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Monday, March 15, 2010

Group Post: I Got Fu-uh-uh-ucked!

My boyfriend is the naughtiest dude I know!! YES and I love it. He's like my very own porno star. Any chance he gets to walk around with his shlong swinging and poking everywhere half hard---he will take it. He masterbates before and after sex! I think we're done and I'm dozing off. And 5 mins later I turn around and catch him tickling his own balls with any make-shift item that he can find---including, a twizzler! Those are times I love him the most because he can be even more of a sexual deviant than I am. Now this man has a beauuuutiful far as penises go (all know I still prefer the look of pussy above all). However, i can appreciate a good looking dick. And if I believed there was a special far off place that made dicks and pussies in pairs---where one dick would be made just special for one pussy---kinda like a lock & key...well, if I believe in that place, I'd believe his dick was my one and only key. He can open me up anytime....any place...any position...all the time.

So it's been 21 days, 8 hours, 15 mins and 12 seconds since I last had sex with this man. Sure, I've been in a pussy drought but NO sex at all was about to have me propel myself off a large building! He said he would be here on Friday night and I just thanked God it was already Friday morning. Whew I made it! just a few more hours and I'd be waking up the neighbors. From our convos the previous night, I could already tell he was pressed to get some lovin'. And I was definitely happy to oblige. Your girl was so horny, I spent nearly the whole day surfing my favorite online toy shops. I even watched a few frames of girl-on-girl porno and jacked myself off. I love Fridays for this very reason. My work is usually done---and I can play allllllll day! Not today though. Boo. Shit. Already time to pick up my son from school and drop him by a relative's for the weekend. Playtime is over and it's time to get in gear for tonight. I need my house to be cleaned, food cooked etc. But I already know I'm not going to have enough time. I shoot him a quick text:

Me: Ok, so my house is dirty. I will need some time to clean my bedroom.
Him: Sry. U gettin fucked in a dirty house. U'll worry bout cleanin in the mornin.

Ooooooh YES! I'm gonna get fu-uh-uh-ucked tonight!
Lounging in my fav purple spaghetti-strapped nightie, the clock tells me this dude is late....and I coulda cleaned up a bit more. Now I'm building tension. I decide to smoke a L and relax with my hot pink butterfly vibrator. Hmmmm Fresh Batteries! My latest fantasy of my boyfriend getting sucked off by another girl fill my thoughts. My eyes roll back and I can feel myself drifting off into a smooth and yummy orgasm. There I am legs spread, back arched.....I guess I got so lost, I didn't hear him come in.

His mouth and tongue, cold on my clit, make me gasp out of excitement and sheer fear. WTF? Where did he come from? I knew it was him because his hands were fahreezing. Normally, this would cause me to run screaming from the room. But instead, I suffer through the pain. Not that I would have been able to move anyway--he has me anchored down with my legs pinned open. And I'm definitely not in the mood for a struggle. His tongue is warmer as he is sucking softly on my clit. I lean into my stretch and push my pussy closer to him. His pressure gets harder as he alternates from sucking and tongue flicking. I can feel my being leave my body for a second----floating on my high and a feeling of ecstasy. I let out a breathy "Yeah baby.....yeah baby.....yeah baby!", each with a higher pitch. He knows he had me on the ropes. I hover above myself in a cloud of deliciousness...I don't want to leave. Just as I'm about to float away.....his chilly fingers squeeze both my nipples firmly and I get thrusted back into my body. Hit the bed with a wham----reach for the heavens and yell "YEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!"

I....Can't.....Breathe..... whoa a FULL sample of his dick in my wet pussy------deep breath in and moan it on out. It's like his dick has GPS on my spot. Gotcha bitch! I look up and finally see his face. This dude is fully clothed, I mean coat and hat with dick hanging out the zipper of his jeans. He didn't even bother to take his shoes off (I gotta remember to yell at him about that one some other time lol). He gives me three or four great humps each with his sly grin showing just how much he loves to fuck. yes. Yes! YES!! Then pauses for dramatics and to let me know just how much he missed my pussy. His face says it all as he slowly backs out of my pussy. Ok So nevermind the shooooooes, I'm thinking. With throbbing and pulsating solid as a rock dick, he moves fairly slowly and deliberately-- showing excellent restraint biting his lip in concentration. And its juuuuuust what my pussy needed. She wanted to be stroked and caressed deeply. I could feel every inch of him. And the cool metal from the zipper on my clit make my legs shake eveytime he is fully in.

Like a pro, he smoothly slides his dick in deeeeep with looong strokes. His eyes are fixated on watching my pussy inhale every inch of his dick He slowly works my nightgown straps down off my shoulders, sliding them down my arms as far as they can go. He rubs his nose and lips over the outline of my nipple through the gown. He stops mid stroke and works just that level of my pussy, teasing my nipples with hands running up and down my body. He skillfully maneuvers my breasts from beneath my night gown, exposing my big brown nipples to the air. He's like the master of my body. I cum on his command. Working me over with soft nibbling on my nipples while giving me the full length of his dick. He pauses deep inside and just pulsates lightly. That feels....that feels ooooooh cha ching, my lock just opened! My inner pussy muscles clamps down on his dick. He pushes in deeper and holds again. He does his magic on my nipples----left swirl, right, light suck, small pinches and pulls. Oh Damn, my whole body is shaking in anticipation. Just as I'm about to topple over this hill, he quickly flips both of my legs to one side his body. I back down off my climax in anticipation of what is next. He bends his knees, pulls aparts my cheeks and proceeds to get it in. But I only need a few strokes to reach my pinnacle, now as high as a mountain. Fuck the hill. I'm hang-gliding down the steepest and tallest mountain ever. Eeeeeeeeee. Shrieking out of breath. I can't. I can't, muttering like an idiot. His thrusting has calmed and just as I'm gearing for another ride on the moutain...

He flings me into doggie position, pushes my head down toward the pillow, and grabs my waist to pull me closer to the edge of the bed. He begins by spanking my pussy with his pulsating dick. Short, upward flicks on my lips. The tap tap tap on my clit has my pussy drooling for more dick. But I know he isnt going to give it to me until he had his sufficient play time. He slides his dick in between my ass cheeks as I jiggle them for his viewing pleasure. He thanks me with a fresh slap to the right cheek. I moan in pleasure. Then he turns up the butterfly a notch and adjusts its location by pulling the straps across into my ass. Hmmmm I totally forgot I was wearing it. Thanks babe. I was itching to lick my cum off his still throbbing dick. So I angle myself accordingly and grab his belt to pull him closer to me. In one swallow, I take him in and my sugary cream makes his dick taste super sweet.
He gasps and smacks my ass harder. I wiggle my ass begging for more. Cause I'm a dirty freak who likes to get spanked while she devours dick lol. He uses one hand to spank me and the other hand to gently caress my head while I deepthroat his dick. I love this dichotomy. I love the hard and the soft and he is masterful at this. The gentle pets on my head are so soothing, they make me fall deeper into my dick sucking zone. I'm like a baby nursing on a bottle---which of course is fitting since I do call him "Daddy". WHAM! The ass smack keeps me on my shit though. I can go for as long as he can take it. Face fucking at its best. The tip of his dick tapping my throat. The lovely butterfly buzz massaging my pussy. Every now and then my body shakes as it reaches what feels like is the brink of an orgasm.

I suck harder and deeper, working my tongue up and down his thick shaft. He moans breathy sounds that get louder with each swallow. "Yeah baby" he said, as he lightly rubs my face and under my jaw bone, as if in disbelief of its power. Fucking my face harder, using his left arm to grab my hair as an anchor. I gotta moan with every stroke. He slides his sweaty hands towards my ass---lightly spanking each cheek before using his fingers to slowly swipe down the middle of my cheeks. He rubs my hole ever so lightly and now I'm whimpering and sucking. He uses his finger to spread the wetness from my pussy to my asshole. I suddenly realize I've slowed my suck to match pace with the movement of his fingers. He starts fingering my ass and I can feel the pull of the outer body orgasm. Suddenly sound is gone and I feel like I'm in a tunnel with light at the end. Somehow I believe if I suck harder and buck faster, I'll reach the light. The bed is shaking from my body's continuous rocking. I wrap my arms around his waist, holding on and sucking on for dear life. He could probably withstand the sight of me sucking him off and our matched levels of enjoyment. But the finger in my ass makes him feel like he wants to bust any second. He grabs my hair and head with both hands, three short quick pumps and one long----Just as I was about to float off, I get pulled back in. Just in time to guzzle down his jizzy cum. I finish him off like a pro, a few more sucks to ensure I've got every drop (he nearly drops to his knees with these sucks hmmpph) and a quick wipedown from balls to tip with my tongue (in this case, it was from zipper to tip lol). Whew. I pull off my sweaty night gown. Dayum, a small shutter goes through my body quickly, recalling what just happened.

I got slow fucked. I got face fucked (twice---in both possible ways! I got finger fucked. I got fast fucked. Shit, I even got fucked sideways.

And this was ONLY Round 1 for our weekend stay-cation. No need to get dressed again for at least 48 hrs. After all, I'm dealing with my very own porn star. I help the poor guy to a seat on the other side of the bed. He's recovering from electrocution (as he would say) and I gotta help him out of his coat and clothes. He's sweaty and hot, lightly kissing my shoulder blade as I work off his boots. Sure enough, by the time I reach his boxers----he's ready for Round 2.

What was the longest marathon fucking session you've ever been a part of?

[Sidebar: I got fucked twice while writing this piece. My boyfriend thought it necessary to help me enhance the story with vivid imagery by providing me with the necessary inspiration. That all being said my pussy is humming and this marathon session has been 56 hrs...and counting. He leaves at 6:30AM.]

Thanks to Kimberly for organizing these group posts every month!

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Southern Sage said...

fucked indeed.

Gray said...

Oh my, what a weekend!! I need one of those. *grins*

Petal said...

Damn thats hot!

Pink Vixxxen said...

"Gotcha bitch!"

Love it!

Autumn said...

dayum is right! i have to tell you that i really love the way you write...the way you say things. i was mesmerized. it was beautiful.

*not to mention completely sexy hot*

Barefoot Dreamer said...

well damn, I now need to go touch myself.....

Haute Chocolat said...

I was told I needed to wait until I had dick handy to read this so I had to oblige. I've read and goodness if I wasn't laying next to this man right now I would be MAD at you! :-) I have so much more to say but right now I need to go finish what I've started as I've been stroking his dick while reading this AMAZING story...gonna have ta holla atcha! :-)

Topaz said...

If that's what inspiration does, damn, sign me up! The amount of detail has my skin all pins and needles... I just love how you handle it ;-)

Ronjazz said...

YOU, young lady, are fucking fun! Love the abandon you describe. And this is a good man...a really good man...I'm happy and proud to know you.

markhall2276 said...

What a weekend,IM SPEECHLESS

Tepid said...

i'm in agreement with autumn and barefoot.