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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are you up for the challenge?

Why yes, I am.

They say "seek and ye shall find." So I did, then I did. After a discussion with Sheba about the possibilities of meeting a replacement for Mellow in various places, we both decided it may be fun, or at least interesting, to place an ad on an adult website and see what happened. Well, I placed an ad on a popular site, put up a tit pic and Surprise, Surprise...the pervs came a' flocking! After several so-so back and forth exchanges, I was hit up by a 25-year old Jamaican man. He had posted a pic of his junk, and it looked pretty substantial, but I wasn't sure I really wanted to deal with a young guy right about now. I responded to him, still unsure if I would be interested in meeting him. He sent his number and after a few text exchanges and phone calls. We decided to meet.

At 6'4", this young man was definitely a big'un! His thick build and deep voice had turned me on and when he squeezed me with his strong hands, I was wet and knew he would get it. He kissed and rubbed on me as we sat on the sofa and half-watched a movie. He had been modest when referencing his dick, but I felt it through his pants, and even semi-hard, it felt huge. I sighed to myself. He had read my Ode to Fellatio, and knew I loved sucking dick. But for just one moment, I had second thoughts about whether I could accommodate his massive dick down my throat. We took the foreplay into the bedroom, and I took off my clothes and laid down on my stomach, awaiting the back massage I was promised. As soon as his hands touched my lower back, I sucked in my breath and let myself be lost in the fucking awesome rub down I was getting. He had taken off his clothes, and when he leaned in to rub my neck and shoulders, I was certain, he was packing a monster. He ground himself into me and I began to orgasm, before he even penetrated. After my shuddering ended, he rolled onto his back and I gulped his dick into my mouth.

"Damn, you not even gonna warm up to it, huh?" he said. I sucked harder. His dick was beautiful. Big and thick. Long and hard. Big veins bulging. Bigger than most I've had recently, but I was taking it. It was like the Mt. Everest of penises. Like a huge ass Tootsie Pop and I was determined to find out how many licks it would take...I sucked and gulped and choked. He talked dirty, encouraging me to get it all in. Then he stood up next to the bed and had me lie on my back with my head hanging off the bed and his dick in my mouth. He fucked my face and leaned over into my pussy. He licked me and I sucked harder. He sucked my clit and I started slurping him in until I was gagging. Then, he inserted his fingers. I sucked him and he moved his fingers faster, increasing the speed and intensity as I bucked my hips up at him. I was moaning and gasping around his dick when I came. Hard. I took his dick out of my mouth to catch my breath and he said, "Damn, you squirted!"

What?!? This is a feat I had been trying to accomplish since forever and when it finally happened, I couldn't see it for the dick in my mouth. Damn that dick.

Well, I was still high from that incredible nut, so I readjusted on the bed so that the blood could flow back to my head again and he told me to turn on my stomach again. I did. He got on top of me and pushed his cockus maximus into my tight, hadn't-been-fucked-in-a-while pussy. Oh my damn! I started talking in my head to psyche myself out Pink, you're gonna take this dick, girl! You have got to do this. For all the wack dick thrown your way, you must conquer this chocolate mountain! So I braced myself, and he started to push deep. He leaned into my ear and started to talk shit. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Didn't you say you wanted this dick? Huh? Well, take it." His dick was so big, it somehow touched my g-spot every time he pushed in, and I started to cum almost immediately.

"What's that?" he taunted. "You cumming already?" I moaned my answer, which wasn't good enough, so he pushed in harder, deeper, and said, "What was that?" I barely squeaked out, "Yes, I'm cumming." "Good," he said. And kept fucking me. Less than a minute later (I swear) I was cumming again. He said, "What's that?" I told him I was cumming. "Again?" he said. "How many is that? Start counting them out. I want to hear how many times you can cum on this dick." I said 2. And he kept fucking me. 3. And fucking me. 4. Pussy dripping, bodies sweaty. 5. Grabbing the sheets trying to run away from the pussy beating. 6. Arching my back deep and throwing it back at him. 7. He sounds so sexy talking that shit into my ear. 8. Biting the sheets, trying to keep from crying. 9. Oh my that? 10.

After that. I couldn't speak, though my brain was in disbelief, and talking her ass off. Wow. .I can't move.. Don't touch me, don't touch me..Oh my god..That was amazing..What the fuck just happened? 25 years old? Got dammit. I'mma have to keep him...For a while, anyway.

I took the challenge and it was worth it. And I call him... Mr. Boombastic.

Ever had a young'n throw down some totally unexpected sex game? (I already know Haute's answer...)

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ChocDrop said...

I have had someone throw it on me like that but we were both 36 and damn(I miss him).