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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Night Smackdown

Most of the men i've dated since my separation have had one core fault in common...their consistent inconsistency. Great in bed, great sweettalkers, but when it came to "Show and Prove," they weren't about shit. Last minute booty call cancellations, double standards regarding the parameters of a Fuck Buddy relationship, etc. A whole lotta shit that Pink has absolutely NO time to entertain. Well, I expected when I started kicking it with Mr. Boombastic, him being a Young guy and all, that there wouldn't be much deviation from the norm. There wasn't. He was just as full of shit as most...but he was consistent about one thing...our Friday night fuck sessions.

So this past Friday evening, he made his way over. Apologized for being scarce all week, and commenced to give me the best foot/leg massage I've had in '09! He rubbed, and I melted, and before long, his fingers were massage another toe, one of the camel variety. He rubbed around my pussy lips and clit, causing me to writhe all over the sofa. He fingerbanged me to an orgasm, then took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I was already still a little annoyed with him for the previous week's antics, but I quietly formulated a plan to get him back. If he didn't get me first.

Our romp started out with his penis banging me from behind while I was on my knees.. I came. Then, for Round Two, I was put on my belly, and again, banged from the back. I came. I was twisted onto my side...and just when I was about to cum again, he rolled me on top of him, witout pulling out, I went from being spooned, to sitting on his cock backwards cowgirl style. WHOAA NELLY!!! It took me a few seconds to orient myself to being impaled on his dick so abruptly. Sneaky bastard, that had to be against regulations...I adjusted myself and slowly started to grind my hips and lean back into his chest. I was slow fucking him and he reached around me and rubbed my tits. My nipples were rocks and my pussy was gushing wetness all over he, me and my sheets.

Some kinda way, I pogo'd my ass around on his dick, to face him. Round Four is when it got crazy. For me at least. I had found the best way to direct his dick to my g-spot and was doing that furiously, while leaning back and grabbing his ankles. I threw my pussy up at him and ground my hips. Feeling myself come closer and closer to a huge orgasm with each twist. I started cursing, and sweating, and damn-near crying. He was talking shit. He knew I was about to cum. "Heh? What's that?" He'd say. "What's that you doin, girl? Sounds like you about to cum." And I did. I came HARD. I almost fell off of him and the bed. Yep, tapped out! I think I was speaking tongues, but I do know that the lonly English I could muster after that one was, "Don't touch me, don't touch me."

Bastard. I won't need another orgasm like that one until next Friday.
What kind of kink do you look forward regularly?


Topaz said...

Damn, that's exactly how 'he' get's it done for me too, down to the ankles, speaking in tongues and all... you lucky thing...

Ron in Florida (Ronald10021) said...

I love your use of the phrase "camel toe" and your descriptions of the action. Sounds very hot. I am jealous.