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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Punanny Poet

Little boi blue can I have your attention

I have a need to talk to you and show you some affection

I like that you’re strong and you offer protection

But sometimes I want you soft, venerable and open to suggestions

I like your pipe game and how you put it down in bed

But sometimes I wish you would let me lay you down instead

I know you strap up with your thick fake dick

But sometimes I think you forget about your thick pink clit

Skin soft and sweet skin oozing of fragrance

Baby be my bitch, lay down and let me get you naked

Hips that sway, ass so round, its ok to release no one is around

You cover all your goodness behind biggy clothes

I hate no one knows the secret your Sean John holds

With the body of him and mind of her

I understand how your mere existence can be such a blur

Little boi blue I write to tell you I love you regardless if you feel like a bitch or a dude

Don’t you hate a sheep in wolf clothing?


Choc'laDee said...

Good shit Mistress... this was pretty interesting from my 19 years in the lesbian/bisexual game perspective. I have a lot of stud friends and I guess early on was a soft-stud (age 11 to 14) but I was really confused about how best to express my sexuality. We debate about this idea of being a sheep in wolf's clothing allllll the time. Very interesting LGBTA intellectual topic...

Mistress Bliss said...

I struggle with my identity too. I think my bigger issue with being in a relation with a stud is I now am boxed into a label and its very hard to make a top a down or a down a top :(