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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Laundry Day

I've really got to invest in a mattress pad. Really.

I came to this realization while standing over my messy sheets after Mr. Boombastic had thrashed my ass, yet again. I stripped the bed and smirked to myself as only a few weeks before, I had thought of squirting as some realm of reality that I may never reach. But I had. This fucker had indeed found a direct route to my pleasure spot and he was skillful enough to know when to put it to work and how much.

Tonight, he had spent quite some time building me up, priming me for the main event. It began with a foot massage, I started melting almost immediately as his strong hands moved up my legs mashing and groping masterfully. He knew he had loosened me up, so the next place he massaged was between my legs. My heart began racing immediately. He reached under my dress and into my panties and pressed first his palm, then finger into my already wet pussy.

He had me on my poor sofa, writhing and moaning, while he was knuckles deep inside me. I bucked against his hand and placed my hand on top of his, trying to pull his finger out and catch my breath. He didn't allow it, pressing into my g-spot harder and reaching up with the other hand to squeeze my nipple for good measure. I reached over to feel his dick, which he had just barely removed from his pants. About 1/3 of his dick was sticking out of the top of his boxers and I decided to tease him, as he had teased me.

I straddled his lap and started to kiss and lick his ears. Meanwhile, I whined my hips against him, rubbing my clit across his dickhead with each grind. I bucked and rotated my hips as if he were inside me, and ended up getting just as turned on as he was (if not more) by the feeling of my clit rubbing against him. I felt an orgasm coming, and I started to grind harder and move my hips faster. I leaned into his ear and told him I was cumming. Then I bounced on him harder when I did. It was time to take this party to the bedroom.

As soon as he laid on the bed, I took his dick into my mouth. I was primed up and horny as a muthafucker, no time for the preliminary bullshit. His dick went from almost to 100% hard once I put my soft lips on it. I licked and slurped the head, then used both my hands to stroke it up and down while I sucked the head. After a while of torturing him with excellent head, he told me to lay on my stomach. I knew what was coming next. He mounted me from behind and pushed his huge dick into me. Just as I got adjusted to him stretching me. He reached around under me and put his hands on my clit. Flicking and pressing it as he started to fuck me from behind. I was in heaven. I'm sure my neighbors were in hell. I was cumming every few minutes and loud as a muthafucker. Shit.

He kept commenting on how wet I was, but we didn't realize really how wet until we were done and I stepped away from the bed and looked down. There were three huge wet spots, much larger than your average spot. Thank goodness there were two layers of sheets. It looks like Mr. Boombastic made it rain again. Sigh. I guess tomorrow will be laundry day.

Have you ever had someone make you cum so hard, you were beside yourself?


Black Pearl said...

Answer to question: YES! I had a similar experience over a week ago where my husband found my sweet spot with his two middle fingers that he would pulsate inside me and I would squirt and squirt all over, and yes, when done there's no sleeping on those sheets, they go directly to the washing machine!

Topaz said...

I feel like a little kitten when they know how to read your body like a book! Only one man could ever do this, but it only soaked hotel sheets ;-) Here's to hoping it happens again...