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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hai-kink: Siren

lips burn in sun's light.
not obliging the secret
of yesterday's kiss.

at first she said no.
legs slide open by my hands.
i lean in and taste.

we came together.
slowly at first. then deeply.
kissed softly. at first.

between her lips, mine.
the air Is hot. bodies wet.
tastes sweet. savory.

heads buried in necks.
breast against breast, nipples touch.
her fingers searching.

her arriving there.
finds wet. slides inside fully.
i pull her moaning.

i can feel her deep.
my breath is shallow. panting.
her skin is hot. firery.

i want her now. here.
i want her inside me now.
i am still hungry.

it seemed simple. me her.
us together simple. right.
today it seems not.

there is no waiting.
only us wanting always.
there is heat. needing.

if I could still it.
slow it. but I cannot. yet.
i am holding on.

her lips between mine.
her hips my hands my lips. touch.
i can see her there.

the taste is heaven.
pink folds moist with sweat. pulsing.
i could eat for hours.

fingers one by one.
my lips on her. sucking deep.
she is writhing. tossing. sweet.

skin soft as velvet.
dark chocolate turns petal pink.
i have to taste. her.

she is beautiful.
in this pose she is luscious.
greedy and so wet.

Have you had a session so intense, it made you want to 'ring the alarm'?


Southern Sage said...

that is frickin hot right there.

Pink Vixxxen said...

See?!? I swear between you and Mistress Bliss, ya'll gonna make curiosity kill my cat with this whole girl-on-girl business...
Damn, can it really be that friggin hot??

Tepid said...


what a beautiful use of words!

MzTrySexual said...

snap! snap! snap! I feel like im butt naked in a coffee house with incense and everything, NICE!

1manview said...

Very sensuous write...