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Sunday, April 5, 2009


I am sitting at my desk wrapping up the last few things I need to get done for work. He’s been here watching me, admiring my every move, hanging on to each word of every phone call. Licking his lips seductively and squinting his eyes as he studies me, and records every detail of my profile in his mind. I am trying hard to concentrate and he’s making me want to just call it quits at this very moment. He stands up and walks out of the room. I hear him slowly walk up the steps and go down the hall to my master bedroom. I hear the water in the Jacuzzi start to run. I shut down my computer, turn off the light and get up from the desk to prepare to go upstairs. When I turn around I see the outline of his silhouette standing in the doorway. He’s taken off his shirt and his basketball shorts are holding right under his pelvic bone. In my mind he’s already asking me “How Does It Feel?” just as DeAngelo in all his nakedness did so many years ago. He walks over to me, takes my hand and leads me towards the steps. He puts his hands around my waist and holds on tightly as I walk in front of him into my bedroom. The candles are lit, sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi and illuminating the room with their sexy dim flicker. Each bubble looks like a silver lined cloud in the light. He removes the boy shorts I am wearing first, then my tank top. His shorts follow. He climbs in the tub and motions for me to sit in front of him. I position myself between his legs and immediately feel his hardness poke me in my back. I lean backwards against his bare chest and exhale. I’ve needed this for so long and the marathon sex we’ve been having for the past 4 nights definitely warrants a long soak in this hot bubble bath.

He reaches around me and cups both of my breasts gently, then takes his two pointer fingers and circles both nipples simultaneously. I am wondering if I am the Wicked Witch from somewhere or another because I am already melting in this water. He keeps one hand on my breast and places the other between my legs, gently running his finger up and down my clit. I feel my body becoming more and more relaxed, but my pussy tensing up. He continues to caress my body to the rhythm of the old school R&B song coming from the radio on my nightstand. My pussy is pulsing and I am ready to climb on top of him right in the water. I wait though, as I want to take my time with him and enjoy this moment. I am massaging his erect penis with my lower back and firmly rubbing his thighs under the water. He kisses me on my neck and shoulder, first softly, then a little more aggressively, sucking on my shoulder blade as if it is tongue kissing him back. His penis gets even harder as it pushes against my ass cheek. I reach behind me and grab hold of his dick. I let the water push through my fingers as I stroke back and forth for just a few minutes. I turn around to face him lift his dick up so the head is just out of the water. Pushing some of the bubbles out of the way, I bend over and begin to give him head. At first I just suck the tip teasing him as I lick around the head of his dick and stroke the shaft with my hand. I can tell he’s wondering if I am going to put the entire length in my mouth while in the water and just as he is getting settled into the half and half technique I am using, I take a deep breath and inhale his entire penis into my mouth. I feel the water in mouth mix with my saliva and surround him and listen to his deep moans as I begin to suck with the waves of the water. Beneath the bubbles I massage his balls and try not to swallow too much bath water. I am so turned on by the feeling of his dick in my mouth and the water around face that I can feel the wetness of my pussy between my legs, even through the gallons of water in the Jacuzzi. He presses down on the back of my head and I fight gagging on his dick down the back of my throat and drowning at the same time.

Finally he can’t take it anymore. He doesn’t want to come before feeling the walls of my pussy so she stands up and motions me to get out of the tub. We barely dry off with the towels from the sink and walk into the bedroom. He sits me on the edge of the bed, squats down and immediately sticks his tongue into the entrance of my pussy. I have been right on the edge since sucking his dick so I grab his ears and hold his head so that he can’t move it. He flicks his tongue in and out of my freshly bubble bathed love box and I cum immediately. He pushes me back on the bed, becoming more aggressive, and with one swift motion opens my legs to almost a full split and shoves his rock hard dick into my pussy hole. He’s going in…fast and furious. I listen to him moaning with each stroke and I am convinced this might actually be our first quickie. Wrong. He slows down, flips me over and proceeds to bury his cock deep into the pit of my stomach. I grab my abdomen and swear I can feel my organs shifting with each stroke. He angles his dick so it glides against my G-Spot. When I orgasm I feel my juices splash onto my sheets and pour down my legs. He pulls his dick out, picks me up and walks over to the sofa under the window and tells me to sit down and ride. I bend over, spitting on the head of his dick before taking the entire shaft down my throat. The taste of my pussy juice is so enticing another orgasm brings me to my knees. I recover and straddle him as he leans back on the couch. Putting my feet on each side of him, I squat down on his dick and rise and fall. I can feel the tip ramming into my cervix each time I come down and I am certain I am waking up the neighbors in the house next door with all the noise I am making. I am positive I’m about to make him bust but suddenly he grabs hold of me and stands up and walks back over to the bed. He lays me on my back, climbs on top of me, and continues to stroke for another 15 minutes, bringing me to orgasm a pussy shattering three more times. He uses his mouth, his hands, legs, every part of him to stimulate my senses and I am feeling so defeated but in such ecstasy at the same time. My pussy tenses and I cum again, squeezing his dick so hard with my walls that he couldn’t stop himself from joining me in orgasm if he wanted to. He looks me dead in my eyes and kisses me passionately, gets up off the bed and tells me to get some rest before he wakes me up for more in the morning.
I am beginning to think I really can’t keep up with this one. Five nights in a row of the same madness and I am left not only craving more but asking Sheba where to order Vajayjay Cream so I can make my pussy OK with what’s taking place. I’m already addicted and I am probably going to have to check into Super Dick rehab by the time all is said and done so I am sending out an S.O.S.

Perhaps two pussies instead of one will make it a little easier to deal with the stamina of my young stallion?


Mistress Bliss said...

lol stop looking for an excuse to get your freak take that dick like a champ and enjoy!

Sheba said...

And I shall call him SUPERDICK! And he shall fuck you well...good luck :-)