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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three's a Crowd?

I spent the weekend in Virginia with a bunch of academics talking about ethics in marital and family therapy. Great group of people, fantastic conversation, but my diamond studded pink pocket rocket was near burnout by day two of the trip. Bored and horny I called home early Saturday to talk to the Mister.

Mister: How's the meeting going?

Sheba: It's good, I'm enjoying myself, but feeling a little lonely wishing you were here to spice things up a bit.

Mister: I met someone last night who might be able to help with that when you get home.

Sheba: Really? What's her name? What's she like?

I could hear her giggling in the background. Curious.

Sheba: Is she in the car with you?

Mister: She's here.

Sheba: Do you have me on speakerphone?

Mister: No but you're talking so loud she can hear you from the passenger seat.

I could feel his smile through the phone.

Sheba: Ahhh, I see. What does she look like?

Mister: Dark skinned, petite.

Sheba: How are her breasts? Other assets?

Mister: Nice. You're going to like her.

Sheba: Okay, send me a picture.

I was feeling lukewarm. His last play partner was cute, gorgeous breasts and other than the fact she had issue holding any liquor that was not champagne she was mostly fun to party with. But being in her company, sexual or otherwise left a little bit to be desired. Let's just say her personality rubbed me the wrong way. If this one passed the aesthetic test perhaps she'd pass the personality test as well. When my phone pinged a few minutes after we hung up, I wasn't expecting the cute round face, almond shaped eyes and bright smile that appeared on my phone screen.

The smile on my lips went straight to my pussy. Maybe this time he'd found us a 3rd.


Topaz said...

Wooohooo! Can't wait for the face-to-face meet!

ChocDrop said...

Sounds HOT. I miss 3-somes sometimes. Having the best of both worlds at once...Yummy.