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Saturday, April 4, 2009

So I Got My Nut

I knew it was a bad idea before I even walked down the bumpy road. Maintaining a relationship with an ex right away never works and throwing sex into the equation at ANY point is probably not wise. Ok so I did both. Soon after the break up we were talking and hanging like we never broke up. Singing I love you and all the mushy mess.After some evaluation I realized I didn’t really want a relationship. I was lonely, needed time to let go and wanted some familiar sex.

So we planned to hangout Saturday night and go the club. I told myself I needed to spend the night so I could be near the carwash I like close to her house…lol.. I stroll in wearing my freakum dress. I flirt and kiss and finally break her down for the goodies.

We had mind-blowing squirt across the room sex all weekend and the only thought I could come up with was this was wrong. I’ve maintained that this was a break and not a break-up because I truly thought we would get back together once I handled a few things but the weekend truly made it clear. Now I’m feeling horrible because my actions gave some false hope messed up her healing process and what she predicted is starting to happen.

I want to pull away. I want to remain friendly but I don’t want to be friends. And I truly don’t want to have sex again.

How can the wicked witch of the west make a clean exit and save face?

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