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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fantasy Fuck: The Masked Marauder

maraud: verb. 1. to roam or go around in quest of plunder; make a raid for booty

A few weeks ago, I appealed to my followers via Twitter for some ideas for my next blog post. I'm ashamed that it's taken so long to make it up here, but for some reason, I couldn't make it through without becoming sidetracked. One of my sexy e-comrades (whom I was dying to let smack it up, flip it and rub it down) suggested an interesting topic "anal sex with a stranger" and me likey. A nice, sexy mix of carnal lust and anonymity was just up my alley. (heh, pardon the pun).

And so it goes...

I was up in New York for a short visit with friends. Since it is her stomping grounds, I had called up Choc'laDee ahead of time to see if she knew of any debauchery we could get into on the Friday night that my friend had to work. Of course she did! She told me of a Kinky Masquerade party hosted by Mansion (M2, or whatever the venue is called now). I was down, and Dee said that Haute was going to be in town the same weekend, and would definitely be down to go. Oh shit, I thought, this was going to be a wildass night!

Fast forward to Friday. Choc'laDee, Haute and I had met up for lunch and to purchase masks to wear to the party. That night, as we were walking into the party I surveyed the three of us - what a sexy slutty crew we were. Each wearing some form of vixen-wear accompanied by beautifully adorned masks--I had chosen to wear a black bustier, with pink detail and a short black skirt with fishnets to accentuate my thick legs and stilettos that were so high, I was nervous. My mask was pink (obvious) and black. We walked into the club and commenced to drinking, dancing and becoming increasingly aroused by our surroundings. I lost my homegirls after they disappeared following an extra long trip to the "bathroom". I knew I wasn't going to catch up with their horny asses until later, so I headed to the bar, got another drink, and before mingling, tweeted my first impression of all of the sexiness around me.

A few minutes later, I received a reply from @thedirtydetails "Imagine that. So am I. And yes, lots of sexiness around."
I tweeted back, "You're here?! Where are you?"
TDD: "*Smirking* Where are you?"
Me: "I'm by the bar in pink and black. Standing solo. I lost Haute and Choc'laDee temporarily. Get over here. and how will I know who you are?"
Him: "You will know. I'll be over there in a few."
Me: "Oh shit..."
His reply: "Oh shit is right."

While I sipped my drink and waited to meet the mysterious fellow blogger, I reflected on all of the shit-talking I had done since i'd made his acquaintance online. After I had become a regular reader of his blog, I became more and more intrigued about how much his art really did imitate life. Like many others who read his hot and steamy entries, I had thought more than once about how he could get it--and the ways in which I would give it to him! In addition to his sexy words, the whole mystery behind his masked persona combined with a cocky self-assurance, makes a girl just wanna kneel down and ego boost all day! Whew! But I digress... I'm waiting. I knew his ass wasn't going to come running over to the bar immediately, so I got into a conversation with a friendly, full-bodied chick next to me who was telling me about some bullshit I couldn't really hear because I was really listening. I noticed her eyes shift a bit to look at something behind me, turned around and, heh, yeah...that's him. I didn't know what he looked like, and with the Eyes Wide Shut-esque mask he was wearing very little of his face was revealed, but I knew that this was him. I totally forgot about the Latina chick and me and my crush started making small talk, laughing about our online banter, a segway to sex. Particularly a claim I had made recently, about what I would to to his dick when it got in the vicinity of my mouth. I had absolutely no clue when me and homeboy would cross paths again, so I went in. All in. I suggested we try to find a spot that was a little less crowded...and he led the way.

We walked around to this area that was secluded enough, save a drunk couple talking shit on one of the couches. we moved into a dark-ish corner and he looked at me and said, "So?" Fuck it. I answered in the language that I spoke best. Tongue. I squatted in front of him and unzipped his pants to pull him out. Thick and heavy and already hardening like a rock, I opened wide and took him balls deep in one gulp. He gasped. He hadn't believe me when I told him I would. I reached down and ripped a hole in the crotch of my fishnets, so I could push my fingers inside. He had grabbed a handful of my hair and was pulling my head back and forth, mouth-fucking me as he leaned up against the wall. I sucked harder and faster and then he pulled me back, strings of saliva connecting my mouth to his dick. "Stand up," he said. Within the 3 seconds it took to stand and lean back to catch my footing in those fucking shoes, he pulled up my right leg around his waist and pulled my tits up out of the top of my bustier and grabbed a fistful. We kissed roughly as he ripped the hole in my stockings wider and before I could brace for impact, I was being impaled. Straight up! He started off deep, slow and slightly rough, and the louder I moaned, the faster he went. I held on to him for dear life, as I was fearful that I would break my fucking ankle, but I was cumming back to back and I didn't want him to stop. And just when I though he would.

He didn't. Only
long enough to say, "Turn around." I did. I was entranced. I heard him half chuckling at me as he leaned into my ear and whispered, "You talked a whole lot of shit, didn't you?" I nodded and whimpered, "Unh huh." He rubbed his dick along my pussy lips, slathering it with my juices. He said, "Then the punishment, should fit the crime." With that, he started pushing his dick into my tight and pulsating asshole, my juices as lube. I could only imagine the slick shit going through his head while he was fucking the fuckety fuck out of me. My pussy was dripping a puddle and I was going bananas as he pinched my nipples while he fucked me deep in my second hole. I was facing the wall, hands in front bracing myself. I leaned back into him, grinding my hips as he fucked my ass deep. He moved my hands to my nipples and instructed me to squeeze, and I did. He was rubbing my clit and fucking me harder. I don't think, at this point, there was a separation between one orgasm and another. My eyes rolled back an I uttered the most unladylike growl....FUCK! He put his hand on the back of my neck an pushed me forward, bending me over. He steadied his stroke and pushed in and out a few more times before sliding his dick out and spreading my ass cheeks just in time to cum all over my gaping asshole.

I sighed, looked over my shoulder and through the blur of my misplaced mask, I noticed the people on the nearby couch had clearly been enjoying the show. They tipped their drinks to us as I struggled to straightened out my cum-stained skirt, put my tits back in my top and make sure my mask was on straight. When I looked back up at him, he had already regained any small amount of composure he may have lost. "You should probably go to the bathroom and get yourself together, find your friends," he said. He kissed me on the cheek, patted my ass, turned around and walked the fuck away.


They call him The Fury, and he will tap...that...ASS!!


Curvy Deluxxx said...

I really can't say much, but that :]

Sheba said...

A few wet wipes and deep breaths later all I can say is.....whew!

it's a fucking pity that my in house dick is sleep...damn damn damn

The Fury said...

Mmmmm Damn! That got me nice and hard...can I get a little help over here getting it down?

Choc'laDee said...

Aight Pink! I see you with the cameo---and you are right on about my current fantasy LOL!

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you and the Fury finally do get it in!

markhall2276 said...

You got mad skills,LUV IT

Escaped Nympho....Ebony Showerz said...

He will and he DID!!