be a burning sensation that flowed throughout my body, empowered, maybe? When I arrived to my family (son and husband) for the 1st time EVER I followed through with my desire to role play. I put on heels, got naked and danced to the rhythm of my fire. The night began and ended high in energy and passion, we cradled one after returning to our bedroom, 5 minutes into the holding, our son wanted some breast-talk about perfect timing!!!!…so I thank you for your hand(s) in my break through! This blog definitely helped me find the bitch in my mate and myself!!

Poison Ivy said...

First of all... THANK YOU! I am honored to know that my post and The Kink Chronicles is able to help you in your journey of healing and inspire you to embrace your sensuality. As I was reading your comment, I was cheering for you, girl! We all have the power to take charge of our sexuality and address it in a healthy and enjoyable way. Whether its finding the bitch in your mate, discovering a new "turn-on" or even reading blogs like ours that broaden your view of sex and the different ways it can be enjoyed, I am glad that TKC was able to help move you along your path to "sexual healing" so to speak, and self-discovery.
Thanks for sharing, Sis...and cum back often!!

ErikaStarr said...

@InWombsional: WOOHOW - go girl! I am happy the blog was able to help you - goodness knows it has helped me quite a bit. Please keep us posted.