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Friday, April 24, 2009

Pillow Talk


Last night I found myself in your arms
Your charm encompassed me mysteriously
as you promised to be all I'll ever need
Your fingers caressed my soul
took control as I fell deeply into the passion our spirits created
In a fashion that drove me to pure bliss
With your delicate lips you kissed my heart
Moving every inch of me
We made love
You played violins in my ears with the gentleness of your moans
I wanted nothing less than to spend eternity
Wrapped in the reality that I thought to be
Then I awoke this morning and reached to my right
Hoping to relive that we shared last night
Suddenly I realized what I feared to be true
Last night I was alone
While only dreaming of you...

Go Right Ahead

Sitting here in the solitude of my room, my mood tells me that it would be more than okay
if today...

You and I skipped the dinner and the candlelight
No long walks on the beach tonight
Don't leave me a love note on the refrigerator
Don't even tell me you love me
You can do that later
No jewelry boxes from Tiffany's
No need for manners
Like Thank You or Please
No soft gentle kisses on my neck and ears
No long conversation sharing our dreams and our fears
When you come home tonight
Don't even say Hi
Don't ask me how my day went
Cause I won't reply
Just put down your things and remove all your clothes
Leave the blinds open
So everyone knows
Don't waste any time on foreplay tonight
Don't give it to me softly
That wouldn't be right
Make me scream loud enough for the whole block to hear
And go even deeper
When your orgasm's near
And when we're all finished
And dripping with sweat
Don't say anything to me
Just hand me a cigarette...


My dreams tell me I need to be made love to, but my pussy tells me I want to be it normal to be so torn???


ErikaStarr said...

Yes it is normal. "Making love" is great. That being said, I neither have the time nor desire to do that all the time - often I just wanna be FUCKED.

Sheba said...

I'm feeling you on the cigarette. I've certainly had those moments after a good fuck session, in between trying not to pass out and steady my shaking thighs :-) Get it girl!

Mistress Bliss said...

I agree with Erika everyone enjoys and yearns for love making but there is nothing greater than being fucked.. dido on the after fuck smoke