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Monday, July 13, 2009


Welcome to the inagural post of "P is for..." I've decided to start this little feature to highlight some of my many random thoughts. In order to keep things from getting too out there, I though it may be fun to keep my ramblings to focus around one letter of the alphabet.

"P" is the first letter to so many wonderful things...Pink, penis, pornography and of course...Pussy! And that's what I'm starting off with.

Pussy is great. I mean, I've never licked one, touched one other than mine or fucked one. But I know pussy is great. Namely, mine.

How great is it? I have cursed men out, shit on their name told them to fuck their mother and satan in a threesome and because of this bombass pussy, they come back. LOL.

How great is it? I have had dudes tell me my pussy juice should be bottled and marketed to bitches with wack pussy, to help enhance their fuckability. Word up.

Pussy is great. Namely, mine.

How great is it? Now, wouldn't YOU like to know?

1 comment:

ChocDrop said...

I agree Pussy is great. I have tasted, licked and fucked other pussy. Mine still tastes the best!!!!!