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Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Morning... (The Last Time)

It was dark. Even in the middle of the day and the early morning it's dark in her studio. The whore red walls, mahogany furniture and single window turn the three small rooms into a cave. Perhaps it's just the kind of space her line of work requires, night blending into day and day to night so that sleeping is always possible. It's a rare overnight that I spend in her bed and when my eyes opened in the early morning hours it took me a few minutes to orient myself. Turning my head to the left brought her full C-cups into view. Her hair was spread all over the pillow under her head and her hand was thrown across her eyes as if to block out the small streams of sunlight that had eluded the blinds.

I was immediately restless. My body was still tired from the long night before, but my mind was alert, still consuming the party favors I'd indulged in less than eight hours earlier. I got up and walked over to the kitchen, wrapping the sheet around my body and dragging it behind me. I grabbed a bottle of the DragonFruit Vitamin Water she always kept on hand for me out of the fridge. I stood there with the door open gulping until the bottle was empty. My nipple hardened in the cool air and my pussy had begun to get wet. I touched myself there briefly, and raised my fingers up to examine the residue in the dim light, finally slipping my finger into my mouth and tasting myself. Guilty as I felt about even considering waking her up, my stomach had started to rumble, and I was licking my lips repeatedly - partly from thirst, partly from the desire to taste her.

I left the sheet on the floor of the kitchen and walked back to the bed. I climbed in near the footboard, and slid my arms under her thighs pulling her legs slowly apart and gently dragging her bottom half closer to my face. She moved slightly still half asleep, and watching her, as my tongue began the lick her clit, I saw her lips curl into a smile.

The last time wasn't about her fingers inside me. It wasn't about my muscles clenching around her fingers. The last time wasn't about the sounds of my deep moans alongside the gentle hum of my blue dolphin or my streaming cum as her finger massaged my gspot. The last time was about the taste of her sweetness, her wetness dripping down the inside of her upper thigh, her stomach clenching with her release, her shallow breaths in the aftermath. The last time, wasn't about me.

When is the last time you "gave"?

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Petal said...

I love this post, and your right.....there is something about giving that is so very satisfying. Beautifully written too :o)

autumn said...

giving feels wonderful. i love the way you wrote this. so descriptive i could really visualize the entire scene. sexy post!

bdenied said...

Delicious and please use the line you wanted to use...any time no permission needed.

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

mmm, a beautifully painted picture. vivid, erotic, tantalizing. i wish i could spend a day in that studio with the two of you! :)

is that picture of anyone in particular or is it random?

ps: (i'm sending this ps to all of this month's participants.) this was my first time participating and i love this! the camaraderie, the idea of a shared prompt, the stories i don't have to feel stalkerish about reading. :P but what are these called? if "group post" is their only name, can we maybe come up with another title for them, like "tmi tuesday" and "half-nekkid thursday" have their own titles? :D

Topaz said...

Wow, I was just commenting on Hubman about the selflessness.. the view of the two of you on a bed in that room appears so dream-like, so illusory, like it should never reach the inevitable departure.

Kimberly said...

Utterly sensual and sexy. It is so much fun to give...I need to catch up on my giving, I think!

I love the line: "The last time, wasn't about me." Brilliant!

The Fury said...

I love to give! Sexy sexy post! You have me licking MY lips!

Pink Vixxxen said...

Sheba, girl, this post was off the heezy! Beautifully written and hot to def. Shit!

Mental Note: Need head soon.