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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finger...Lickin..mmm Good.

Perhaps it was the movies of the 1980's that fully indoctrinated us members of the fairer sex on the perils of fingering. For some the mere thought conjures up images of brutish male hands jabbing into soft pink flesh. We've all likely been victim of the innocent inexperienced attempts of adolescent boys/girls and perhaps the even more pathetic attempts of 20 and 30 somethings who should long ago have learned or been taught better. I'm all for skipping the foreplay and moving on the main course when the moment dictates. But I fear that far too many females decline and avoid what can be a sublimely satisfying entree all it's own.

My partner almost always includes an appetizer of finger fucking in our sex play, and on Sunday morning I awoke, wet and ready to discover his mouth suckling my nipple and his forefinger gently sliding in and out of my pussy. I felt the building pressure of arousal low in my belly as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. "Morning" he mumbled into my breast. "Good morning" I offered in reply, a sleepy smile plastered on my face! While he focused his mouth on my ever tightening nipples, his fingers teased the opening of my pussy, outlining its oblong shape with ample lubrication from my dripping juices. He slowly eased one finger inside and my body hungrily responded by clenching around it. The agonizing tension of his teeth and lips nibbling and sucking at my nipple in combination with the slow dance of his fingers at my entrance was enough to take me to the low peak of my first orgasm. He turned his forearm, so that his finger could better reach it's intended target. He began gently to stroke my g-spot, eliciting moans with every lazy thrust. The finger fuck was everything at once: the heady tease of repeated re-entry, the pussy clenching pressure of g-spot massage, the force of juice drenched knuckles grazing clit and finally that tiny thread of panic (when you are forced to decide between staying the course, or fleeing) which preceded my tumble over the edge of the high peak of my second cum. Laying, legs splayed and shaking in its aftermath I had to marvel - SHIT! I'd almost forgotten just how good a finger fuck could be.

For those like who'd like to put their fingers to good use here are some tips, for beginners and veterans alike:
  • Keeping your hands clean and your nails trimmed is essential. I've heard more than enough horror stories from girl friends and guy friends alike. Snags/dirt and vagina don't go well together.
  • The second most important aspect of a successful finger fuck is lubrication. Whether its saliva, pussy juice or lube, everything needs to be nice and wet for maximum pleasure.
  • Don't go straight for the pussy...that's the main course, start with the appetizers, kissing, licking, touching and tasting all the body parts attached to her vagina/anus, all the places she likes and in the ways she prefers to be handled. Touch her there only when she is begging for it, literally or with her body language.
  • Fingers are sometimes even more effective than penises/dildos because of their maneuverability. You can always hit the g-spot with your fingers. And once you've found that, for the dedicated - making her squirt could be achieved in time for dessert.
  • Don't underestimate the point of entry. Dipping your fingers gently into either orifice at the peak of her arousal might be all it takes. The first two inches of either entry hole are highly sensitive.
  • All women are not created equal. Don't use the same exact "technique" you've been perfecting since 1989. Preferences for variations in speed and force should be specific to your chick. Be focused, attentive and passionate. Be receptive and responsive to critique verbal or demonstrated. It's partly about the way you do what you do, not just how you do it.

What do you enjoy most when given the finger?

1 comment:

Anders said...

I really enjoy to get my woman excited and to make her cum. When I play her pussy with my finger/fingers I have one more hand for the rest of her body. She loves when I stroke the inside of her thighs and ofcourse when i touch her tits. When I give her fingers my tounge isn't far away and we both like when I shift between fingers and tounge.
It's amasing to see a womans orgasm that you have helped her reach.