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Monday, September 21, 2009

"That Bitch is Crazy" - Crazy Bitch Month on Kink

Pink and I have decided that October is "Crazy Bitch Month" on Kink.

We are seeking submissions from all the women of Kink and any guest bloggers who might be interested!

She may be your bitch. She may be your man's bitch. Shit, it could be
you that's a bitch, but every body has a crazy bitch in their life.

Calling all stories of crazy assed bitches past or present. Everyone
has a story that ends with 'i told you that bitch was crazy'.

Featured stories will include: 'Get Your Bitch' and 'The Audacity of Hoes'

We're putting all the Women of Kink on notice so start drafting yours ;-)

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