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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TMI Tuesdays #190 Sexperiences

Have you ever...
1. had sex with someone ten years older or younger than you?
Not yet, but I recently met this sexyass fellow blogger that's 10 years my junior. He's a true Y.I.L.F. (Young'n I'd Love to Fuck)

2. drawn from a nude model or been a nude model?
Neither, but when I was a journalist, I wrote a story about nude modeling. Had to sit in the room with a straight face while this guy who thought he was Adonis pose his ugly ass off!

3. had sex at a company Christmas party?
Hmmm...I got head at a Christmas party in 1999...Damn, thinking about it makes me wanna listen to Prince rght now...

4. had a blind date?
yes. and it sucked.

5. slept with a teacher?
yes. and he sucked...very well. Well, not a teacher, but a T.A., when i was at FSU...he was editing a paper for me. I wrote the paper fucked up on purpose just so i could get him to my dorm for some ass..Mission was accomplished. And I got a decent grade in the class!

(as in optional):
had sex with someone within an hour of meeting them?
Not an hour, same day though...

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Anything you want to share that's not any of our damn business?

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