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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mistress Bliss: Why I Kink!!!

I’ve always been coined the mysterious one. People say I have a look about me that makes them curious; I’m quiet, sultry, seductive all before I say hello. I like playing coy so I dismiss their inquires into my mystery, but since we cool I’ll tell you my secret … im kinky!

Not in the “oh I like my toes sucked” kind of way, more like the bend me over the couch enter my back door kind of kinky. I treasure my mystery I’m celebrate it even, but it’s not exactly dinnertime conversation. Feeling under simulated and looking for new ways to explore my sexuality I jumped at the chance to write for Kink Chronicles. A forum where progressive women exchanged their extreme sexual thoughts and desires, conjuring nasty image after image in my mind’s eye playing with my chyna after an erotic trip down Kink Lane was all too good to pass up.

I love blogging for Kink Chronicles because it offers validation to my thoughts and desires. It opens my mind to experiences I wouldn’t consider and - I simply like reading nasty shit. The women here are smart, creative and just as nasty as me so I always enjoy my visits to this wonderful site.

Thanks for having my sporadic ass and I hope you enjoy my kink!

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