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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bow Chicka Bow Wow: "The Professional"

The World Wide Web is so useful for connecting people with the things that they need. Hungry people can look up the nearest food delivery spot; budget divas can find discounted clothes; and every now and again, Pink runs up on some good dick.

Enter The Professional.

It started out, as fairly amicable tweets between two fellow herb-smoking fuckalots. Both of us, were also committed to enjoying sex: I write about fucking, and he, well, he fucks. The Professional works in the adult industry, and though I didn't know it then, I know now that he is an EXPERT at his craft. No bullshit.

I'd been alerted via tweet that The Professional was coming in town, so being the hospitable person I am, I tweeted back, letting him know that when he touched down, I'd be down for an herbal session, or whatever...he was down. I had every intention of getting a free screening of his cumming attractions, but I liked the little game we were trying to play.. lol, as if neither of us already knew what kind of straight fucking we'd be engaged in. I'd never fucked a Pro before, and though I've been told I'm skilled in various areas, I wanted to see if I could hold my own with a man who literally fucks for a living!

When I pulled into the Arrivals deck of MIA (I had offered to pick him up), I started thinking about what he looked like in his pictures online--partly, because I wanted to be able to find him and partly because if he didn't look like he did online I was gonna keep on trucking and Homie would have to make alternate arrangements! There he is! Ahh, he's still a cutie...but damn, he's slim.

Lord, please don't let me break this boy. ("Heh," God replied. "You have no idea")

He gets in the car, hyper and friendly as a muthafucker. We make small talk, ran a quick herb errand and then head to the beach, where Pink's Lair is (or, the Bat Cave..which I later heard him refer to it as, I still need to ask about that). In the car, I knew things would get unscripted when I look out the corner of my eye and saw him unbuttoning his pants. He said something, which I vaguely remember hearing, and I looked, almost ran off the road because I thought he was going to whip out his Cockus Maximus...but he didn't. He was trying to show me a tattoo. Shit, ne-ga-ro!! When one goes unbuttoning, Pink's expecting to see some meat. Boy almost made me die BEFORE sex... which is a bad look all around. I didn't even see that damn tattoo all that well--though I did get eye to eye with it a little later-- Put it away, Homie. For now, at least.

So we get to my house and we're chilling. Getting lifted and laughing..a lot. This guy is funny as hell and I'm sure that added to me wanting to fuck the shit out of him as soon as the bud kicked in. He sat back and I saw his woody. "Wow," I though. Pretty substantial tent for such a little guy. He says, "I've got the munchies." I'm high as hell, too, so I start offering him popcorn, chips, juice....He cut me off, looked towards my crotch region and said, "I wanna eat that." Ah, hem. My bad. Knock your self out, Homie. And he did. His oral skills were on POINT and I was just about to cum the third time when he lifted his head and flipped me over (strong dude, yo) and pushed all up in my throat. Holy shit. The Professional commenced to fuck the shit out of me. On my side. Back. Stomach. Knees. Legs up. Legs back. Me on top. Bent over....About an hour or so in, I don't think he stopped for longer than the time it took to instruct me into the next position. Okay, okay, OKAYY!! Am I still cumming? WTF?

"You ready to tap out?" He asked. Smirking. "Hell no," I said. I had talked enough shit, I was going to take this beating like a woman. He sat back and I put my mouth over his dick. Partly to buy my pussy some recuperation time, and partly to repay him for the proper thrashing he was putting on me. I started to engulf him and he sucked in his breath, I knew he would like it. I swirled my tongue around the head and pressed my tongue along the underside of his dick while I took it all the way down my throat. I gulped on it, letting his head feel my muscle tighten and pulse around him. "Oh, shit," he said. Repeatedly. I knew he had enjoyed the pussy, all of that pounding, how could he not? But the head game. This is what had him making what I can only guess was the hardest "Oh-face" he could manage. I started to suck faster, then slower. Alternating between sucking the head and deepthroating. He was loving it, and from how wet my pussy was getting, I was loving it more. I was continuing my special attention when he pulled me off him, pushed me onto my back and slid into me. He pushed my legs back to my chest and pounded the shit out of my pussy. It was amazing! He had found my g-spot and his dick was banging into it with a porn star's furor. And he kept going. And going. And going....

We started fucking around 7 p.m. Took a few hydro and hydration breaks. We finally hit the sheets around 3 a.m. The Professional had fucked me for 8 hours, no enhancements...just a very lovely dick, youthful stamina and a true commitment to his craft.

Before I went to bed, Sheba texts me, "Girl, did you break him?"

I replied, "Hell no girl. I think he broke me."
To be continued...
Have you ever fucked a Professional? Did you hold your own?


The Fury said...

Now see this is the part where I say "You think because you watch basketball on TV you can play with Kobe & Lebron?" LOL Sounds like you held your own and put up a couple threes and a dunk your damn self. Good girl;-) You go tthe head game that makes the porn star say "oh shit"?? oh my!

wet missy said...

Thank you for fucking my boyfriend and baby father. It's nice to know since i'm not getting it someone is