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Friday, January 15, 2010

How sweet it is...(Group Post)

"Mmmmm....Your nipples taste like Hershey's Kisses" he said as he cupped both of my firm breasts together and enveloped their plump nipples between his wet lips. My monthly visitor was in town and it seemed like forever since I'd gotten any action. As usual I didn't think he should have miss out just because I wasn't in the position to do the "do" so I'd planned on giving him yet another mind boggling blow job--you know the kind where he feels like the cum is rising from the bottom of his feet and has to make it all the way to his balls through his veins. The kind that last for damn near and hour because I make sure my saliva covers every skin cell of his penis, let it drip down my chin onto my breasts, massage his balls, lick all the way from the tip to his asshole, then let him shoot hot cum all over my face. Yeah that kind.

I'd kissed all over his chest, counted out his eight-pack with my tongue and was slowly movin down to where I really wanted to be when he stopped me. I thought he was getting ready to tell me he wanted to run the red light tonight but I just wasn't in the mood for the clean up process. I'd have had to deny that request so I'm glad he didn't ask. Instead he turned me over and put his legs on either side of me. For a moment he just stared at me, not saying anyting but just watching. I stared back at him, etching every detail of his perfect body into my memory all over again.

He used his two forefingers to trace the outline of my cheekbones and jaw, then my neck and shoulderblades. He came back to my breasts and ran his fingers along the sides of
each then up to my nipples. He stopped and stared again and I was beginning to think I'd give him a pass to run as many red lights and he wanted. He took each of my now super-hard nipples between his thumb and pointer and gently pinched them. I felt my body quiver and could feel the chill bumbs forming all over. He bent down and pulled one nipple into his mouth. He tongue was so warm, mouth so wet I couldn't suppress my moans. I tried to maintain composure as my children were asleep down the hall, but I wasn't very successful as he softly blew on both nipples. He went back and forth from the right to the left causing the warm wetness to cool down.

I closed my eyes and imagined us naked on a tropical beach. I pictured him on top of me making more waves than the ocean as he caused my pussy juices to flow from my juicy cunt lips all the way to my asshole and down to the white tropical sand. He held my breasts firmly and I could feel the nerves tingling. He licked and sucked and licked them some more. Through my pajama boy shorts I could feel his hard dick poking my clit just wishing it had all access at that moment. He stopped and stared again. So flattering yet so intimidating at the same time. He then massaged my breasts together first then one at a time.

I felt the tension I'd held all week move from my back to my shoulders then release through my nipples. He bent over again and sucked some more and I swear it felt as if he was just sucking every bit of stress from my body. Suddenly I felt a familiar sensation rise up from the soles of my feet to my inner thigh. He felt me shaking and began to suck harder. One nipple, then the other then both at once. He massaged one and sucked the other, sucked one and pinched the other. He cock was still in the same place--hard and pressing down on my belly now leaving my clit free of stimulation. Then it happened. And he sucked and rubbed my clit began to throb and my pussy erupted. I quivered and shook and let out a deep moan letting him know that I was cumming and cumming hard. He held on with his lips until I stopped moving. Then he sat up and looked down at me once again. "Yesss...loooveee my Hershey u can come suck my dick". Of course I gladly obliged.

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autumn said...

i really enjoyed this story. so completely visual and tremendously sensual. whew *fans self* i've never cum like that. i think i'd like to try that. mmm hmm

Topaz said...

Whaat! I give him his due, what a man... and great last line!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

very visual... wow. good thing I just left hubby spent in bed or I'd be wound tighter then...


Ronjazz said...
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