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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feeling the Charge

You've denied this part of yourself for a long long it hurts to think about it, and not the good kind of hurting. Not the pain you're looking for tonight.

Everything has happened so fast these last few weeks. Max would disagree, would look at you and remind you of how very patient he's been, waiting until you were ready for him. Ready for this.

Ready to give up control.

It is still new between the two of you. Only one previous date, but a lot of talking and texting and some phone sex and real sex and a deep connection and this....this other connection. This need and trust and knowing. When his beast meets yours.

Later, you'll send him a poem by a friend, with the refrain "I am the beast beneath fair skin."

But now, you're watching, waiting. Taking your cues from him. You've played before of course, but again, it has been a long time. And you've never ever tried this before.

He's already stripped off your skirt and top, and seemed pleased at the little lacy thing you picked up this weekend. You're still wearing it. And the fishnet stockings.

He puts on music, and you're thankful for it, sure that otherwise he could hear your heart beat.

He plugs in the toy, and at first its just a kind of glowing ball of electricity, like the ones at children's museums you remember.

He he stalks you, his prey. You know he can feel your apprehension, and you hope he can feel the excitement as well.

*ZZZZZZZZZZZZAP* The little ball of electricity makes contact with your arm. You jolt, more in surprise than anything else, and then you lie down again, quietly, watching. You haven't had time to think about what you're feeling.

*ZZZZZZZZZZZAP* down your side, and its like this wispy little lace teddy isn't even there at all. Its a biting, pinching, needle-feeling. It feels like getting shocked. Of course it does. And shockingly enough, you like it.

*ZAP* again. Again. Again. Down your thighs, between your legs, just not close enough... and the current is running through you, warm and welcome and punishing and pulsing, and sooner than you know it your pussy is soaking and your hips are'd ride that damn bulb if he'd let you.

And he stops. You gasp, and look up, trying not to make eye contact, trying to be a good submissive, but you want to know what's going on.

He speaks....and his voice is different. You've always liked his voice, from the beginning, from before, but this is different. Soft but firm....velvet wrapped around iron, or like a Ferrari tire running over fine gravel.

"Just wait."

You'd wait years. He pulls off the bulb, and adds a different attachment, a long ...probe. This will focus the electricity a bit more, you realize.

After he sends electricity running through you with the long shaft, you're panting. And he isn't done. Out comes something that looks...that IS...a small glass rake. You gasp, and realize you're nowhere near apprehensive. You're needy and wanting and wet and ready for whatever he wants.

Again he starts with your arms, raking your skin, sending hotwhitepurplesharp sparking all the way through you...all the way to You, your core, the part you've hidden so long you sometimes pretended it wasn't there. He's raking down your stomach now, teasing your shaved pussy area, and you can't help it anymore, you arch and gasp and cum, riding this beautiful lightning streaking through your body.

And he isn't done.

The next attachment comes out. Is that...tinsel? It looks like a duster made out of tinsel and you stifle a giggle and then OH SHIT. A thousand tiny fingers of hot white electric lust shoot through you, and you cry out, a wordless aching cry.

He smiles. Like a jackal.

You'd told him your safeword before this all started, and you haven't said it yet. Truth be told, you've never said it (though later...not much later...this would change with Max.)


Oh yes. Yes please. Yes Sir.

At some point the teddy is gone, but you leave the stockings on, and the garter.

There's a tiny metal wheel attachment next. You look closer, and see there are tiny spikes all over the wheel.


In the five seconds it takes for him to attach the wheel to the charger and start working you over, you realize this is It. You've found your match, someone who doesn't play around with playing. Someone who is able to give you as much pain as you can handle, at long last. Someone who may be able to give you more than you can handle, and oh, you've ached for this.

And then all your thoughts are gone and he's running that wheel over your pale tender skin, causing your blood to boil and your breath to cease and your mind to start floating away on pure sensation. There are hot angry red trails running across your arms, your breasts, your belly and thighs, but you don't care....your body arches and you come again and again.

And he's not done.

He takes off the wheel, and he does something and then tucks the charger into the back of his jeans. He spreads your legs apart, and there's that Ferrari voice again...

"Don't arch."

And you realize a second too late what he's doing. Not that you'd stop him. Oh, not ever.

His tongue laps at your shining clit, and you can see the blue arch of electricity a second before you feel it and OH OH OH you're cumming and shaking from trying not to move too much and oh gods he's doing it again.

The endorphins are kicked up so high you really do feel like you're floating away, and you don't even register it when he carries you into the bedroom and strips off his clothes, but you come down enough to arch and thrust and push and clench when and cum, again and again and again, until one final time, when he looks you in the eye and growls, and you haven't said it yet, and you're still the same kick ass woman you've always been, but you're also irreversibly, His.

And for months, you can't stop telling people about the wonders of the violet wand.

When was the last time you were jolted into a new experience?


Adam said...

Merciful heavens...gods, I'll be with you in just a moment, once my breathing returns to normal....

Magnificent piece, this. I love that you took the time to give context to what could otherwise have been a throwaway. (And dammit, you have me curious about the wand now!) Thank you for posting it!

Australian Joe said...

Whoa. :)

Ok, somehow you have managed to write something simultaneously very very hot yet also informative. I've briefly seen a wand in use but now you have me plotting and scheming.

And this was your first piece here? Oh, I'll be keeping an eye out for more. Nicely done.