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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Genesis: How We Came to Kink

A year ago I was having another one of my endless conversations with a close female friend (insert Haute, Choc'ladee, Southern Trixx) about one of her adventures/misadventures in the bedroom. I recall thinking to myself, "this is funny shit" and "we are not alone". In a conversation with Pink later that day I was inspired. I decided that I just knew too many freak hoes to not create this blog.

Although we aren't as diligent a group of bloggers as I would like, that circle of funniness, freakiness and friendship is as strong and vibrant as ever. One of the joys I've had in the last year is the chance encounters of the women of Kink: an impromptu gathering at my house, a quiet dinner, a trip to a local strip club, and my smile as the eventual shadow of recognition appears on their faces when one recognizes the other: "are you.....?" The giggles, "shop talk" and instant camaraderie that follows is amazing to watch.

I wanted to create a community of fabulous and fly women, a place of refuge and reflection, a place beyond sex, one night stands, divorce, marriage, break-ups and quarter-life crises. A place for us, by us, with US. At some point this year, each of the women of Kink will look back at how they came to be here answering the question of...just how we all came to be so kinky.


Ronjazz said...


THESE are the kinds of women that I revel in. Always have. Wish there were more out there like you, honey.

And thanks for the kindness on my blog.

...Here's a smile for word verification is "horniho".

MzTrySexual said...

Preach! And to think Kink is Internatinal, lol!