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Friday, July 16, 2010

Raphael = Ravenous Erika

Thoughts of Raphael have me sexually ravenous. He's 6', dark, handsome, of black and Hispanic descent, wears size 10 shoes, has a warm aura about him, is friendly, always smiling, and cracking jokes. So what you may be thinking?

Well, where do I start with this story!?!? I am in a committed relationship though open, he is in a closed committed relationship with his girlfriend who is expecting (as in a baby) and we work together. At work, I wear a mask of utmost professionalism, I keep the kidding to a minimum and often come across as uptight. However, I'm beginning to slip. Raphael works in the mail room of my largest client and I've been seeing him a lot more lately since the terms of my contract changed and I've had to work more hours onsite. The increased onsite hours allow me to linger around him longer that necessary - submitting my package requests, inquiring about internal delivery and pickup times (the schedule hasn't changed in years) and finding ways to get into his personal business.

I have a rule about mixing business with pleasure because often times the crossover does not end well and I cannot afford to have my reputation tainted or more importantly, to have my client relationship jeopardized.

However, my strong desire for Raphael is forcing me to unwisely rethink my position on this topic. He has "man hands-" thick and large and ideal for fully palming and pumping my ass. When I see him, I envision his hands making their way under my blouse en route to my breasts. My nipples harden and I forget to breathe as his hands yank my boobies free from my bra. My body shakes as my heavy boobs plop into his hands, bouncing off of my chest. He leans in for a soft surface kiss, turned a passionate tongue kiss (including slurping and heavy wrestling) as he squeezes my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. My pussy reacts by forcefully contracting and my thighs begin to rock, uncontrollably thrusting upwards. "AHHHHHHH," I moan into his mouth, disrupting our tonguing session. I grab the back of his head and move it towards my right breast, cupping and massaging my boob as though I am milking myself to feed him. He licks my nipple oh so gently before placing his hands over mine and squeezing my breasts. He feeds insatiably - engulfing as much of my breast as he can, sucking me off the way I'd like to suck his cock. Then he's biting my nipples, moving back and forth between both breasts and causing it to rain in my pants....

These thoughts are dangerous. For everyone knows, you should,

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

My thoughts have already become words, for I am writing this post. I'm afraid (read excited) that my words may soon become actions. Playing with Raphael on a regular would be a nice habit - off the client's premises of course. Now about this character bit, luring a "good" guy into cheating on his "straight laced" girlfriend goes against my character and what I believe in. Yep those quotes are from Raphael - he's a self proclaimed good guy and his girlfriend is straight laced. The contents of this convo will be described in another post. Anyway, what type of woman would I be to lead him astray? What about his girlfriend? I don't know her but there is a sister code that I should follow. Of all the available men in NYC, why must I have him!?!?!?!?! **Sigh**

Ever wanted someone who was off limits? What was the outcome?


The Fury said...

I've wanted women that were off limits. In some cases, they stayed that others...well, they made it clear that they didn't want to stay off limits. Go with your gut.

MzTrySexual said...

In a way I agree with Fury; go with your gut! It takes two to tango-- I think people do what they want to. But again why bait someone who already said that they are not hungry! Its like going to grandmas house you're saying no but she's saying "come on you look like you haven't been eating right." I try to avoid things that go against my moral code, its a slippery slope once you start making exceptions. Fantasy is fair game though-- so are his flirtatious advances! :P