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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fallen out of Sex

I am the queen of S-E-X. I have and am willing to try various tricks in and out of the bedroom. Since my introduction to the world of all things erotic, I have sampled and devoured various cocks and pussies all over the US. I knew when and where to find my treats. In fact, I have a masters degree in erotic pleasures. I both a master and a student of pleasuredom. Unfortunately, my crown has fallen. For the past four months, I have not sampled the juices of erotic flavors: No pussy licking, dick sucking, or G-spot massaging. The past four months found me engaged in a vow of purity. I lived like the others: a plain Jane. I did not respond to sexual advances; I ignored exotic temptations. I was a drone....devoid of divine pleasures of sex.

Since I have fallen off the wagon, I need help to saddle up again. I want to smell and taste the nectar of sex. I desire body heat and sweat. I want my pussy swollen so juices squirt out into a waiting mouth. I long to tongue a dick, sucking every last drop of cum until that man's well runs dry. I hope that someone will bend my limbs into various positions so I may remember the joys of pain and pleasure. I demand that someone take hold of my body and mind.....dictate and instruct me on the how and the what....tell me how I may serve you.....

I fear that my four month vacation has dampened my game, diminished my skills, and permitted fear to cloud my mindscape. I guess that my first escapade....whoever may be so lucky...must be gentle....easing me back into my groove. I've heard that once you learn; you'll never forget; like riding a bike or smoking a blunt. With each time, you ease into the rhythm, increase the flow, longing for the next time you experience such joy. These folks who continue to coach me into returning to the ring...some were there at the blessing of my first blunt and others bear witness of the juices of my Kink. Now, I am taking names and applications for the next round of contestants.

Will you submit your application? Will you share the skills you bring to this career position? How will you help me gain my crown back?

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Southern Sage said...

Game is like bike riding you just have to get back on, you never forget.